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Mrs. Trunchbull & Laryngitis…

Yesterday, I got gifted a ticket to Matilda the Musical (maybe you’ve read the book by Roald Dahl or seen the movie made based on the book). It was a cute lil’ musical (the kids were amazeballs)! Though, most of the adult people were 4-star jerks… even if they did try to humor it up. Mrs. Trunchbull was the tight-lipped, strict, jerky school principal who ate little children for dinner every night. She was played by a male prancing around in a fluncy skirt and a tight grey bun on top of his head, which made it even funnier. Matilda was treated like dirt by most of the adults in her life (all but her teacher, Miss Honey) and yet she still perservered and rocked her gifts of extreme intelligence and bravery. I’d give it 2 thumbs up even if I sat behind the wiggliest mom and daughter combination on the planet. The mom was wigglier than the 10-year-old daughter by far! If she sat in one position for more than 2 seconds it meant that pigs were flying out back. Which meant I was playing dodge the head game so I could see the whole time. I also got scolded by an usher for using my phone as a flashlight for 2 seconds to see where we were in the program. Nothing like being scolded like a kindergartner. You… go sit in the corner!

This past week I was sicker than the previous week… for 4 of the days I couldn’t talk in anything but a forced whisper (and everyone rejoiced to the high heavens). I still have lingering mucus head and a sore throat… going on 2 weeks now. Oh, the joys of cruditis germs y’all! Send me the inventor so I can whallop them with a stale bagel! On the positive side, the nightly coughing sessions have improved and I can now talk in a semi gravelly voice, so maybe I’m on the upswing? Progress… be it ever so small. Because of that, I feel like I put my healthified goals on the backburner. I skipped out on the exercise because I felt like I got run over by a dump truck and my eating was not the best, more anxiety based than actual hunger based, so live, learn, and improve the next week. I’m going to have my sore throat checked at the doctor in the morning and hopefully he can give me some antibiotics or whatever magical pill will magically make me feel like a semi human person again.

My goals for this week are to stay on my eating plan, drink more water, and move a lot more even if I’m not able to full out exercise until I get rid of this crud.

How was your week? What things did you rock at? What things could you improve on this next week? Onward and upward y’all!



Sorry everyone! I forgot to submit my post on time last week. I should have lots to say but unfortunately I don’t have a lot to report. I have only lost 1 pound in the last 3 weeks. It’s been pretty disappointing but it has given me the determination to do some research on weight loss plateau’s. So if anything today I will share with you some of the things I will be improving on this week that I feel hopefully will give me the change needed to keep my body progressing.

1. Drink 1 Gallon of water a day! I did this in the beginning and found it successful and lately I have not been doing that at all. Drinking that much water is a great tool for flushing the system, and keeping you satiated so I will be doing better on that and tracking that each day.

2. I also went ahead and recalculated my calories based upon the 10 pounds lost and my goal weight. This deceased my calorie intake by a very small amount. But it is a decrease in my overall daily calorie intake.

3. I will be increasing my protein intake. I have been using My Fitness Pal to track my food and I have been able to see that I have not been hitting my protein goals so I will be shooting for 136 grams of protein per day. Which means my 2 snacks throughout the day willl need to be more focused on protein.

4. Decreasing my fat intake. Now this makes me shudder. I hate taking anything away. But to be totally honest I will just be cutting out possibly around 5 grams of fat per day. That equates to a whole egg. So truly not much. But at the end of the week that equates to 35 grams of fat!!!

So as you can see these are very small changes I am making. But I cannot continue to do the same thing and see no results….changes were in order to be made! I feel my body is adapting to the food. I have been diligent about changing up my exercise every 4 weeks so food is what needs to be altered.

I would love to hear what you guys have done to overcome the “Plateau’s” in your journey.

Lindsay, Madre, & I at Matilda!

BoBo loves hims blankie!

He also likes to drag around the shopping cart I bought him for Christmas. Duh… if you’re going shopping you bring your own cart!

Riding lawnmower… 😛

Reading grammy a book!


