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Stop It, Chris…

It’s nearly 4:00 in the morning and I just spent my blog-writing time watching 80000 DVRed episodes of Extreme Makeover:  Weight Loss Edition and bawling like a two-bit hooker at a church service.  It probably didn’t help that the 2-bit hooker was experiencing friendly hormone hoarding with a major case of craunchitis on the side.  I’m also determined to hunt down the trainer on the above-mentioned show, Chris Powell and award him most inspirational phrase spitter outer.  Dude was spitting them out faster than a salad shooter on turbo speed.  Y’all MUST remember the salad shooter?  Laws almighty, hallelujah… put a carrot and a cucumber into that sucker and afore you know it it’s a right proper salad dish.

Anyway… he was shooting out inspirational phrases in all 3 episodes I watched… and I was bawling and the music was soaring and I swear I almost levitated off my couch indentation and soared with the eagle’s nest.   Boy must have a book of them suckers he memorizes or something because ain’t no way he just pops them out like it’s a regular sentence in his world.  Of course I don’t remember any of the phrases now… memory fades after 3 seconds up in this here joint… but there was one that stuck with me… hit me right in the bane of the existence and made me say ah ha aloud and it also kind of freaked me out a little because it’s a true statement and if it’s a true statement that would require a lot more bravery on my part than I’ve been giving the last little while… because I’m in this stallitis mode right now and I feel like I’m not moving forward and I don’t think I’m moving backward (though, there are instances where I feel like I am), I’m just standing in the same place… still as a stick in the desert… and I’m once again going through the motions of living day to day, but not really accomplishing anything… and that makes me sad… and frustrated… and hopeless.

What was the salad-shooting inspirational phrase?  Get ready… soak it in… and get over the sense of fear that’s gonna envelope after you’ve read it.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.  

Scary, right?  I like my comfort zone… it has a couch and a blankie with tickles on it and I’ve fixed it up nice to suit my comfort needs… and last year I got out of it a lot… I had a LOT of firsts last year.  But now I feel like those “firsts” have tapered into old hat now and I’m making a new comfort zone with a huge brick wall around it and a moat and a dude guarding it named Marvin… I’m stalled… and that’s making me feel all kinds of familiar yucky feelings of yore.  Like the one where I made myself accept that my life would be lived weighing 530 pounds… forever and ever more… and I’d just have to get used to being that nasty chic who lived in the basement for the rest of her lifetime.   Nope… time to step it up.  That girl is not an option… ever.

Thanks, Chris… thanks a lot, you salad-shooting, 2-bit hooker, you!  😛

Question of the Day:  Have you ever seen Extreme Makeover:  Weight Loss Edition?  Thoughts?  


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The Weight of the Nation…

HBO… maker of raunchy movies and TV shows… has actually come out on the other side of the raunch for a few moments to enlighten and give us a 4-part documentary called The Weight of the Nation.  If you click on that there title, it will take you to their site where you can watch clips, see facts, and if you’re feeling up to it you can also watch the entire documentary for free (I’m not sure how long the sucker is but part 1 is 68 minutes long and there are 4 parts).  I am currently making my way through the documentary a little at a time so I can take time to absorb the info into my hair follicles.  The Weight of the Nation is basically a documentary about how we as a nation got fat, the effect it has on us, and what we need to do to turn it around.

I’m using this as my kickstart to get things moving in the right direction again… it’s an epidemic this massive nationwide weight issue.  For example… did you know that:

That would be 2/3 of our population.  There are many things to blame, but the biggest and baddest culprits are high calories and sedentary lifestyles… oh, and Krispy Kreme Donuts.  Just saying.  I found the following clip interesting.  To sum it up, basically if you have 2 people… same age, same weight, and one of those people has lost weight to get to her current weight and the other has not, the person who has lost weight will need to eat 20% fewer calories to maintain the same weight as the person who has never had to lose weight.  Depressing?  HECK YES, Bertha.  But, it’s a fact I’ll have to live with.

I’ll probably blog more about subjects as they come up in my slow watch of this series.  Just thought I’d bring it to the attention of any of my health conscious friends who may or may not be interested.  Onward and upward, Nation!!  Krispy Kreme is having a sale!

Question of the Day:  Had you heard about this documentary?  Thoughts on the documentary?  Or on Krispy Kreme?  😛


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I am feeling less than inspired to write anything tonight, so I’ll save you from my raunchy attitude and cut this short.

Let’s play a little game… I’ll give you some words and you tell me who I’m talking about.

– Bratty
– Spoiled
– Entitled
– Ungrateful
– SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!

Give up?

Answer:  ALL this year’s Biggest Loser contestants!



