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BoBo Es El Numero UNO…

Coherent is not in my vocabulary this morning, so we’ll have to deal with incoherent without a bottle of no-doze! Guess who turned number one this past week!?!? No, the answer is not Whitney’s bottle of Worcestershire sauce. Baby BoBo! He’s pretty much geezering up the joint. Lindsay couldn’t pass up the opportunity to throw a shindig to remember! I mean, BoBo won’t remember it because he’s a baby… but I ate a dagnabbed 4 bites of burnt steak so I’m sure to remember this occasion FOREVER!!

BoBo’s job was to hold up his birthday sign in the yard. He lasted approximately 3 seconds and then we had to bring in the fishing line reinforcements.

There were games with famous people… Wolverine flew in to play darts… aka Big Bro Ethan with dart fingers.

Big Bro Christian got the enviable task of grilling the 3 kinds of meat… THREE!!!!! It was like a meat-a-ganza up in that joint! (PS – this stellar guy could still use your prayers… he didn’t get great diagnosis news… yet he still seems to be schooling us all in the art of how to live your life trusting the Lord’s plan. My money’s on him!)

This is obviously pre-party-goers, and yet again, the rotted deck did not fall through with all of the people on it! Blast the luck!

Lookit… my daddy made me this kitty cat cakes… I liked the ears and eyeballs the best!

But pretty soon, I went into a cake-eating coma!

Oh, did you want a piece too? Better luck next year!

The aftermath!

Happy Birfday, Baby BoBo the Magnificent! Don’t hurry to #2, please!


Lost count of the days, but I’m still sugar-free… mostly because I don’t trust myself if I were to add it back in. I’ve learned over the years with me it’s all or nothing… addictive personalities for the lose! If anyone needs me I’ll be searching for an edible sugar-free cookie… I said EDIBLE!


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Honorary Redneck…

Hey y’all… I’m okay… I just swallowed a baby moth-like creature, but other than that I’m fixin’ to be pretty mediocre. Mediocrity is my gig… if it requires work to be exceptional, I’d rather live here in Mediocrity-ville. Ambition… it’s what’s for dinner.

In other news, this past weekend was our annual Kayla and Corbin sleepover shindig wherein we usually end up lamenting the downfall of our favorite miniature golf place… may she rest in peace. This year it also happened to land on the weekend of the Cache County Fair… or as I like to think of it, that one time a year where I meet all the people who wear dental floss as an actual outfit. As the kids say these days, they be on fleek, yo! Do the kids say that? I’m so out of the loop. Get back to me on that, kids who be fleeky!

The plan was to let them pick out 2 rickety carnival-like rides whilst Whitney and company counted the amount of booty shorts within a 3-mile radius. 852 is your answer. They picked the ferris wheel and this swing-like ride called the Yo Yo as the ones that looked the least scary. In other news, I picked the corn on the cob line as the one that looked the least scary.

After the Redneckville parade, there was a trip to McDonald’s and a Spy Kids movie marathon on Amazon Prime. The next morning there was a trip to the farmer’s market for some tomatoes, peaches, and corn on the cob, a miniature golf date wherein I discovered that I’m the next Tigress Woods if she played miniature golf mediocrely. Subway at the park for lunch followed… by the park I really mean the swamp. It seems that a sprinkler pipe burst or something and the entire lawn was submerged in 3 inches of water… there is nothing more pleasant than walking around for the rest of the day in squishy shoes and wet socks. GROSS!!! Madre kept saying that’s just how they water it, but I’m gonna say that’s a big no on a Saturday in the summer in a park where kids play!

Thanks for playing Makayla and Corbin… keep your hands and feet inside the crazy train at all times!


Thank you for the prayers and well wishes for sweet Christian. He goes in today (Monday) to hopefully find out the results of the bone samples they took last week, so they’ll know which kind of leukemia it is. These boys are the coolest y’all!

BoBo’s like, hey big bros… let’s have a conversation!


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Let’s Be Cooler This Week…

This past week has been an interesting week for me. Interesting in that it has been as weird as anytime Kanye West opens his yapper. I would say it was a bad luck week, but I just started my positivity movement 5 minutes ago, and it would suck to already break my 4-1/2 minute positivity streak! YAY, WHITNEY!! Dang… back to 0… I just complained about my new neck pillow… it’s awkward y’all! Because my old one disintegrated in the washing machine this weekend after 2 years of regularly washing it once a week… and I’d just broken it in too! Let’s take a moment to mourn the neck pillow. Okay, moving on.