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I’ve decided that no matter how hard I try, I will forever have stuck in my head the notion that food is linked with celebrations and fun.  I mean, it’s a national passtime for our whole country really.  What’s the most important thing about a get together/party?  The food.  What do we have to serve to get people to come to a wedding and bring a gift that doesn’t contain a lump of coal?  Uh… cactus?  Negatory… food.  Everything and their mother revolves around what we’re going to eat.  I guess that makes sense on a lot of levels.  I mean, we have to eat to live right?  We eat several times a day… as my grandma used to say at breakfast… What are we eating for dinner dear?  

But, we’ve even taken that to a new level.  Somehow I get into my tightly wound noggin that some occasions should be free for alls.  Throw out every single thing you’ve ever learned about moderation in all things and eat the entire cruise ship whilst on vacation.  I think that was the Titanic’s problem… some person ate a chunk out of the floor boards when they ran out of waffles at the buffet.  It’s like a right for me to order the most unhealthy thing on the menu because I’m on a birthday weekend getaway extravaganza of lard sauce.  Sure it’s okay to indulge here and there.  I think it’s really unhealthy if we don’t do that.  There needs to be a healthy relationship between a person and their food, and I don’t think constantly restricting certain food items is going to do the job long term.

Miss Vague-y Titanic Floor Boards is on her Vaguey rants again.  What does this all mean?  It means I’m sorting out in my brain the best way to deal with such problems in the future.  This past weekend I went to Midway, Utah for my annual birthday trip (apparently I’m celebrating all month since it’s not my birthday yet).  Usually during my annual birthday trip I give myself permission to not count a single calorie and just enjoy myself.  I think that’s reasonable… but then I went and decided I was joining the Lard Sauce Convention and took it to another Lard-abration Level purposely ordering the lardiest item on the menu because I dagnabbed deserved it instead of being reasonable and choosing one of the healthier options.  Oh learning curves… you rarely work with food.

I think it’s safe to say I blame Ronald McDonald for all of these problems.  Him and his flouncy unnaturally red hair and floppy shoes.  Big Mac my rear patookus!

Uhhhh… where do I buy the carb seed and why did I not know these existed?  Also, I’m pretty sure when I start planting carb seeds my black thumb will automatically be turning green!  CARBS!

Totally my spirit animal.  CARBS!!

In case you were wondering… this family exists.  Giganturan and Teeny.

This is what happens to Plumpy the Penguin after a long night of drinking…

At least he thought to take his hat off first.



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Moderation In All Things… Twinkie…

If anyone needs me I’ve been accepted into the Sea World School of Seal Barking Exhibits.  I think I have a pretty good chance at becoming A+ at their language on account of the fact that I’m on week three of bronchitis/head congestion and have mastered said seal barking to the next level!  Pretty proud day, I must say!  Meanwhile, if anyone knows of anyone who would be able to slice a hole into my head somewhere, tip me upside down, and drain out all the goobers, I’d be there with Tinkerbells on.  One go-round of antibiotics hasn’t touched it and I feel like everyone would thank you for the service of peace and quiet… not just me.

In other news… I had a strange conversation in my Literature class last week.  I usually arrive a bit early and while I was sitting there with another student, also overweight, we began talking about “die”ts.  I didn’t bring it up… I don’t bring that subject up unless someone else does because A.) it can be construed as rude (are you saying I need to go on a diet!?!?) and 2.) It’s none of my dang business.  Also, I hate the word, “die”t as has been established approximately 12,000 times in the last 4 years.  Anyway, we got talking about how she was researching different diets to find which would be the best for her to start.  She asked which one I liked the best, to which I answered… NONE OF THE ABOVE!  Okay, okay… if you have to twist my arm I’d say Weight Watchers, only because it believes what I believe… moderation in all things.  But, WW brings with it bad memories of my 7-year-old self sitting in WW meetings with 3000 adults, so I won’t be using that method any time soon unless my fellow seal barkers take me there against my will.

