Faith, Hope, Love… Peace…

I’ve never strayed political much, if at all, on my blog. Politics make me cranky and goodness knows there’s enough out there to make me cranky without being in constant political turmoil. I don’t like political parties or politicians because they divide us as a country and as a people. I don’t like feeling the constant anger and intolerance that members of political parties on BOTH sides display toward the other side… and I don’t like the feeling of hatred and disdain being thrown around between the 2 groups. The chasm between the Republican and the Democrat is so large now we’d need 50,000,000,000 Barney the Purple Dinosaurs to form a bridge over to the other side. I also do not mean to stereotype every member of a political party. I do know that there are a choice few out there who are able to have an open mind and an open, compromising heart when in political debate, but finding that person these days is like searching for the magical golden unicorn at the bottom of the Lucky Charms box. (There is one… Tony The Tiger came to me in my dreams and told me that Snap, Crackle, and Pop heard that King Vitamin’s brother, Pillsbury Dough Boy told him that Lucky The Leprechan hid one in there. I rest my case.)

Upon hearing about the deadliest weekend in US history, my first inclination was to be sad to be an American… ANOTHER mass murder… can we not get this thing right, people!? It’s a horror and a tragedy for all of those family and friends who have lost a loved one and it’s a horror and a tragedy that yet again evil seems to have won the day. But, has it? I heard stories this weekend of a selfless brother who risked his own life by throwing his body at the gunman who had just killed his sister, saving the lives of who knows how many others. I heard the story of people banding together to raise funds for the loved ones of those lost, almost 1.5 million dollars within the span of several hours. I witnessed a woman concerned about a feeble, elderly gentleman walking across the street into the Macey’s parking lot, offer to give him a ride. I remembered the countless acts of faith and love shown me throughout my lifetime. I took all of these things in and I knew that good still exists… it’s still more prevelant than the evil lurking in the darkness. We’re still here… and we need to be present and loud with our faith, hope, and love… for peace.

I don’t know much but I do know that hatred begets hatred and love and tolerance begets love and tolerance, and I do know that S’mores, a campfire, and Kumbaya can bring the world together with a song (hey, Burt Bacharach… that’s a hit tune just waiting to be written, y’all). More LOVE, Less Hate. Amen and hallelujah.



Today marks day 29 of being sugar-free… for all intents and purposes 1 month since I last indulged in the granulated white stuff of wonder and merriment (no, not crack cocaine… good laws). This week was a struggle for me. I had some emtional moments and emotional moments call for cookies and chocolate because that’s how I’ve rolled since 1978, give or take 3 years, but I managed to stay sugar-free… and honey-free… and agave-free. My initial goal was 1 month and then I could go back to once a week indulgence or twice on special occasions like National Doughnut Day (Yes, I’m awary that passed, but I was sugar-free so I’m going to need a redo)! That said, I’m not in any hurry to start incorporating it back, so allow me to take it 1 day at a time and see where this thing leads me. Yesterday in my quest to find a sweet, sugar-free treat that might taste better than dried apricot car tires, I came across this SIMPLE as bean turds recipe, and I skeptically made it.


2 small bananas, smashed
1 cup of rolled oats

The end…

Except, you can add in variations. I halved the recipe and in one half I put in a few raisins and cinnamon and the other half a tablespoon or so of almond butter. Mix it together and lump by spoonfull onto a cookie sheet in cookie shapes… bake at 350 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes… eat! The full recipe makes about 12 small cookies and depending on what you’ve decided to put in as a variation (you have no idea how much I wanted to put in chcolate chips… NO IDEA!!!), they come out to around 50 to 60 calories per cookie lump.

Yep… LOVE ‘EM! Of course if you prefer cookies with sugar and a cavity, these most likely won’t be your cup o’ tea. And due to the banana, they don’t store well, but they’re easy to make, so you might as well just make a few a day to keep the doctor away. Yes, please!

BoBo likes them so much he made messes:

Lookit my nerdy BoBo!

And hims new swimmy pool!


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8 responses to “Faith, Hope, Love… Peace…

  1. KK

    I don’t know… I think after one chorus of “I love you!” the 50,000,000,000 would be shot…

    Do the bananas help soften the oats?

    • But then we’d all have a common goal on both sides!

      Yes… the bananas and cooking them for 12 to 15 minutes help soften the oats up. They end up being chewy. 🙂

  2. I agree with you on the issue of politics and I dread election years. I don’t remember it being this bad growing up. Sure the parties would have heated debates and dig up dirt on the other and sling mud at anything the other did but it still didn’t seem as UGLY as it does now. Maybe I was in my own teenage cloud and it was just as ugly…I don’t know. Looking at it now and seeing it play out before my kids and trying to explain the process…it is really depressing and not representative of what we teach them about the honor and respect the office deserves.
    Our daughter will get to vote for the first time this year….and look at the choices we have in a democrat and republican! YUCK! I think it is time to lift up another party.

    Two ingredient sweet treats – Great Job!
    Congrats on being 29 days sugar free. AWESOME!

    Love the pictures of BoBo. Cute little pool – I bet he loves that.
    The pictures of where you live are stunning as usual.

    • Amen to that, Louisa! This election has been the worst I can remember for sure… FOR SURE! I’m sorry your daughter’s first voting experience is this one. Ugh! I can’t even bring myself to vote for any one of them.

  3. Dessa

    Sad moment in the history of our country. Why are people so mean!!! Looking at Bourne makes me smile though:)

  4. Alena

    Thank you for your ray of sunshine today! Thank you for seeing and being a light in this often gloomy world! And way to go with the sugar free success!!!! I am SOOOO impressed!

    • Thank you, pal o’ mine… we should join together our gloom-fighters whilst eating chocolate on a beach somewhere… except not a beach because that would require me to wear beachy clothes, so let’s just sit by a lighthouse instead.

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