Summer semester also started this past Monday, after a 3-day break from spring semester ending… which made me all cranky, and now I’m pretty much on a strike because it’s taken me all dagnabbed week to read 30 pages in my sociology book, it’s Sunday night and I still have 7 pages left, the homework assignment and the quiz. Homework… let’s be cool and start doing you, okay!?

Classes for summer semester include a juvenile delinquency course for my sociology minor and a physics course dealing with the universe and cosmology, which is required and my guidance counselor has told me I needed to take it every semester now for the past 4 years and I’ve put it off, but now I only have like 3 semesters left (2 after summer) and I sorta can’t put it off any longer. I cried for like 5 days when the first assignment this week was an algebra quiz. Uhhhhh… the last time I did algebra was in high school, and I don’t mean to date myself, but that was longer than 10 years ago, but less than 100 years ago… you do the math! Math deals with numbers… why do I have 15 letters in these dang equations! I’ve been watching algebra tutorials all week long, and it’s like watching someone giving a lecture on molecular fusion… except more annoying. It would work better, if you’d tutorial the exact same problems I’m doing, YouTube geniuses! Let’s hope that Whitney’s brain develops a love for all things mathematics before the end of the semester… but let’s not hold our breaths!

Rounding out the weirdness, I spent 5 hours in the dentist’s chair and 1000 bucks… spent 700 bucks to get my Beulah the Buick car’s air conditioner fixed (after 4 years of not having an air conditioner), only to have it break again the next day. Yep… she’s going back into the shop on Tuesdee… and then I somehow threw out my back and couldn’t move or walk for 4 days… which was cool and all because it gave me an opportunity to start my new positivity movement, which I will have to start again after I finish writing this post… see how hard it is to be positive!? Well, I’ll be Aunt Bea!

Lookit… BoBo has moved on from grand theft autoing Beulah the Buick to sports cars… we always knew he had good taste in criminal activity.

He says… I so proud of myself!

Happy Birthday to my Dad (yesterday)… He turned 65 years young and doesn’t look a day over 64! I meant 40! Stop it! I’ve said this already in an FB post and a card, so I’m kind of like a really broken record, but the thing I most took away from my dad is hard work… he’s worked hard all of his life and taught my sister and I to do the same. He was also a great example of service. He’s done many services quietly and without being asked to friends and neighbors. Hope year 65 is a good one, Dad!


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Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to all of you selfless, tireless, hard-working, underappreciated, long-suffering, little-brat-butt-kicking, wooden-spoon-teeth-bearing, sweet mommas out there in the bloggerverse and in my friend- and family-verse. I hear there’s no job more rewarding and no job more exhausting than being a momma. I hope your families and kidlets spoiled you all rotten and that you were showered with thoughts and cards of appreciation and love.

This song called, “Mom” from Garth Brooks’s newest album is a sweet reminder for all of you chasing after havoc-wreaking toddlers, for those angsting over teenagers straying from the right, and for empty-nester mothers longing for the days when they had little ones… Hugs and love to you all!


I wasn’t going to bring this up, but when I’m feeling down, there’s nothing better than to spew out all of my thoughts onto the internet (you are welcome spewing society of internet followers), so here’s me spewing… take it with a bucket of salt substitute. Mother’s Day has always been a bittersweet day for me. I am thankful for my sweet momma, and the fact that she is still here on this Earth when many are missing their own sweet mommas, and for her tireless efforts to try to make a lady out of me (sorry it’s taking so long, mother). I’m thankful for the examples and love from all the moms who are part of my sphere, and the genuine friendship they offer me. I’m also always left with a feeling of semi-failure and of longing to be a part of this great motherhood club you all have going on.

I know the purpose of life is different for everyone, and I stray so far from the normal purpose that it sometimes leaves me confused, with a desire to have taken the more normal life path. I am also not sure why I was not chosen to be a mother… was I not cut out for the task? Why do I not get little hearts to cherish and love and rear up into functioning adult people? It also leaves me with a feeling of loneliness… and I can’t help it, I always think of the future… who’s going to cut my brittle toenails and change my bed sore bandages? ūüėõ You are welcome for that visual.