What a disappointing group of people.  I haven’t been watching this season’s episodes very closely.  I’ll DVR it and then fast forward through most of it.  Why do I even bother doing that?  Because sometimes it helps to kick me in the butt… get me up and exercising… and I need all of that I can get.  But, this past week’s episode I watched all the way through… mostly because my jaw was on the floor the whole time and I couldn’t move my finger to find the fast forward button.

Let me get this straight… the remaining 5 contestants who have been provided with free top notch trainers, free food, free gym access, free nutrition advice, free doctors, free EVERYTHING that most fat people would rob a Golden Corral to get, decide that it’s not enough and want to walk off the show because the producers have decided to do what they do EVERY season and bring back past contestants.  Seriously!?!?  Are you all joking me right now?  You signed a contract… it stated in the contract they were bringing back past contestants… you have no leg to stand on.

To me, that’s like the billion dollar lottery winner complaining that the dollar bills he got weren’t crispy enough… or a guest at your house complaining that the towels aren’t fluffy enough.  REALLY!?!?  Sit down… shut up… and be grateful for this gift you’ve been given.  Quit kicking the gift horse in the mouth!

Question of the Day:  Do you watch the Biggest Loser?  Thoughts on the most recent development?  

PS – I will be taking tomorrow off of blogging so I can adjust my attitude.  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  


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Winners…. and Losers…

That sounds like a really mean title… I totes see that now… but losers can be complimentary in some instances… for example, when you lose your front teeth on account of a sidewalk crack… you may be a loser but you won 2 new fake front teeth.  TOTES a compliment!  (by the by… for those of you unfamiliar with the word “totes,” (coughcoughMADREcoughcough) that is basically the awesome 13-year-old girl way of saying TOTALLY!!)  I’m up with the latest 13-year-old, especially in the hormone department!  Anywho… thank you to all who entered the balls and bungee giveaway last week.  I scientifically picked a whiner… erm… I mean winner by numbering everybody’s entries (both if you also entered via Facebook) and having someone give me a random number… and ta da… WINNER!  The winner is… drum roll on empty tissue boxes….


YEE-HAW!  Congratulations, Katrina!  It totally paid to have 2 entries… and the bribe of a million dollars didn’t hurt the process either.  😛  Yes, I realize my lame giveaway is no way near as cool as 1 million dollars, but just don’t tell Katrina that.  I will email you, Katrina, and you can send me your address that way.  As for the rest of you… stay tuned… more giveaway fun in the future to come. 


Now… on to the Losers.  A new show debuted tonight on ABC called Extreme Makeover:  Weight Loss Edition:

Great… another show to add to my summer que of NO TV WATCHING!!  But if I don’t watch my TV, who’s gonna use my remote?  If you haven’t seen last night’s episode or are wanting to watch it via Tivo, DVR, or online… do NOT read further.  MAJOR SPOILERS to follow!

These types of shows are generally really inspiring and touching… but I still have a problem with them.  This particular show isn’t as bad as some.  The cameras follow the participant for 1 year… 365 days… during which they are given a very strict diet and a regimented exercise schedule.  I ain’t never done been in the Army, but I’d imagine this show would be pretty close to it… except with less guns and explosives.  What I got from the episode was that the participant (in this episode, Rachel) was to work out 4 to 5 hours per day and eat a “die”t that does not include sugar, fat, and carbs.  Well… ain’t that a slit your throat kind of a life.  NO CARBS!!!  Why don’t we just stick a ballbat up my left nostril and call it a day.  The goal for Rachel was to lose 230 pounds in the space of a year… going from 369 pounds to 150 pounds.  Rachel pretty much rocked the first 6 months, hitting each of her weight goals, getting down to 239 pounds… then came the 2nd half of the year.  In the last 6 months of her journey, she lost a total of 31 pounds, 10 to 25 of those pounds were surgery for hanging skin removal, leaving her with only a 6- to 21-pound fat loss in those 6 months.  Hey… a loss is a loss… but she admitted her problem had been the eating.  She couldn’t “control” her eating.  It’s no wonder she couldn’t control her eating… she wasn’t allowed to eat anything!! 

Rachel and trainer, Chris!

These are just my opinions and were not addressed on the show, but I truly do think that the reason the last 6 months were so slow for her was because she came face to face with the restriction monster… that monster that tells you that you can’t have something and so you rebel and get it anyway, which inevitably ends up meaning that you eat 315 times more than a normal-sized serving.  I know this type of restricting weight loss works for some… but I can tell you from experience that it didn’t work for me.  After my bypass surgery, I was on a very restrictive “die”t… 70% protein and 30% vegetables at every meal… and each meal could only be 2 ounces.  I rebelled against that so hard that I gained every pound I lost back and stretched my stomach back out to original size.  Maybe that kind of thinking works for the more passive personalities… but when you be born as stubborn as a bull on steroids, it ain’t gonna work for you!

