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You know how when you have 8000000000 things to do, including 800000000 things of homework, but instead you sit in front of the computer staring at cute animal pictures for 3 hours and get nothing done!?  Welcome to my world… but darnit if that cat riding the donkey weren’t cute!

I’m in the midst of participating in the DietBet extravaganza, where I put money into a pot with a bunch of other participants and then work to lose 4% of my body weight in a month!  What was I thinking!?  Actually, I have to say… if you’re a cheap wad like I am, this is the best kind of motivation.  Ain’t no way I’m gonna be losing 50 precious bucks to some stranger in Maryland, so darn tootin’ I’m going to be sticking to that eating/exercise plan like Bieber Fever fans in front of the courthouse.  I will always refuse to call it a “die”t because those don’t work.  It’s calorizing… less calories in… more calories burned with exercise.  End of story.

I’ve been impressed at my willpower the last 2 weeks… it’s been as strong as a…. uhhhh… thing that is strong.  I’m having trouble stringing thoughts together in this brain of mine tonight… so pretend like I’m being all eloquent and queenly and such when in reality Beavis wrote this here post.  It pays to be frugal!

In the meantime, this is old news since it happened on Tuesday of this past week and in this day and age something’s old news before someone famous gets arrested.  Did anyone watch The Biggest Loser finale?  I have to admit I didn’t watch this season.  I watched the first episode and then I watched the finale because it’s always fun to see what the contestants look like after weight loss.  This particular season finale has been wrought with controversy!  The winner, Rachel, lost 60% of her body weight in just a few short months’ time.  She went from one extreme, overweight to the other extreme, underweight.

This was Bob and Jillian’s (2 of the 3 trainers) reactions when she first came out.

She admitted that all she did from the time she got home from the ranch until the day of the finale was do cardio exercise 24/7.  I guess no one can blame her, though.  The premise of this show is jacked up.  Some competetive people will go to all sorts of extremes to win a quarter of a million dollars when it’s dangled in front of them.  I can’t imagine, since her weight loss happened over the course of a few months, that it was in any way healthy weight loss, but she has her a quarter of a million dollars now… so that’s all that matters… right?

It’s kind of like they trade one addiction (food) for another (extreme exercise).  I wish her the best.  She seems like a sweet girl and I hope she has many years of happy in her new body.

Question of the Day:  Did anyone watch the Biggest Loser finale?  Thoughts?  

PS – If you are reading this, my friend, Audrey… I just wanted you to know that I am sending you thoughts and prayers and hugs during this difficult time.  I’m sorry for your loss and hope you will be surrounded by those you love.  Take care, sweet lady.


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The Biggest Cringer…

Let me start off with this… I like that show, The Biggest Loser… and it can be very motivating and enlightening and tear-inducing… rinse, wash, repeat… but at the same time I also cannot stand that showThe Biggest Loser. Before I get a barrage of people hunting me down with torches and broken scales, let me explain myself with a list of reasons.

–  Fat Chics Parading Around in Sports Bras at Weigh-Ins.  I get it…. I do.  The producers of the show want the audience to see the fat blobs around their stomachs, be disgusted by it, and then go eat a pound of Oreos so they can be on the show next season.  It’s the circle of weight loss shows!   I also understand it’s so that as they lose the weight, we can see the progress better than if they were sporting baggy T-shirts.  I get it… but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.  It’s like they’re saying… Well, hey… look at this heifer and her fat rolls… isn’t she disgusting? 

The fact that they exercise all dagnabbed day and eat like birds.  In the real world, folks can’t do that… and won’t do that because it’s basically ridiculous and it’s like it’s replacing one obsession (food) for another (wanting the pounds on the scale to move downward so badly that all they think about is exercising).  I’ve read they probably get at least 1500 calories a day… which is a normal number for someone trying to lose weight… but they also didn’t factor into the equation that they need more fuel for their body if they’re going to be working out that hard.  You definitely can’t argue with the results… I see all the weight those obsessercizers (my shortened version of obsessive exercisers) lose, but come on that’s not a  healthy nor realistic lifestyle.

–  Dehydration technique.  Y’all must have heard about the dehydration technique that this show uses before weigh ins.  Basically they don’t drink water for hours before a weigh in and then wear special sweat-inducing clothing and saunas when they exercise.  Translating to a bigger number on the scale because they’ve now lost about 6 pounds of water weight.  Healthy!

– My biggest peeve is the fact that the contestants are made to feel down on themselves if they don’t lose a staggering amount of weight each week.  There have been several times where a contestant will get on the scale and only lose 10 pounds in the space of one week, only to have let the team down because he/she didn’t lose enough to make them win the weigh in.  And they literally get all depressed up there.  I’m sorry I didn’t lose 25 pounds this week, fellas… I must have eaten one too many lettuce greens.  So unhealthy.  Our bodies are so unpredictable when it comes to hoarding water and hormones and any number of things that can determine what our weight on the scale will be.  You can follow a strict menu/exercising regime and still come out having gained.  I’ve had that happen so many times over the last however many years, I couldn’t even begin to count them all… and I can’t let it deter me because there will be one day when I step on that scale and this stubborn body of mine will give me what I want to see.  It’s about the consistent persistence… and most of all… patience.

