Oh Hey, April Fool!

Hey y’all… so, it’s April and that is always a good thing in my book… even if it rains 24/7. BoBo was here this past weekend and we sloshed through the mud on the canal bank like we were farmers with a purpose. Then, BoBo caked up his new shoes with 6 inches of mud and the party was over before it began. It’s always a party until someone gets muddy said the uptight OCD chick. He met our 3-year-old neighbor, Thomas, and they had a grand ole time loading up dump trucks with mud and dirt… until they started fighting over the bulldozer truck… and then it was like Jerry Springer with babies… except not at all like that and mostly crying crocodile tears until they got their way. Good friends.

Fullscreen capture 432017 62452 AM

Fullscreen capture 432017 62228 AM

In other news, I ordered some prepackaged meals from a place called BistroMD last week. The purpose of it was to get me into a better routine of eating 3 square meals a day with more protein and veggies and less carbs. Let’s start with the pros… when you’re a single person cooking for a single person, in order to avoid wasting ingredients and food you basically have to eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all week… or at least I haven’t found a better way. With these flash frozen “gourmet” meals I ate a different thing every meal and every day. It was like I was like Oprah or something… except not at all like that because I had to feed myself… and I was not eating off of golden plates with platinum silverware. The meals all ranged from 200 to 400 calories and a day’s worth of food, including 2 small snacks came out to between 1200 and 1300 calories per day. Each meal was also 50% to 60% protein. There were some excellent entrees that I enjoyed and would totally eat again, case in point, this whole wheat bagel egg white and turkey sausage sandwich at around 320 calories.

20170329 133031

There were also some entrees that I had to gag down… and I mean literally gag down… like this concoction titled Broccoli Chicken casserole… which looked really delicious as a picture on the website with actual chunks of chicken and broccoli… instead, this is what I got:

20170329 174645

Some sort of pureed babyfood-like chicken and broccoli that made me feel like I forgot to put my dentures in before dinner. There is not a chicken chunk or broccoli chunk in sight, y’all!

There was also beef and pork… I have a hard time with meat… sue me. I’m okay usually with chicken and turkey on occasion (depending on the form it takes), but beef and pork are a different beast in the texture and taste department. So, while my goal was to eat more protein, I did not enjoy all of the proteins.

To sum it up… it was a good experience and I did order some more ala carte meals that I’m going to disperse into my days the next few weeks, but by the end of the week I went to Subway and ordered me an egg white and veggie sub instead of beef bourgenese or whatever you call it. That’s my kind of gourmet, yo… and they don’t puree it!

Exercise this past week was pretty good… I did 3 or 4 days of walking even when it was cold and windy and rainy and 2 more days of purposefully moving a lot more chasing BoBo around.

I need some updates on you all? How are things going over your ways? What goals are you going to set for this upcoming week?


Lindsay must have gone into early blogging retirement. Like, I haven’t seen her send me an update in 2 weeks. I hope she got a great severence package from her blogging boss. Lindsay… Beuhler!?

I call this following montage, Baby cheesers… every time you say cheese or hold up a camera, BoBo practices his cheeser smile…

20170402 110035

20170401 135657
Saturday, we had a surprise sendoff party for my nephew, Christian. After months of trying to get his leukemia in check after being sent home from his mission, he’s finally able to go back out and serve full time and will be leaving on Tuesday. He has to stay close to home so that he can be within a short distance of Huntsman Cancer Institute, but he’s super stoked to be going to Orem, Utah Spanish Speaking mission! This guy is a stellar dude for sure and we could all learn something from him about having a positive attitude in the face of adversity! Go, Christian, Go! In the above picture, I was videoing Christian opening the gift he was given and BoBo thought the camera was for him. Oh BoBo!

20170401 134849
He’s also learned a new trick called stick your finger up your nose to get attention! Oh BoBo!

IMG 20170325 200036 256

IMG 20170325 201838 548

IMG 20170321 193433 890


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9 responses to “Oh Hey, April Fool!

  1. cl2

    Your pictures are amazing! As always! Since I’m not dieting, then I don’t have an update. My goal is to keep it together while working. ha ha ha Having 2 jobs has been A LOT of work, trying to balance my time, which is pretty much none left over after keeping everyone else happy time wise. I’m about ready to go on strike. Hope school is going well.

  2. dessawade@gmail.com

    I have no new diet news but I sure enjoy seeing the photos:)

  3. Louisa

    Hey Whitney.
    Glad you had a nice week and you found some success on the prepackaged meals experiment. I agree, that chicken broccoli casserole did not look appetizing.
    Congratulations to Christian! I am sure his mission trip ( whether near or far ) will be uplifting.
    Your pictures are beautiful.
    On the diet and exercise front…I would have to say I have not gotten enough exercise but I have been eating more fruits and veggies.
    Its been raining here for the past couple weeks. We had very little snow this winter and its been super dry so we have really needed all this spring rain. The only downside is… it has kept me inside more.
    Eric brought Lauren home after classes this past Friday and then he stayed for supper and a movie. It was nice to have them both here.
    Lauren told me last week that she wanted my General Tsos …so that’s what I made. For dessert, I wanted something light & fresh & springy. I picked up a lemon pound cake, Cool Whip, and lots of fresh strawberries & blueberries. Everyone loved it building their own concoction and eating it all up! It was a hit.

    • Yum… that meal sounds great! Eric also sounds like a keeper. I’m glad he seems to get along well with the family too so that you will get lots of visits from Lauren.

  4. Jen

    First off, AMAZING photographs! Secondly Bourne has the best cheesy smile. Third good job on keeping your eating and exercise goals! Fourth-I guess my kids are out of style. None of them have mullets or highlights in their hair. Maybe it is just a Utah thing?

    • Haha Jen… I just noticed Thomas’s highlights… I can assure you they are natural! His momma doesn’t do that kind of stuff! As for the mullet. It’s not too late for Blaize and Cruz to start! 😛

  5. Avster

    At first I thought the chicken and rice was sauerkraut!

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