Striking And Balling: A Parable

You know that really annoying country song by Luke Bryan… something like, “hunting and fishing and loving every day” Blah blah blah? I’ve been thinking (y’all… get ready… glimpse into the psychotic workings of my brain space) that they really ought to do a spin-off of that annoying song but for like a mental health rehabilitation center… “eating and sleeping and drinking every day”. Instead of a video of some Luke Bryan dude in camo carrying a gun and a fishing pole, y’all get some man or woman in raggedy pajamas with blood shot eyes eating cake! Can y’all take the brilliance!? My sincerest apologies to anyone who loves that song so much they have it as their ringtone… but the apologies aren’t that sincere because really… get a new ringtone before my blood shot eyes roll out the roof of my skull!

Moving on. I’ve also been thinking this week about calorizing parables, and I somehow keep landing on softball/baseball themed ones. I loved playing softball in my younger years, and wish I could have continued playing… maybe one day on the senior citizen league. Tangent averted… the reason I was thinking about softball this week was because I made some poor eating choices. I had a menu in place, but I choose on a few occasions to forgo that menu for something less smart. In the more recent past that would have been a total derailing of all things healthy living. My attitude has been all or nothing a LOT the last few years. I’m always trying and I’m always failing, and the failing leads to a few weeks of not trying at all before I pick up the trying again. No more… that’s an extremely unhealthy lifestyle regimen because in this life of ours we’re always going to have some times where we don’t choose the wisest choice, but our life doesn’t end because of it (in most cases). I’m having to think of this week as an inning in a softball game, and more specifically a single up to bat. I get 3 strikes at the plate before I’m out or 4 balls before I walk, but even then the inning isn’t over and if that inning does end in 3 strikeouts, there is always the next inning… the game isn’t over until we leave this pretty Earth for the heavenly home.

To sum it up, this week I’m giving myself a strike for eating, but a homerun on the exercise front as I managed 4 days of purposeful exercise and 2 more days of moving more rather than sitting and drooling more. I’ve tightened up my menu for this next week… more protein (oh meat, I have a hard time with you) and more veggies, and fewer carbs. This next up to bat is going to result in a homerun or else my name isn’t Yogi the Bear!

How did you all do this week? On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your exercising and on that same scale your eating? Would love to hear any meal ideas you tried!



Hi everybody, How are you guys doing? How was your past week? What was your success and failures?

I am still working hard to be super diligent in my eating. In the past I have worked out really hard and then ate horribly. Now it’s the reverse I workout less and eat right and I am loosing weight. What we eat is the key. You just can’t Out-Exercise a poor diet.

I don’t have much to report on but I do want to share a couple of recipes that are my go to for my new diet. I am focusing on protein and loving these 3 recipes:

Have a great week!

Pumpkin Protein Pancakes:
1/2 cup oatmeal
1/2 cup egg whites
1/2 banana
1/4 cup pumpkin
2 tsp. baking powder
(Stevia or honey for sweetness)
Put in blender and blend til smooth
Pan fry
(I added blueberries on top while they were cooking)
Use Walden farms 0 CALORIE syrup

Banana Protein Pancakes:
1 egg
2 egg whites
(you can add stevia or honey for sweetness)
Blend and pan fry I use Walden farms syrup 0 CALORIES!!!

Chocolate Cherry Shake (love this for a breakfast on the go):
1 cup frozen cherries
Handful of ice
1 TBSP of ground flaxseed
1 tsp. almond extract
1 chocolate priemer protein (from costco) ready to drink
1/2 banana
1 tsp cocoa powder
Blend in your blender and ENJOY!!!

BoBo don’t have time for this crap!

Oh, but wait… yes he does!

Look errybody, I gots a new big boy table… now I can do really important things like puzzles and my taxes!



