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Dump and Fuhgettaboutit!

Totally channeling my inner Italian!  If I had one, but sadly I only have an inner hillbilly/redneck.  I reckon I ain’t never!  Short and sweet today… some favorite recipitas from the past few weeks!

This is my new favorite breakfast invention.  I’m serious right now!  It’s a modified version of a breakfast burrito eaten flat because then it feels like I’m eating more and it makes me convulse with excitement!   The recipe:

– An 80-calorie fiber Maya tortilla
– Half of an Ore Ida hashbrown patty, cut up
– Bean mixture (black beans, red peppers, and salsa) cooked in the same pan as the egg
– An egg (must be cooked hard and crusty… sue me… )
– Cheese (optional)

The key is to cook your bean mixture with the salsa and the red peppers (and you can probably add any other veggie-tables you want) in the same pan with the egg. YUM!!  I might have to have it again next week!  Warning:  May become addicting… Costa Vida agrees!

That ain’t a pretty picture (redneck holla, y’all), but it was so gosh durn easy to make this soup, I just had to let y’all in on the secret.  This is one of those dump ingredients into a crockpot and fuhgettaboutit recipes I so enjoy.  Potato Soup never was easier!

– One 30-ounce bag frozen hashbrowns (I used Ore Ida Country Style)
– Three 14-ounce cans of vegetable broth (reduced sodium) or chicken broth
– 1 can cream of celery soup (or cream of chicken)
– 1/2 cup chopped onion
– 1/4 tsp. black pepper
– 8-ounce package cream cheese (do not use fat free, it won’t melt!)

In a crockpot, combine everything EXCEPT for the cream cheese.  Cook for 6-8 hours on low heat.  About 1 hour before serving, add cream cheese and keep heated until thoroughly melted.  Serve with cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, green onions, or whatever else you think would be good!  My recipe was about 250 calories per serving when I broke it up into 7 good-sized servings.

Next time I make this I’m going to throw in some random vegetables and make it potato-vegetable soup!

TASTEE!  Possibly a good time to log your food whilst punching me in the face for your cardio session?  Why yes… I think I will!  I got in my lunch hour walk yesterday… it was a glorious escape into the fresh air because I then spent the rest of the day/night glued to my computer due to work and homework… 88 hours worth… at least (coughcoughgiveortake70hours).

Question of the Day:  What is your favorite go-to breakfast?   Day 2… what did you do to for points in NO MORE FATMAS yesterday?   


PS- News Flash half of the nation that is unhappy today… I just got word from Canada… they don’t want anyone from the US.  Stay put and carry on… respectfully.



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Appley Keen-Wah…

I’m sorry you don’t speak Korean… I don’t either, I’m just really sorry that you all don’t… maybe then you could read my blog titles a teensy bit better.  Translated to English, the one above is a distant cuzzin of Peachy Keen followed by a baby crying… or… and this might make more sense… I’m about to talk about my breakfasting adventures… Quinoa (aka Keen-Wah) being at the top of that list.

Quinoa is supposedly a great source of protein… but it also tastes like moldy feet to me.  I have to say it’s an acquired taste and by golly I’m doing my durndest to acquire that taste.  The first forray was not successful… some weird cold salad concoction with some weird dressing on it… which was just weird… and gross… and did I mention weird?  So that sucked… moving on.  I then found some recipes for the “lazy” cook wherein you could make one thing and doctor it up to use for 2 different meals.  Slap a sticker on my fanny pack and call me Georgette… that one’s for me!  The first meal was a breakfast… a quinoa-meal of sorts.  I made me up a double batch of quinoa on Sunday night and Monday morning all I had to do was throw a few things in a bowl and call it a meal.

The ingredients in this bowl?

1/2 cup Almond milk due to my lactose issue (or plain milk or soy milk or milk straight from the udder of a goat thing)
1/2 cup cooked Quinoa
1/8 cup golden raisins
1/2 of a Granny Smith apple (chopped)
1 – 2 tsp. Honey (darling)
Sprinkle of cinnamon

I microwaved the milk and the quinoa before I added anything else just because I prefer mine warm.  The trick here is to mix the quinoa with yummerific stuff… then it’s totally tastee… and under 300 calories per serving if you use the Almond milk.  Quinoa might have almost won me over with this dish.  But then I went and made the 2nd part of the recipe for dinner.  This one included craisins, cashews, quinoa, and a dressing that included lemon, honey, and olive oil.  On a scale of 1 to Krispy Kreme donut, I’d give it a Twinkie.  It was okay if I ate each bite with all the components on the fork, but I wasn’t rushing out to make this again.  Such is the life of a professional chef chic trying new foods.

My second favorite find… Southwestern Blend Egg Beaters.  Oh my fiesta in my salivary glands!  I usually cook plain egg whites with cheese and salsa and sometimes veggies chopped up and thrown in… and I was getting SO bored… but then I came across these suckers!  GLORIOUS!  I’m dead serious.  If I could I’d eat them 3 times a day.

It has little chunks of peppers mixed in there and Southwestern spices.  Here’s what you do, get you about 1/2 cup of this in a pan, scramble them up, sprinkle you some cheese on there, toast you up an English muffin and voila, you have yourself a southwestern egg mcmuffin without the micks and with fewer calories.  Throw in some fruit and you’re filled up for a good 3 or so hours!  They have other flavors too, which just makes me the most excited chick on the breakfast block!  Bring it, cholesterol-free beaters!

Question of the Day:  Have you ever eaten Quinoa?  What did you think?  Any favorite breakfast recipes?  

Y’all best appreciate the fact that this beautiful thing was covering up an ugly thing… Blimpie!?!?!?  As if!  Also, I risked my life to take this picture… bees galore on that tree and I am all sorts of allergic to bee stings.  Thank goodness I wasn’t wearing my cow crud perfume.


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