I’m pretty stubborn on the moderation in all things method.  Pretty stubborn because I know it works… I’ve seen the most results of any of the bajillions of diets I’ve ever been on… and most importantly it’s common sense for lifelong success.  Here’s where some folks get confused (and I’ve been confused on many occasion including the last year or so), just because it’s moderation in all things does not mean that one should be able to eat 5 boxes of Twinkies and a keg of root beer everyday as long as one stays within their set amount of calories.  That ain’t moderation fellow seal barkers named Whitney!  It just means that life will happen and food is a part of life no matter how many darts we throw at it… so I can have a Twinkie here and there… and I can eat above my allotted calories here and there… and no food is off the table… no matter it’s fat or calorie content.  90% angel begets 10% devil… take that to the bank.

I do believe that what works for one person does not work for another person, and I respect that… everyone has to find out what works for them.  Moderation in all things is my gig.  And I’ll be stubborn about that until the seals quit barking.  Granted… if I wanted to become Miss Buff Body Builder Barker, I’d have to conform my eating to one of a body builders.  Since I want to be plain ole healthier Whitney with extra skin jiggles and cankles, I’ll go on eating in moderation.  So, girl from my Lit class… if you’re reading this… NONE OF THE ABOVE!

Side note:  I realize I talk about Twinkies like an excessive amount.  It’s like I’m in love with them or something.  I’d just like to clear up the confusion.  I actually do not like Twinkies, but their name is so cute and so I’ve decided to use them as a code word for food that is less nutritious and more indulgent.  Get my drift, Merle!?  Using Twinkies… one sentence at a time!


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Accountability and Insanity…

Hi y’all… long time no blabber… not really.  I blabbered every single day last week… just no one paid any attention to the psychotic spinster in the corner.  I’ve always tried to blend in.  A couple of things today… Firstly, FatMas Accountability!!  I don’t feel any overwhelming need to rundown what the points entail since this is week 6 and the 2 people left pretty much have it down and if you don’t and need a rundown anyway, make sure you clickety click on this here linkage.  That’s the lazy woman’s way of saying… suck it!

Total Points This Week:
Total Points From Previous 5 Weeks:


1 – What are you most proud of accomplishing this week?
2 – What can you improve on this week?
3 –  What did you improve on from last week?
4 – Thoughts/Comments/Frustrations/Concerns/Funny Jokes?


My answers… bear in mind I did HORRIBLY at this thing during Finals week… HORRIBLY!  Moving on…

Total Points This Week:  13
Total Points From Previous 5 Weeks:  93


1 – What are you most proud of accomplishing this week?  Ummmm… let’s see… well… I didn’t hardly dribble any food on my shirt as I was unconsciously shoveling it in like a pack horse on desert duty.  I’ve come to the conclusion this week that I hate food and it’s overwhelming subliminal messages it puts out into the world… I’ve hated it on and off my whole life, but this is more legit-like!

2 – What can you improve on this week?  Everything and the kitchen sink.  Bless the pygmy goats and their riders stay out of my way… I’m a machine!

3 –  What did you improve on from last week?  Uh… obviously the dribbling on the shirt thing… OBVS!!!

4 – Thoughts/Comments/Frustrations/Concerns/Funny Jokes?  Tetrazzini is a funny word like moist and dribble… oh, and squall!


PS – I have been heartsick over this senseless, horrific, unfathomable act in Connecticut this past Friday.  Those poor innocent, beautiful babies and their families!  Thoughts and prayers and more thoughts and prayers are being sent that the victim’s friends and families may find peace and comfort.



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My Best Friend… Food…

I read an article the other night… brain cells be durned… something about some wellness coach to the stars.  Pretty usual stuff, but then this quote popped out of the drudge and stuck to me like a cellulite bar after an all-you-can-eat cake parade!

Learn to live with food. Figure out how to make food your friend. You can’t go through life without food or have an adversarial relationship with it. It’s deadly. If you make exercise your constant companion and food your best friend you never have to struggle.

This would be the point when I started talking to my computer screen… Excuse you, lady… food has been my best friend for too many years… that’s how I got to 530 pounds and a death wish!  

