You Are More Than A Body…

Hey y’all… welcome to Valentine’s week… aka made-up Hallmark, flower, and chocolate company holiday. I mean, really! In other news because of sewer flooding issues due to warmer-than-normal temperatures melting the 85 feet of snow we got and additional rain on top of that, the people of the valley have been asked not to do laundry, shower, or flush their toilets!! A.) I totally feel for people who have their basements flooded with raw sewage because that is possibly the worst nightmare on the history of this Earth… I mean, I’d have to leave the hemisphere to recover, but 2.) If I’d wanted to sign up to turn into Davy Crocket or Ma Ingalls, I’d have killed a coon and made me a hat years ago! City, dig into that brain for the option B idea! A girl cannot take 5 second showers for much longer!

Yesterday, I was asked to sing at a regional women’s conference. It was a great experience for me and I feel like it was something I’d needed during this time of winter and job search anxiety depression. It lifted my spirits if for a few moments. After the main session where we listened to author and speaker Ganel-Lyn Condie, we broke out into mini sessions and got to pick from a handful of classes to attend. I picked one entitled, “You Are More Than A Body”. It was a good reminder that while taking care of my body and losing weight is a good thing, I need to be at peace with it as it is now so that I can love it enough to take care of it. I don’t know if that’s ever a total possibility for me because I’ve spent so many years abusing it and hating it, but it’s definitely something I need to work towards, even if it is just to say, I’m thankful that my body is allowing me to be mobile and exercise and accomplish the things I need to in a day. Thank you, body, for that.

This week was mostly good on the eating and exercising front. I had a misstep one late night and my weekend was still not as tight as I want it to be, but I exercised 5 days and purposely moved more the 6th day, and I stuck really well to my menu I’d made for the week. Pats on the back, sailor! During the above-mentioned class, the speaker put this quote up on the overhead projector, and of course, I stored it in the recesses of my puny brain to share with you all!

Dieting is easy, it’s like riding a bike… and the bike is on fire and the ground is on fire and everything is on fire because you’re in hell! 😛

Inspirational quote of the week y’all!

How are you all doing? What are some of your successes? What are some things you need to work on? Do you have any tips or ideas that you use that could help the rest of us?



Happy Valentines Week crew! Through this experience it’s super important to LOVE yourself first and foremost! No matter where you are at with your weight loss goals. DOn’t let your weight or whatever it is you struggle with in life keep you from happiness! So Happy Valentines Day to you!

This week has been a bit harder for me than most. Because starting early during the week I got a sore throat. It has continued and is still haunting. I only got 5 days of workouts. But I stayed on my meal plan for all but one night. I had ice cream one night for dinner to help soothe my throat. It was fabulous 🙂

What I wanted to report most of all . . . I have wanted to go to a actual kickboxing class but I have been too embarrassed at the way I look in my workout clothes to go in a group class. But I decided it’s TIME to actually stop being so self conscious and go enjoy it. I love kickboxing classes (ones that are actual fighting classes not the girly punch classes). This was just that!!! It was killer hard. I tried a class called Fight Fit and one called HIIT Kickboxing. They kicked my trash! I LOVED every minute of it! What I loved most was the Loud music but also the other people working hard to motivate me and keep me going even when I couldn’t push anymore. That is what group fitness helps me to do. I didn’t have time to be self conscious I was working out too hard!

So This week I want to leave you with the bravery to go out and try something this week that you have put off! Put off for whatever reason it is! GO AND DO IT PEEPS don’t waste your days wishing!!!

Baby BoBo didn’t feel very good this week either, but his hair says hi errybody!

Come on guys… let’s get woggercizing!



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8 responses to “You Are More Than A Body…

  1. Alena

    Oh darling BoBo! What a great message! I wish I could’ve been there to hear you sing. I love the dieting quote! My diet struggled this week–too many goody temptations with Spencer’s birthday! I am weak when it comes to homemade baked goodies 😭 I did do better than I usually do in such situations, so I suppose that counts for something. My exercising went pretty well–I’d give it a 7. I got to get my diet back on track this week–the struggle…
    By the way, my fellow germaphobe, you are welcome here anytime for a long shower and some clothes washing. I hope things dry out a bit for you guys, and soon!

    • I saw a picture of that delectable cake you made for Spencer’s birthday! I would have been right there with you, my friend! Holy chocolatey deliciousness! Pat yourself on the back for improving over what it would have been in the past… and you exercised too… that counts! I will be right over for the showering shindig because seriously! Do not mess with my cleaning rituals!


    Good advice from both of you. Had a good week and even exercised 2 hours on Friday. I agree that you get motivated to work harder in group exercise classes.

  3. Louisa

    We have been doing pretty good all in all this week.
    Meals have been healthier in general. I have been adding more fresh / frozen vegetables to every meal. Decreasing/substituting the amount of bread, pasta and other fillers.
    I have been keeping more variety of fresh fruit on the table. I have been making healthy fruit smoothies each AM ( with yogurt, flax, and spinach which is impossible to get my crew to eat any other way ).
    We had one meatless night this week as well. Believe it or not, my guys didn’t even notice.
    I can tell my pants are fitting looser and my tummy isn’t sticking out as much.

    My daughter, at college, has had an upper respiratory infection for about 2weeks and she hasn’t been able to shake it AND she had a fainting spell on Thursday after a workout. I brought her home this weekend and pumped her full of fluids and vitamins and took her to the doctor Saturday afternoon. She started to move the mucus Saturday morning and she was coughing a lot less. The congestion was mostly in her head by then. The doc said she had a low grade temperature but no ear infection or throat problems and nothing in her lungs. Her iron level was ok too. The doc believed her to be over the hump and only prescribed an inhaler for occasional use to help her move out the mucus. She went back to school feeling a lot better. Thank goodness! They sure pass a lot of stuff around at school even though she is keeping her room disinfected and is washing her hands a lot. YUCK

    • Louisa

      Oh and I wanted to say great job on singing at the women’s conference, Whitney and that you took away some good information too. Sounds like you had a good week!
      Kickin’ass Lindsay with her kickboxing workout …even with a sore throat! Kudos! I hope you are feeling better. Drink Drink Drink
      BoBo sure is cute – even with bed-head.
      Today is my husband’s birthday so I am making him Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo and strawberry cupcakes with white icing.
      That way he will be happy and I won’t be tempted…lol 😉

    • Yay for extra healthy meal and snack choices! Go Louisa and fam! That’s always a good thing when you can grab something you won’t feel guilty for eating later! Boo on your daughter still persisting with her URI! That is just miserable, I know. Sending her healing vibes!

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