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11 responses to “Striking And Balling: A Parable

  1. Alena

    Oh that BoBo is just the cutest!!! I think I could be the star in your revamped music video– it would be pretty easy to play myself 😉 I like your attitude…I have been telling myself: this isn’t a diet, this is a lifestyle change and I’m in it for the long haul. So when I mess up I don’t just wait until a certain date to start again ( I’ve been an expert at that in the past.) This week I would give myself an 8 or 9 on the exercise. I did cardio 6 days and strength training 3. Yay! I have been doing Zumba DVDs and LOVE them. Especially Steve Boedt–if you don’t know who that is, you need to find out. My favorite is his Global Burst DVD. So Much Fun! I actually look forward to exercising–hard to believe, if it doesn’t involve going outside. My eating hasn’t been as great– I would rate it a 5 or 6. I definitely have improved from my usual. I have eaten a lot of vegetables and been more conscientious about adding protein, but sugar continues to be a real struggle for me. I didn’t stick to my pop plan. Boo! But I’ve bought myself some Seltzer water (yuck, right?) to try and curb some of that craving. My favorite snack from this week is an apple sliced in a circle, with peanut butter spread on top and topped with unsweetened coconut flakes( and a few mini chocolate chips if you want). I’m going to have to try your recipes Lindsay! Do the pumpkin pancakes have any pumpkin in them?

    • Bahahaha… now that was a funny omission… the pumpkin from the pumpkin pancakes! I asked Lindsay and she says there is 1/4 cup of pumpkin. I edited the recipe above too, so it should be correct. Secondly… GO ALENA!! I’m super impressed with your exercisability this week! And I’m definitely going to have to try this Steve Boedt dude because if he can make me actually enjoy exercising indoors, he must be doing something right! Ugh on the seltzer water! Have you ever attempted going to the dark side and trying Diet Dr. Pepper? I know it isn’t as tasty as the real stuff… for certain, but at least it is somewhat guilt free? Either way you slice it, pat yourself on the back for a good week! We got this, right? One millisecond at a time!


    Go Alena! Glad you’re sharing with us. It’s a struggle every week in one way or another but we just have to keep on plugging along. I worked out 6 days this week and was pretty proud of myself for getting up early in this freezing cold weather to go to the gym. I usually enjoy it when I do and feel stronger. I have tried the pumpkin pancakes and liked them but I needed a little bit of sweetener in mine. I need to try the cherry chocolate shake.
    Love my sweet baby!

  3. I would give myself a 7 on the exercise. I was also wondering if the pumpkin pancakes had pumpkin in them??? I love Bourne’s new table. He looks so grown up. And your winter pictures are pretty Whitney….even though you hate winter.

  4. Louisa

    Well, I have been taking care of sick kids this past week. When someone in my household is ill, I don’t have any appetite. I try and drink a lot and get plenty of sleep though…between the cleaning and disinfecting.
    Bryce got some intestinal bug so I had him on a bland diet to get him through. He didn’t feel up to much. I don’t blame him. YUCK
    Flu is going around at Lauren’s college. Her roommate and a couple other girls on their floor got it. Lauren thought she was going to avoid it but NOPE. She called me Friday and wanted me to come get her.
    Bryce started feeling better Saturday.
    Lauren was in full blown flu-mode Friday night & Saturday. Her head was hurting so much it made her nauseous. She slept a lot.
    Fortunately, my husband and son were able to work on projects outside. I didn’t want them exposed.
    I stayed busy cleaning and disinfecting EVERYTHING!
    Sunday, Lauren started feeling well enough to eat a few bites of a bland diet and sleep some more. I pumped her full of fluids.
    Monday, I let her sleep in and after her shower, she felt up to going back to school later that afternoon. Missing Monday’s classes wont be the end of the world but I know it really bothered her.
    My exercise was…keeping up with the animals and hauling water buckets and walking “Norman” in and out of the field and lots of stairs ( doing loads and loads of laundry & cleaning bathrooms & disinfecting).
    So far…so good. No more flu or bugs here.

  5. Deanna Wade

    Lindsey is so right about you can’t out-exercise a poor diet. And–it gives you the false idea–well I can eat more I exercised today. So–like my mom always said when things looked tough ” one day at a time” Deanna

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