But wait a cotton-picking, dagblasted minute here…  All these years I thought food was my best friend… my comfort… my go-to mood lifter… but in all reality, did I misconstrue a friend for an enemy?

How many best friends make you feel miserable?   How many best friends give you diseases like diabetes and cardiac disease and inflammation of the fat flabs?  How many best friends make you feel lonely and vulnerable and sad and depressed and disgusting and peeved at the world?  If any of those things were attributed to your “best friend,” you’d kick that friend to the curb faster than Richard Simmons puts out an exer-saucing video… said Maury Povich’s chair.

I need a new best friend.

Or at least a better relationship with my old “best friend.”

My method of making food my best friend turned into making it my numero uno enemy… and that needs to be turned around… and stat!  Food is fuel… period… end of story.  We all need food to survive… it’s all about finding that happy place… the place where you use food to feel your optimal best… not because of sadness or anger.   Even 200+ pounds later I don’t think I’ve hit that mecca.  Too often I go back to the food as my numero uno worst enemy.  I just need to realize that this will be my constant battle… lifelong… finding coping mechanisms and changing my attitude and view on my “best friend” is a must for survival and continued weight loss/maintenance.  Or my name isn’t Richard Simmon’s fanny pack!

Question of the Day:  How do you view food?  Your best friend or worst enemy? 


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The Four Levels of Eating…

I came across the following and thought it was interesting because who actually sits down to discover exactly why they’re eating when they’re eating?  For the love of all things holy, if you know someone who does this, I’m going to need their phone number so I can move in with them tomorrow.  Hope they like sleeping on the floor because I just called dibs on the bed.

Reading through each of the levels, I know that the majority of my 530-pound weight gain (twice) happened in levels 1 through 3… level 4 was not ever reached… ever.  But it does make sense as a cycle, too.  You start out at level 1, eating crap for pleasure, emotional eating, eating anything but the kitchen sink.  Of course, that kind of eating makes one sluggish and tired and draggy, bringing on level 2… eating for energy, but still not eating the right kinds of foods because you’re just shoving something in to feel less nasty.  One day you get fed up with the way you look and the way you waddle when you walk and the way you huff and puff and blow the house down every time you ascend the stairs, so you move on to level 3, the “DIE”T level… you’re trying to eat your way into recovery after being comatose in levels 1 and 2.  Soon, you get fed up with “die”ting, so you go back to level 1 and so on and so forth until you become bald from hair-pulling tantrums.  Level 4 is only reached when the common sense bone finally gives you a whap upside the head and you realize the only way to live is to use food as fuel.

If you’d have asked me several years ago, I’d have classified the 4 levels as 1:  Eating 2 cookies… 2:  Eating 15 cookies… 3:  Eating a whole bag of cookies… and 4:  Eating a whole witch’s cookie house from Hansel and Gretel.  You see, I wasn’t too bright back in them days.  Now, who wants a cookie?

Question of the Day:  Which of the above eating levels do you think you spent the most time in throughout your life?


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Thud, Crash, Boom…

*** THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, CRRRRREEEAAAAKKK… BOOM***  Hey y’all… here I am… the Abominable Blimp of Arbor Day Past.  Kind of like the lesser known cuzzin of the Ghost of Christmas Past… except on Arbor Day, which no one celebrates and no one gets off from work for.  So, basically it’s a title with the perks of being able to eat until you explode.  Who wants to run for this prestigious office in the next election?  I’m looking to get out of my gig.

This past week was a wash of epic proportions in the eating department… EPIC.  I feel disgusting… all bloated and sick to my stomach… and much like I did every single day of my life 235 pounds ago.  It’s no wonder I was always sick back in those days… I ate like a freaking garbage disposal.  Food is fuel… which has still not totally registered in my noggin because despite feeling like a crapload of Kentucky Fried Chicken vats, I kept shoveling it in.  Bad choices… bad quantities… and bad accountability.  Did I mention I feel disgusting?

