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Where the #*$#@$ Did It Go!?

This is a family blog (though I know approximately negative 8 trillion kids who would just jump for joy at reading such boringness)… I have kindly censored the above-mentioned blog title… I was really going to say, Where the CRAPOLA Did It Go?  But crapola is obviously a word I’ve had my mouth washed out with soap for… totes the truth.  And according to Ralphie from that movie, The Christmas Story… soap mouth washing totally causes blindness.  No wonder my eyesight is so sucktastic!

Sighhhhhhhhh… that was audible…  I actually did sigh really loudly whilst typing that word.  I sigh when I’m at a loss for words… and I’ve been doing it a lot lately.  I’m a bit frustrated with my motivation right now.  It’s pretty null and void… I’m finding more and more excuses to say to heck with the meal plan… and I feel like I have little desire to want to stay on said meal plan.  The exercising thing is still fine… I’ve made that a habit and it’s because I do things I actually enjoy.  Thus, the reason my strength training falls by the wayside more than not… and by wayside… I really mean wayyyyyyyyyy over there, around the corner, 50 miles to the West, and down that big dark pit near Mesquite, Nevada.  What happened to that girl of 2-1/2 years ago who didn’t obsess so much about every little thing she ate… the one who just moved more, ate less, and lost weight by the bucket load?  Where did she go?  Is it because now I actually know way too much crap and my constant obsessing is becoming stifling… bringing out my rebellious teenage streak?  I’d rather just run up and down the streets nekked and get that phase over with.  Sue me.  Also, wear blindfolds and close your curtains.

I’ve learned that when things become stale, it’s mighty beneficial to change things up.  I don’t know what this changing things up thing is going to entail… maybe I can spend 45 minutes per day giving myself a bear hug and patting myself on the back whilst reciting inspirational posters.  I’ll be sure to do that on the roof nekked… again… blindfolds are strongly suggested.  Maybe I need to back off the obsessing wagon or… or… I really don’t know what the answer is, but I’m going to think about it… and pray about it… and probably eat 2 cookies… and I’ll call y’all in the morning!  😛  Not literally, but you catch my drift.

In the meantime, I saw this crafty idea on Pinterest (I had branched out from my usual recipe finding one day) and I thought it might be a fun way to motivate… so I made them… with every noncrafty bone I have in my body, I made them.

Of course, the only way it would be motivational is if I could move some of them purpley rocky things from the pounds to go jar to the pounds lost jar.  For serious!  It’s looking way too lonely over there.  Siiiiigggghhhhh… onward and upward my friends.  Persistence is my motto and by crapola and high water I’ve persisted my butt off for years now… and I aim to persist until there’s no more persisting to be had!  Mark my words!

Question of the Day:  Do you have any motivation tricks?  Fun ideas, crafts, methods of butt kicking… but nice butt kicking?  


PS – 😦  Evil struck again.  Prayers and thoughts sent to the victims of the shooting in Wisconsin… what a sad, tragic day.  😦


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Persistence… It’s What’s For Dinner…

Y’all MUST remember that beef commercial… beef, it’s what’s for dinner!  Excuse you… this is a vegetarian blog… take your steer talk elsewhere!  That had nothing to do with anything, except to explain where I got this blog title and it really makes no sense at all, but y’all I’ve been writing this blog for over a year now and have yet to make much sense… why start now?

A few months back, we went to the tulip festival in SLC… I blogged about it here.  We were driving around trying to find where this shindig was, thought we’d found it, parked, and went into a gift shop to ask where we’d buy tickets.  The lady at the counter just stared at us like we’d pulled up in a covered wagon complete with buffalo chips hanging out our bonnets.  Obviously this was not anywhere near the right place.  No matter… Lindsay had to use the lady’s room and so I poked around the gift shop acting like I was interested in buying smelly sachets for my dresser drawer and classical music CDs.  HIGH BROW!  Little did front desk lady know how low brow I could go!

While I was perusing, I came across this plaque and I knew why I’d happened to come here.  Of all the wrong places I could have ended up, it needed to be here… right in this high brow gift shop… just to read this plaque… I’m confident of that.  It summed up in just a few short sentences what I’ve been saying all along for the last 2-1/2 years now.  Persistence, not perfection has ALWAYS been my biggest motto… and here it was staring me in the face… buffalo chipped bonnet and all!