I’m pretty good at ignoring these feelings/brushing them to the back of my brain and living life as I go, but every so often the thoughts bubble up and overwhelm my senses…

My depressing blog post of the year. I also had another depressing topic to choose from (the newest depressing weight loss/metabolism study), but I suppose that will have to wait for another week. Hallelujah! In the meantime, keep trucking y’all… enjoy the lot you were given in life and forge ahead searching for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Pretty sure count chocula and the Trix rabbit are conspiring with the Lucky Charms leprechan to hide it from us… but we’ll recruit Tony the Frosted Flakes Tiger and get it anyway! They’re Grrrrrrrrreeeeeaaaaattttt! You will only know that reference if you watched TV in the 80s and 90s… sue me.

Look everyone… I go shopping with Auntie Whitty at Costco. She pretended to buy me these books but then put them back at the checkouts. BoBo… don’t tell people that!

Auntie Whitty… you need to brush your hairs better today…


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My Little Red Wagon…

Short and sweet tonight. I’m supposed to be trying to finish up my final folklore collection project and paper due today and have to wake up in 12-1/2 minutes to sit in the dentist chair for 5 years. Oh teeth… birds have it made in the shade… they can fly and they have no dagnabbed teeth! The worm thing is a little disconcerting, but I digress.

Back in the olden years of Whitney and sister Lindsay, we had a little red wagon that we would tie to the back of our bikes and tear through the trailer court carrying all sorts of treasured items, stuffed animals, tea pots, nekked and immodest and anatomically incorrect Barbies… you know, things all little girls dream of. It would always tip over around every turn, so we’d stop in the middle of the road to pick up all of our treasures and play dodge the speeding car… oh memories. As we grew older, the wagon remained, but it also rusted out and lost its sheen, the wheels became shredded, and the brightness of the fire engine red faded to a putrid mauve-ish color. Kind of exactly like Whitney, but with more wheels and way less teeth (stay tuned… give me 20 years).

Before BoBo was bourne (bwahahaha… see what I did there?), my dad dug the rusted piece of junk out of the shed, cleaned it up, repainted it, put new wheels on it, and gave it to him. The little red wagon lives on… I hope BoBo uses it for all of his treasured items too… Bring it, BoBo!

See my teefins… Oh BoBo… be a bird!

SPRING!!!!!!!! It smells so glorious standing next to these trees… my allergies don’t agree, but I sure do!


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The End Of Three Eras…

Back when I first graduated high school in the late 1800s, I quit my Western Watts telemarketing job and got me 2 new jobs to add to my Freshman full time college resume. I got a job working at the local movie theaters (yes, there were 3 I worked at), and I also got me a job at K-Mart (or as we used to call it Kame-apart). I worked at K-Mart for at least 6 or so years until I couldn’t stand hefting my 500+-pound body on my feet all day long. In the years I worked at K-Mart, I was a cashier, shelf stocker, truck unloader, Electronics and Sporting Goods Department worker, Layaway worker, and my favorite (unless it was 12,000-degrees outside) was garden shop worker, where-in I worked outside all day watering plants and hefting manure, dirt, and cinder blocks into the back of cars. It was amusing the things people couldn’t grasp about the weight of cinder blocks versus their 3-inch Volkswagen Bug and the fact that if you got too many in the trunk, you’d be dragging the back of the car against the road all the way home… kind of like the 3rd little piggie crying wee wee wee, but much different with more cussing. One dude wanted to put a whole pallet of cinder blocks into his mini truck. Let’s just say… hope he had good insurance! I digress… TANGENT ALERT!!!!

I have good memories of working at K-Mart, even amidst the bad ones, so when I learned earlier this year that it would be closing its doors for good, I had to take a moment to mourn.

I went in on Saturday to pay my respects. It was like a ghost town, almost empty except for some merchandise marked to 80% off in the middle of the store.

I even ran into an old co-worker who was still working there and remembered me from 15+ years ago. She said that she shouldn’t have worn makeup as she’d been crying. She’d worked there for nearly 30 years! Hasta lavista, K-Mart! May your cinder block idiots live on in another town.


In other news… this is Old Main Hill up at Utah State University…

Do we notice anything slightly odd about it? This really seems like something I would do. Apparently, this past fall, some groundskeeper/student worker accidentally sprayed the left half of the lawn with grass killer instead of weed killer. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That picture doesn’t do it justice, but you get the gist of it. Every time I drive past it, I feel sorry for it and then I immediately start laughing… because like I mentioned earlier… TOTALLY SOMETHING I WOULD DO! Welcome spring students… we are offering a scholarship in grass killing 1010.