So, The Biggest Loser… Do me a favor… while you’re changing lives all over the country take into account that these are people you’re dealing with… not a group of cattle.

Question of the Day:  Do you watch The Biggest Loser?  Do you feel it is realistic and fair? 


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The Day I Got Kicked Out of Golden Corral!!!

Sacrilege!!  I just got kicked the heck out of my former place of worship… an all-you-can-eat buffet!  I aim to take this all the way to the Supreme Court if I have to!!  You bet your bottom dollar, Annie!  Thou shalt not tear they Whitney away from thy dessert buffet.   I’m guessing that I maybe need to back the gravy train up here before I call my attorney and everything (Robert J. DeBry and Associates).  

It turns out that some of this season’s Biggest Loser peeps were coming to Logan for a meet and greet type of thing.  This would totally be way unusual for a small town like ours, but it just so happens that 2 of this year’s contestants live and have a gym in this town, Rulon and Justin.  We just don’t get things like this in Logan… Salt Lake City, maybe… but Logan usually gets the 2nd cousin twice removed of the uncle’s dog’s friend’s sister’s neighbor’s pet parakeet who just happens to live next door to Oprah Winfrey (what up, Oprah).  So, we obviously couldn’t pass up the opportunity to gawk at people from reality TV. 

Of all places to hold a stinking meet and greet for people trying to lose hundreds of pounds… how about Golden Corral!?  BRILLIANT, SHERLOCK!  Now, go put in an order for extra lard sauce!  That’s like holding an Alcoholic’s Anonymous meeting at the State Liquor Store.  STEW – PID… give the team member who came up with that idea a raise!  Being the uber responsible (and frankly mega uptight) person that I am, I called Golden Corral in advance to get the 411 on the event.  I asked very specific questions… does it cost to get in… the answer was no… not unless you want to eat.  Obviously a bonus for this girl because I’m sure I could do some calorizing damage at a buffet!

I went with 2 friends (what up, Oprah… errr… I mean Karrie and Rachel) and the Madre.  We get there and it’s pretty much packed… like fire hazard packed.  There is no signage anywhere at the entrance about this Biggest Loser Meet and Greet… so, we just mosey on through the exit hallway into the throng of people.  Kaylee is the first one we come across… we just sort of make small talk and ask her the same questions I’m sure she’s been asked approximately 3 billion times by now… but she seemed nice enough.  Then we wander (by wander, I really mean stand still until the throng of people moves an inch) around and see Courtney (LOVE Courtney)… we make some more small talk with her and get a picture… sadly the camera person (Oprah… errr… Madre) didn’t know how to work my camera and so Courtney stood there for 5 minutes with her arms around us smiling at the camera… totally got in her workout for the day. 

 Then we move 2 inches more and find a corner that isn’t as thronged.  An uptight dude wearing a GC shirt comes up to us and asks if we bought dinner there.  Uh… no… Then he proceeded to flip a lid about how this wasn’t a free outing and that if we wanted to talk to the contestants, we’d have to buy dinner for $20.  We proceeded to tell him about my previous conversation with one of his employees the day before where I was told it was free… and then he proceeded to spout steam out of his ears and tell us that no one told us that.  Okay… yes… you are right… I am dumb and deaf and you are obviously a man of superior intelligence.  I felt sorry for him because it was like someone kicked his trike in the ditch, peed in his Cheerios, and gave him a wedgie all in the same day!!  Can you even imagine!!?!? 

So, we had to leave… but on the way out, we ran into Arthur (who just happened to be blocking the exit) and got a picture and autograph from him!  Score it!  We also saw Sara, Justin, Austin, Moses and the new trainer Bret, but weren’t about to pay money for Lard City Central just to talk to them. 

Picture time… (I may be sued for these pictures because I got them without eating a tray of fried chicken)!

The curly-haired dude is Austin... he was looking super fit!

Rachel, Courtney, and I... I was obviously trying to instruct the novice camera person... thus the wierd face.

Rachel, Arthur, and I... my shoes only added 4 inches to my already monstrous height!

Extra bonus… the card Arthur gave us with his before and after pictures!

Golden Corral… you just lost your former best paying customer!  Take that and smoke it for dinner.  Also… GC dude with the perma-wedgie… would totally like to invite you to my dinner party next Saturday… main dishes will include cow dung coleslaw and chocolate-covered cockroaches!  Call me! 

Question of the Day:  Do you watch Biggest Loser this season?  Who is your favorite?  Also, what do you think of Golden Corral?   😛



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