New Year… New Us…

Oh hello… has it been nearly 2 months? I have a lot of excuses, but I’ll save you pulling out your tiny violin and move on to the important stuff… like the fact that I desparately need a whack upside the noggin in 2 places… one in the common sense portion of my brain and the 2nd in the smart part of my brain! Anyone willing to do the whacking? If not, I’m going to have to phone Johnny Whackadoodle from the mob, and no one puts Mr. Whackadoodle in a corner… y’all hear!?

Story time: Once upon a time there was an aging lost soul with an all-expense-paid bus pass. See, she rode the bus to escape the big bad wolf who was trying to sabotage her life goals and plans, not to mention eat her grandmother whole (sounds familiar, don’t it… pretty sure this girl does not own a red hood, but she might make some pretty questionable fashion choices). Anywho, one day the girl got off the bus and she sat on her rear receptacle in the dump yard next to the sulfur factory for like a year straight, and whilst she was sitting sniffing the nastiness that is a dump next to a sulfur factory, she got used to the nastiness and she decided it was a lot easier than riding the bus all day every day, and the big bad wolf often lunched with her because hello… dirty diaper quiche (yeah, that was uncalled for… I apologize). And she didn’t live happily ever after… THE END!

Or is it? Spoiler alert… That girl is me. I somehow have derailed my health routines into the dump yard next to the sulfur factory, and the big bad wolf (aka the lack of self-esteem express) is my new friend. I feel like I’ve pulled myself down into a crag of despair and depression and am having a heck of a time climbing back out. Y’all… the wolf can’t heft me neither! It’s hard to get motivated when the confidence is gone. So, that is why I was glad when during the Christmas holidays, my sister approached me with the desire to start a fitness/goals challenge with the desire to use this blog to keep us accountable. I have felt like I was swimming alone in a cess pool next to the lochness monster, so this is my way to the shore, right!? Right!?

Our plan is to blog on this here blog at least once a week (most likely Monday) to update the masses (aka 2 readers… Hi mom) on how our weeks went. Obviously Lindsay and I’s goals are going to be very different as we are each at different levels and needs.

This is where our 2 readers come in, if anyone else feels like they are drowning next to the big bad wolf/Lochness monster and just want some company and some accountability friends, we would love for you to join us! Please… hop in… I promise I won’t serve you dirty diaper quiche! If you want to, pick some goals (exercise/eating/mental/spiritual, etc., etc., etc.) and then make sure you reply to this blog (either here at the blog or under the Facebook link I usually post). We’d love for you to join us!


And now, the following is a few words from my sis, Lindser Poodle Head Howell!

Hello Whitney’s Blog readers! I am kinda nervous to write because that is not a strong suit of mine but nonetheless here I am. I am Lindsay Howell, Whitney’s sister. I challenged Whitney to go along with me and do a weight loss accountability blog from now until April. I want to document our SISTERHOOD journey! Weight has always been a topic in the Wade/Howell household and lo and behold, It is still an issue and I guess it will always be! I think at this point Whitney and I both were needing a kick in the pants as well as accountability through a weekly blog post. So, as we are on this journey….I would encourage each of you to share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, recipes, encouragements, disappointments, triggers or whatever it may be to us!

I have taken a MONTH long break from healthy eating and working out! I have brought myself to the point of CRAVING some sort of healthiness in my life. So this is the time to begin. I am going to Cancun in April and NEED to get myself feeling more comfortable in my own skin. Whitney and I’s journey will be very different but I guess that’s the beauty of weight loss. I believe as long as you are consistent with something you will see results. Just pick a program and GET GOING! So I will share below what I am doing and I will give it a shot and re-evaluate as I monitor results and change it up as needed. So below here is my list of goals for working out, food and motivation:

GOAL #1 – I will be counting MACROS. I will be keeping track of the number of grams of Protein, Carbohydrates and fats I consume. I will track it in My Fitness Pal. I got my calorie intake numbers for Macros off of
I went to the calculator and when to IIFYM calculator and entered in the needed information. IIFYM stands for If It Fits Your Macros. I am adjusting my protein intake to be a little bit higher therefore having to lower the other percentages of carbs and fats. My body has always responded well to a high protein diet and I always feel much fuller on a high protein diet so this is what I will focus on.

GOAL #2 Along with this I will be challenging myself to drink 1 gallon of water per day!