This is not to take away from the hard work that Rachel put in to lose the 161 pounds she lost in the space of a year (and skin removal surgery), but I’m just wondering if she’s going to be able to keep it off.  It’s not realistic that she should eat that way for the rest of her life and it’s also not realistic that she is going to exercise 5 hours a day for the rest of her life.  Normal people just don’t do that.  Further proof that the smartest way to lose the weight is to find a lifestyle that will work for you for the rest of your life… Hey, I know one… All things in moderation!  I’ll take payment in brain cells and cash…

Speaking of weight loss shows… this weekend my sister and cousin were in Salt Lake City eating at Tucanos Brazilian Grill, when they ran into this guy:

Lindsay, Rulon, and Jen-Jen

You wondered what happened to him after he walked off of the Biggest Loser and didn’t show face at the finale?  Well, he got a waitressing gig at Tucanos!  KIDDING!  Lindsay said he was super nice and he told them he was going to get back into wrestling.  So, there you go… Rulon update of the year!  Thanks, Jen, Seth, and Linds! 

Question of the Day:  Are you watching Extreme Makeover:  Weight Loss Edition?  If so, what did you think?


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Kid Versus Broccoli…

TV ain’t just your regular idiot box anymore.  If you find the right shows, you’re guaranteed hours of motivation and inspiration (Sane Person Note:  Jersey Shore does not count for either one of those criteria)!  One of the reasons I started being more conscious about my food choices is coming back to TV tonight… and I for one am definitely tuning in… even if it does come on opposite Biggest Loser (DVR, TIVO or watch online at the next day!)  Wow… who knew you could do a whole paragraph about a show and never even mention the name of it!!  Let’s see if I can do a whole post about it without mentioning the name… just to be real annoying like (just like every single cast member of Jersey Shore)!  Oh… get over yourself, Snookie… errrr… I mean Whitney.  The show is called Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and it comes on channel ABC right before the Dancing With the Washed Up Wanna-Be-Stars Results Show

Last season, which aired starting in about March of 2010, was about Jamie Oliver going into the school systems of the “fattest city in America,” in Huntington, West Virginia, trying to change their school lunch menu.  Less processed, high fat foods… more fresh, all natural, homemade foods.  It did not go over well at all at first.  More homemade food was more work for the kitchen staff and more expensive than buying a lifetime supply of frozen leftover chicken scrap nuggets and warming them in the oven… plus the kids didn’t seem to take too kindly to having their fried foods replaced with fresh, baked foods.  It was on this show that I first learned that the school system considers french fries and ketchup a vegetable.  On what earthly planet would that be true?  If that was the case, I’d have had NO problems forcing down my veggies as a kid… none at ALL!  Bring on the McDonald’s buffet, Ma… I be getting in my veggies… ketchup and fries galore on that menu!   And when I’m done with my veggies, I’ll have 3 bowls of Fruit Loops so I can get in my fruit allotment.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with eating french fries every now and then (I just ate some the other day)… but to consider them a vegetable!?  Might as well add a chocolate cake food group to the food pyramid in that case. 

Jamie Oliver is pretty much a rockstar… when I first started watching the show last year (LONG before I found MFP), I made it a point to read food labels when I went shopping.  I’d never really cared before.  My criteria back in the olden days was if it tastes good, I’ll eat it.  That’s probably why not many vegetables ended up on my menu… unless they were drowned in cheese sauce or breaded and deep-fried.  But Jamie was contagious and passionate about good food… I even made a couple of the recipes he featured on the show. 

Do yourself a favor and tune in… educated kids turn into educated adults and we could ALL use the information Jamie shares on this show.  I believe the next city he is planning to tackle is Los Angeles, CA.  Bring it, Jamesters!  French fries should be an indulgence, not an everyday occurrence. 

Question of the Day:   What do you remember most about your school lunches?



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The Day I Got Kicked Out of Golden Corral!!!

Sacrilege!!  I just got kicked the heck out of my former place of worship… an all-you-can-eat buffet!  I aim to take this all the way to the Supreme Court if I have to!!  You bet your bottom dollar, Annie!  Thou shalt not tear they Whitney away from thy dessert buffet.   I’m guessing that I maybe need to back the gravy train up here before I call my attorney and everything (Robert J. DeBry and Associates).  

It turns out that some of this season’s Biggest Loser peeps were coming to Logan for a meet and greet type of thing.  This would totally be way unusual for a small town like ours, but it just so happens that 2 of this year’s contestants live and have a gym in this town, Rulon and Justin.  We just don’t get things like this in Logan… Salt Lake City, maybe… but Logan usually gets the 2nd cousin twice removed of the uncle’s dog’s friend’s sister’s neighbor’s pet parakeet who just happens to live next door to Oprah Winfrey (what up, Oprah).  So, we obviously couldn’t pass up the opportunity to gawk at people from reality TV. 

