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Focusing On Change…

You know how when you have some sort of lifestyle change… you get a new job, you move towns, you have a kid, you go to prison for embezzling corn nuts, etc., etc., etc.  So, your lifestyle changes and the previous lifestyle you had so carefully crafted kind of goes out the window because of the change of focus… getting accustomed to the new.  I’m feeling a bit of that right now… on a very small scale… adding 2 classes to my schedule has changed my focus, which is ridiculous because I’m all about balance and a healthy balance includes a lifestyle of health.  Get my drift, Prison Patricia?  I need to be more conscious of my eating and my intensity whilst exercising.  I refuse to get out of the habit just because there are now other things I could be doing to fill that set aside health-butt-kicking time.  It’s not impossible, it just takes some thought, a pinch of effort, and every once in a while a good ole fashioned swift kick to the nether regions.  Consider this my good swift kick to the nether regions.

I pinned this article on Pinterest a few weeks back… intent that I’d come back and read it when I got 12 seconds… tonight at 4:30 in the morning I found that 12 seconds… so much for that early to bed crapola I went spouting on about.  The article was titled 15 Signs Your Diet Will Fail… and even though I despise the word “die”t with every ounce of my fat flabs, I read it anyway.  Some good stuff in there.  Stuff I wholeheartedly agree with and stuff I want to agree with but am too lazy to want to put into action.  Though, I have to say when I’m firing on all 5 billion cylinders, I do follow most of this advice.  A quick rundown:

1.  Your plan promotes rapid weight loss.   Take that and shove it Biggest Loser!  Rapid weight loss means eventual rapid weight gain somewhere down the road.  I don’t know about you all, but I want this as a lifetime thing… not having to redo it every 4 years.

2.  You don’t exercise.  Um… DUH!  Did you also know that they call an orange an orange?  My goal for this one.  UP THE INTENSITY…  I can no longer get away with doing the same intensity as I could 235 pounds ago to lose weight.  I’m more in shape now… and the same walking pace is not going to cut it.  And PLEASE for all that’s holy and right with the Solar System… do your dagnabbed weightlifting routine on a regular basis, Whitney… for serious!

3.  You do cardio without strength training.  My biggest, biggest, biggest issue on the exercise front… biggest!  Someone come over here with a ball bat and smack me upside the noggin until I get to hopping regularly.  Who cares if you think it’s boring… shut up and do it!

4.  You cut out an entire food group.   THANK YOU!!  I’ve harped on this from the beginning.  I’ve never believed in cutting out a group of delectables.  The no carb diets don’t work long term… sorry to burst the bubble… it’s reality, folks.

5.  Your diet requires you to buy premade meals.  That’s why I cringe at Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem, etc.  Real food tastes better… real food is better for you… and you need to learn how to make real food.  What are you going to do, buy a 60-year supply of Jenny Craig food just to make sure you keep the weight off?  NEGATIVE!

6.  You skimp on shut eye.  Note taken.  I’ve been a nonsleeper at night since the age of 11.  It’s a hard thing to get out of.  I do think I’d be better off if I could get more sleep… and less likely to graze the household at night.  I’ll eat a piece of furniture if I’m hungry enough.

7.  You don’t pack your lunch.  Common sense.  Preparing ahead of time will totes thwart that I’m so hungry I could eat the fake meat they serve in the McDonald’s Big Mac spiel.

8.  You don’t read nutrition labels.  Yep!  These days nothing goes into the cart without looking at that thing.  I’m always comparing calories and fat and sodium levels.  I’m a total geek, but all the cool kids are doing it.  Ask Urkel!

9.  Your diet is too regimented.  You know those people who say that they will never touch sugar and they will never touch any food that hasn’t been blessed by the organic nymphs of lettuce land?  The ones you want to club in the head with a Twinkie?  Live a little… every once in a while… good grief, Charlie Brown!

10. You skip meals.  I used to do this… I’d eat one huge meal at night and barely anything earlier in the day.  STUPID idea.  There’s a reason keeping your blood sugars level throughout the day is a good idea.  And it totally helps with wanting to binge because you’re so hungry you ate the cat.  I notice when I plan to eat 5 or 6 times a day, I’m so much better off than the times I eat 2 or 3 times.

11.  You over-snack.  I make my day into mini meals rather than big meals and snacks.  That way I’m eating all day… but I always have those days where I graze and eat my mini meals… and that’s about as smart as installing a telephone wire whilst standing in water.