GOAL #3 – I will be taking supplements regularly! I am horrible at this. I have them all I just DO NOT like to swallow pills so I need this to be a goal! I take fish oil capsules, Evening Primrose oil capsules, Mutli-vitamin, Probiotic, etc…

GOAL #1 – I will be starting out with doing P90X3 for my “weight lifting” segment and then doing cardio in addition. I will be working out 5 days a week. My cardio session goals are 30 minutes and weight lifting about 30 minutes. Again, I will monitor progress and adjust workouts depending on progress. I will be working out in the mornings before I can convince myself otherwise! I will be in my basement gym by 6 a.m. 5 days a week!

I look forward to holding myself accountable on this blog. Not wanting to disappoint myself as well as knowing others are reading helps me to stay on track!
I am a firm believer that music can be a large motivation. I have a few channels on Pandora that I use during my workouts to keep me going. Oftentimes I will watch shows on HULU or NETFLIX if I am running on the treadmill as a TREAT!

RESULTS! I HATE HATE HATE HATE and LOATHE doing this but I take before pictures and then I take pictures weekly! It’s crazy how the scale may not change but just in 1 week you can see physical changes in your body! So I have come to see the importance of pictures.

A plan! It can be so motivating. When I am not eating right and not taking care of my body I feel disorganized, frantic, sloppy, tired, awnry, disappointed, self-conscious and slow. When I have a plan and choose to stick to it I feel Accomplished, proud, energized, confident, happy, purposeful, organized, confident and driven and then believe it or not everything else in my day falls into place! This is true! I have tested it this past month. And it’s funny that I chose to let myself be sloppy and disorganized and feel all those awful things for a full month until I finally decided ENOUGH Is ENOUGH and get back in gear!
When it’s all said and done my Motivation has to come from ME! I follow a lot of inspiring fitness people on Instagram and one of them shared this:

“I was looking for someone to inspire me, motivate me, support me and keep me focused. Someone who would love me, cherish me and make me happy….Then I realized, that all along, I was looking for myself.”

Then I also HAVE to include this quote from Prophet, Thomas S. Monson:
“It’s in the doing, not just the thinking, that we accomplish our goals.”

With that quote in mind, Let’s make this week a great week to a great start!

Note from Whitney:  Obviously she has her awesome plan set in place, I will post my goals in next week’s post, just wanted to update y’all in this one!  May the force be with us all (see how I totally got schooled on the Star Wars stuffs!?!?)

BoBo would like to remind everyone that chocolate is addicting… see following video:



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What’s that saying? The only thing that is constant is change? So, basically to sum it up be flexible and adapt. Not my strong suit, I admit. I’m more like the walrus at the edge of an iceberg who only moves because it melts and she falls into the ocean. That there is your morning imagery. Go out and pet you an unmovable walrus on this Monday morning!

About a week ago, I learned of something that will pretty well change my life as it has been now for the last about 13 years. We will be losing our biggest account at work (it’s going the way of technology and/or the big company is swallowing up the little company whole), so as of January I will have to find employment elsewhere. I knew it was coming. It was one of the big reasons I decided to go finish my bachelor’s degree, but it kind of hits you upside the head 3 ways when you actually hear it’s happening and now you have no choice but to move on. I’ve felt a gamut of emotions the last week; sadness, fear, and worry have been 3 of the biggest (stupid anxiety), but I’ve also felt tiny glimpses of curiosity at what my possibilities could be. There’s also been a lot of cluelessness about what my next step should be. I have one more semester before I graduate… so I feel like I have 6 months yet of feeling like I’m in limbo. I feel like it would just be a whole lot easier if God handed me a platter with a list of instructions and was like… here you go, your next life adventure… take off and hang on tight. But since he doesn’t do that so much, I’ll just take it one day at a time and figure things out as best I can as I go.

I’ve also had a strong worry that the prejudice some employers have over hiring a person who is overweight, stereotyping them as lazy and unhealthy, will make it much harder for me to secure something I can live on. I will pray God leads me to those who are open-minded and fair. I appreciate my boss who has tried hard for years to keep us all in work, and I know that has come with a lot of worry and hard work on her part. Thank you, Alene for these last 13 years!

In the meantime… if anyone hears of any possible job openings, y’all give me a holler… my specialty is chocolate and cheese tasting, but I can adapt to other things too… like cookies and cake. 😛 Weight problem jokes y’all… for the love of salad!

Hey erryone… I does some workouts!


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In The Delusional Part Of My Brain, I’m Only 25!

It’s that time of year when I pretend I’m 25 for the 13th straight year in a row! I can’t say 25 was a great year for me… but it sure as heck sounds a lot better than 38! By the by family, if you age me by rounding that up to 40 one more time, I’m filing a petition to be adopted by another family… perhaps one who rounds the number down to 25 at all times! Hear!?

