Yes, Let’s Go South For The Summer…

Well hello… I’ve been slacking on blogging for the last 2 weeks… and considering blogging is so 2010, my nonexistent Snapchat account thanks me. I have excuses… or at least my brain thinks it has excuses. Last week I was crabbier than a crab tree on a crab salad… and ain’t no one wants to read a crabtastic blog post. The week before I had just gotten back from a quick geekend (that’s not a misspelling) jaunt south to Las Vegas. Yes, let’s go from a fairly hot place (90s), but not so hot it melts your face off, to a place where I’m pretty sure they house the devil’s horns (110s+). To be honest, I really do not like the city of Las Vegas. It’s not my scene on account of the fact that I don’t gamble, drink, party, or smoke. Where’s the senior citizen center!?!?!? Also, Vegas smells like a permanent armpit mixed in with a smoker’s lung as they still allow smoking inside all of the casinos.

But on the other hand, Vegas offers some awesome shows and concerts that you can’t see anywhere else, and so I have been to Vegas on several occasions and I will continue to go to Vegas as long as they offer the shows! Y’all hear!? Good. The purpose for this particular geekend was a Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood extrava-geekza… wherein Whitney fangirled like it was 1997 all over again.

There were the concerts at the new T-Mobile arena… concerts that were being filmed for an upcoming television special. There was a cookbook signing wherein I met and got my picture taken with one of my voice idols since I was 12 and “She’s In Love With The Boy” came out, Trisha Yearwood. And there was a Garth Brooks songwriting show wherein 3 songwriters who had written some of GBs songs sat and told the stories behind the songs and then sang them… oh, and as a surprise bonus, Garth Brooks just happened to drop in unexpectedly about 15 minutes into the show. And lawsy the drunk ladies mobbed the stage at that point.

There were drunken psycho people stories… one story when I sat by some rowdy drunk folk at one of the concerts, 3 of whom had to be escorted out mid-concert… one drunk dude for continually trying to light a cigarette inside the nonsmoking arena and getting pushy and yelly with his girlfriend who was trying to stop him. Another, a lady who got escorted out by 2 ushers who were basically carrying her as she was too drunk to stand up straight and kept fall down in the aisle. She was followed by a belligerent bigger girl who kept yelling things like, “Stacy… you always do this… just because you’re crippled doesn’t mean you can get away with it.” And then she’d get all up into the drunk girl’s face and they’d yell and pull each others hair and the poor ushers would have to separate them again. Tell me again why being belligerently drunk is a fun thing? I was living on the edge drinking my 5-dollar (!!!!!) bottle of Dasani water.

I’m not the type of person who would be into meeting famous people… 1.) I’m wayyyyy too anxiety ridden to even entertain the idea… and 2.) Hello the awkward! But I kept telling myself, you’re here… it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity… shut up and do it… don’t regret it down the road if you don’t do it. So, I did it. Turns out I wasn’t as awkward as I was anticipating and did not ramble on about something weird like the health benefits of sea urchins. She was very nice and down to Earth and easy to talk to, so that helped… even if Madre commented after we left that my hands were shaking. Anxiety is real, y’all.

And if that wasn’t weird enough, my big, walking-around-in-110+-degree-weather-hairdo mug also made it onto Trisha Yearwood’s Facebook page the next day… right!?

Songwriter’s show… In case you didn’t recognize him without the cowboy hat, GB is the one in the ball cap.


Days Sugar-Free Count: 57!!!!!!!!! I’ve missed so many national holidays… National Chocolate Day… National Sugar Cookie Day… National just pour sugar onto a spoon and eat it that way day… so many days! I even walked through 2 stories of a Hershey’s store in Vegas and didn’t bat a dagnabbed eyeball. It really is a miracle that the police didn’t find me there that night bathing in a sea of giant Reese’s peanut butter cups!


Who needs a baby BoBo fix? No one? That’s okay, because I do… hinthint Lindsay… send more pics!!!

Here’s the time when Baby BoBo and his cute teefins wouldn’t share their mashed nanners with Auntie Whitty Woo. I was very offended.

We were singing… I’m sure of it!



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10 responses to “Yes, Let’s Go South For The Summer…

  1. Dessa

    Fun times in Vegas! Why didn’t you tell everyone about the parking garage incident Whit?:):):):) Love my little baby Bourne!

  2. Louisa R

    Oooh – tell us about the parking lot incident, Whitney!

    LOL – looks like you had a nice time. Trisha Yearwood is very talented and how cool that you got a pic with her and her to sign the cookbook too.
    Like you…I wouldn’t care for the drunkenness and the smoke but the shows sound pretty cool.
    We have heat AND humidity here in Missouri so there is just no point in trying to keep a good hairdo. I hear that Vegas is hot but there is no humidity and that’s better. Maybe, but if you are sweating like crazy, there goes the hair…am I right?
    Pretty sure I wouldn’t like the smell there. Ick.
    Gosh baby Bo is getting so big.

    • Humidity heat is awful… I can’t deal with it. We have the dry heat here like in Vegas and it’s stifling, but at least you don’t feel like you be swimming every second of the day. Haha… the parking garage incident… maybe I’ll have to tell that next post. I hope you are enjoying your summer!

  3. Phil

    Fun.😀Keep blogging

  4. I must know about the parking garage incident??? Text me. Also that is cool the concert is recorded. Let me know when it is on TV. Way to go on the sugar free diet. That is tricky when traveling to keep to a strict diet.

    • Oh Jen… I have no idea why she would bring up the parking garage incident… it is not a flattering story about either of us… maybe I’ll blog about it next time.

  5. Amber

    I almost emailed you to tell you that I missed your blog posts, there are plenty of us old folks that love the blog and not snapchat, I am glad you are back. I am sure you made it on the facebook page, from the sounds of it you guys were the only normal people there! Also, I always love the pictures of Bourne, so keep posting them.

    • Hi Amber… you do have to keep me on my toes over here. I’m with you on the Snapchat thing… I really don’t get it… does that mean I qualify as a geezer? Good. Hope you and your cute family are enjoying your summer.

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