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Great Jehosephat!

I’m feeling uninspired.  It was a busy week and so there is a bunch to blog about but I’m too lazy to find my camera and upload any pictures (PS… has anyone seen my camera… it’s like it walked off and joined a cult?)   In the meantime, I’ve decided I’d rather just make fun of this here picture I came across when looking through pictures.  Some of you have already been privy to it… I immediately made it my Facebook profile picture.  Can’t pass up that opportunity.  I’m thinking I’ve lost about 5 friends since I uploaded it last night.

Oh lawsy… WHERE TO BEGIN!?!?  It’s like a goldmine up in this here joint!  I would just like to point out, though people have guessed that I’m gearing up to blow out the candles, I’m actually just oober shocked that I’m sitting in the presence of a chocolate cake and haven’t been grounded yet for going off my “die”t.  Did y’all also notice the fact that the cake decorator plopped a cardboard ghost on the top of the thing and called it a day?  I got my crafting skillz from my mother!  In this day and age, children get to pick their birthday party theme and then they get a cake built in the shape of a princess castle or carved into a gargantuan Barbie convertible, Whitney’s birthday is a week before Halloween… her theme was always, always, always Halloween.  The colors were always orange and black… and that cardboard cake ghost got some mileage!

Y’all kids these days have it good.  Why, back in my day we had birthday parties on the west side of town with the front door wide open to up the chances of being kidnappesd on the spot.  Could finally get rid of that cardboard ghost if that were to happen!   My bangs are paying homage to the future bath poof body scrubber… and my shirt is a straight up puff paint original.  Do you remember puff paint?  Do they still make puff paint?  I need me some puff paint stockings.  The reason I remember the shirt had puff paint on it was because I would spend hours picking off said puff paint until it was basically a white shirt with no puff paint scribbles.

It’s a miracle I didn’t decapitate myself wearing those glasses for so long… walking upright must have been quite the ordeal… especially since it was uphill both ways without any pants and it was always winter!


Yesterday someone introduced me to this impressionist, Christina Bianco, and since then I’ve watched 800 YouTube videos of her.  She does impressions of the voices of female singers aka divas… and is spot on with most of them.  Hilarious!




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