Super… Bowling…


Short and sweet this morning mostly because I’m lazy and secondly because I had this really great story about indoor birds and being attacked by a gaggle of them this past Friday, but it’s going to have to wait until I have the desire to REALLY tell the tale (aka exaggerate every ounce of that sucker)! Y’all… birds and I have a history and it isn’t a good one!

This past week was stellar for me on the eating and exercising front! I kicked the patookus out of Monday through Friday and half of Saturday… and then Saturday night came and Superbowl Sunday night came and I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped to. Grocery shopping at Lee’s on Saturday evening when they were sampling Superbowl snacking ideas means that none of those calories counted right!? I mean what’s a mini hotdog and a small creamsicle float and 15 different crackers and cheeseballs!? Oh, the humanity! Is there a thing where I can just cut my hands off in times of trouble and then reattach them when I’ve reinserted the smart part of my brain!? Who am I kidding… they invented straws and I still have a mouth. I’m going to have to rethink that hand cutting off idea.

Exaggerations aside… I didn’t do as horribly as my brain is kicking myself to think I did, so my goal is just to move on and kick rear this week. Lifestyle means you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you have… the Facts of Life! EIGHTIES PEEPS!

How was your week? On a scale of 1 to 10 what would you give exercise and what would you give eating? Let’s do this!



Well first off, I should share, I am down 9 pounds. HOORAY! It’s important to celebrate! Be proud of what you have accomplished and then put your head back in the sand and keep plugging forward!

I am very motivated to lose at least 9 more pounds by April. If possible more than that. But 9 more was my original goal. That would be a huge accomplishment for me!! With a goal in site what once used to tempt me now no longer has the strength over me that it used to! I can easily turn my head because I know what I am working for. I really do believe if I didn’t have a trip/goal to go to on in April then I would give in more often to food because there isn’t a timeframe that I need to lose the weight by! I keep telling myself, April is NOT far away at all and I DO NOT want to disappoint myself! So I am laser focused.

That being said, I wanted to share this video with you all. It is short and sweet and is truly what I had to do this time around with my goal setting:


Let’s hear from you guys!

BoBo just discovered the joys of spiked fruit punch!


… and cheesy grins.



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9 responses to “Super… Bowling…


    Way to go Peeps! I lost 1 more lb which I am happy about especially since superbowl parties and 3 days away from home made it tricky. Hey, the weather is warmer this week so we could get outside for exercise. I love the fresh air.

  2. Alena

    Oh no–i can’t believe you got attacked by birds. You are like a bird magnet 😉 Can’t wait to hear the story! Okay, so I would rate my exercising last week at an 8–yay! And my eating at about a 6. I did not do as well at staying away from all those yummy carbs out there, but I did achieve my pop goal. I have definitely considered diet pop, but I really don’t like artificial sweeteners. So I have been enjoying coconut flavored La Croix with a lime in it–almost tasty, and nobody else in the house is tempted to drink it 😁 I’m impressed with your stellar week–way to go!! And thanks for the revised pumpkin recipe–I’m going to have to give it a try this week.

    • I am mightily impressed, girlfriend! Go you!! Especially on sticking to your no Dr. Pepper goal!! That is not an easy task, and you, my friend just kicked it’s patookus! I’m going to have to look into this La Croix stuff… though during the winter my Diet DP consumption is once every 2 weeks! Too cold! I’m what you call a fair weather addict!

  3. Louisa

    Way to kick butt this week, Whitney.
    I understand about the Super Bowl food temptations.
    Keep showing up and doing the work.
    Way to go, Lindsay on your 9lbs. Way to stay focused.
    Goals are important!

    I picked up a lot more healthy food choices at the grocery store this week.
    I made healthier meals for my family this week also. I got rid of the junk food and substituted healthy options that are just as easy to choose.
    My son and I love my healthy smoothies and my daughter asks for them when she is home from college. It’s the only way I can get either of them to consume ACV, flax seed, or yogurt.

    Lauren is 19yo and making better food choices and snack choices at college and is making her own smoothies and has lost 5lbs which puts her at a healthy 125lbs. She has a lean athletic build. She wants to keep off the “freshman 15” and be swimsuit ready for summer so she is working out to tone up. Lauren and her roomie are doing Yoga/Pilates most mornings and they swim 2-3/wk and run 1-2/week.
    They both have an upper respiratory infection and a cough so they aren’t hitting it as hard as at the beginning of the semester.

    Our 15yo son (Bryce) is growing SO fast and getting leaner. He has little “love handles” but is skinny. He had them right before his big growth spurt before, so I think he still has another one coming. He is already 5’10”. I believe he will get to 6ft or a little over. He is a big strong farm boy. It’s like he is always hungry and always asking me to make him something. I make it easy for him by keeping fresh fruit on the table, carrot sticks and celery sticks in the fridge, pickles and cheese, and granola with dried fruit out where he can snack between meals but the boy is always hungry. (he walks out to take the horse a carrot most afternoons and takes one for himself as well…LOL).

    I am looking into borrowing the ZUMBA dvd set from a friend or purchasing it for myself.
    I can’t seem to get outside to walk …other than the bringing in / take out the animals and hauling water buckets.
    Does anyone have a dvd set that works to get inches and lbs off that they recommend? There are just so many out there…

    • Yay for the healthier food choices, Louisa! It sounds like your kids both learned some healthy habits… that will serve them well through life for sure! When you work hard on the farm and you’re a growing teenage boy, I’m sure the appetite has to be a big one! As for the Zumba recommendations, my friend, Alena up there, recommended a guy named Steve Boedt. I haven’t done him yet, but I do have a beginner one by Beto Perez that’s pretty fun. I also really like my Country Heat Dance DVDs by Beach Body… it’s a fun change of pace to the boring exercise DVDs!

  4. I am dying to hear the bird story. And BoBo needs to share the spiked fruit punch. I need some of that. I had a good week meeting my fitness goals. Though I am not seeing any results on the scales. I am back down to my regular weight. It is hard for my body to build muscle. It is making me a little anxious to not see any results. I also discovered that I really like punching the heavy bags. Maybe I have a career in the MMA world. LOL!

    • AMEN on the spiked fruit punch Jenner! That’s frustrating for sure not to see a change on the scale (whether it be that you want to gain weight or lose weight)… you put in the time, though, and eventually you will see the gain results! Way to go, Pen!

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