The Curse of the WhitMonster…

Howdy y’all 2 readers (but mostly myself). I thought I better document the oddities that have followed me the last several weeks… like does this happen to normal people because for serious, I must have some speshal skills. I have been job hunting for months… it’s a full time job in itself and its ability to make one feel like the sludge on the bottom of the apple barrel is mind boggling. Not that I have much mind to be boggled, but you get the picture. It’s basically a constant reminder that you’re not good enough… which is ridiculous because it’s not true, but when you get rejection after rejection for months straight that little demon monster always seems to burrow itself up into the recesses of the doubt portion of your brain and lives there until you flush it out with a whole chocolate cake, only to return 20 minutes later.

Ain’t that a pretty picture? As a side note, last night I dreamt that my room was infested with armadillos which totally freaked me out because armadillos are freaky. I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t check the closet and under the bed tonight before I got into it. Dream analyzers? Armadillos? Back to the topic… so job hunting sucks the life out of a person. I’ve been pretty down in the dumps of late, but I also know that trials and tribulations are supposed to be growing experiences, so I do have to say that I did do things during this time I wouldn’t have been able to have done before, so there’s my positive side of the coin for what it’s worth.

About 5 or so weeks ago, I finally landed a job. It wasn’t my ideal dream job, but at the point I was at after months of rejections, except for a temporary part time gig, I was grateful for anything that wasn’t McDonald’s. So 5 or so weeks ago, I’m all celebrating and praising all that be holy and doing the hippity dippity grateful dance… fast forward a week or so later and I could not get a hold of my new employer. Not by phone, not by email… it was like they disappeared into a black hole somewhere! Before you get to thinking I signed up with a scam company, this company has been around for years… they have their programs and equipment in 86% of US hospitals and thousands of clinics and doctor’s offices, so it’s a large, legit company. In fact the company I worked at before for 13 years uses their programs. I kept trying to get a hold of them and was having no luck, so I googled them… and the news popped up all over that they were hit by a large international malware virus, some hackers hacked in and planted the virus which destroyed all of their files and data, etc. They had thousands of doctors and companies left without the programs they used daily and who knows how many more without work until they could rebuild. So, this company that’s been around for years and years is no match to the curse of the WhitMonster… call me up if you feel like you need a virus… I’m your gal.

I also underestimated how long it would take them to rebuild… I was all… give them 2 weeks and they’ll be up and working. It’s 5 or so weeks later as of today and they’re still not fully up and working, and I’m hanging around waiting for some unknown date of when I can get a paycheck again. About 2 weeks ago, I gave up waiting and started seriously looking for work again… not gonna lie, I was depressed and horribly down in the dumps about it all… to have lived in that high moment of relief for finally getting one to being back at square one was crushing to me.

This past Wednesday, the heavenly lights shown on me again and I finally landed another job. Maybe the virus was a blessing in disguise? For me… not for them. I started my new job on Thursday and it’s different than anything I’ve done before, so learning curve on the way. I analyze high dollar medical records for insurance companies and make sure that there aren’t any wacky charges going on. Let us all knock on all of the wood and hope the curse of the WhitMonster doesn’t rear it’s ugly head for this gig, okay? Great. In the meantime, I’ll try to blend in with the wallpaper.

Hey guys… I watch a movie with snacks!

Neighbor Thomas and BoBo with their popsicle tongues!


Tea parties with wild animals for the win!

Fullscreen capture 7242017 61209 AM


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10 responses to “The Curse of the WhitMonster…

  1. kitty wampus

    That sounds so great. In my previous, previous life I did something very similar but for an investment firm. It was always interesting but the peril was that it could warp your mind. Seeing all that constant fraudontology made us think everybody was a scoundrel.

    • Tres cool, Kit… except now that you told me about the fraudontology scoundrels, I’m pretty sure I already think that, so sign me up to become Ebenezer Scrooge! Also, if you had worked for the investment firms in the Bernie Madoff days, you’d have totally caught that fraudontologist!

  2. Alena

    Oh Whit, I’m so sorry for the icky job searching time and the offered job that fell through! Job searching is the most devastating self esteem destroyer! Congratulations on the new job! I hope it’s wonderful and that the learning curve isn’t overwhelming. You are so capable, I’m sure you’ll nail it! It looks like you had some quality BoBo time. And armadillos?! Weird!

    • Thank you, friend! It’s a mere drop in the bucket compared to some people’s issues… I tell you right now, those folks were born with nerves of steel… mine are basically made of angel hair. Whimp is the term, I think!? I hope your cute family is enjoying their summer… except how is it almost August!? Nope!!!

  3. Marilyn Curtis

    Holy crap! I don’t get how these hackers are taking over and get into our security blocks! I tried to use my debit card at Lee’s and something had happened inside Wells Fargo! Let’s say over 10,000 customers were unable to use our debits cards. The chips were all dead! Whit I’m so glad you landed a job and it sounds awesome!!! Job searching is the worst and I’m glad they see how incredible you are! Love you and thanks for posting this!!!

    • Thank you, sweet friend. I can’t believe your bank caught a virus too! These people that sit around wreaking havoc need hobbies! I hope you are finding time to adventure this summer in between work! LOve you, Marilyn! I miss seeing your cute face.

  4. Jen

    So glad you found a new job that will be challenging and have room for raises in the future too. I think it is a great start. Congrats! Sorry you had to go through all the other misery before during the job searching process and then that terrible virus thing. Sort of like a practical joke right?

  5. maxwade

    We are happy for you Whit

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