12.  You don’t eat enough protein.  I used to struggle with this at the beginning of vegetarianism.  I’m quite good at it now.  I’ve read up on the best way to get in protein without eating meat whilst having it be a complete protein.  I’m now always over my protein goal.

13.  You go low-fat.  I struggle with this.  I buy low fat because low fat means lower calories which means Whitney gets a bigger serving.  But when they take out the fat, they have to add something to it to compensate… and that’s usually sodium or sugar.  Plus, the body needs some fat.

14.  You refuse to try new foods.  I’ve gotten A LOT better about this over the last 3 years.  Vegetarianism really jump started the new foods thing.  I still have quite a ways to go to get out of the picky eater department, but I’ve grown leaps and bounds.  That’s a pat on the back!

15.  You don’t keep track of what you eat.  PUT A STAMP ON THAT SUCKER AND NAME IT FREDRICK!!  Saying that you can guesstimate in your head what you eat never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever works.  EVER!  The days I don’t use myfitnesspal to track my food are the days I’m wayyyyyy over in calories.  I need to be more regimented in tracking my weekend eating as well.  I don’t… and that is one of my main problems right now.

Pretty smart stuff right there, right?  Y’all… Whitney is inspired to sit down, shut up, and get back on a better regimen.  Two weeks of class taking is enough getting-used-to time!

Question of the Day:  Of the above-mentioned list, which one is your hardest to overcome?  



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Common Sense… Well, Whatta Ya’ Know?

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned somewhere in my incoherent ramblings on this blog about the fact that I’ve pretty much been on every “die”t known to man in my 32 years on the planet… if they invented it… I tried it at least once (hi, Weight Watchers’ workers… how are the kids doing in school since I paid their tuition… I at least deserve monthly updates and pictures from my adopted children).  And every “die”t inventor has an opinion… and pretty much none of it vibes with the other guys’ opinion.  Eat meat… don’t eat meat… eat fat… don’t eat fat… eat horse hooves… don’t eat horse hooves…  It’s enough to make a gal insane (again, family… no comments about my sanity from the peanut gallery!)  Mmmmm… peanuts…

There was the eat all grapefruit diet, the wear short shorts and bedazzled tank tops diet (excuse me… I may have been confused about what exactly Richard Simmons expected me to do on his diet), eat animals and fat and no carbs diet, drink 3 shakes and eat a salad for dinner diet…. blah, blah, blah, blahblahblahblah!!  Stop the INSANITY!!!  (tee hee hee… remember that chick from the 80s with the bleach blonde spikey hair?  Susan Powter!?  Please… like I’m the only one who has ever watched infommercials at 3:00 in the morning!)  Sure all of those diets worked for me for approximately 48 hours… I coulda swore on the 37th hour I felt a quarter of a quarter of a quarter of a pound fall off of my rear recepticle… but then came the 49th hour… the hour when me and the refrigerator got reaquainted after a long distance relationship.  As I’ve said before and as I’ll say until the day I die… “die”ts DO NOT WORK!!!!  Get it?  Got it?  GOOD! 

The best “die”t doesn’t cost a dime… it’s free and it should have already been installed somewhere up in your noggin at birth.  It has no fancy schmancy gadgets or books or bedazzled short shorts.  No prepackaged meals, no nastified weight loss shakes, and no crazy restrictions.   It’s called COMMON SENSE!   So, let me get this straight… if I sit on the couch all day every day with a package of ding dongs, Pizza Hut on speed dial, and a lifetime membership to the McDonald’s French Fry club I’m gonna gain weight?  Well, what if I buy a La-Z-Boy, sit in that all day, but make sure to put the foot rest up and down for 12 reps every hour?

The Common Sense Diet has one rule… burn more calories than you eat throughout the day… lose weight.  Simple.  This is a lifestyle change.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m not planning on never eating desserts or carbs for the rest of my life… so, I have to find a way to fit them into my life in a sensible way… all things in moderation.  Y’all… chocolate deserves to be in my life… don’t tell it otherwise. 

Common Sense… well, whatta ya’ know… it works.

Question of the Day:  Which fad diet is your favorite?


Note:  Thank you friends and relatives who have commented on my blog recently!  Just as a heads up, I did reply to your comments in case you didn’t get an email telling you that I did.  I was informed that that may not be working and like I have any clue how to work a computer!  Technology anyway!   


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