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You Are More Than A Body…

Hey y’all… welcome to Valentine’s week… aka made-up Hallmark, flower, and chocolate company holiday. I mean, really! In other news because of sewer flooding issues due to warmer-than-normal temperatures melting the 85 feet of snow we got and additional rain on top of that, the people of the valley have been asked not to do laundry, shower, or flush their toilets!! A.) I totally feel for people who have their basements flooded with raw sewage because that is possibly the worst nightmare on the history of this Earth… I mean, I’d have to leave the hemisphere to recover, but 2.) If I’d wanted to sign up to turn into Davy Crocket or Ma Ingalls, I’d have killed a coon and made me a hat years ago! City, dig into that brain for the option B idea! A girl cannot take 5 second showers for much longer!

Yesterday, I was asked to sing at a regional women’s conference. It was a great experience for me and I feel like it was something I’d needed during this time of winter and job search anxiety depression. It lifted my spirits if for a few moments. After the main session where we listened to author and speaker Ganel-Lyn Condie, we broke out into mini sessions and got to pick from a handful of classes to attend. I picked one entitled, “You Are More Than A Body”. It was a good reminder that while taking care of my body and losing weight is a good thing, I need to be at peace with it as it is now so that I can love it enough to take care of it. I don’t know if that’s ever a total possibility for me because I’ve spent so many years abusing it and hating it, but it’s definitely something I need to work towards, even if it is just to say, I’m thankful that my body is allowing me to be mobile and exercise and accomplish the things I need to in a day. Thank you, body, for that.

This week was mostly good on the eating and exercising front. I had a misstep one late night and my weekend was still not as tight as I want it to be, but I exercised 5 days and purposely moved more the 6th day, and I stuck really well to my menu I’d made for the week. Pats on the back, sailor! During the above-mentioned class, the speaker put this quote up on the overhead projector, and of course, I stored it in the recesses of my puny brain to share with you all!

Dieting is easy, it’s like riding a bike… and the bike is on fire and the ground is on fire and everything is on fire because you’re in hell! ūüėõ

Inspirational quote of the week y’all!

How are you all doing? What are some of your successes? What are some things you need to work on? Do you have any tips or ideas that you use that could help the rest of us?



Happy Valentines Week crew! Through this experience it’s super important to LOVE yourself first and foremost! No matter where you are at with your weight loss goals. DOn’t let your weight or whatever it is you struggle with in life keep you from happiness! So Happy Valentines Day to you!

This week has been a bit harder for me than most. Because starting early during the week I got a sore throat. It has continued and is still haunting. I only got 5 days of workouts. But I stayed on my meal plan for all but one night. I had ice cream one night for dinner to help soothe my throat. It was fabulous ūüôā

What I wanted to report most of all . . . I have wanted to go to a actual kickboxing class but I have been too embarrassed at the way I look in my workout clothes to go in a group class. But I decided it’s TIME to actually stop being so self conscious and go enjoy it. I love kickboxing classes (ones that are actual fighting classes not the girly punch classes). This was just that!!! It was killer hard. I tried a class called Fight Fit and one called HIIT Kickboxing. They kicked my trash! I LOVED every minute of it! What I loved most was the Loud music but also the other people working hard to motivate me and keep me going even when I couldn’t push anymore. That is what group fitness helps me to do. I didn’t have time to be self conscious I was working out too hard!

So This week I want to leave you with the bravery to go out and try something this week that you have put off! Put off for whatever reason it is! GO AND DO IT PEEPS don’t waste your days wishing!!!

Baby BoBo didn’t feel very good this week either, but his hair says hi errybody!

Come on guys… let’s get woggercizing!


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Super… Bowling…


Short and sweet this morning mostly because I’m lazy and secondly because I had this really great story about indoor birds and being attacked by a gaggle of them this past Friday, but it’s going to have to wait until I have the desire to REALLY tell the tale (aka exaggerate every ounce of that sucker)! Y’all… birds and I have a history and it isn’t a good one!

