Week 4…

I’m feeling non-creative this morning. Like so non-creative that I just titled this blog post “week 4” like I’m writing this from the depths of some rain forest whilst competing on the newest season of Survivor… they wish! I can picture me now… insisting I save my drinking water to shower and wash my hands with and dying of thirst by day 2. That would probably be more preferrable than having to eat the flesh of a rotting snake carcass… so there you have it… my strategy if I ever get cast on Survivor… die by day 2!

Now that we have those pleasantries out of the way… week 3 last week was much better than week 2. I exercised 5 days… which is a feat for me in the winter. My exercise of choice is outdoor woggercizing and it’s impossible right now unless I suddenly grow some cajones for cold weather and icy conditions. Ain’t happening… the emergency rooms thank me! So, instead I pulled out my country heat dance DVDs that I bought back when I was employed and never did. I somehow know that I can kiss my scholarship to Dancing With The Stars University goodbye, but them’s are the ropes y’all! The cat is a great judge and critiquer… she meows loudly every time I step on her tail. The nerve!

My goal for last week was to structure my weekend eating better. I improved over last weekend for sure, but I can still definitely use some more tightening up there. One step at a time. I’m also vowing not to weigh regularly for the first little while. Weighing too much and being disappointed was my hang up the last several times I’ve attempted to reboot my health, so I’m giving it a few weeks and continuing on the path of “ignorance is bliss”!

I hope y’all are doing okay and if you’ve dropped the goal, aim for a living room dance session one time this next week! Show me up for certain!



Hi Whitney’s blog readers and our accountability readers! This week proved to be the first week that I really felt a struggle. I have been on a role and haven’t felt deprived or frustrated. I have just been plugging along happy with my results. Last week I lost 2 pounds. This week I only lost one pound. So a total of 7 pounds down in 3 weeks!!! I SHOULD BE HAPPY ABOUT THAT! That was my goal in the first place, one pound a week. Well, there were a few days where I didn’t PLAN! We were away from home longer than I planned and meals were missed and by the time I came home I was FAMISHED and I made not so great choices. It shows in the weight loss with only a pound. I have found safety in having my meals every 2.5-3 hours and I NEVER get starving to the point I make not so great choices! So this weekend was harder than others.

That being said, I have enjoyed a few meals and thought I would share them with you for this weeks Blog:

Breakfast: Whole egg, 2 egg whites with mushrooms and peppers. I also have a english muffin with 1 TBSP of peanut butter. I have also experimented with some
GREAT protein pancakes that I love! I use Walden Farms ZERO Calorie syrup! It’s great!

SNACK: I always have a spinach shake with 3 strawberries, a handful of blueberries, flaxseed, ice, water, 1 cutie orange, about 2 cups of spinach and a Strawberry crystal light energy. I look forward to this it is very sweet and YUMMY

LUNCH: Usually turkey wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with a side of guacamole and sprouts and cucumbers inside of it. Sometimes I add a light Babybel cheese.

SNACK: Questbar or Premier protein shake. Sometimes I miss this snack depending on the calories for that upcoming evenings dinner.

DINNER: I have had lots of great ones. Last night was a super yummy chicken, potato, carrot curry with lite coconut milk. Saturday night I made Jalapeño chicken
sausage over a bed of zucchini noodles with reduced fat cheese it was very satisfying. I try and use less carbs for dinner and use a vegetable instead.

These are some common things I have each week and I am enjoying them. Each week I have a cheat meal with a dessert because I don’t have dessert during the week. What are your go to meals that you look forward to and don’t feel deprived???

Thanks for reading! We love to hear your comments and suggestions so don’t be shy!


Baby BoBo says, don’t let friends eat my Nutella.

Hey errybody… I gots a new Blippi garbage truck!!


Happy week 4 y’all! Would love to hear your ideas for quick healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners!



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14 responses to “Week 4…

  1. dessawade@gmail.com

    I don’t have much to report. I worked out 6 days last week if I count the workout I did with Lindsay and Shayne on Saturday morning. Thanks guys! I didn’t notice any weight loss though. I feel like I’m doing well on my eating because the days I have tracked in My Fitness Pal I actually had calories left over. I guess I shouldn’t eat my left over calories:) Onward and upward girls!