THANK YOU!!!!!!  No words have ever given me more comfort than those on this here plaque.  Success, no matter what it is you’re trying to succeed in, has nothing to do with talent, smarts, riches, etc., but everything to do with persisting until you get what it is you’re working toward.  PERIOD.  End. Of. Story.  I was too cheap to purchase this sucker… it was like 8 billion dollars… but they’d throw in a free smelly sachet!!!  Instead, cheap wadder over here is going to make her own dang sign.  This thing needs to be hung up and reread… over and over and over.

Question of the Day:  Do you have a favorite quote that keeps you persisting?  



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There Goes a Fighter…

**** UGH!!!  I had this long ole post typed up and then I blinked my eyes and poof… it was gone and Whitney turned into Zombie Angry Bear… it’s the little known Berenstain Bear sister.  Not even Auto Save worked… yo, Internet sabouteurs, I’m on to you… this would be the abbreviated version…  

I’ve decided I need a 2012 theme song… one of them kick the rear patookus theme songs.  A song that gets me raring to go and wanting to warrior my way to the top of Mount Vesuvius after downing a case of Ovaltine!  You know it’s the truth!  So, when I was out walking the other evening and started bawling when I heard this song, I was all like… BINGO… we have a winner!  Dick Clark… what have they won?  It was quite the picture… fat chic with a scarf wrapped up like a mummy around her face trying to avoid nostril frostbite, bawling whilst walking down the street listening to a rap song.  Coughcough LAME FRIES PATHETICNESS ALERT Coughcough!!

The lyrics spoke to my situation at the time.  Just coming off a 3-month-long smorgasbord buffet, doubting that I’d ever be able to muster up the strength to get back on it.  That pesky gremlin doing back flips in my noggin… you’re done… FRIED… this is the end… history is repeating itself.  Give me a few more months, a remote control, and I’d return to the same ole couch-surfing heifer, watching my stories whilst eating bon bons and crying into a bucket.  (Who the helium balloon eats bon bons anyway?  People always talk about them, but I done never ate one in all my years of face stuffing.  This coming from the chic who used to eat glue on a semi-regular basis… mmmmmm… hoofy!)  Brain cells flying out the window during that fiasco, I tell you what!!

The Fighter…

That’s what this thing is all about.  No one ever fell on top of a mountain and said… Gee… this was worth it… I’m proud of my accomplishments.  That doesn’t happen… unless you happen to be watching Superman.  Give me scars… give me pain… blood, sweat, and tears so one day I can look back down my long and winding hill and I can say it was worth it.  Worth it all… all of it!   There goes a fighter…

The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes (featuring Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic)

Note:  If you aren’t a rap music fan, this is more about the lyrics… but if you still aren’t a fan of the stuff, fast forward to around 00:40 and at least listen to the non-rap chorus portion.  Also, as a side note… there are a couple of mild swear words if that stuff offends you… you’ve been warned!

But I do it for the kids, life threw the towel in on
Every time you fall, it’s only making your chin strong
And I be in your corner like Mick, baby
Til the end or when you hear the song from that big lady

Until the referee rings the bell
Until both your eyes start to swell
Until the crowd goes home
What we gonna do y’all?

Give ’em hell, turn their heads
Gonna live life til we’re dead.
Give me scars, give me pain
Then they’ll say to me, say to me, say to me
There goes a fighter
There goes a fighter
Here comes a fighter
That’s what they’ll say to me, say to me, say to me
This one’s a fighter

If you fall, pick yourself up off the floor
And when your bones can’t take no more
Just remember what you’re here for


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It’s All Upstream From Here, Folks…

Yesterday afternoon we went to check out the salmon run.  Did y’all know that salmon can run?  Because they totally can… I think they all have endorsement deals with Nike or some such nonsense.  Forget you, tuna!  Salmon is where it’s at!  I can’t say I’d ever really realized what a salmon run was.  I mean, I vaguely remember learning something about it way back in grade school, but because I had no desire to become an animal biologist or a fish and game director, it didn’t stick in the ole brain folds for longer than 25 seconds.