The number thing aside, this “birthday week” was full of all things Octoberish… because I do enjoy me a grand ole October day… and since there are 31 of those days, I best take advantage of every last one. Note to my 2 readers, there are only 7 days left… get outside!

On Wednesday on my day off from work, I headed down Salt Lake City way so that Lindsay and BoBo could come to the Wheeler Historic Farm. On the way Auntie Whitty and Baby BoBo snacked on peanut butter crackers from Trader Joe’s and learned our vowels… you go Baby BoBo (you’ll have to excuse my off tuneness… I only sing properly for an audience older than 1)!

At the farm, Baby BoBo got to drive a tractor and ride on a wagon ride and pet some animals and get acosted by 12,000 geese and 20,000,0000,00000000 ducks… and Auntie Whitty stepped in 12 gallons of goose doo, so there was that.

I took this picture right before BoBo fell off this bench onto his head… so there was that sad party… and pretty much scores me Aunt of the year!

Then, yesterday the fam all came up to go to the annual North Logan Pumpkin Walk… kudos Pumpkin Walk peoples! Y’all rock it every year!

BoBo got to stare at a scary witch, who really was a very friendly singing witch, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of her…

Step away from my broom! The next picture cracks my stuff up! Big bro Christian brought a friend along. Matt found a walking stick on the way to the line up and was using that, so BoBo wanted to have his own walking stick… Oh BoBo, you hilarious!

Today, we went to visit some animals around town and then had pasketti dinner with Ryan, Angie, Makayla, and Corbin…

Oh heys everyone… here I is in some leaves…

To round off the day, Makayla and Corbin surprised me by giving me this beautiful wall hanging they colored… thank you, sweet lil ones!

All in all, this girl got spoiled… and I also broke my 5-1/2-month sugar-free streak by partaking in sugar. Oh laws, the flood gates are now opened. Aiming for once or twice a week on the sugar front… period… end of story!

Thank you to all of the friends and family for the gifts, the visits, the messages, the FB posts, etc. Y’all are the best!


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Electricity What!?

It’s okay y’all… I’m alive to tell the tale. I just spent a harrowing 2 hours without electricity last evening. Oh my laws was it ever rough! It was like I was basically channeling Laura Ingalls Wilder, except the water still worked… and I had a charged phone… and… okay, it was nothing like the Ingalls clan… unless you count the fact that I had to eat my dinner cold because the microwave doesn’t work without electricity! Not the microwave too!? It was my weekend to work, so I was in the middle of proofing a report when it happened… a large explosion sound coming from the garage and then the power went out, and it was a dark and rainy evening in October so I was pretty sure the headless horseman was wreaking havoc amongst the wires in the garage! What do we have you for, George Jefferson, the Stray and Slightly Feral Cat!? I had no warning from you! Selfish feral cat anyway!

We texted the entire neighborhood to see if anyone else’s power was off, and it turns out there were only 4 houses with power outages, so we had to comiserate about our rotting refrigerator contents… okay, that was false too. I was the only one worried about rotting refrigerator contents after 10 minutes of no power. One of the neighbors happened to call the power company and they gave an estimate of 8:00 for the power to be fixed and back on. Great jehosephat… it was 5:15 when it went out! I cannot live in such squalor! I panicked because I had work and homework to do, and without Internet, none of that was getting done, so I determined I would drive up to USU to do some homework while I waited. It was pouring rain, so by the time I parked and walked to the library I looked like a drowned rat, sat down in a chair to do my homework and I get a text that the power was back on! THE HUMANITY! What a waste of time y’all! I am not cut out to be an Ingalls! The lifetime of scars I have after that 2 hours… 😛

BoBo’s like, hey errybody… I got new shoesies!

Baby BoBo and a baby piggy! Come on!

It’s just the right temperature for a swimsie! 😛

In other news… it is October and it is fall and… enjoy some fally pictures!

Oh Autumn…


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Just Call Me Spontaneity… Bwahahaha…

Hello… remember me from 7 years ago? The stick in the mud chick? The one who people feel the need to whap upside the head with a bag of 60-day-old bagels on account of the fact that she’s unmoving in her psycho scheduled ways? Yeah… that’s right… it’s me! Hello! Except now my psycho scheduled ways which should include cool stuff like sleeping more than 30 minutes and exercising and doing homework at a decent hour, etc., etc., etc., also includes serving invisible burgers and fries to a snake and a googly-eyed giraffe for 0 cents an hour on a 3×5 phone screen. SOMEONE… STEP UP TO THE PLATE with that bag of stale bagels, yo! For everyone’s sanity… I beg of you!

