Mother’s day weekend is always jam packed over here at the Mediocre Ranch. You have your annual mother’s day and then my dad’s birthday falls around the same time, so we always try to celebrate both in the same weekend.

This weekend was no exception. There was a visit from Baby BoBo and his big cheeser grins. We squirted some flowers with the water guns I got at the dollar store, got dirty in the neighbor’s sandbox, saw some baby chickies at the Cal-Ranch store, made a steak dinner with funeral potatoes and non-alcoholic Summer In A C Cup drinks, ate overly-priced brunch at the golf course where BoBo shared an ice cream cone with the floor, talked to Elder Bro Christian on his mission via Skype, and unsuccessfully tried to take group selfies… now all I have to do is take the 32 selfies, cut out the individual people, and photoshop them into a group photo where everyone is looking at the camera at the same time. So easy… said no one ever!

In other news, we also celebrated mothers… I am all for celeebrating the hardworking, long-suffering women in my life… y’all deserve all of the accolades and more, especially my momma! I also have a hard time with this day as I am reminded that I was not blessed with children, and it always gives me a tinge of sadness to think of it. Life is an interesting mish mash of twists and turns… and one day I hope to know more about it.

Happy mother’s day to my momma and the few other mother’s who read this blog… and also a big happy birthday to my dad who turned a whopping 39 (coughyeahrightcough) this year! Love you all!

This is my favorite video… turn on the sound!

20170514 153818 HDR1

20170514 154122

20170514 150654
Oh cheeser baby… also, ice cream cones with a fork is the new thing.

20170514 162634
Neighbor Thomas is always so sweet to let Bourne play with his toys.

20170513 204355

20170513 162233


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6 responses to “Sale-ebrations…

  1. Louisa

    That was a super cute video!
    Looks like everyonr had a.really nice weekend.
    Your pics are great….as always.

    We had a super busy werkend but it was a good one.
    Friday, I had the kids work on a project for me. Lauren, her bf Eric and Bryce nailed some pallet wood together for me so i could make a pallet flag. (U can see what im doing on Pinterest if u are interested…search pallet flag).
    I made 8 dozen cookies to take for the reception after graduation on Saturday.
    Saturday, we went to the JCHE graduation ceremony. I had to take pics for the yearbook, drop off the cookies for the reception, Bryce sang with the choir and Lauren got to sing the final song with the choir and the other choir alumni that were there and see some of her friends.
    Sunday, Bruce surprised me with a big pretty pot of flowers!
    He helped me fix the gate, helped me with my raised lettuce bed, fixed the tarp on the neighbors playarea (finally) and he pulled up the 2 big mugo pines that we have been talking about removing. Bruce & Bryce got them out using the big JD tractor and they hauled off the mess and moved some of my big hostas into that spot and a couple of my big rocks to fill it in. It looks really different but really nice. Its all clean and tidy and opens up the yard and house.
    Then we got cleaned up and went to JC to see the kids cousin graduation ceremony and get pics, video, and give her her gifts.
    Afterward, we all went out to eat at our favorite Mexican place. We were all exhausted from a busy weekend and a little sunkissed too.
    Happy Mother’s Day everyone. I hope you celebrated someone special and were celebrated as well.

    • Y’all got a lot of things done this weekend, Louisa! That’s a pat yourselves on the back weekend for sure! I LOVE hostas! I wish they’d grow here better. Happy mother’s day to you!

  2. cl2

    Not a big fan of mother’s day. Glad it’s over. Looks like you had a good time!

  3. Alena

    Such adorable pictures and video! That Bobo is a doll! It sounds like you had a packed with goodness weekend!! Happy birthday to my favorite Rex! And happy mother’s day to my favorite Dessa and Lindsay! You just have the best family! I’m sorry that you haven’t been blessed to be a mother–heaven knows you’d be an amazing one! You have been so wonderful to so many kids–I’m so grateful for the kindness you have shown mine! ❤💙💜💚 Also, I don’t know what happened with my brain last week, so please forgive me for my tardiness. While you’ve been expanding your knowledge, I’ve been killing off brain cells left and right! Congratulations on graduating!!!!! 🎓 I’m so impressed and happy for you! What an accomplishment!!🎉 I’m gonna start looking for jobs for you here in outer Siberia 😉

    • Thank you, friend! I’m counting on you finding me a high-paying job in outer Siberia! Hopefully something that involves some napping sessions… maybe I should become a kindergarten teacher! 😛 And then I’d have to lock myself in a closet every night after work! Happy mother’s day to an A++++++ momma!

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