My cuzzin JenJen came up for a quick jaunt to attend her mother’s wedding this weekend. She had a super busy schedule, so I had to make an appointment to hang out with them when she arrived on Thursday afternoon/evening. This is the first time I got to meet sweet little Baby Livia! Awwwww… sweet little Livia…

I agree, mother… don’t make that face or your face will freeze that way! Oh lawsy pantaloons.

We all went out for an evening jaunt (aka try to wear out the babies session) where-in Whitney got distracted by blooming things and canal water (what!?! I’m in mourning over my canal water shortage).

We tried to get BoBo and Livia to bond… but BoBo is more interested in bonding with Auntie Whitty Woo’s owly owl camera phone.

I don’t blame you, BoBo… owly owls are pretty awesome!

Livia is all calm as a pumpkin and BoBo is intent on poking her eyes out and eating her head… right after he finishes kicking her. Oh BoBo, you rascal…

Thanks for clearing your schedule some for me, dear JenJen!! Sure loved seeing you guys for a few hours… even if no one made me any donuts… or gluten free, soy free, dairy free, egg free, magical fairy free pancakes.


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I went to baby animal days at the American West Heritage joint here in town this past Friday. They’ve held it for years, but I’ve never been on account of the fact that it’s really geared towards kids, and the last time I had a kid was on the 32nd of Neverember. Lindsay and BoBo had been visiting all week, so we took the opportunity to expose him to bajillions of kid and baby animal germs. You are welcome! I knew I was in for a treat when one of the first things I see was this:

Stroller parking is perfectly normal… this was just part of the parking lot for strollers… there were several more. I needed a new set of wheels myself… I should’ve grand theft autoed that red one! Strorvette, y’all!

Baby BoBo was such a ham… ham… get it!? Oh my laws, stop it Whitney… the amount of slaying going on up in here is way too much for a Mondee morning! He definitely knows how to find the camera whenever there is one around. You can just call him George Clooney from here on out.

If I’m being honest, I mostly felt really bad for the poor baby animals. Thousands of kids trying to snap their necks off all day is, I’m sure, not their idea of a good old-fashioned shindig. Plus, those piggies are obviously introvert piggies… trying to hide underneath the straw to restore their introvert energy shields. Baby animal psychology 1010… look it up!

Baby BoBo was all like… oh hi, Calf… let me pull your ears off.


The above is a video of BoBo getting extremely frustrated that he can’t hold the danged chickie… YOU EVIL PEOPLE, YOU!

This here baby duckling is lucky to be alive… I predicted using it’s neck as a handle on a rattle if he’d been given the opportunity.

BoBo is like… oh, do you have the camera on!?

Good times… except for one small problem. There were food booths in one section of the shindig wherein they sold lunch and snacks… things like large bags of popcorn/kettle corn where all 5 kids in the family after rubbing up all over animals who had been rubbing up in their own crap all day then stuck their grimey hands into said bags of popcorn (I, of course, renamed them to CRAPCORN because it was accurate!) I almost drank my entire bottle of hand sanitizer having to witness all of these traumatizing events… I MEAN, FOR THE LOVE OF CRAPCORN!


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Chicken Bumper Cars…

You will definitely thank me later for not blogging about having to clean up someone else’s overflowed bathroom receptacle (yes, I’m a proper lady) in my bathroom this weekend. ¬†You will also thank me for not going into the nastiness of it all… YOU ARE WELCOME! ¬†Now, excuse me while I go dunk my entire head with the eyeballs open into a bucket of Clorox! ¬†No, I never overreact… why do you ask!?

