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Yep, I’m Boring…

I have nothing news-worthy to blog about this week… okay, I never really have anything that news-worthy to blog about any week, but I still manage to yammer for a decade.  I’m serious this week.  It might be more exciting to watch hot tar run down a driveway.  Let’s see… Saturdee I bought myself some new socks and a toothbrush… it was blue… the toothbrush, not the socks.  Aside from that… I worked, read 8 bajillion pages in textbooks, drooled out both sides of my mouth, and pulled at least 12 hairs out whilst trying to write Italian dialogue.  My professor told me to quit using Google Translate on my homework… uh, I didn’t… but apparently that’s how talentedly bad I am at it.  It doesn’t work to translate directly she says… and that is why I won’t be an Italian Prime Minister… well, that and every other reason you can think of.

On Saturdee, there was the deer who decided to scare the bejeebers out of me by eating shrubbery 2 feet from my noggin…

I heard this rustling/scratching noise whilst reading one of the aforementioned textbooks and thought it was LucyFur scraping up the furniture again, so I turned into Tyrannical Trudy and began yelling at her to stop.  Turns out she wasn’t in the room, but this dudette wanted to join me for tea and crumpetts (great, Bambi… you bring the tea and crumpetts).

Speaking of LucyFur, she’s adopted some more annoying habits of late… aside from the waking Whitney up 12 times a night and scratching at the furniture in her cabin fever-induced state.  There’s usually construction going on on the back canal bank these days (have I mentioned how much I love the changes they are making!?  Because… NOT!)  She hates the rumbling big truck noises and feels the need to warn the villagers every time there are loud truck rumblings and noises… and to do that she just makes more noise on top of the noise by meowing at the top of her lungs for an hour until it stops.  She’s like Lassie, except no one has been saved from the well with her efforts.  She’s also inherited my OCD qualities by having to knead around the entire edges of whatever she wants to lie down on… case in point…

Did you fall asleep?  I told you!  That was only half of it, she did knead around the entire other side before I pressed record.  You are welcome!  Become an OCD baker, LucyFur… bring in some income!

Have a great week friends… guess what… It’s February next Monday!  HALLELUJAH!

Baby BoBear pictures of the week:

He says… Give me a cookie!!


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And There Was Light!!!!

Heck yes, that blog title deserved an excessive amount of exclamation pointage!  Glory glory hallelujah… Amen!  Even if I think the act of Daylight Savings Time should be soooooooooooo null and void in this day and age… good grief, 75% of our population ain’t ever been on a farm, let alone had to get up at the crack of dawn to uh… erm… farmage… I still love me some evening light.  It’s like a whiff of a Krispy Kreme donut factory on a trip to the lard plant.  And even though I’m not so fond of the fact that we had to lose an extra hour and now my body clock is all skeewampus (yes, it’s a wuss… why do you ask?), I will endure it for the extra lightage it provided me.

Meanwhile, broken record alert… I sat myself down to talk to the voices in my head about my spiraling out of control non-caring-ness when it comes to everything healthy lifestyle.  I said, Self… listen up… Then Clyde, the voice in my head who hates when people refer to themselves as “self”, interjected and slapped me upside my noggin.  Stop it, Clyde.  I really have only 2 choices at this juncture… continue the non-caring-ness and gain even more weight and feel miserable and bloated and old personagey and watch myself balloon up to an uncomfortable clothing size until the earth exlpodes into a bajillioin tiny pieces of Lane Bryant catalogues!  OR… and this seems to be the simpler choice… SHUT UP AND DO IT.  Thank you, Nike.  Meanwhile, I will await my free pair of walking shoes for the mention… at least 3 people read this blog, and that’s including my mom!

Seems an easy choice to me… dagblast it all!  The last few days every time I’ve felt the urge to eat something not on the menu, I’ve given myself those above-mentioned choices outloud… which seems to help for now… even if I got heck-if-she-shouldn’t-be-wearing-a-strait-jacket stares in the grocery store aisles on Saturday.  I’m certifiable… deal with it!  America… the land of the free and the home of the whack-a-doos!

This guy stomped through the yard the other day with a friend I didn’t get a good picture of with antlers… except for the fact that said friend was missing the antler on his right side.  Poor antlerish dear deer.  He must be so off balance when he tries to get up in the morning!   I did get a boring video of one-antler dude… I was having a nonstimulating wrist issue day and he was a phenomenon apparently.