The good news in all of this… at least I recognize how disgusting I feel and why I feel the way I do.  In the olden days, I don’t think if you hit me upside the skull with a baseball bat and told me I was bleeding, would I have recognized I was bleeding BECAUSE of the hit to the head with the baseball bat.  I would have blamed everything else on the aching head wound.  Global warming… Al Gore’s head… Count Chocula’s Salmonella outbreak.  I never attributed my sad stomach and my general feeling of fatigue and disgustingness to my eating and non-exercising habits… it was always something else.  Oh, I have irritable bowel syndrome.  I’m allergic to lactose.  OJ Simpson got away with murder.  NEVER did I accept that it was because I ate too much sugar and too much fried fatty stuff and just too dang much.  So, the good news in my epic week of epicness.  I recognize why exactly I feel like a bloated toad… and I know what to do to turn that around.

The bad news… my confidence has been shaken… not stirred… and I don’t know if I have that gumption to get it done.  There has been a recurring theme over the last several months.  I’ll eat beautifully on the weekdays with my menu plan in place, but then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday show up and I think because I’ve eaten beautifully during the week, I DESERVE to have a “treat.”  Which has always been my motto… even during the times when I was losing like gangbusters… but I meant it to be ONE treat on ONE weekend day… not 57 treats on every weekend day… which has stalled any progress I should be making from my strict regimen of eating and exercise during the week… and I guess lack of seeing any progress eventually weighs on a person… (WEIGHS… Bwahahahaha… get it?) and that lack of self confidence and self esteem creeps up faster than Richard Simmons at a TuTu convention.

The other good news… because the good days have evened out the bad, I have maintained my weight.  No big gain to worry about taking off.  I can just move on into new territory of kicking butt-dom.  I REFUSE to let this thing lick me.  The measure of a (wo)man is not in how many times she gets knocked down, it’s in how many times she gets the heck back up.  I’m up… try to take me down for good and I’ll hit you in the head with a baseball bat.  That’s right.

Question of the Day:  What do you do to bring focus back when you’re struggling with something?  



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The Blimp That Ate Easter…

I’ve blogged previously about having trouble with my weekend eating routine and/or pretty much any day I do something out of the ordinary.  Out of the ordinary includes anything that doesn’t happen on a regular routinely daily basis (i.e., wake up, go to work, exercise, make and eat dinner, have a conniption fit, injure myself in some shape or form, knit whilst watching TV, bust a move, shower, write a blog and edit pictures and pick my nostrils, etc., etc., etc.)   So, when a wrench is thrown into that routine, I fall apart at the eating seams.  Usually it’s the voices up in my head telling me that it’s a special occasion… you’re going to the DMV… eat craptastically.

Madre says I need to be more flexible… plans don’t always need to be in place.  I’m big on plans, though… it’s how I live my life of late.  I think I’m afraid that if I don’t have a plan, things will slowly unravel until one day I’ll wake up weighing 500 pounds again and having to hire a hand truck to get myself out to the car.  So, I plan.  I plan my day out to the hour.  I sit down on Saturday or Sunday night and I plug in a week’s worth of meals in my MFP database.  I plan when I’m going to exercise, what I’m going to do, how long I’m allowed to do it, when I’m going to cook (I never plan for the recipe preparation estimate… I always end up doubling that estimate… always!).  It’s a ridiculous process and yet, when the plan falls apart, so do I.

As is proven on the weekends.  It’s impossible to plan for the weekends because there is no routine and it would be ridiculous to make a routine because weekends are supposed to be chill and laid back… not regimented and Army-like.  Slow the flow, you psychotic broad. This past week and weekend I felt particularly out of control.  Thursday evening I went to Salt Lake City (will blog about the happenings on another less psychotic day) and because that put a wrench in my carefully planned schedule, I ate like a turd rocket that night.  I’m not exactly sure what a turd rocket is, but I’m pretty sure I ate like one.  Eh… special occasion… pig the crimeny pants out.  Then came Friday and Saturday and Sunday with visitors and more pigging and less keeping track of said pigging.  Slap a snout on me and call me Wilbur.  It’s just an out of control feeling and I do not like it.  Not one bit.  I know for a fact I have a stick lodged so far up my patookus, they’d need to do surgery to remove the sucker… and sadly I feel a lot more secure with that stick in place.  Which at the same time is so stupid.  Socialness is something that I need to do on occasion (and I do do it), but I feel it comes at a cost to my “lifestyle change” and I feel like I’m constantly having to start fresh each time I am social.  Ridiculous, right?  My stick agrees…

Question of the Day:  Are you a planner?  How do you deal with a break in routine?


