The Definition Of Hope…

Sometimes I get into a mood where I woe is me way more than my tiny violin can handle. Woing is only helpful if you have someone who doesn’t mind listening to the woing, and since that’s not a thing in anyone’s world and definitely not mine, let’s move on past the woing and onto the doing! I got into one of those moods last night… I blame it on near-midlife crisis or at least that’s what the tiny violin I sat on suggested. I’ve been thinking since (DANGER!!) about why I get up every day and I guess I came to the conclusion that I must have hope that one day something will go my way. I determined that has to be the definition of hope, starting over every day hoping to stumble into that pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. I guess hope also comes with the desire to work towards the things you want to be better or else the hopeful feeling would be squashed pretty fast.

I’m a rambler… kind of like Kenny Rogers, except he was a gambler… so basically not at all the same except that me and Kenny rhyme… and if you have no clue what I’m talking about you should be ashamed of yourself and need to immediately buy Kenny Rogers’ greatest hits and get yourself schooled, yo!

To sum it up… get up everyday, start over, work hard, and have hope. I guess if we have that in our lives, we’re pretty much set to do anything.

I needed a swift kick in the butt in the eating department this past week (exercising went well, but you cannot outrun a bad diet), so I found a coupon and I’m going to try a weight loss meal delivery service for a week or two. I cannot afford more than that, but I figure a few weeks would give me a good jump start into better habits and 3 square meals plus 2 snacks per day instead of my usual preference of turning into Bessie the Grazing Cow Family. Y’all stay tuned… I will blog about my experience as soon as my first week gets here in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, how is everyone else doing? Successes? Things to improve upon? Happy First day of spring y’all! If that doesn’t give you hope, I don’t know what will!



Hello long lost friends! We took a week off. We are back!

Update: I am down 13 pounds and I am 5 pounds away from my goal. Then I will set a new goal for myself. How are you guys doing on yours?

This week I am taking on a 5-day workout challenge that one of those following the blog, Chelsea shared with me. It is on Youtube. The workout is on FitneseBlender and it is the 5 Day Challenge. It is 5 days of workouts that last about 1 hour. I am excited to mix up my workouts. I am getting bored of P90X3. So it is time to have something else to look forward to in the workout arena. It will be challenging and is only 5 days!

SO this week, I would challenge each of you to mix something up in your daily routine for 5 days! Whether it is decrease your carbs, increase protein, add weight lifting whatever it is and give it a shot!

Good luck!

20170319 1759371

20170319 1800351
BoBo found some “dear” friends of his. Get it… deer/dear!? Oh stahp!! BoBo has also been really sick with some yucky stomach bug so send him positive vibes y’all!

20170317 171858

20170313 194255


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6 responses to “The Definition Of Hope…

  1. cl2

    Since I’m not on fb right now, I’ll try to reply here. I don’t think I’m signed in. I think you should see if you can sell that last photo of the sunset. I’ve never seen anything close to that for sale. It is BEAUTIFUL! You’ll have to let us all know how that delivered food diet goes. Though I’m not on a diet, I should be. The most exercise I get is walking the little dogs for about 20 minutes (when there isn’t a bunch of snow on the ground or a storm). I need to do something this summer. We all have those woe is me times in life. I shouldn’t right now, but I’m so tired of working right now. I need a vacation BADLY.

    • You do need a vacation, Colleen! I hope you can find time to get away soon. Are you still doing both jobs? As for walking the little dogs each day, that is better than nothing! So pat yourself on the back for that.

  2. Alena

    I love, love, love your pictures! This last week, i was in a funk and my family was on spring break, which basically means I ate a lot of junk!! On the positive side, I am walking a lot thanks to my energetic dog 🐕Here’s to hoping for a better week! It’s spring, so that makes everything at least a little better, right? I hope BoBo feels better soon!!

    • We need to join together in our funkified club, friend! I hope this week is a better one for you in the funk department… and yes on the spring thing! I mean, I’m already stepping a little lighter due to the season change! Hang in, pal!

  3. Louisa

    Well, I still have this residual cough that tickles my throat at the most inopportune times. Aggravating but otherwise I am functioning fine.

    Lauren is home for Spring Break. I took her to see Beauty & The Beast in the theater and out to Steak ‘n Shake afterwards on Saturday. We did a little shopping at Walmart and had a nice day together.
    Her favorite guy, Eric, got home late from ALERT (in TX) on Saturday night so they spent all day Sunday together. They went to church, out to lunch with friends, and dinner with his parents and brother & sis-in-law.
    Thankfully, she is working all this week and that will keep her busy.
    Lauren & her roommate have been doing this for a workout each day :
    I thought I would share it in case anyone is looking for something to mix up their routine.
    Bryce & I have been busy here with school and his jobs etc. The ducks are laying eggs like crazy. I think they are sitting on about 50 right now between the 3 of them. I’ll let you know if we get any little ducklings!
    The horses are shedding their winter coats like its Spring or something! lol
    I’ll be getting in more exercise mowing our yard pretty soon.

    I am attaching this link because I thought you might enjoy seeing Lauren sing with her college choir. This is a practice run of the song Yonder Come Day and when I zoom in, Lauren is 2nd from the left, (she is the one getting into it lol).
    At the church service 2 wks ago – Just A Closer Walk With Thee :
    This last one is one of my favorites from their concert performance this month :


    • Sorry the cough still lingers… dang things last forever! It sounds like your animals are full of spring over yonder. I hope you get ducklings… they’d be so cute. BoBo loves them! Thank you for the links to the choir songs (the first one says it is unavailable?) but I enjoyed the others… the syncopation with the hands on the last one was tricky! She will have many good memories for being involved with the choir.

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