In The Delusional Part Of My Brain, I’m Only 25!

It’s that time of year when I pretend I’m 25 for the 13th straight year in a row! I can’t say 25 was a great year for me… but it sure as heck sounds a lot better than 38! By the by family, if you age me by rounding that up to 40 one more time, I’m filing a petition to be adopted by another family… perhaps one who rounds the number down to 25 at all times! Hear!?

The number thing aside, this “birthday week” was full of all things Octoberish… because I do enjoy me a grand ole October day… and since there are 31 of those days, I best take advantage of every last one. Note to my 2 readers, there are only 7 days left… get outside!

On Wednesday on my day off from work, I headed down Salt Lake City way so that Lindsay and BoBo could come to the Wheeler Historic Farm. On the way Auntie Whitty and Baby BoBo snacked on peanut butter crackers from Trader Joe’s and learned our vowels… you go Baby BoBo (you’ll have to excuse my off tuneness… I only sing properly for an audience older than 1)!

At the farm, Baby BoBo got to drive a tractor and ride on a wagon ride and pet some animals and get acosted by 12,000 geese and 20,000,0000,00000000 ducks… and Auntie Whitty stepped in 12 gallons of goose doo, so there was that.

I took this picture right before BoBo fell off this bench onto his head… so there was that sad party… and pretty much scores me Aunt of the year!

Then, yesterday the fam all came up to go to the annual North Logan Pumpkin Walk… kudos Pumpkin Walk peoples! Y’all rock it every year!

BoBo got to stare at a scary witch, who really was a very friendly singing witch, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of her…

Step away from my broom! The next picture cracks my stuff up! Big bro Christian brought a friend along. Matt found a walking stick on the way to the line up and was using that, so BoBo wanted to have his own walking stick… Oh BoBo, you hilarious!

Today, we went to visit some animals around town and then had pasketti dinner with Ryan, Angie, Makayla, and Corbin…

Oh heys everyone… here I is in some leaves…

To round off the day, Makayla and Corbin surprised me by giving me this beautiful wall hanging they colored… thank you, sweet lil ones!

All in all, this girl got spoiled… and I also broke my 5-1/2-month sugar-free streak by partaking in sugar. Oh laws, the flood gates are now opened. Aiming for once or twice a week on the sugar front… period… end of story!

Thank you to all of the friends and family for the gifts, the visits, the messages, the FB posts, etc. Y’all are the best!


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8 responses to “In The Delusional Part Of My Brain, I’m Only 25!


    Splendid pictures! We REALLY DID have a fun week/weekend. Love beautiful fall days!!! Happy almost 40 Whit! πŸ™‚

  2. Alena

    Yay for all the birthday festivities! Sounds like a fabulous time (minus the goose poop)! I hope you had something super delicious for your sugar, I.e. Chocolate! Just so you know, you’ll always be 25 to meπŸ˜‰

    • You know what… I didn’t eat a snit of chocolate! What is my problem!? Oh laws… I best remedy that soon, though. It’s been a long time without the goodness! Thanks friend… you’re always 25 too! πŸ˜›

  3. Louisa R

    Oh I am thrilled you had such a nice birthday, Whitney.
    Eh…age doesn’t matter. Pshaw! No worries.
    Love the pictures!
    Bobo is so cute trying to say Eee – eye – Eee – eye – Oooooo… LOL

  4. I know what you mean by opening the flood gates. I ate some gluten free muffins at a ward party that had milk and eggs in them. I intended to eat only one. Well I ate a lot of them. Hey if someone is going to make something gluten free just for me, then I must partake. Livia survived with only a little bit of fussiness that night and the next day. Bourne is such a good talker and singer for his age. Impressive!!! By the way, you better clorox wipe your shoes off after stepping in duck poop! LOL!

    • LOL Jen! I best disinifect my shoes, stat! It’s a good thing I take them off before walking around the house. I’m glad you enjoyed those muffins… you go girl! I think it was worth the issues that may have happened… and it sounds like they were pretty mild. Do it more often!

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