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One of my biggest issues on this journey of mine… and I really mean the single most huge-mongous… is figuring out how to feel and listen to my hunger pangs.  A naturally thin person knows it’s time to eat when they’re hungry.  A not-naturally-thing person knows it’s time to eat when the second hand on the clock is moving… basically all the dagnabbed day long.  No joking around.  I could literally probably eat all day… hungry or not.  It’s easy for these hands of mine to stuff things into my pie hole like it be going-out-of-business day at the bankrupt Twinkie factory.  Of course I’ve had to work on that over the last few years… and by work on it I really mean sitting on my hands with a piece of duct tape strapped over my pie hole.  You don’t lose nearly 240 pounds by not working on that.  But, I can legitimately say I still don’t pay attention to my hunger pangs to tell me when it’s time to eat.  I use the clock… and my emotions… and I find myself wondering if the hunger thing can ever be relearned.

And then I seem to have really bad short term memory when it comes to eating.  I hate the feeling I have when I’ve eaten too much.  I feel bloated and nasty and I want to upchuck in the Chuck-up-A-Rama parking lot.  And I always vow to myself… NEVER AGAIN!!!!!  Never again will you eat so much in one sitting that they have to roll you out the door on a hand truck.  NEVER!!!  But I always do it again.  I forget that awful feeling until I’m once again being rolled out on a hand truck vowing to never eat that much at one sitting ever again… again!!  I call it Stuffed-Mentia… you’re stuffed but you’ll have dementia when dinner rolls around and stuff yourself again.  It’s like an ongoing battle of idiocy to the millionth degree.  Sometimes I just have to say things like… Well, Whitney… at least you don’t have 3-feet piles of animal feces in your house like that one chic on the Hoarder’s show.  That usually makes me feel better for 10 minutes… and then I go eat because the second hand just moved 10 seconds.

Question of the Day:  Do you feel like you eat only when you’re hungry?  What’s your biggest eating trigger?



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Learning From the Naturally Thin Folk of the World…

The next question on my List journey:  Ask someone you know about the kind of foods that they eat.

There has always been this myth that a naturally thin person can eat whatever the heck crap they want and still not gain a pound… but that ain’t true.  It may be true of the young folks whose metabolism hasn’t quite caught up to them yet… my metabolism went downhill at the age of 6 months… no jokes right there… chubby baby alert… but once they hit their 20s the bad eating usually catches right up to them and then they become adults with weight problems.  But, to remain naturally thin for your whole life is something that requires work… healthy eating and exercise, and just a general healthy way to deal with emotions other than shove food down the ole gullet!

I asked my adorbs cuzzin, Jen-Jen to guest blog on this subject because she is naturally thin and she works at staying that way… even now when she (and her husband Seth… wut up, Seth!?) are expecting their first child after years of trying.  She is truly the most healthy eater I know… and she too believes in an all things in moderation method.  If a naturally thin person stays thin using this method, then it makes sense for we who need to lose weight to also adopt the same method… she doesn’t eat a crazy “die”t.   That’s just preposterous, Humpty!  Below is in Jen-Jen’s words!  Thank you, Jen!  You rock and I’m glad you’re my good pal and cuzzin!  Love you!


Health and nutrition has always been a topic of interest to me. Now that I am expecting, I feel even more inclined to make sure I am putting wholesome foods in my body, because more than anything I want a healthy baby. I totally and completely agree with Whitney’s strategy for nutrition which is eating healthy, but still allowing yourself those guilty pleasures in moderation. Eating healthy should be a lifestyle, not an extreme, drastic diet. Maybe I just don’t have the will power, but I don’t find it necessary for myself personally to abstain from sugar, white flour, fat, etc.

