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Dreams Wanted? Hard Work Needed…

A good little reminder for everybody on day numero quatro of Operation:  FatMas… but especially for the chic typing right now… namely me and the 7 pounds of chocolate I ate today… I logged every last bit of it, though… you mark my words!

There are times when I start to feel entitled and spoiled bratty and I spend too much time woe is me-ing.  Where is the magical skinny person zapper!! It dices, it slices, it butters your children!   It’s these times I get the least done.  No one who spends the day feeling sorry for themselves and their position/condition gets ANYWHERE in life.  So, you were given a bad hand… a dump truck full of manure rolled over in your bedroom.  Now what?  You have two options, sit around bemoaning your bad fortune, alienating the world OR get up off your duff, enjoy the life you’ve been given, and make the most of it.  Life is meant to be enjoyed… DO IT!

PS – I know the above-pictured craft looks like something I could have made with it’s expertly crafted plastic doily placement… but I so did not make it.  I stole it off of some poor person’s Pinterest page… and now I’ve lost the link.  So, if whomever made the plastic doilies worst nightmare craft ever comes across this post, thank you for the quotage… and the doily crafting idea.  I just need 3 more doilies and 10 more cats and I’m set as the crazy cat lady.  Oh, and a shack… I need my own shack.

Question of the Day:  What are your dreams?  How was day #4?   


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