Electricity What!?

It’s okay y’all… I’m alive to tell the tale. I just spent a harrowing 2 hours without electricity last evening. Oh my laws was it ever rough! It was like I was basically channeling Laura Ingalls Wilder, except the water still worked… and I had a charged phone… and… okay, it was nothing like the Ingalls clan… unless you count the fact that I had to eat my dinner cold because the microwave doesn’t work without electricity! Not the microwave too!? It was my weekend to work, so I was in the middle of proofing a report when it happened… a large explosion sound coming from the garage and then the power went out, and it was a dark and rainy evening in October so I was pretty sure the headless horseman was wreaking havoc amongst the wires in the garage! What do we have you for, George Jefferson, the Stray and Slightly Feral Cat!? I had no warning from you! Selfish feral cat anyway!

We texted the entire neighborhood to see if anyone else’s power was off, and it turns out there were only 4 houses with power outages, so we had to comiserate about our rotting refrigerator contents… okay, that was false too. I was the only one worried about rotting refrigerator contents after 10 minutes of no power. One of the neighbors happened to call the power company and they gave an estimate of 8:00 for the power to be fixed and back on. Great jehosephat… it was 5:15 when it went out! I cannot live in such squalor! I panicked because I had work and homework to do, and without Internet, none of that was getting done, so I determined I would drive up to USU to do some homework while I waited. It was pouring rain, so by the time I parked and walked to the library I looked like a drowned rat, sat down in a chair to do my homework and I get a text that the power was back on! THE HUMANITY! What a waste of time y’all! I am not cut out to be an Ingalls! The lifetime of scars I have after that 2 hours… πŸ˜›

BoBo’s like, hey errybody… I got new shoesies!

Baby BoBo and a baby piggy! Come on!

It’s just the right temperature for a swimsie! πŸ˜›

In other news… it is October and it is fall and… enjoy some fally pictures!

Oh Autumn…



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7 responses to “Electricity What!?

  1. dessawade@gmail.com

    Hey, those pictures look familiar! We survived the power outage of 2016:)

  2. Alena

    Oh man, you crack me up! I’m so glad you lived to tell the tale! I hope you were able to get all your work and homework done. I love your pictures! Nobody is cute than BoBo! And you sure know how to capture autumn perfectly!

  3. Louisa R

    That’s just how the power outages go, isn’t it?
    We were out 5 days one winter…probably several yrs ago now. All the neighbors moved out and stayed with friends and family…but we toughed it out. After day #2, we borrowed a generator that a friend used for his RV. At night, we would run the generator to keep the freezer up to temperature. For the refrigerator, we had coolers of food out in the snow drift on our deck. That’s using the old noodle! I could use the generator during the day for the microwave or to run a load of wash. We used up every single one of my candles that week. We built a fire in the fireplace and we did fine. We all put more blankets on the beds. We were comfortable. We were definitely channeling the Ingalls family. We still had water and the fireplace gave us warmth and we had everything we needed. I just had to get a little creative with meals. The animals all did fine too. It’s funny though…the kids still remember it being the BEST power outage yet! My son is 15 and still wishes we could do it again.
    Love the pic of Bo and the baby pig! Very cute.
    The autumn pics are stunning…as usual.
    We don’t have as many trees changing color yet.
    It’s in the upper 80s here ( in MO ) today but they are calling for some cooler temps soon.

    • Yikes, Louisa! You guys really were channeling the Ingalls, and in the winter too! I bet that made a lot of memories for your kids, and it sounds like they didn’t mind it at all! I did do girl’s camp as every year as a teenager for a week without electricity, and I still wasn’t cut out for the gig! Sending you some cooler weather vibes! Wow that it is still upper 80s!

  4. Wow stunning beautiful pictures! You and I are alike. I totally panic with power outages too. I totally start to worry the world is ending and Armageddon has begun after about 30 minutes of no power. I probably drove the neighbor crazy with all my anxious texts with the last outage too. Hearing your story about it was so funny.

    • Jenner… we really must be related! That’s hilarious! But it’s harder to have no electricity with younger kids too… they have no clue what’s going on! Let’s make a pact that we won’t be born in the 1800s next life.

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