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I’ve had the same song running through my noggin for the last 3 days… it’s my usual go to, “My Funny Valentine”… the one I have no clue why I constantly get stuck in my head because I actually really dislike the song… but whatever brain space. Whatever…

In other even less interesting news, I’ve determined that wishy washiness and job hunting do not go hand in hand. It’s too bad that wishy washy is my middle name. Also, is there like a vacation from job hunting or is it like a neverending process of self-confidence depressors? I’m a bit frustrated at this point… but carry on I will because my other middle name is also “trudges through the muck and mire”. I best head off and get myself a trade, I guess… like Burger King bathroom cleaner or unsanitary meat packer… maybe grape stomping and cheese packaging since there are cheese factories around town. Oh boy… dream big, Whitmeister!

Until then… enjoy these pictures and video of Baby BoBo who has recently learned how to say Whitney… or it’s more like Whi… but I count it as such!

BoBo is really smart… he could use sign language to tell you all of his colors and animals, etc., at a very early age, but he hasn’t been that interested in talking until recently… so go Baby BoBo! Also, hims poor teefies… one of them is chipped now after he fell face first into the pavement… hey, I didn’t give him those genes!

BoBo and I decorated Harley with these little puffy balls, I told him to sit by Harley and CHEESE so I could get a picture of them… sadly he sat in front of the puffy balls so we just get crazy cheeses…

Fullscreen capture 652017 73935 AM

Fullscreen capture 652017 74015 AM

Fullscreen capture 652017 74339 AM

Fullscreen capture 652017 74234 AM


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4 responses to “Just Stuff…

  1. cl2

    How I love looking for a job! I think it is much more difficult to look now when you have to apply on line for a lot of jobs. I didn’t like going for interviews, but at least someone would see my application rather than thousands on the internet. Last fall, I was looking at every possibility! I won’t tell you where I got one application from. I did see one job at the hospital for an administrative assistant back then who needed a few years of medical transcription experience. The doctor probably didn’t like editing his own reports like they have to do now at LRH. Good luck! And keep us posted on the job hunt and everything else, especially that cute little nephew of your’s.

    • I think you’re right about the internet making it harder to get a job… even if I also hated going into the business to hand them my resume… and then wording your resume just right for each different job makes me want to poke my eyeballs out. Carry on! I hope you are doing well… and have a vacation on the horizon!

  2. Louisa

    Don’t get discouraged, Whitney.
    The job search can be aggravating.
    I think applying at the closest hospital or clinic is a great idea. You already have medical terminology experience and good typing skills.
    Maybe a receptionist, Unit Clerk, or in admissions….?

    Great pics!
    Cute video of Bobo saying his words and his cheeses.
    You are Whi …which is funny because my 7 yr old neighbor girl calls me
    Ah-WE-sah. Not really close but original anyway….lol. I like it.
    I am homeschooling her for 12 wks this summer to help her with her reading and Math. Her mom has to decide then if she is going to have her redo 1rst grade or go on to 2nd with her little friends this fall.
    We are having a lot of fun with her. She works hard and then my kids & I do something really fun or active with her. I play hangman with her or a craft or bake with her.
    Lauren usually does her hair real fancy or they do manis / pedis or she takes her to the pool to play while she is teaching a swim lesson.
    Bryce is her favorite play toy though…he gives piggy-backs, rides bikes with her, jumps on the trampoline, plays bulldozer, puts her LEGO things together for her, takes her on 4wheeler rides, takes treats to the animals, and drenches her with the Super Soaker. Today, it was 90 degrees here in MO, so they had a water balloon fight.
    Here is a video of their silliness : https://youtu.be/Zfhf6rnA0nQ
    This is bulldozer : https://youtu.be/UEqDZLSJADU
    I think they had more fun just filling them all up, seeing how big they could get, and getting soaked in that ice cold water.
    I can’t attach a pic here…dang. Ah well…you get the idea. We wear her out!

    • Haha! Bryce is so patient with her jumping on him! He’s going to make a sweet pa one day. How nice that you are helping with her reading and math. That will definitely give her a boost for next school year whether she repeats the grade or not. I bet it’s also fun having a little one running around .

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