Laws Almighty, It’s Accountability Day…

Hey y’all… we’re back. There were a few people who signed up to join us in our new year of healthier living. I know how things go with resolutions. You are talking to the queen of broken resolutions and usually it’s by January 3rd. Record breaking year one time was January 6th… I was pretty proud of myself that year. Went out and celebrated eating healthily by eating 17 plates of scones at Chuck-Up-Arama… Great Uncle Burl was super proud. Another time I celebrated exercising 6 days a week by taking a nap on the 2nd day instead. Naps totally are more fun than sweating… ask anyone!

Anywho… back to the task at hand. This year I told myself I was going to ease gradually into health. It’s not realistic for me to say things like… gonna exercise 8 days a week for 2 hours a day, eat green leafy food except on the 12th day when I add in a non-leafy yet still green food, and whilst watching TV I will be squatting. NOT HAPPENING! When I had my massive success before it was because I eased into things gradual like. So, each week I’m going to tack on a few new tasks to my healthier living lifestyle… smaller tasks so as to not overwhelm and make me drop everything and revert back to the dump/sewer living Whitney of yore (I use yore a lot more in the weeks after Christmas… I promise it will peter out come February!)

This week’s tasks were as follows:

1. Exercise at least 3 days a week for at least 15 minutes each time.
2. Make better snack choices, especially late night snacking.

I accomplished both things last week. I can tell you I haven’t exercised regularly for months (by regularly I mean at least 3 days a week), and it showed in my out of shapeness whilst exercising this week. We have like 3 feet of snow on the ground (no exaggeration, I wish it were) and we had temperatures as low as 30 below zero this week, so my walking outside days are over at least for now. Instead, I threw in some exercise DVDs and pretended I was coordinated enough to follow the moves (Spoiler Alert: I’m not, but it’s the thought that counts, and that’s also why I do that kind of thing in the dark basement with no one around and all of the blinds closed!)

I always make a menu, even when I wasn’t making such great choices, so I continued to do that, but my biggest eating trouble lately has been late night snacking. It’s been a challenge these last several months full of stress and uncertainty, so this past week I planned out a healthy snack for late night, moro oranges aka blood oranges. I am proud to say I stuck with that for the most part.

Onto this week… my new task this week is to continue the above 2 items and then to focus on my menu and sticking with that in the day rather than snacking randomly and bagging the healthier food I had planned on. Y’all, we totally have this in the bag. It’s January 9th, Uncle Burl is a bit upset, but that leaves more scones at the Chuck-Up-Arama for him, so… win-win!



Hi Whitney’s readers! Welcome back. We are doing our weekly update WEEK #1 for you guys! I am happy to report my week went well here is a recap:

I did awesome on my eating. I can’t believe the difference that it makes in my overall mental facilities. My mind is more clear, I have more energy, I am more optimistic, I am more confident and overall I feel good that I have a plan and a purpose. If that’s not enough motivation to keep me going them hopefully checking the scale for weight loss will be! I have not yet weighed in. I will weigh in Monday morning. I don’t expect a HUGE weight difference …… as a former trainer once told me that it may take 2-3 weeks for your body to change and make a noticeable difference. Of course, it wasn’t all roses. It was hard! I threw away a bunch of tempting treats that tempted me. We have a 20 year old and a 16 year old in the house as well as a 1 year old and I have to be realistic and they will eat treats/snacks so I just put those in a upper cupboard that I will have to utilize a chair to even reach. Plus they are treats that don’t really tempt me.

Lindsay’s breakfast one day…

Lindsay’s Lunch one day…

Lindsay’s Dinner one day…

My workouts were ok. I worked out 6 days last week. Most days were only about 30 minutes. I was going to also do cardio in addition but I didn’t get both done most days because I was quite sore so I am getting my body adjusted slowly to the new change. The workouts are a bit easier than my past workouts so I will continue doing the P90X3 and see how it goes I want to give it a full 3 weeks before I switch back to what I used to be doing.

Everyday is a choice to either improve myself or fall backward. I am going for it and making good choices. I feel that the one thing that is giving me the discipline is prayer and regular scripture study. At 11 a.m. everyday I am studying the scriptures and saying a prayer. IT IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE! Whatever your beliefs are, GOD does care about you and your goals and he will give you strength to accomplish your goals!

I look forward to hearing your successes and ideas so please share!


Whitney’s final note:

Okay, it’s y’alls turn! What were your successes last week? What could you improve on this week? How awesome are you on a daily basis (only “really awesome” counts as an answer, okay!?)

Baby BoBo and hims rosy cheeks is here to cheer you on!!

And so is Kitty LucyFur whose new seat now that it’s 30 below zero is in front of the space heater. Quit hogging the heat, LucyFur!



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11 responses to “Laws Almighty, It’s Accountability Day…

  1. KK

    Awesome first week! 🙂

  2. I did great on my goal! Going for another week! My new Fitbit watch is helping me stay motivated. I have also enjoyed going to fitness classes occasionally. The one thing that can derail my commitment is being tired. So what I really need to be disciplined about is going to bed early.

  3. Chelsea

    way to go you two! I didn’t loose any weight I actually gained, but Linds is keeping me motivated by reminding me I may gain for the first few weeks. I am sticking to Macro counting.. I have found that if I plan ahead I do better. My success for last week was working out consistently and in the early morning. I find if I workout first thing it sets the mood for the rest of the day. My focus this week is to keep staying strong with eating– waking up early to workout– and not getting frustrated if I don’t lose for a month. Thanks for keeping us accountable ladies!

    • It pains me to say that my sister is ever right, but she is totally right this one time, Chelsea! When you’re working out hard your body has to adjust! Way to go on an excellent week! Onward and upward!

  4. Louisa

    I have to admit that I haven’t done as much this week as I wanted to. I have cut back on the late night snacks and increased my water intake. I don’t think hauling water to the animals ( because it’s -2 wind chill here ) is quite the same as a workout. I am having a hard time getting motivated to workout and my day seems to slip away too easy.
    Monday, my college student moves back in to her dorm and my high school-er will be back in school as well. That will put our schedule back to normal.


    Well Peeps, here’s my accountability – I started using My Fitness Pal again so that I can see how many calories I’m really eating. I do really well for breakfast and lunch with no snacking in between. After dinner is where I struggle because I always wants something sweet. I lost 1.6 lbs so I must have been doing something right. I am going to get back on my 5 day/week trip to the gym even though two of the days is at 6 AM and I don’t like going out in the cold:):):)

  6. Alena

    Thank you for sharing what you are doing and inspiring me! I need to get out of hibernation mode, but I really fight it. I really struggle with making goals and resolutions….I just want to lose the weight now, and effortlessly like I gained it. 😭😩😠 Argh! I love your pictures! You’re amazing!

    • Oh friend, I feel you for certain!! I mean I’ve been searching for that magic effortless weight loss method for years!! If you run across it, you be sure to put me on the list ya’ hear!? Sending you hugs!

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