Plateaus and Willpower…

Hey y’all… nothing new over here… just snowing another foot as usual… same snow, different day. Laws almighty, Noah’s going to have to build me an ark before this winter is over. Y’all if anyone has Noah’s number, hit a gal up. I also would not like more than one animal on the ark and preferrably not something slithery or slimy, so forget this 2 by 2 crap right now!

I finally got back into the exercise groove at the end of this past week. I had to get an antibiotic on Monday after 14 days of crud accumulation that wasn’t moving anywhere. The doctor said it had turned bacterial, so I took a Z-Pak this past week. The sore throat is gone (hallelujah and knock on wood) but the crud still lingers… stubborn bugger anyway! Onward and upward. It felt nice to get back into moving and this week my goal is to focus more on tightening up my eating. More veggies and protein… less random crap.

How did everyone else do this week? Are we read for some Bermuda time? I think so. If anyone knows how to buy a free ticket, let me know… right after you get me Noah’s number.



This is my theme…..I am learning a lot about myself, positive and negative through the journey…This week has been a week of exploration of talking with close friends, relatives, fitness experts and family about their thoughts and advice on how to overcome weight loss plateaus and make progress. I learned a lot. It’s great to go out and gather the information and then take from it what you know can work in your life and lifestyle and how to apply it.

Our bodies are amazing. I have been obsessed with watching documentaries for a long time and last night as I was doing the dreaded search on Netflix for something to watch (which usually ends on me falling asleep). Last night I decided to click on the first one that sounded interesting and watch it in it’s entirety. So I watched, “The Barkley Marathons.” It is INSANE! People’s bodies are incredible! But what I took away from it was not just how incredible the body is but most of all how incredible THE MIND is! If you’ve ever watched this show I am sure you know what I mean by my question of: “How on earth did you not get in your own head and just GIVE UP?” There were so many times where the path they had was too scary, it was dark, it was excruciatingly long, there was no sight in end, everyone else gave up, there were only 3 left that registered for the marathon that didn’t give up, they suffered incredible pain, hallucinations, dehydration and I am sure many other physical and mental anguish not discussed.

So at the end I stared at the 3 that completed it. Completed almost 60 hours of running on no sleep and averaging 150 miles. And I wondered what do they have that the others didn’t? I wondered what do they do differently in their lives that gave them the ability to complete something that is so so so unattainable to most people?

We all have our own circumstances, challenges, races, mental pain, physical pains whatever it is. But why not you be the one to finish? Why everyone else but you? Why not me? So as you go through your week with whatever your facing, remind yourself not to give up! If you give up what will the road look like? As I ask myself that question my answer is, the road ahead may be harder but the outlook will be much better! So keep in mind to be happy on the journey and be happy you are moving FORWARD and be HAPPY that you are that person that has NOT given up! Keep going!


PS from Whitney – If anyone who’s of the praying variety wants to send out some prayers and good vibes for my sweet BoBo he would appreciate it. He isn’t feeling very well after he had to go to the hospital from having jammed the end of a towel rod into the wall while it was in his mouth last night. Poor baby… don’t run with sharp things my buddy!

Lookit errybody… I went to this giant germ pit with my big bros!

There you go again, Baby… doing dangerous things!

Lookit… I riding in my wagon!

Nekked baby cheeses!



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6 responses to “Plateaus and Willpower…

  1. Alena

    Oh my goodness poor BoBo! I will definitely keep him in my prayers! His darling pictures make my day–What a doll!!! I’m sorry that you’ve been so sick Whit! I’m glad you have some antibiotics and I hope they work some magic and soon!! I’ve not done so hot on my diet since I last wrote and struggled for awhile on the exercise too–first, I had sick kids, then I hurt my foot, then I got sick.. Blah, blah, blah whiner whiner. This last week I’ve done much better on the exercise front and somewhat better diet-wise. Getting a dog that LOVES walks has definitely helped me get going–she doesn’t accept excuses 😎. Thanks Lindsay for the inspiring thoughts! I definitely need to work on being a happy traveler. I hope your baby is doing okay! I’m thinking of you and praying for you too– it’s so hard to watch your kids hurt! 💜 Hugs!

    • THank you for the prayers, friend! I think we’d both have a lot more success if we were woggercizing on the Hawaiian beaches… I mean, these winter dreary-lands are the pits! Yay on your new exercise buddy, Piper! I’m sure she’s a lot easier to walk than trying to make a cat wear a leash. We got this!

  2. KK

    OOOOOOWWWW! Sounds as though he and my girl were feeling the danger vibes. I came out of the bathroom to discover her running down the hallway with two pairs of scissors! 😮 She managed to cut her skirt but thankfully not herself.
    Apparently she knows how to move my craft chair so now I really need to make sure everything is way pushed back.

    • What is wrong with these small fry and sharp things! I will need to see a picture when she uses those scissors to give herself a haircut! You know it’s coming! 😛

  3. Louisa

    BAH! This thing eats my replies.

    Not much success here this week. Just trying to get over this nasty crud.
    I think we have all had a turn now. We are sick of being sick.

    I think you are right. Finding our HAPPY is a big part of our journey.
    Prayers for BoBo. OUCH! Poor lil guy.
    Cute picture of the 3 boys. Giant germ pit is the TRUTH…lol.
    How is Christian doing? I am keeping him in my prayers as well.

    Lauren got all As & one B on her midterms. She has worked hard and seems to have college under control this semester. She has a really good group of friends there and a homey little dorm room and her best friend (Catherine) is rooming with her this semester. They are having a lot of fun.
    Lauren’s best guy friend (Eric) wants to start intentionally dating her and he has asked our permission. We have been thinking and praying and talking about it and plan to tell them yes…as long as they wait a few more weeks until she is out for the summer ( in early May ). She needs to stay focused through finals. Eric is a very sweet Christian guy she has been best friends with for over 3 years. She is growing into her own lovely, independent Christian woman. It’s bittersweet as a parent but we are very proud of her.

    Bryce is also becoming more and more independent all the time. He is doing well in school and has taken on another job. He is working Saturdays for our neighbor who has several farms around us. He is the ideal age for helping to clear brush, build fence, spread fertilizer, and drive the truck/ tractor/equipment. He has grown up doing this and he loves it. He will be busy soon with his lawn mowing business since its like SPRING here already. This is his 4th year mowing grass! We are very proud of him.
    Also bittersweet because he is my baby.
    We raised them to be independent and hard working but gosh its tough to let them go…(sniffles)

    • It sounds like your kiddos are both thriving! That means you did a great parenting job… I can’t imagine thinking of sending them off into the world… that’s definitely got to be hard on the momma bear! Sending you hugs, Louisa. This crud stuff is the pits and I hope yours leaves soon… I guess we’ll have to muddle along until then.

      Thank you for sending prayers for Christian. He has gone through 2 or 3 medications to try to bring his levels down and seems to have found one that is doing a pretty good job for now. He was just dealt a blow that he won’t be able to go back out to finish his mission as the rules are that you have to be cancer-free for 5 years before you can do that. He was really disappointed as that is what he’s been working towards since he was diagnosed with leukemia. That kid is a trooper though and continues to have a positive attitude.

      Hang in, Louisa! Spring is much better than winter, in my opinion!

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