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Whitney Of Brown Mortar…

I remember reading (or rather having read to me) Anne of Green Gables at the age of 5.  My uncle (what up, Uncle Phil?), he of 6 sons and no daughters, told my mom I needed to read it and thus a monster was created.  By the time I was 14, I’d read the whole series several times, plus everything else Lucy Maud Montgomery ever wrote, right down to her poetry and all 5 of her exhaustive life journals (though those came when I was in my 20s…).  I’ve seen the 3 “Anne” movies more times than I care to reveal and have always dreamed of taking a vacation to Prince Edward Island, Canada, the setting for many of LMM’s creations.  Obsessed?  No… I’d like to call it a healthy imagination run wild.  Pretty much the only thing, Anne-related I hadn’t seen?  Anne of Green Gables, The Musicalwhich just so happened to be playing locally this past week.

Would Whitney of Barf Brown Mortar attend?  Goodness Gravy yes!  If for nothing else, out of curiosity to see how they’d manage to put my childhood heroine to music.  It was a local production, mind you, no flashy actresses and actors… some bum singers, but the girl who played Anne ACED her part.  She had the fiery temper, motormouth, overly romantic aspect of the character down to a science… and her voice was pretty nice as well.  I’d give it a thumb up.

In other news, I had to take quite the detour on an evening walk I took last week… on account of the fact that I’d been hiking up the hills toward USU (trying to get my hill stamina back) when I ran into seriously, no joking around, hundreds and hundreds of teenagers who were on campus attending EFY (Especially For Youth for those not accustomed to local vernacular).  They were coming at me from all angles at every corner I turned and I felt like I was lost in a sea of hormones!  It really is a miracle I made it out alive (coughcoughSTOPITcoughcough) and probably a good thing I turned my headphones up full blast to avoid any snarky comments from the peanut gallery.   Instead of my normal 45-minute walk, it ended up being a good 80 minutes… which never killed anyone, but it’s a miracle what Whitney will do to avoid uncomfortable situations!

And one more random thing… there was this:


Question of the Day:  Who was your childhood hero/heroine?  Have you read Anne of Green Gables?  

I did NOT… let me repeat… did NOT get a good picture of the supermoon, unfortunately… but wasn’t that thing awesome!?  Yes… yes, it was!


*** I would be remiss not to mention the passing of my sweet Aunt Sharon this past week.  I only have fond memories of her warm and loving presence.  She was always so good at making me feel important and like she was actually interested in the happenings in my piddly boring life.  Just one of her many talents, which also included a beautiful ability to play the piano and organ flawlessly!  This world was blessed to have her a part of it and now heaven is graced with her humble spirit and her beautiful music.  My thoughts and prayers go out to my Uncle Gene and all of my cousins (Kim, Sandy, Jeannie, Jacque, and Bill) and their families during this difficult time.  We love you guys!



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