Mucus Head…

Hey y’all… coming to you from the space that is my gigantic head bucket of mucus. I caught the cruditis this week, starting with a super sore throat on Tuesday and then migrating to a super congestionified head space with a super sore throat and cough. Y’all… thanks to whomever passed that along. Best! Present! Ever! If you need me I’ll be living inside a humidifier… preferrably somewhere warm like Hawaii or the Hell fires, whichever is closest and least expensive to travel.

In other news, BoBo and Lindsay came to visit Wednesday through Saturday morning since Shayne was on a business trip out of town! Oh BoBo… you so sweet… and busy! We tried to do a daily shindig so BoBo could get his energy out, so I went to places I’d never been before… like that germ bucket that is now inhabiting the old Hastings building, a bounce house… and that other germified place called the Jump Zone. Three hails to Whitney for bringing her cruditis germs in with the other people’s cruditis germs! We taught BoBo how to say some new words like George the feral cat (or more like Ohrd) and bird as in flipping the bird to the lady who cut us off in the parking lot. JOSHING… GOSH… we kept it kid friendly. I then tried to get BoBo to do my homework for me… HTML/CSS language web site talk… laws, it’s like speaking swahili to a bunch of geeks.

As for my exercising and eating… the weekday eating went off pretty dang well. My routine was off and I was sick, so there were some days I adjusted my menu, but I stayed within my calories during the week. Saturday continues to be a struggle bug… get with the Saturday program, Whitmeister! I also only exercised Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and skipped out the rest of the week due to the aforementioned cruditis. Onto this next week. No use dwelling on the past when there’s a future to be had… countdown to March… 1 more week!

Lindsay Rae Howell did not send me her update… excuse you Lindsay Rae Howell… so maybe she will update y’all on her week in the comments. I do know that one night she made this concoction that included turkey bacon, chicken, and squash noodles. I’m sorry I had to miss that meal! I also know she is really stepping up her fashionable choices wearing around a Hello Kitty Onesie that I bought at Wal-Mart on clearance. The more you know… and no, Lindsay, I won’t post the picture of you wearing them… it’s better this way!

How was y’alls weeks? Did you have some successes? How about things to improve on? How would you rate yourself this week?

My lunch for this week was mighty tasty… that’s cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella with a dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, oregano, and basil. 232 calories per serving! YUM!!

Hey errybody… I at the germy bouncy houses!

So, Auntie Whitty… if I grab this giant Lego dude and you hold the door open, we’ll get out of here real fast like.

BoBo is part ape! He was really good at swinging on this rope without anyone holding onto him… video below!




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6 responses to “Mucus Head…

  1. KK

    I’ll join you in the land of mucus! Ugh! Girly shared hers with me.

  2. I hope you get feeling better quick. That’s miserable. And yes those places are super germy. But kids love it so we go too. But baths and clean clothes are mandatory afterwards. Thanks for not sharing the kitty pajamas again. Seeing them once was enough! I finally regained back 2 lbs with some new nutrition advice from my body builder brother. Pretty soon you’ll see me competing with Arnold and all the other meat heads!

  3. Louisa

    I feel for you, Whitney.
    I got Lauren over her crud last weekend and she had a good week. She came home from school this weekend to celebrate our 21rst wedding anniversary with us. My husband complained he didn’t feel very good that night and went to bed early. He had a few guys at work that were sick and suspected he picked it up too. On Saturday, we took a family road trip to Hannibal, MO which is about 3hrs from us. We walked and walked and walked all over the historic town and had a beautiful day too. It’s the birthplace of Mark Twain /Samuel Clemens and just a neat town. My husband had head congestion but didn’t complain much until around 4pm when we were getting a bite to eat. He didn’t eat much and he said his head and eyes hurt and he felt like he had a fever. He DID have a low grade fever. I got a bunch of drinks to-go and we left for home. I had some Tylenol in the console of my SUV and gave him some to help get his fever down and help with the aches. We made it home and he headed to bed while the kids and I unloaded my SUV and took care of the animals. Sunday, he was up and going but still congested. He didn’t have a fever. I gave him some cold and sinus medicine which just made him overdo it again. He thinks he is getting better on the medicine…but they are just helping with the symptoms and he still has to let his body rest and get over it. I cant seem to get him to drink enough either …he is just so bull-headed.
    So, last night I told him he needed to take some more cold and sinus medicine and head to bed but he said he was feeling better and didn’t need them. I knew he wasn’t better but he had to figure that out. So, 30 minutes later the medicine I gave him earlier wore off and he was MISERABLE and asked me to get him some medicine and something to drink. Uh huh.
    21 years of marriage and he still has to fight me at every step….(rolls eyes).
    So, Lauren headed back to college Sunday afternoon to find out her roommate was back also and sick as a dog. (sigh) She took care of her and so here we go again… It just cycles through and through and through again.
    I plan to get back on again and start logging soon.
    That’s the plan. Looks like I’ll be playing nurse another week though. I am keeping my son & I up on our water and keep washing and disinfecting to try and avoid getting this nasty crud.

    • Boo on the crud going to your husband now! Ugh… it’s like a neverending cycle. I hope your daughter doesn’t recatch it. It really is a miserable thing this cruditis. I will be especially glad when it leaves me alone for at least a year! How fun you went to Hannibal! I’ve been there on a family vacation a few years back. It was a cute lil town!

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