In semi-related news, Lindsay, Shayne, Ethan, and Baby BoBo were here this weekend! ¬†Lindsay doesn’t get out of the house much, so on Saturday, Lindsay, Madre, and I hopped into the vehicle to head out on the town! ¬†Woot woot… party brigade at 2:00 in the afternoon! ¬†We went to the grocery store and Chik-Fil-A, so I mean, pin a denture cream tube to my Depends and call me Grizelda! ¬†While paying for our purchase at the Chik-Fil-A drive through sitting in the backseat, I managed to slam my head into the back of the seat in front of me… because everyone knows my head is almost 90% bobblehead. ¬†I can’t say I didn’t have help on account of the fact that the car behind us decided to run into us. ¬†LOL! ¬†Seriously!? ¬†In the drive through!? ¬†Lindsay, of course, turns into Magnum P.I. in her quest to decide what this lady’s problem is. ¬†We finished getting our order and decided to pull up into the parking lot and wait for the lady to get her order so that we could discuss the bumper car ordeal over diet lemonades that I’m sure all wanted to be spiked with Jack Daniels.

Lindsay, as the driver, could see the lady through the rear view mirror, so kept giving us really valuable updates like… “She ordered ice cream.” ¬†“She’s sipping on her ice cream.” ¬†“She’s sitting there sipping on her danged ice cream.” ¬†What the hell is she sipping on her danged ice cream for!?” ¬†So, I mean, I was totally enlightened. ¬†Had a real good feel for who this woman was. ¬†Coming to Chik-Fil-A to order ice cream! ¬†No wonder she ran into our bumper!

Apparently, the lady wasn’t in a very talkative mood because she held back and didn’t pull her car up next to us to chat. ¬†She hid behind a different row of cars until we moved a bit further away, and then she got out of her car (most likely still sipping on her ice cream) to check out the damage done to the front of her car, and then she got right back in and drove away! ¬†LOL!!!!!!!!! ¬†Sipping her danged ice cream! ¬†Luckily there wasn’t a whole lot of damage to the back bumper… but still… it’s proper to you know… not hit and run.

For the rest of the day, at the grocery store, playing dominoes, sitting around, Lindsay would out of the blue say things like, She was just sitting there sipping on her danged ice cream!  It was almost as bad as the bathroom receptacle ordeal I mentioned earlier, except NOT AT ALL NEAR AS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at my Baby BoBo… hims is ready to be in the Top Gun sequel… get it, BoBo! This is the time when he was supposed to be in bed asleep but cried for an hour so that he could come out and play Dominoes with the old people… and then he was as happy as could be. Oh BoBo… he knows how to partay!

BoBo and I had some bonding time wherein he tried to pull out all 4 strands of my hair! Three survived…

BoBo’s like… Look, me and Elmo matches!

I hope you and your families all had a happy Easter weekend. Did you do anything fun?


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How Do You Want To Live Your Life?

I had the honor of attending a funeral this past Friday of a man who passed way too young. He was only 36, a husband, a father of 2 beautiful young girls, a son, a brother, a friend. So many titles, and so many people left behind to deal with the loss of someone who seemed to bring light and hope to whomever he knew. I never had the chance to meet him in life, but he was my Aunt Blythe’s (or Katie as we call her) son, and so through her I felt like I knew him… or at least I knew of the selfless way he chose to live out the rest of his life when learning just over a year ago that he had terminal cancer. The dreaded C word that shatters lives and extinguishes the joy of all it passes by. Yet, Paul… he who was the direct recipient of such suffering, chose differently. Instead he went to work. He spent time with his family. He made efforts to ensure that his young daughters would have things to remember him by when he was gone. He recorded reading books to them, wrote to them, and spent as much time letting them know how much they were loved, even in spite of feeling the effects of the ravaging scourge he was dealing with… and from what I’ve learned from my aunt and the sweet talks given about him, he did it all with a spirit of joy. He didn’t waste his time sitting home feeling sorry for himself, which would definitely be my first inclination.

I’ve been thinking a lot about life this past week and the idea that we may not have a tomorrow to procrastinate the 50 things we have always been meaning to do. ¬†Life is fleeting and I can’t be sure that there will be a tomorrow for me to get up the motivation to do this or that. ¬†There may not be a tomorrow to tell my family or friends how much they mean to me… that I do love and appreciate them (words that have never come easy to me). ¬†The time to do that is now and every day. ¬†Maybe it’s because I haven’t been blessed to be a mother, but I tend to get caught up in myself day in and day out. ¬†It’s a very selfish life I lead. ¬†I don’t spend near enough time tending to the needs of those around me.

Aunt Katie, thank you for raising a son who was such an example to thousands, and thank you for sharing him with us this past year when it would have been justified to gather the family around and keep him to yourselves. ¬†He’s certainly touched this tough old broad. ¬†He’s an example that those of us still blessed to be on this Earth needed to learn from. ¬†God bless you, Paul… and thank you.