For those folk in my shoes who are unfamiliar with what exactly a salmon run is, some background… Near the end of a salmon’s life, they swim upstream to their original birthplace to spawn and then die.  Pleasant, right?  Tomorrow I’ll tell y’all about the lifespan of a fruit fly.  Tune in!  While we were watching these fish fight their way upstream, we got to pondering.  Analogies were flying all over the place.  It got out of control when we started likening smoked salmon to serial killers… but I digress.

Those little red things… those would be the salmon.  A salmon’s destiny isn’t really that much different than a person’s.  The salmon realize that they have one life mission (besides sitting next to a pile of tartar sauce on someone’s plate), and that is to make the long, difficult journey upstream, against current, to reproduce.  It may sound like a horrible waste of life to me and you, but it’s their noble calling.

I got to thinking about my own life journey… maybe this time in my life is my “salmon run.”  It is my time to fight my way upstream, knowing that it’s going to be difficult and a heckuva lot of hard work with obstacles littering my path.  If I sit around doing nothing, the current will take me further away from my destination.  It takes persistent work and determination to get the desired result.

When the salmon came to this waterfall, they had to somehow manage to jump over it against the current… this after already having zapped their energy supply working to even get to this point.  Very few had actually made it over… only the strongest, those with the most heart and will had the gumption to make it.  As we were standing on the bank watching this, we had an overwhelming urge to want to catch up the little guys who had yet to make the jump and help them over the fall… but that’s not how this works… they had to do it for themselves.

I never said it would be easy… I only said it would be worth it. 

 Question of the Day:  Have you ever seen a salmon run? 

Like mother, like daughter… Lindsay also was using my video camera as a voice recorder until I told her it was a video camera.  It’s true what they say… the apple don’t fall far from the tree!  JOKES!  A big congratulations to my sister, Lindser who passed her NCLEX exams on Friday… she is now a registered nurse… whoop, whoop! 


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Milestone SLAYED: Twoberland!

Excuse me whilst I jig like a balding, drunken Irishman!  Y’all WISH you could see me jigging.  It’s a sight, I tell you what.  Notice I never said it was a good sight.  Again, like the jogging… my jigging is really called jiggling.  Shut up, Whitney.  Seriously now.  Every once in a while you just have to say that to me.  Otherwise, I can be like one of them rambling drunken jigging Irishmen.  There I go again.

Yesterday morning’s weigh in brought with it a milestone.  A milestone that was a LONG time coming.  I’m usually not one to tout accomplishments… I always used to think people would think I’m vain if I’m proud of something I’ve done.  So, I usually play things off as if they are no big deal.  And I think I need to change that way of thinking.  Milestones need to be celebrated and touted… they need to be celebrated because it spurs the person on… lights a fire under their receptacle and makes them want to work even harder to reach the next goal post.   It also can do a heckuva lot to motivate other people.  If that weird jiggling chic can do it… I can too!  

For anyone who has read this blog more than once, y’all know my story.  I started this journey weighing 530 pounds… basically a death wish waiting to happen.  Then, one day the fire was lit underneath my receptacle and I got to working and I worked hard, slaying those beasts one day at a time… and I conquered those 500s and made it into the 400s… and I was proud.

I kept moving along, tripping, stumbling, and conquering and before I knew it I was saying farewell to the 400s… hasta la vista 4s!  And I was proud.  The 3s seemed to last forever… a neverending road of peaks and valleys and several sewer hole fallings… and I thought I’d never see the end…  When I woke up yesterday morning, I saw a 2 in front of my weight for the first time in my entire adult life.  A TWO!  The last time I’d seen a 2 in front of my weight, I was 14 years old, weighing on a scale in my parent’s bathroom in the midst of one of my many “die”ts.

Today I’m saying farewell to the 3s and embracing these dagnabbed 2s with open arms.  Twoberland… I think I’ll like living in you for the next little while… but not forever… Onederland is the next destination on this map of mine… and I have no doubt that I’ll get there one day.

This is for my pals who are in the 3s, 4s, and 5s… the rest of you can go take a nap or play a game of parcheesi, whichever flips your dress up in the air.  It can be done, friends.  Hold your heads up high and keep on marching through that jungle… you’ll find your way.  My motto has always been two-fold… One day at a time… and Persistence, not perfection!  Get you a ticket to Twoberland… it’s a beautiful place.