My three biggest challenges for eating healthy are:

  1. My taste buds! I have always struggled with being a picky eater, and a heightened gag reflex during pregnancy hasn’t helped. During the first 18-20 weeks of pregnancy, I really struggled with eating green vegetables so I drank a tall glass of V8 every day, and extra fruit servings to make up the difference.
  2. Working Night Shifts. It is tempting to eat candy and drink soda to stay awake while working; but I overcome that by packing my own snacks and avoiding the cafeteria and vending machines at work. I do allow myself one small indulgence or treat while working though. It keeps me going at 3 AM.
  3. I love to cook and bake! Trying new recipes is a hobby and obsession for me. I still make those things that are high in calories; just not every single day. I have had to limit myself to making only 1 dessert a week.

Currently I am 23 weeks pregnant and my total weight gain thus far has been about 10 lbs. I know gaining weight is essential to a healthy pregnancy, as long as those pounds are healthy ones.

I pretty much eat the same things now that I did before I was pregnant with a few modifications. Pregnant women should try to eat about 300 extra calories a day. That doesn’t mean to go McDonald’s every day. These extra calories should be nutrient-rich foods. In the beginning of my pregnancy, I utilized MyFitnessPal.com to track my calories, carbs, and fat to give me an idea of what I should eat and how much. Here is a sample of my typical diet:


  • Oatmeal or Kashi Go Lean Crunch Cereal
  • Low-fat yogurt
  • Banana
  • Glass of low-fat milk


Since lunch meat is not an option during pregnancy, I find other ways to get my protein at lunch in one of these sandwich options:

  • PB and Honey Sandwich (I always use 100% whole grain bread)
  • Egg salad sandwich (using a low-fat Mayo)
  • Chicken salad sandwich

My lunch also might include an apple and carrot/celery sticks or cucumber slices with a glass of milk.


Because I like to cook and try new recipes, I rarely eat the same thing for dinner repeatedly. I do usually pair a protein with a vegetable and a whole grain. One of my favorite dinners is stir fry because it has all three of those things in one dish.


It is important to keep healthy snack options available so you are always prepared when hunger strikes (which is quite often for me lately). When I am hungry at home, it is a no-brainer; I just open the cupboard or refrigerator and choose something. I also like to keep something in my purse or car to prevent me from going through the drive-thru if I suddenly get hungry while out running errands. Little snack-size Ziploc bags are a regular thing on my grocery list, so I can fill them with healthy snacks to pack with me wherever I go.

Healthy Snack Options:

  • Hardboiled egg
  • Applesauce
  • Low-fat cottage cheese with fruit (if you don’t like plain cottage cheese, try mixing it with some raspberry yogurt-Delicious!)
  • String Cheese
  • Whole-wheat toast or English muffin with PB
  • A tall glass of V8
  • Apple or other fresh fruit
  • Homemade Fruit Smoothie with lots of berries
  • Reduced fat Wheat Thins of Triscuits
  • FiberOne Bar
  • Low-fat yogurt with granola and berries
  • Nuts and dried fruit

My occasional indulgences:

  • Lately I love pudding! I either make it homemade or eat the pudding cups they stock in the refrigerator at my work.
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Pie or Cake
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Homemade Cookies
  • Banana Bread or other sweet bread
  • Fruit Loops Cereal
  • Chips covered in melted cheese with salsa
  • Hot Fudge Sundaes from Dairy Queen

Well that about sums it up. Hopefully you have found my eating strategies useful. I greatly admire my cousin Whitney for being so consistent and determined to live a healthier lifestyle. She has got incredible will-power and persistence and I know she will reach all of her goals.

This picture was a pre-pregnancy menu for Jen… but it gives you a good idea of what her food day, as far as quantities, would look like.  Say hi to Jen in the comment section!

Question of the Day:  What have you learned about eating from a naturally thin person?   If you’re a “naturally thin” person what’s your secret?  Any tips? 

PS – Have a superb weekend my sweet friends and relations.  I appreciate each and everyone of you… more than you know!  Do something crazy this weekend… report back on Mondee! 


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