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I wasn’t going to post anything, but figured I best if I’m using this old fashioned blog (Snapchat what!?) as a sort of a journal. It’s good to make note of milestones… no matter if it may have taken 20 years to reach said milestone… because perseverance counts for something… it just has to said the tortoise to the hare.

I graduated high school in 1997… y’all… put your calendars away… that was 20 damn-fried years ago. By fall of 1997 I enrolled at USU because that’s what all the cool kids were doing… and by cool I really mean non-druggy. High school came easy to me… I’d do a lot of my homework on the bus or 5 minutes before the class started and I’d still get A’s. College, I found was not the same beast. I had to study… and I really didn’t know how to study. I also figured I’d be superwoman my freshman year and on top of having a full-time schedule of classes, to pay for those classes (no scholarships for the Whitmeister despite good grades and ACT score), I also was juggling 3 jobs and had a death wish with a newly-diagnosed diabetes disease. Needless to say, I bombed big time. I got my first D’s and F’s in all my school career. I had too much going on and not enough desire to focus on the betterment part of my life. I faked my way through a few more semesters… got some more poor grades… did less studying… worked 2 jobs (quit 1), and gained approximately 200 pounds in the process. By Spring of 1999 I fizzled out of the USU thing and just worked. A few years later I attended a year+ of Bridgerland Applied Technology College to become a medical transcriptionist, and that’s where I worked for approximately 13 years.

To make a long story even boringer, I realized that if I wanted to see my dream of owning my own place and perhaps a small country in Europe, I’d either have to adopt a rich grandfather, become a mail order bride for rich blind people, or I’d have to finish that dagnabbed degree at USU and give myself a fighting chance. Transcription was also going the way of the dinosaur with technology advancing, so there was double reason to pick option C. By fall of 2012, I’d re-enrolled at USU and started my college career again. I still worked full time, but only 1 job and decided to keep things sane I better just do part-time school with a full-time job. I was determined to not make the same mistakes I had years earlier. To be honest, I was pretty sure I’d fizzle out again after a few semesters and register for that rich grandfather program, but something in me kept going… semester after semester, 6 or 7 credits per semester and a realization that I’d be near geezer status by the time I finally graduated.

I graduated this weekend… pulled my pitiful 2.4 GPA when I fizzled out in early 1999 up to near a 3.8 (that’s including my F’s and D’s as those don’t get erased from your transcript). Life is funny… could this be the time I was meant to finish my long sought after bachelor’s degree… in my late 30s with greying foliage? If you believe that lives are mapped out before we arrive here on Earth, then absolutely. I’m just doing things out of order.

Call me a late bloomer… I’m wayyyy behind all of you cool kids, but finishing something big like this, for this chic who has a closet full of unfinished crafting disasters, is something to pat myself on the back for. Now, if I could only figure out what I want to be when I grow up!? ūüėõ I’m open to suggestions!

PS – If anyone knows of a really cool job who is looking for a hardworking, responsible to a fault, newly graduated girl named Whitney, I’m at the top of that list.

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Wishy Washy Whitney…

It smells like the Yankee Candle Company vomited all over my bedroom. ¬†Note to self: ¬†Do not purchase smellies from the clearance bin… there’s a reason those flavors are in the clearance bin to begin with. ¬†The flavor “winter” smells just like a smog-infested inversion met a dollop of deer doo and united as one. ¬† And of course, I forgot and left the candle warmer on all day. ¬†Gag me a maggot!

I’ve always, always, always and forevermore been a horrible decision maker. ¬†Where there’s a choice between 2 things (seen as equal in my eyes), I have a hard time picking one and committing to it. ¬†It’s annoying for everyone involved. ¬†Choices between one thing I love and one thing I hate are a different story… show me a pot of asparagus and a chocolate bar and I’ll pick the asparagus, but only so I can have the satisfaction of putting it through the garbage disposal. ¬†That’s also why I’m 35 years old and barely a junior in college. ¬†Couldn’t pick a major to save my life… that and I had a hard time controlling my ADD back when I was 18 and didn’t want to go to college. ¬†Plus I was busy gaining 530 pounds of weight… no time for homework, yo when there be thangs to eat!

I finally committed to a major a year ago, technical writing. ¬†Phew… that’s over and done with. ¬†Only one problem… this semester I am taking my first actual technical writing course… and I can’t see myself wanting to do what I do for this class on a daily basis in a work environment. ¬†I just can’t. ¬†I don’t enjoy it, and I think you should try to pick something you enjoy doing… even if just a little bit. ¬†I don’t want to say back to the drawing board, because I do think I’m on the right course in the English section of things… maybe. ¬†I wish I had a new brain and a magic 8 ball that worked, but mostly I wish someone would come and finish this paper I’ve been slugging my way through due Tuesday. ¬†Procrastination… it’s what’s for dinner!

In other news… I have 2 days before my first DietBet weigh-in day and it happens to be right during hormone hoarding week where I gain 80000 gallons of water hormone weight. ¬†No matter… I’m ounces away from my goal of 14 pounds in 4 weeks and heck if I’m going to lose this thing by ounces. ¬†I might have to get all Arnold Shwarzdknfkwiejrowijposear before a weightlifting competition up in this joint… no water drinking and exercising wearing sweats and a garbage bag will be in my future… the lengths I will go to to keep my money! ¬†Maybe if I just eat my dinners next to this here “winter” candle warmer, I’ll lose all sorts of ounces… on account of the fact that the stench will ruin my appetite! ¬†Totes worth a try!



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