This past week was stellar for me on the eating and exercising front! I kicked the patookus out of Monday through Friday and half of Saturday… and then Saturday night came and Superbowl Sunday night came and I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped to. Grocery shopping at Lee’s on Saturday evening when they were sampling Superbowl snacking ideas means that none of those calories counted right!? I mean what’s a mini hotdog and a small creamsicle float and 15 different crackers and cheeseballs!? Oh, the humanity! Is there a thing where I can just cut my hands off in times of trouble and then reattach them when I’ve reinserted the smart part of my brain!? Who am I kidding… they invented straws and I still have a mouth. I’m going to have to rethink that hand cutting off idea.

Exaggerations aside… I didn’t do as horribly as my brain is kicking myself to think I did, so my goal is just to move on and kick rear this week. Lifestyle means you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you have… the Facts of Life! EIGHTIES PEEPS!

How was your week? On a scale of 1 to 10 what would you give exercise and what would you give eating? Let’s do this!



Well first off, I should share, I am down 9 pounds. HOORAY! It’s important to celebrate! Be proud of what you have accomplished and then put your head back in the sand and keep plugging forward!

I am very motivated to lose at least 9 more pounds by April. If possible more than that. But 9 more was my original goal. That would be a huge accomplishment for me!! With a goal in site what once used to tempt me now no longer has the strength over me that it used to! I can easily turn my head because I know what I am working for. I really do believe if I didn’t have a trip/goal to go to on in April then I would give in more often to food because there isn‚Äôt a timeframe that I need to lose the weight by! I keep telling myself, April is NOT far away at all and I DO NOT want to disappoint myself! So I am laser focused.

That being said, I wanted to share this video with you all. It is short and sweet and is truly what I had to do this time around with my goal setting:


Let’s hear from you guys!

BoBo just discovered the joys of spiked fruit punch!


… and cheesy grins.


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Brain Seizing…

You know those people who go to a class/lecture/church and they sit in the wayyyyy back and try to blend in with the curtains and the wall paint so they don’t get asked questions? ¬†Poster child at your service! ¬†I’ve never been a class participater. ¬†I’d prefer to sit and listen rather than be invaded by the anxiety-ridden/ADD brain I get when having to actually say something outloud. ¬†Unfortunately, the Professional Writing course I signed up for is NOT cool with the drapery camouflaging idea… seriously… stop it. ¬†In fact, the professor even added participation into the grading. ¬†So, written assignments account for 33% of my grade, tests and quizzes account for 33% of my grade, and class participation accounts for 34% of my grade! ¬†Basically that means I get to sit through the 3-hour class every Tuesday night like a mental patient about to climb the camouflaged walls! ¬† A night in the life of my brain.

Whitney’s Brain: ¬†Okay, when should I say something and how should I word it? ¬†What if I say a wrong word that doesn’t mean the right thing and everyone thinks I just dropped off the turnip truck on Friday? ¬†I can’t think of anything intelligent. ¬†What if I talk about donuts? Nope… that sounds dumb. ¬†Also, Whitney… do not do those huge sweeping arm movements you do when you’re trying to talk outloud… it looks psychotic and like you are auditioning for the synchronized swimming team. ¬†It smells like bacon in here. ¬†If a pig were fed bacon, would he be considered a pig cannibal? ¬†I hate bacon but I sure do love Charlotte’s Web… because that’s almost about bacon but not really… it’s a prize-winning pig. ¬†Although, if I ran into a talking spider I’d have gone all ape crap on it with a book and a thousand pieces of toilet paper. ¬†

Professor:  Whitney, what are some ways that writing in the workplace is different than writing for school?

Whitney:  Wilbur the terrific pig was approximately 2 more movie hours away from becoming a bacon cannibal.  

Social anxiety is like the barbecue pits… but literally! ¬†Also, that’s why I’m taking a WRITING class because I’m so much better at expressing my thoughts on paper than I am by mouth. ¬†Things just get all jumbled up and I can’t string together a coherent thought when that happens. ¬†It’s a wonder I even know what’s going on up in that class with all this talk about cannibalism. ¬†ūüėõ ¬†It’s also hard to blend in because there are only 10 of us in the class, so it’s not like they won’t notice if you never say anything.