PS – For those who have expressed interest in attending a performance of The Garden where I attempt to portray an old and barren Olive Tree majig, this is the link for the tickets.  I know for a fact that they haven’t advertised said link, so the pickings are plentiful.  I’m sure they’ll still be plentiful after any advertisement, but a girl wouldn’t be a car salesman if she said that outloud!   Now, who wants to buy a Mercedes?


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Adjustment Period For Wusses…

Approximately 8 billion years ago when I was a teeny bopper of 15… all full of awkward teenager hormones and excessive zit cream (and the difference now would be?), I broke my left wrist whilst rescuing a baby pomegranate from a ravenous gildabeast (aka tripped when cross country skiing).  At that time it was my left arm and it did not require surgery, but even so I was sure that I never ever wanted it to happen to my right arm ever!  That was my worst possible nightmare for many years, that I would not be able to use my right hand and I thought of it often, horriblizing it before it ever happened…. because that’s what I do,  Whitney Worry Wart.  So, when I broke my right wrist 3 1/2 weeks ago, I was sure I couldn’t handle it.  There are a lot of things I won’t go into detail about that require the use of only my right hand.

I learned the lesson that anything can be handled and it isn’t as bad as I had horriblized it to be.  Don’t get me wrong, it ain’t a dream…but things are much better than they were 3 1/2 weeks ago.  I am able to do things with my left hand with a bit of modification.  It may not be my ideal way to do them…I am pretty particular and love my routine and hate straying from it…but I can do it and that’s the moral I have learned to this point.

I may forget this when my wrist is all better so I thought it would be a good idea to get it down in writing… kindof like a baseball bat to the head when I get Alzheimer’s.

Count down to pin removal is 4 days if all goes well.  I am convinced that 95% of my discomfort, irritation, and pain is due to the 3 gigantic metal rods sticking out of the skin on my wrist… rubbing against my bones, hitting nerves, and getting caught in the fibers of my cast and bandage wrapping so that will be a huge improvement in my opinion… BRING IT!  After that I will still have to wear a cast but I have convinced myself that it will be like living in Bermuda after living in Antactica for 4 weeks.

Hope all is well with all of you sweet friends.  Keep warm because I can’t in this below zero weather!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you find yourself horribilizing situations? Or do you more go with the flow?

We get a lot of deer visitors throughout the year but these young fry decided to make themselves more at home.

Here they are sizing up their beds…maybe we should charge the going hotel room rate.

They sat there for a good hour in the snow in single digit temps…no thank you!


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Raiding the Monastery…

I live in Utah… a church on every corner and a corner on every church… but I’d never been to a Monastery (didn’t even know one existed in this part of the country)… that is until I went on a drive with a friend and we got to exploring the back roads… and front roads… sticking our noses into places they really didn’t belong, but you know what they say about cats and curiosity (thankfully, we were not killed).  We ventured down a backroad up Ogden way (I don’t exactly know which city we were in since I don’t pay attention to road signs unless they say Welcome to Krispy Kreme Donut Factory – FREE SAMPLES… does that sign even exist?  If so… hook a gal up!) and came across a Monastery tucked back in between trees and farmland galore.  I don’t think you’d know it was there unless you happened to have a huge-mongous nose like mine.  I could sniff out a donut from a planet away!

Pretty sure it said something about “No Trespassing,” but I cain’t read a lick, so we ventured down this beautiful tree-lined street to check her out:

Then, we came to the church/bookstore/gift shop, which I so wanted to go into, but it was after 5:00…  I guess they do want you to trespass if they have a gift shop… I feel much better about my big nose now.

I find it fascinating to learn about other religions/faith practices.  This piece of land had a very peaceful feeling to it… a full working farm, and some beautiful surroundings.

We then took a dirt road to get home that I’m pretty sure also had a sign that read No Trespassing… or as I like to call it Road Kill Boulevard!  There were more deer per square foot than I have hair follicles!  Y’all hunters/dudes who want to hang ugly deer heads in their bathrooms so that they have a place to hang their spare toilet paper… I’d totes go to this section of land come hunting season!

Spot the deer!  This dude had a rack growing… would totes be a great toilet paper storer come winter.  Give him a few more months!

This deer was totes over the papparazi chics.  Again!?!?  Did you not read the No Trespassing signage!?  Let me molt in private! 