  2. dessawade@gmail.com

    The best part of this blog is seeing little Bourne every Monday morning:)

  3. Alena

    Okay Ladies, I’m ready to play. I’ve been really dragging my feet, cause I love my food. So my goals are to do cardio 4-5 times a week and strength training 2-3 times a week. For the eating part, I have to keep it simple or I simply cannot sustain it 😊 So my food goals are to eat more vegetables and protein and cut back on the carbs and way back on the sugar. I am also limiting myself to 2 cans of pop a week ( going cold turkey on it in the past has ended in miserable failure,!) So this is my effort to make some positive lifestyle changes and hopefully take off some serious pounds.
    One of the yummy lunches I had last week was: cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, and red onion chopped up, mixed together, and tossed with lemon juice and balsamic vinegar. Topped with feta cheese.

    • You can’t see me, but I’m totally cheering you on over yonder way! Go Alena! I think those are some dagnabbed good goals. What is your exercise of choice? Are you pulling out the DVDs too? That cucumber/tomato concoction sounds mighty delicious and fresh! It would remind me of summer and we’re all about that!

    • Lindsay

      Alena that sounds yummy Iam going to give it a try thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Alena

    Oh and thank you for your humor, your inspiration, and your wonderful pictures!

  5. Can I get your curry recipe Lindsay?? I am liking your food ideas. I don’t have any good meal ideas today but one thing I have found that helps me in my business is preparing snacks and lunches in advance. I am trying to sneak more fruits and veggies into my kids’ diets too and it helps to have things already chopped up and ready to pack in the diaper bag before we leave the house. In the past I usually just grabbed whatever package of crackers or granola bars in the pantry as we dashed out the door.

  6. Louisa

    BAH! I typed out a reply and hit submit and lost the whole thing!
    (deep breathe)
    Ok – so this past week I have been cutting back and cutting out a lot of the junk food and empty food choices. No plan to replace them either.
    I can tell I don’t get as winded hauling water buckets in the AM and walking up the hill in the PM with our blind calf in tow.

    My 15 yo son and I are headed to the store to pick up some healthier choices after his guitar lesson this afternoon. He is on his drivers permit so he has been chauffeuring me around. We both love baby carrots, celery, cheese, natural peanut butter, yogurt, frozen fruit for smoothies, salad, nuts and baby dill pickles.

    BTW, I had to laugh and BoBo’s garbage truck because my son has a really similar one! Now it holds a special place on his shelf but it is still in great condition.

    My 19yo daughter (college student) and her bestie & new roommate decided to eat better & exercise this semester. Her parents bought them a purple mini fridge over break and we bought them an upright vacuum. They redid their dorm room to allow for more space and they love the big rug we gave them. Lauren was home this past weekend and swiped my NINJA blender. They want to make smoothies for breakfast after their Yoga /Pilates workout and Bible Study /meditation each AM. They are also using the campus pool quite a bit. Neither likes the campus cafeteria for breakfast. I sent her back with everything she will need and she has been sending me pics and updates. So far so good!

    • Ugh!! I hate when the computer/internet sucks up a reply! Sorry you had to retype! But great job on the successes of your week… you and your son preparing with good food choices is the best idea for sure! I am impressed that your daughter is trying to keep it healthy away at college! She’s going to say no to the dreaded Freshman 15! Onto next week!

      • Louisa

        Yes, the first semester she kept off the “freshman 15” because volleyball practices and games kept her lean.
        This semester she isn’t playing volleyball due to a bone bruise in her foot so she and her roomie want to keep the weight off and stay toned so they are swimsuit ready when they get out of school in May. Her exercise of choice is running but since she cant do that with a bone bruise, they are doing Yoga or Pilates in their room each AM and swimming in the campus pool several times a week. Doing laps in the campus pool will also keep her lifeguard ready when she starts back at the YMCA this summer.

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