In less overly dramatic news… Friday night I went to bed with plans to wake up on Saturday, menu plan, grocery shop, hit the farmer’s market, take some fallish pictures, and sit down to read my 900 pages of literature reading for the week. You know, the usual… Instead I woke up, bought last minute tickets to Maroon 5 in Salt Lake City, and became the queen of spontaneity! Bwahahahaha… I can’t say that with a straight face. Believe you me… the stick was still wedged up there pretty tight. Only once in a blue moon. You see, my sweet Madre has her a crush on Adam Levine… and her bucket list was lacking seeing him live and in person, so we remedied that! I rarely say no to a concert… unless it’s the 20-year reunion of Barney The Purple Dinosaur and Friends… cannot take the cheese! We had pretty great seats… I mean… this is how close!

Madre got her fangirl on… she’s like be still my beating heart… and I didn’t get thrown up on or beered once! It was a miracle! I forgot how many hit songs they had… I knew pretty much everything they sang.


“Moves Like Jagger”

Thanks Adam Levine for the lesson in spontaneity! Let’s do it again… but next time with at least 3 weeks notice! 😛


On the way we got to stop off and visit my Baby BoBo… hims was so excited to see my owly phone… me, not so much! We dropped by Gardner Village to see the witches…

BoBo’s like… Auntie Whitty Woo… look at all your new warts!

BoBo did not like this horsie… so big bro, Ethan got on and rode with him!

Hey everyone… giddy up! I a cowboy!

BoBo is also corn fed… here he is shucking his own kernels.

To update on my sugar-freeness… still sugar-free… 5 months this week. Still substituting with salty things and Diet Dr. Pepper. I’ve decided wiring my mouth shut might not be such a bad thing.

Have a fabulous Monday, friends!


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I got a note from my literature professor after the last paper I handed in that told me I oversaturated my paper with cliche`s! I was all like, well, you can lead a cow to the barn door, but you can’t make him sit on a chicken! That’s right… take that and smoke it. After I read that critique I spent the next two hours in my head space trying to think of all the cliche`s I could to use in my next paper. I’m raring to go… as the saying goes one person’s meat is another person’s poison, so absence does really make the heart grow fonder when a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.

Help a gal out… leave me your favorite cliche`s in the comments! I have until December to use them all up!

Oh boy… they don’t know what they signed up for when they made my brain space! I tell you right now y’all!

We celebrated this boy’s birthday last night… albeit 2 weeks late! Corbin is 9… say it ain’t so!

This picture must sum up sibling rivalry at its finest!

Happy birfday, Dude! Next year you’ll be double digits… I wouldn’t recommend it!

BoBo’s like… hey errybody… look at me doing jazzy hands!


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Double X Treatment…

Busy weekend wherein I was supposed to squeeze in a gallon and a half of homework but ended up squeezing in approximately zero give a craps. That a girl, Whitney! You show them who’s boss down there at the due date office!

Instead I got to babysit my BoBo pal on Friday evening and all day Saturday while Lindsay and my mom attended a shindig. BoBo and I went on a walk to see some horsies, but it was so boring he fell asleep 12 times on the way there. We also went to a park to swing on some swings and pretend drive a wooden boat, BoBo was so over the playground. He was like, you seen one playground, you seen them all… let’s go to the bar! Oh baby… maybe when you’re two we’ll hit up the only bar here in town, “The White Owl”. Something to look forward to!

BoBo waving bye bye to the playground. Let’s jet, Auntie Whitty Woo!

BoBo got to eat his first creamie… 4 months of being sugar-free meant Auntie Whitty was mostly really jealous!

I gave him a pet kitty who will let BoBo give him kisses on account of the fact that he’s stuffed in a coma… slobbery kitty kisses for the win…


Sunday afternoon we headed down to Salt Lake City to “meet the seats” in the new Eccles Theater. Madre bought season tickets for the first time in her life because she wants the opportunity to have the much sought after “Hamilton” tickets when it comes to town next year. Lindsay made us a deliciousfull dinner before (thank you, Poodle Head)! We brought royalty with us (what up, Karen) so we were pretty danged prestigious… except with Madre’s seats in row double X we were more like the peasants who scraped the cow manure off the royalty’s gold-plated shoes. Everyone there knew Karen because she’s the “ticket lady” Next time, Karen… tell them to bring in tastified sugar-free version of those lemon cookies. It’s the least they could do for royalty!

Those are royalty’s seats… Madre’s are further back… in double X!

15th anniversary of 09/11. I still remember that day back in 2001, hearing about the havoc when my radio alarm clock rang for me to get up to go to school. It was surreal then, and it’s still surreal to even think about. May God Bless America… we’re gonna need it, especially after this election!


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