It was fun to take the road less traveled because I’d never have stopped to see the little things in my rush to get to the next destination.  I’m using that as a life/weight loss plan too.  Take the back roads every so often… stop to take in the little things… the trip isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey to get there.  ENJOY IT!

Question of the Day:  Do you ever take the back roads?  What have you discovered?


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Writer’s Blockage…

My brain is broken and I can’t think of anything somewhat coherent to type tonight/this morning (no, it is not because it is 3:00 a.m. in the morning… I type every night at 3:00 a.m. in the morning).  It might have something to do with the day I had today… I’ll blame it on that.  Since I can’t think of an intelligent topic, I’ll just blather on about my bad luck day. 

Got up this morning to go to the Driver’s License division to get my driver’s license renewed.  They sent me a renewal notice that said I had to show up in person to renew my license by November 1st, 2010.  LOL… so, of course I got right on that, it being only April 13, 2011, and all.  What’s bad about driving around on an expired license for 6 months anyway?  I get to the office, fill out the form, and the guy looks at my “old” license and is like… um… DUH… this doesn’t expire until 2014.  And I’m all like… DUH… then why are you sending me renewal letters in the mail?  And he’s all like, we didn’t send you any letters… and I’m all like, let me ask my parole officer.  And he’s all like, maybe you dreamed it… and I’m all like, you ever tasted a knuckle sandwich? 

Accomplishment #1:  Making a fool of myself at the Driver’s License Office (oh, and they also told me I had to get a new birth certificate because my mom laminated mine at birth and they won’t accept laminated papers… FYI… lamination totally ruins the magical powers of the birthing certificate… thus rendering it useless… but shiny!)

After a rousing row with the Driver’s License dude, it was time for lunch.  I went to Great Harvest and got my usual… Pilgrim Sandwich with NO Turkey, NO stuffing, and NO mayo… basically it was going to be bread, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, and cranberry sauce.  I get it and drive to a park to sit out under the gloomy grey sky, open the sandwich and there is turkey GALORE and stuffing AND mayo.  Which would totes be fine if I wasn’t a vegetarian and was trying to calorize!  Come on, Fred!  I tried picking the meat pieces out but it’s like they mixed the turkey in with the cranberries and veggies and mayo… it wasn’t coming… so I threw that away.

Accomplishment #2:  Throwing away a perfectly good $6 sandwich instead of sending it to the starving children in Ethiopia because I’m too whimpy to take it back and demand a remake!  (side note: I bought Einstein’s new 140-calorie bagel thin instead with lite shmear and some veggies… tasty, meat-free, and the counter dude was possibly the NICEST customer service person I have ever come across… thank you Einstein counter dude for restoring my faith in customer service. )

Lunch done, I decide it’s time to get in some exersaucing.  It’s a grey day (per usual), but I hadn’t seen any rain up till then.  I decide to head up the canyon to this walking trail up there.  Get up there, start walking the trail and 5 minutes in this huge-mongous wind storm crops up out of nowhere… like I’m literally having a hard time walking against it and there’s dirt and dust being thrown around in my eyes like it’s powdered sugar day at the donut shop… then to top it off, it starts to pour rain.  I don’t want to be stuck here when the wicked witch of the west’s house falls on my head, so I turn around and make my way back to my car.  When I get there, I wipe my face off with a napkin… totally black from all the caked-on dirt.  And you know what… as soon as I got back in my car… the rain and wind stopped like Moses was about to be parting the Red Sea and had to wait for me to get out of the way or something.

Accomplishment #3:  War paint DONE.

Now that the tornado is over, I decide to go to a different trail in another canyon… the River Trail.  I drive there and start to walking only to realize that the thing is very muddy… like I could probably swim in it if I wanted to.  I keep on walking, though, because I’m an idiot and then immediately get stuck in a hail storm at the next bend in the trail… A HAIL storm… Then to top it all off, I was nearly attacked by 3 very large dogs (one a pit bull) NOT on leashes because their owner didn’t think anyone would be walking the trail on a bad weather day like today. 

Accomplishment #4:  Been to Hail and back. 

Thank goodness I bought me a new punching bag at Ross for 3.99… because I went home and took out my frustrations by knocking it to timbucktwo and back.  TAKE that, you measley day!  I’m thinking of just sitting on the couch tomorrow.  I’m hoping to get beamed up by space aliens in the process.  Take me to your leader!!

The visitors in my backyard... pretty sure one of them is Rudolph and the other is Bambi!


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