This will be my learning experience.  I will learn to conversate in a class setting about cannibal pigs with the best of them!  You bet your sweet bacon!

Meanwhile… I miss my daily woggercizing!! ¬†Winter only has a few more months, right? ¬†Instead of woggercizing, I’m trying to do exercise DVDs/Wii games, except I’m not the most coordinated individual on the planet. ¬†I did the Dance Dance Revolution Wii game and instead of following the dance moves because I literally cannot get the moves down, I just flail around like a seizure patient. ¬†At least it’s movement and exercise. ¬†I need other options, though!

Question of the Day: ¬†Any recommendations for winter exercising/exercise DVDs? ¬†I’m willing to take any suggestion! ¬†

PPS – ¬†Congrats to my cuzzin JenJen and husband Seth on the birth of their 2nd son, Blaize! ¬†I can’t wait to meet the feller next month, y’all! ¬†Clear out the bacon drawer!¬†


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Woggercizing in Sweater Vests…

About 3 to 5 times per week, I head down to my favorite research park to woggercize (for those of you not up on Knit-Whit vernacular, woggercize is my word combining power¬†Walking/Jogging/Fat Blobs¬†Woggling like a Walrus/Exercise… though if I were to be honest, it’s 48% power walking, 2% jogging, and 50% fat blobs woggling like a walrus). ¬†That’s beside the point.

I love woggercizing at this particular place because it is convenient, has lighting if I go in the dark, has mostly evenly-paved sidewalks (well, except for that time a few years ago when I tripped and hit my head on the pavement and then walked around with a concussion, 2 black eyes, a huge cut under my chin, and a goose egg the size of an ostrich egg on my forehead for 3 weeks), etc. ¬†Because I go there regularly, I usually run into the same people… the regular research park walkers… it’s a very exclusive club… except we basically try to avoid each other so as not to have to socialize whilst huffing and puffing and woggling.

There’s the chick who wears the black hoodie and has 2 yappy doggies who hate every single gut in my fat blobs. ¬†I only try to avoid her so she doesn’t have to try to reign them both in when they go ballistic in my presence. ¬†One of them doggies hates me so much he growls at me every time I’m within 20 feet of his¬†highness. ¬†I’ve convinced myself that she actually just lives at the park because no matter what time of day/night I am there (and I’ve tested this theory by showing up at all different hours of the day), she is ALWAYS there. ¬†I know what her car looks like and I know that her dogs think I’m a cat or a woggling mongoose… and they be hungry for blood!

Then there’s the friendly older guy who ALWAYS, without fail, wears the same heavy grey sweater vest and gloves. ¬†I don’t care if it’s 95 degrees in the shade, he’s wearing the grey sweater vest and the gloves. ¬†We always wave at each other as we pass by, and he always says something about the weather. ¬†I haven’t gotten up the nerve to ask about his attire… but it’s cold enough now to warrant wearing a sweater vest and gloves, so I’ll let him be.

There’s the pacing smoker, taking a break from work whilst pacing back and forth smoking a cigarette. ¬†There’s the muumuu-wearing shuffler… the older lady on an evening stroll wearing a muumuu (you see, Madre… by making fun of your muumuus, I’m trying to protect you from becoming that muumuu-wearing shuffler).

As you can see, we all have much in common. ¬†Next time I’m handing out invitations for our very first woggercizing club meeting… attire: ¬†grey sweater vests and muumuus… NO GROWLING DOGS ALLOWED!

