BoBo Es El Numero UNO…

Coherent is not in my vocabulary this morning, so we’ll have to deal with incoherent without a bottle of no-doze! Guess who turned number one this past week!?!? No, the answer is not Whitney’s bottle of Worcestershire sauce. Baby BoBo! He’s pretty much geezering up the joint. Lindsay couldn’t pass up the opportunity to throw a shindig to remember! I mean, BoBo won’t remember it because he’s a baby… but I ate a dagnabbed 4 bites of burnt steak so I’m sure to remember this occasion FOREVER!!

BoBo’s job was to hold up his birthday sign in the yard. He lasted approximately 3 seconds and then we had to bring in the fishing line reinforcements.

There were games with famous people… Wolverine flew in to play darts… aka Big Bro Ethan with dart fingers.

Big Bro Christian got the enviable task of grilling the 3 kinds of meat… THREE!!!!! It was like a meat-a-ganza up in that joint! (PS – this stellar guy could still use your prayers… he didn’t get great diagnosis news… yet he still seems to be schooling us all in the art of how to live your life trusting the Lord’s plan. My money’s on him!)

This is obviously pre-party-goers, and yet again, the rotted deck did not fall through with all of the people on it! Blast the luck!

Lookit… my daddy made me this kitty cat cakes… I liked the ears and eyeballs the best!

But pretty soon, I went into a cake-eating coma!

Oh, did you want a piece too? Better luck next year!

The aftermath!

Happy Birfday, Baby BoBo the Magnificent! Don’t hurry to #2, please!


Lost count of the days, but I’m still sugar-free… mostly because I don’t trust myself if I were to add it back in. I’ve learned over the years with me it’s all or nothing… addictive personalities for the lose! If anyone needs me I’ll be searching for an edible sugar-free cookie… I said EDIBLE!



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6 responses to “BoBo Es El Numero UNO…

  1. Alena

    Oh my darling BoBo-ness! He is just the absolutely cutest guy! What an awesome looking party! I’m so sorry about Christian’s bad news–i am keeping him and all your family in my prayers! Way to stay sugar free! I’ll bet it was really hard not to steal some of that mashed up cake out of BoBo’s bib😉

  2. Louisa R

    The party looks amazing.
    The birthday boy loved that cake….lol.
    Love the video. He is so stinkin’ cute and quite the charmer.
    Looks like everyone had a good time.

  3. Christie Heywood

    I NEED to ditch sugar…. lately i feel it’s spiraled out of control…. like seriously, I’d be embarrassed to write a food journal. It’d be like 90% sugar 10% carbs that will just become sugar soon.

    • Haha!! You described my sugar diet to a T! There were seriously days where all I would eat was sugar… it was 12 kinds of disgusting, but let’s face it, still muy delicioso!

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