Marchin’ On by OneRepublic

There’s so many wars we fought,
There’s so many things we’re not,
But with what we have,
I promise you that,
We’re marching on,
(We’re marching on)
(We’re marching on).

Right, right, right, right left right,
Right, right, right, right left right,
Right, right,
We’re marching on.

We’ll have the days we break,
And we’ll have the scars to prove it,
We’ll have the bonds that we save,
But we’ll have the heart not to lose it.

This is probably 100 pounds off my highest weight... don't have any of those pictures!


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Motivation Shmotivation… That Is the Question!

I’ve been asked by a few people to say a few words about motivation.  Okay… here it goes:  A few words about motivation.  Phew… glad that’s over with.

In all seriousness… what is motivation?  Whitney’s Redneck Dictionary defines it as the mind’s constant desire to eat cupcakes, when the brain is eating spinach.  That totes made sense in the cupcake portion of my brain.  Don’t spend all day thinking about that definition… it don’t make a cripe of sense!

All my life long, motivation has been the hardest thing to conquer.  Do not get me wrong, there is no flim flamming way that I’ve conquered this whole motivation bizness… but I think I have a handle on it enough to fake my way through it when the going gets tough… add motivation to that mix and the tough get going!  So, how after 2 years of weight loss do I have the motivation to keep going everyday, especially when it seems I still have such a long way to go?  There are a couple of things I have to constantly shove through my head space to make them stick.

1.  One day at a time.  Forever and ever and ever and ever!  You can handle ANYTHING for one day… and then you have to wake up the next day and start the same thought process all over again.  None of this sitting around daydreaming your future wayyyyy down the road and then getting all depressed because it’s so far away and you’ll never be able to make it and blah, blah, blah, blah.  STOP THE INSANITY, Richard Simmons’ Fanny Pack!  Live in the moment… work on you today.  And if today’s a bust… go to bed and wake up the next morning… then, work on you today.  There will always be another day… so don’t beat yourself the heck up!

2.  Perspective.  I have to admit that a lot of the reason I failed at my past weight loss attempts was because it was just so overwhelming to think that I had 350 pounds to lose to even hit an acceptable weight range.  350 was a higher number than I knew how to count to!  That’s going to frigging take 8 billion years!  I’m already bored just thinking about it!  And then I went ahead and quit before I even started.  LAME SAUCE!  If you’re focusing on one day at a time, celebrating all the small victories and successes along the way (put the food away… booze is the way we calorizers celebrate… JOKES), the time will FLY by and before you know it you’ve lost 228 pounds and only have 122 pounds of those 350 pounds left to lose.  (Insert your weight numbers accordingly).

3.  Realize you will make mistakes.  My definition of the word “mistake” is the only way a person knows he/she is human!  I’d much rather be a human than say… an alien or one of those fruit flies whose first and only mistake means they’re dead.  Because I’m human, I’ll make mistakes, I’ll learn from those mistakes, and then I’ll try to do it differently the next time.  Don’t beat yourself up for the small stuff.  You don’t undo 2 years of hard work with a few bad months here and there.

4.  Habit.  They say if you do something 7 times in a row, it automatically becomes habit.  Firstly, who is “they” and why do they say so much?  There are no actual credentials for these “they” people.  Schedule exercising into your day… just like you’d schedule a shower or a nose picking session… and then do something you enjoy.  I would never schedule my exercising in the mornings because I hate mornings and that would mean I’d get 2 hours of sleep per night instead of 4.  Setting myself up for failure right there!  So, I schedule it in the evening and because I’ve been doing it for so long, it’s now a habit and because it’s now a habit, the times I don’t exercise I find I miss it.  Annoying, right!?  You don’t need much motivation if it’s an already engrained habit!

I don’t look back on the last few years as this grueling process of dungeon living and war battles and dinosaurs suffocating my brain… I look back at it as a proud achievement.  I did that.  No one may be able to tell a difference in the way I look, but I feel alive and free and like I could fly (whoops… too many mushrooms for dinner tonight).

Question of the Day:  What’s your biggest hold up when it comes to keeping motivated?


I drive by this little tractor dude on one of my bike routes and I finally just had to stop and take a picture of him.  He reminded me of eeyore from the tractor world!  Yes, I’m now talking about tractors as living objects… get used to it!


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