PS –¬†Thank you to all of the men and women out there who have so bravely served our country in the armed forces. ¬†Y’all are gems and we are all grateful for your sacrifices!¬†


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Convenience Minus Exercise Equals Fat Butt Syndrome…

This weekend Madre and I hightailed it down to the land of smog and fire burning (aka Salt Lake City in August) to hang out like 2 old crows. ¬†I actually played the role of both old crows. ¬†Madre was more a delicate butterfly on the wings of a kookaburra. ¬†I reckon I learnt that from some poetree I read on a napkin once. ¬† While there we met sister, Lindsay and nephew, Ethan for lunch at this joint recommended by the Studio 5 website. ¬†They recommended it for the outdoor seating, but it was like 1:30 in August, so sitting outside in 100 degrees plus wasn’t my idea of a fabulous plan! ¬†We parked our car in a space that required pay via a self-serve pay booth majiggy… stick your debit card or cash in and select how many hours you want to be ripped off for. ¬†PERFECTION! ¬†There were 2 ladies in front of us at the nearest pay booth majiggy. ¬†I’m horrible at guessing ages, so I’ll say they were between the ages of 45 and 65 and call it a day. ¬†Pick an age. ¬†The one lady couldn’t get the buttons to press the amount of hours, so she was resembling a crow stuck inside a tar bin with all of her shrieking and eventually called the 800-number on the side of the pay majigger. ¬†They walked her through the stuff again and at the same spot, she coudn’t get the button to press. ¬†The representative on the phone suggested she walk to another pay majigger and pay there. ¬†That’s when the hurricane hit… or the hurricane brought about by a lady allergic to exercise. ¬†¬†WHAT!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ¬†The nearest pay booth is HALF A BLOCK AWAY!!!!!!! ¬†

She was totes exaggerating too… I could see TWO pay booths approximately 50 feet in either direction, but that didn’t stop her from ripping the representative on the line a new one. ¬†Really!? ¬†Over walking a few feet? ¬†I got to remembering how painful it was for me to walk even a few feet at 530 pounds… especially in the heat. ¬†I’d be worn out for the rest of the day after such a feat, and so I’d have to have someone drop me off right at the door to avoid the walk in from the parking lot. ¬†That’s just a lot of weight to heft around… especially when one is so horribly out of shape. ¬†The world’s conveniences do play a role in our nation’s weight problem. ¬†Anymore you can press a button ¬†and have everything done for you. ¬†Not like the olden days where to eat supper, you had to kill your own steer, skin it, string it up, cut it, build a fire, and slave over a hot flame just to eat a dagnabbed steak. ¬†What lazy butts we are! ¬†¬†Hi, Texas RoadHouse… give me the bloody bell special with a side of lard sauce. ¬†

That lady made me want to run a marathon… but then I remembered my last attempted half marathon and put the kabosh on that thought… might as well watch one on TV instead! ¬†ūüėČ

Question of the Day:  What is the one modern convenience that you are most grateful for?  

Obviously this is not a quality picture of the place we ate lunch at… but if you like Greek/Mediterranean food, I highly recommend this joint! ¬† It is called Aristo’s Greek Restaurant and Cafe¬†¬†and it was delicious and fresh and delicious! ¬†I had an eggplant and zucchini, tomato, onion, and lettuce gyro with tzatziki and a side of Greek potatoes with lemon. ¬†I wonder if they deliver the 90 miles to Logan? ¬†ūüėõ

I also stood next to a live turkey for a good 5 minutes and did not hyperventilate once!! ¬†This is a story I’m sure I’ve told, but I have a fear of birds (especially turkeys) after one attacked me on my grandma’s ranch, knocked me down to the ground, and sat on my chest flapping its wings at me. ¬†Stupid birds!

Bahahahahahahahaha… just following my friendly flower garden’s orders.

For your viewing pleasure… here is Lindsay’s 20-pound cat, Harley attempting to smoosh himself into a too-small-box. ¬†Excuse the blurry quality at the beginning… it rights itself.


