I feel like I complain for 12 paragraphs in my blog lately and it’s annoying me so I can only imagine how much it must annoy other people, thus the sporadic posting… I think I could categorize my writing style as nonsensical complaininess with a few big point Scrabble words thrown in for smartness points… but really in my mind it’s more just blabbering about things I don’t want to do but have to do anyway, y’all hear? If that doesn’t make sense just take 2 Valium and then reread the paragraph… after it kicks in of course. But don’t really… this blog does not condone substance abuse… unless it’s chocolate or cheese… or bread… then by all means, substance abuse away! Meanwhile, some poor kid in Africa is sleeping on a pile of garbage… SHUT IT, Whitney!

This week marks finals week… OH THE HORRORS… aka Whitney has procrasternated all of her big projects and now she gets to pull 5 all-nighters in a row… this coming Friday at 11:59 p.m. there will be a sleeping shindig courtesy of my bed. Anyone is welcome to come as long as you are just here in spirit… I don’t really want you here in person… how’s that for a party!? Bring the cheese dip!

I feel like I should just take 2 deep breaths and jump into the fray but I’m feeling overwhelmed, so instead I’ll just play match the magical fruits on my phone for 62 hours and not do anything worthwhile. OH THE HORRORS of my nonworking brain space!

But on a positive note, this Friday at 11:59 MDT, I will be burning my physics book and never entering a physics class as long as I live! BYE PHYSICS!! Oh the joy!!!!!!!! If I can make it through this week of physics projects first…

If anyone needs me, knock 3 times on the imaginary door in your imagination and I’ll be sure to answer it within the next 2 weeks. You can’t expect me to be prompt… I’m sugar deprived!!

DAYS SUGAR-FREE COUNT: Uhhhh… I’ve lost count… nearly 3 months? We rounded up a week. I unlazied myself to look at my last post… DAY 84! Take that and smoke it!


Happy Belated birthday to my sweet Madre this past Monday! On Wednesday we went on a summer funday shindig to celebrate… Tony Grove, Bear Lake, and Hairspray at Pickleville Playhouse! Very cute! I would highly recommend it!

PS – In things that actually matter news, if you are of the praying variety, would you please send some prayers up for my sweet step-nephew, Christian!? He was sent home from his mission on Friday on medical leave to figure out what is wrong with him… it’s looking like the dreaded “C” word, or more specifically leukemia. If anyone can take on that beast it’s this stellar guy!! We love you, Christian!!!!!

BoBo and his big bro, Christian from January… this is the day he left on his mission.

BoBo practicing for the all-night sleeping party!

Heys everyones… I plays in the waters!


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8 responses to “Finally…

  1. KK

    Will be praying! Thankfully leukemia is generally pretty treatable. Still not any fun to go through though! 😦

    I’m all for burning physics books!

  2. Alena

    Ugh! Best of luck on the finals–I’m sure matching fruits has something to do with physics. You’ll probably be the only one that gets those answers right on the final–so booyah! What a fun birthday shindig for your fabulous Madre! I love your pictures! They are amazing! I’m so sorry to hear about Christian–I will most definitely be praying for him and all of your family!

  3. Louisa R

    Good luck with finals, Whitney.
    I am all for burning the Physics book …unless you can resell it to another poor unsuspecting person that has to take the same class.
    Either way – good riddance of said book!
    Your pictures are beautiful.
    So sorry to hear Christian is not well. I will put him in my prayers.
    BabyBo sure does look like him.

    • Thank you for the prayers, Louisa! Haha on the poor unsuspecting person bookselling… young grasshoppers have so much to learn. I hope your summer is going well. Does your daughter leave soon for school?

      • Louisa R

        Yes, Whitney, she moves in this Friday!
        We had a HUGE crying and hugging jag yesterday with lots of sobbing ‘love yous, thank yous, and going to miss yous”. Got that out of our system so we won’t have too much on move in day.
        We have been tackling the packing today. We have everything bagged and tagged and piled in the entranceway…ready to be loaded into her trunk and backseat of her car. The bigger stuff ( the floor rug, desk shelf, storage cubes and boxes) will go in my husband’s pickup.

        This summer has been a strange one for all of us. Lauren worked all of May & June & July and spent every spare minute with her best friend.
        It has been a good transition from high school to being independent. Some good lessons in time management too.
        Bryce got to go to St. Louis for a week and stayed with my sister and had a lot of fun. He leaves for New Mexico for TeenPact Survival Camp at the end of this month. He is going with 5 other teens he knows.

        While the kids are away, I hope to get the school shelves cleaned out of Lauren’s high school materials -boxed up and stored. Then box up Bryce’s middle school stuff and store them as well. Then clean and reorganize all Bryce’s high school material on a couple shelves and the remainder to store my books.

        When Bryce gets back from Survival in NM, some friends want to give him some ducks. That means he will have to get busy making a primitive shelter for them down by the pond ( for during the day ) and a shelter that is critter proof (for at night).
        Lauren will have move in this Fri. the 19th and orientation the 20th & 21rst with classes starting on Mon. the 22nd. Then her college keeps them hopping all week with classes and fun activities each evening. She has a volleyball tournament in KS that first weekend ( the 28th) so she won’t come home until Labor Day weekend.

      • Awww… that is a lot of change for a momma. I don’t blame you for feeling bittersweet about it all… it’s definitely a hard transition for both momma and daughter. I hope move in day went okay and your daughter is all situated and ready for her classes. Wow that Bryce gets to go to NM for a survival camp… that will teach him loads, I’m sure! I hope he enjoys himself. Tell him to wave toward ABQ at cuzzin JenJen and family! Hang in there, Louisa!

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