Of all places to hold a stinking meet and greet for people trying to lose hundreds of pounds… how about Golden Corral!?  BRILLIANT, SHERLOCK!  Now, go put in an order for extra lard sauce!  That’s like holding an Alcoholic’s Anonymous meeting at the State Liquor Store.  STEW – PID… give the team member who came up with that idea a raise!  Being the uber responsible (and frankly mega uptight) person that I am, I called Golden Corral in advance to get the 411 on the event.  I asked very specific questions… does it cost to get in… the answer was no… not unless you want to eat.  Obviously a bonus for this girl because I’m sure I could do some calorizing damage at a buffet!

I went with 2 friends (what up, Oprah… errr… I mean Karrie and Rachel) and the Madre.  We get there and it’s pretty much packed… like fire hazard packed.  There is no signage anywhere at the entrance about this Biggest Loser Meet and Greet… so, we just mosey on through the exit hallway into the throng of people.  Kaylee is the first one we come across… we just sort of make small talk and ask her the same questions I’m sure she’s been asked approximately 3 billion times by now… but she seemed nice enough.  Then we wander (by wander, I really mean stand still until the throng of people moves an inch) around and see Courtney (LOVE Courtney)… we make some more small talk with her and get a picture… sadly the camera person (Oprah… errr… Madre) didn’t know how to work my camera and so Courtney stood there for 5 minutes with her arms around us smiling at the camera… totally got in her workout for the day. 

 Then we move 2 inches more and find a corner that isn’t as thronged.  An uptight dude wearing a GC shirt comes up to us and asks if we bought dinner there.  Uh… no… Then he proceeded to flip a lid about how this wasn’t a free outing and that if we wanted to talk to the contestants, we’d have to buy dinner for $20.  We proceeded to tell him about my previous conversation with one of his employees the day before where I was told it was free… and then he proceeded to spout steam out of his ears and tell us that no one told us that.  Okay… yes… you are right… I am dumb and deaf and you are obviously a man of superior intelligence.  I felt sorry for him because it was like someone kicked his trike in the ditch, peed in his Cheerios, and gave him a wedgie all in the same day!!  Can you even imagine!!?!? 

So, we had to leave… but on the way out, we ran into Arthur (who just happened to be blocking the exit) and got a picture and autograph from him!  Score it!  We also saw Sara, Justin, Austin, Moses and the new trainer Bret, but weren’t about to pay money for Lard City Central just to talk to them. 

Picture time… (I may be sued for these pictures because I got them without eating a tray of fried chicken)!

The curly-haired dude is Austin... he was looking super fit!

Rachel, Courtney, and I... I was obviously trying to instruct the novice camera person... thus the wierd face.

Rachel, Arthur, and I... my shoes only added 4 inches to my already monstrous height!

Extra bonus… the card Arthur gave us with his before and after pictures!

Golden Corral… you just lost your former best paying customer!  Take that and smoke it for dinner.  Also… GC dude with the perma-wedgie… would totally like to invite you to my dinner party next Saturday… main dishes will include cow dung coleslaw and chocolate-covered cockroaches!  Call me! 

Question of the Day:  Do you watch Biggest Loser this season?  Who is your favorite?  Also, what do you think of Golden Corral?   😛



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Ruby’s Inspiration…

As Ruby Gettinger would say… y’all… I’m excited that Ruby is coming back to TV for a new season!  For those not familiar with Ruby, here is a brief rundown.  At one point in her life she weighed over 700 pounds and now she is on a mission to lose the weight the right way!  When we last saw Ruby (last year sometime), she weighed 300 and some odd pounds and was on a quest to find out the missing pieces of her forgotten childhood. 

I love me some Ruby… first of all, she is the definition of hilarity.  Confident, outspoken, and full of fire, she and her very supportive friends are taking this long journey together.  The show deals with eating, exercising, and the psychological aspects of weight loss.  Because it is an all inclusive thing.  She reminds me of me in a lot of ways and in other ways not so much.  Somehow, she manages to be confident no matter what size she is.  I haven’t mastered that skill.  The larger I got, the more I hid in the basement… you’ve all heard about monsters in the basement… right?  Nice to meet you… now you can say you’ve met one!   

Y’all should really tune in if you need that extra bit of motivation/inspiration.  She airs on the Style Network on Sunday nights… but I’m pretty sure they reair the same episode 8 bajillion times during the week.  The new season started Sunday, March 6th (yesterday)!  Check her out!

Question of the Day:  Do you Watch Ruby? 


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