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Things That Are Semi-Awesome…

You know that feeling when a big ole sumo wrestler wearing puppy slippers is sitting on your chest whilst you’re trying to walk up a flight of stairs? ¬†Anyone? ¬†That’s my definition of what it feels like when you’re out of shape (aka haven’t exercised regularly in 2+ months). ¬†It actually doesn’t take very long to get back to that feeling of I might croak walking a city block. ¬†The good news is… it’s reversible… glory hallelujah Gertrude and Beelzebub! ¬†I can’t tell you how good it has felt to exercise regularly these past 3 weeks… dagnabbed good. ¬†Of course, there will be a time when I forget that feeling… it happens… but when I do someone hire that same puppy-slipper-wearing sumo wrestler dude to come and remind me what a dimbat I’ve become… okay!? ¬†The first thing that’s semi awesome… EXERCISE!!

Numero next thing that’s semi-awesome… this literature class I’ve been taking this semester. ¬†I’ve never been a huge reader… PASS. ¬†I’ve always chalked it up to time… but mostly ADD attention span. ¬†I pretend I love to read a book on a nice summer evening out on the deck. ¬†The truth is, I have the book open, but my mind is too busy calculating the amount of Junebugs falling from the tree limbs or the fact that Mr. Neighbor who shall remain nameless is getting into his hot tub nekked again. ¬†Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. don’t tell anyone. ¬†This literature class is cool in that the literature is short stories, poetry, and dramatic plays. ¬†So, I guess my attention span doesn’t have to be as long as if it were a 5-billion-page book. ¬†And the stories have been interesting (coughcough… I said STORIES… pass on most of the poetry). ¬†It also includes stuff from all different years from the 1600s to the 21st century. ¬†I’m not going to lie… Shakespeare makes my eyes roll back into my head… but that’s just because I have to do a lot of Internet research after reading one of his poems… just to know what the helium balloons boy be talking about. ¬†Literature class… Fun stuff!

Next thing that’s semi-awesome…¬†The Garden! ¬†I literally cry approximately 8 times per rehearsal… 5 of those times it’s because I’ve totally messed up the notes/words… but the other 3 times it’s legitimately because the material is powerfully beautiful… even if the name of one of my solos is¬†What Good Will I Ever Be? ¬†Those of you who live in the valley and need a good cryfest/feel good program, I’d totally recommend coming to the production, April 8th through 11th at Sky View High Auditorium… Tickets!!¬†¬† CoughcoughShamelessPlugCoughCough… allergy season… get over it.

Things that are not awesome… my car had to be towed up to the service station tonight. ¬†Boo Hiss… I have plenty of extra money to spend on you… this arm brace I own only cost me $15,000.00… that leaves the other million I have lying around for the car repair! ¬†Beulah the Buick has decided it’s not in her best interest to start some of the time. ¬†Last Thursday I had to walk home from the grocery store. ¬†She started right up soon after though. ¬†Today, the result was not so favorable… thus the reason she was towed. ¬†Stupid Beulah! ¬†She needs to be getting with the above-mentioned semi-awesome things and changing her attitude… STAT!

Question of the Day: ¬†What’s one semi-awesome thing going on in your life right now? ¬†



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Oh Durrr…

Thank you all for the kind words and congrats… I seriously think y’all are the BEES KNEES! ¬†I don’t know what that phrase means… call up the assisted living center and ask them. ¬†For those who were asking, the production is April 8th through 11th. ¬†I am not sure where yet.

Also, just to clear things up since I don’t think I was very clear in yesterday’s post… I was clear in my mind but I sometimes forget y’all don’t live in my mind. ¬†I somehow made it look like I was joining the production of Les Miserables!!! ¬†This production is a LOCAL production of Michael McLean’s production, so dude is not involved at all… well, except for the fact that he wrote the material. ¬†Just to clear that up. ¬†So, basically it’s like that movie, The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever, but without pageants and Christmas… and camels.

Meanwhile… there was blue sky and sunshine today and after I fainted from gleefullness, I actually went outside on a dagnabbed walk! ¬†It was cold (3os), but I ain’t seen blue sky in the longest of times… it made me happy… and I can take all the happy I can get! ¬†Plus, exercising is a good thing… ask Richard Simmons. ¬†Now, snow… listen here… MELT!

Have a fabulous week, you Bees Knees friends of mine!


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