You can learn more about Paul and his beautiful family, here, here¬†(this link includes a beautiful video),¬†and here… and to donate to his medical fund, here.


BoBo is pretty sure he’s a big boy now… no offense to the other 6-month-old babies or anything.

He’s also pretty dang cool… kind of like MacGyver, but way cooler.

Here’s Auntie Whitty Woo being really annoying… oh laws, I love the sound of my loud baby voice… NOT!

And no, mom… I wasn’t listening…



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Hello… It’s Me…

Adele is ruining my ear worm life… I can’t get that above song out of my head. ¬†It’s like a never-ending loop, except I don’t know all the words, so it’s mostly… Hello… It’s Me… over and over and over again. ¬†Y’all… climbing the padded walls is only fun when nobody gets hurt! ¬†Stop the Insanity. ¬†I like Adele, I do… but this song is on every time I turn on the radio! ¬†In the meantime I’m anxiously awaiting the song sequel…¬†Goodbye… It’s You, Not Me… ¬†Ultimate breakup song extraordinaire!

In other news, one of my goals this year is to quit being a gigantic lazy patookus and get back to cooking meals that are more involved than stirring a can of beans, corn, and diced tomatoes together. ¬†If it involves more than one dirty bowl, and more than 5 steps, I try to stay away from the recipe… mostly because I’m trying to save myself from stabbing myself in the eyball with my graceful kitchen skills. ¬†It could happen… I once stabbed a hole in my hand trying to declove a clove of garlic.

The first recipe I went for is a healthified vegan version of lasagna using black beans instead of meat and tofu ricotta instead of actual cheese. ¬†I saw it on my favorite Food Network show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, and it’s Garth Brooks approved, so what’s good enough for Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood is good enough for Whitney, the Graceful Kitchen Knife Stabber… plus, the recipe got rave reviews and 5 stars from the general public online. ¬†Even having been vegetarian at one point for nearly 10 years, I never got much into using tofu. ¬†In my mind, it was this weird mass of goobers in a box, and I try to stay away from that kind of thing on a regular basis. ¬†What I have learned, though, is that tofu can take on any flavor profile you give it, so I took the plunge.

The recipe called for raw cashews and nutritional yeast (not the same as bread yeast)… both of which the regular grocery store did not carry, so I had to go across the street to the health food store that smells like a mix of hemp and athlete’s foot. ¬†Not that I know what athlete’s foot smells like, but I can only imagine it smells similar to the health food store. ¬†And then the problems began. ¬†When making the homemade spaghetti sauce for the lasagna, I made the mistake of trying to pop off the shaker lid on the oregano over the top of the pot, and managed to accidentally pour half a bottle of oregano in when the top came flying off. ¬†Too much oregano tastes like athlete’s foot, so to try to fix it, I poured in 75 more cans of diced tomatoes/tomato paste. ¬†It was still too bitter tasting, and I had enough to feed the entire state of Rhode Island. ¬†After half an hour of simmering the bitter bucket of crap, I threw it down the drain. ¬†Et tu, oregano!?!? ¬†This after trying for an hour and a half to get the food processor to process up my ricotta, I almost gave up cooking for life. ¬†Turns out I was putting the stupid container on backwards. ¬†Don’t be prejudice food processors of America… backwards is a thing too!

I’m thinking of auditioning for the Most Challenged Cooks In America. ¬†If that’s not a show, it really should be one. ¬†I’m not only a contestant… I’m the club president! ¬†The verdict on the black bean lasagna with tofu ricotta? ¬†Pretty dang tastee if I do say so myself. ¬†Next time I’ll make my imaginary chef make it.


We had our sweet family friend, Lavon over last night for dinner to celebrate her birthday!  She is 92 years young and a spitfire if nothing else.  I have fond memories whilst growing up of playing the card game Hand and Foot with Lavon.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lavon!

Makayla was sure no one would remember what this picture meant… it’s obviously 92 with help from Corbin!

Lighting the candles… we didn’t have 92 candles… and the fire department thanked us.

BoBo Bear picture of the week:

Have a fab week, friends… Spring semester starts tomorrow for me, so I’ll be back in my usual spot of banging my head against an Italian wall. ¬†Oh, Italy… why is your food so tasty, but your language so not tastee!?


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