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Laws Almighty, It’s Accountability Day…

Hey y’all… we’re back. There were a few people who signed up to join us in our new year of healthier living. I know how things go with resolutions. You are talking to the queen of broken resolutions and usually it’s by January 3rd. Record breaking year one time was January 6th… I was pretty proud of myself that year. Went out and celebrated eating healthily by eating 17 plates of scones at Chuck-Up-Arama… Great Uncle Burl was super proud. Another time I celebrated exercising 6 days a week by taking a nap on the 2nd day instead. Naps totally are more fun than sweating… ask anyone!

Anywho… back to the task at hand. This year I told myself I was going to ease gradually into health. It’s not realistic for me to say things like… gonna exercise 8 days a week for 2 hours a day, eat green leafy food except on the 12th day when I add in a non-leafy yet still green food, and whilst watching TV I will be squatting. NOT HAPPENING! When I had my massive success before it was because I eased into things gradual like. So, each week I’m going to tack on a few new tasks to my healthier living lifestyle… smaller tasks so as to not overwhelm and make me drop everything and revert back to the dump/sewer living Whitney of yore (I use yore a lot more in the weeks after Christmas… I promise it will peter out come February!)

This week’s tasks were as follows:

1. Exercise at least 3 days a week for at least 15 minutes each time.
2. Make better snack choices, especially late night snacking.

I accomplished both things last week. I can tell you I haven’t exercised regularly for months (by regularly I mean at least 3 days a week), and it showed in my out of shapeness whilst exercising this week. We have like 3 feet of snow on the ground (no exaggeration, I wish it were) and we had temperatures as low as 30 below zero this week, so my walking outside days are over at least for now. Instead, I threw in some exercise DVDs and pretended I was coordinated enough to follow the moves (Spoiler Alert: I’m not, but it’s the thought that counts, and that’s also why I do that kind of thing in the dark basement with no one around and all of the blinds closed!)

I always make a menu, even when I wasn’t making such great choices, so I continued to do that, but my biggest eating trouble lately has been late night snacking. It’s been a challenge these last several months full of stress and uncertainty, so this past week I planned out a healthy snack for late night, moro oranges aka blood oranges. I am proud to say I stuck with that for the most part.

Onto this week… my new task this week is to continue the above 2 items and then to focus on my menu and sticking with that in the day rather than snacking randomly and bagging the healthier food I had planned on. Y’all, we totally have this in the bag. It’s January 9th, Uncle Burl is a bit upset, but that leaves more scones at the Chuck-Up-Arama for him, so… win-win!



Hi Whitney’s readers! Welcome back. We are doing our weekly update WEEK #1 for you guys! I am happy to report my week went well here is a recap:

I did awesome on my eating. I can’t believe the difference that it makes in my overall mental facilities. My mind is more clear, I have more energy, I am more optimistic, I am more confident and overall I feel good that I have a plan and a purpose. If that’s not enough motivation to keep me going them hopefully checking the scale for weight loss will be! I have not yet weighed in. I will weigh in Monday morning. I don’t expect a HUGE weight difference …… as a former trainer once told me that it may take 2-3 weeks for your body to change and make a noticeable difference. Of course, it wasn’t all roses. It was hard! I threw away a bunch of tempting treats that tempted me. We have a 20 year old and a 16 year old in the house as well as a 1 year old and I have to be realistic and they will eat treats/snacks so I just put those in a upper cupboard that I will have to utilize a chair to even reach. Plus they are treats that don’t really tempt me.

Lindsay’s breakfast one day…

Lindsay’s Lunch one day…

Lindsay’s Dinner one day…

My workouts were ok. I worked out 6 days last week. Most days were only about 30 minutes. I was going to also do cardio in addition but I didn’t get both done most days because I was quite sore so I am getting my body adjusted slowly to the new change. The workouts are a bit easier than my past workouts so I will continue doing the P90X3 and see how it goes I want to give it a full 3 weeks before I switch back to what I used to be doing.

Everyday is a choice to either improve myself or fall backward. I am going for it and making good choices. I feel that the one thing that is giving me the discipline is prayer and regular scripture study. At 11 a.m. everyday I am studying the scriptures and saying a prayer. IT IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE! Whatever your beliefs are, GOD does care about you and your goals and he will give you strength to accomplish your goals!

I look forward to hearing your successes and ideas so please share!


Whitney’s final note:

Okay, it’s y’alls turn! What were your successes last week? What could you improve on this week? How awesome are you on a daily basis (only “really awesome” counts as an answer, okay!?)

Baby BoBo and hims rosy cheeks is here to cheer you on!!

And so is Kitty LucyFur whose new seat now that it’s 30 below zero is in front of the space heater. Quit hogging the heat, LucyFur!


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Desereting My Butt Off… Literally!

The Deseret Industries… or DI… for those of you not familiar with such a phenomenon, picture it as a sort of a Goodwill or a secondhand store.  People drop off the items they have lying around their houses that they don’t use anymore so that others can shop for those items at cheap prices.  It’s also a great thing for those who need job training.  I’ve donated many things to the DI over my lifetime, but I don’t generally shop there.  It has to do with my germ-a-phobe issue… the psycho one where I can’t wrap my head around what people might do with their items with unwashed hands and then make me touch them.  Sorry… just can’t!  You don’t know what goes on behind someone else’s closed door.  For all I know Kleenex is a foreign idea at the neighbors!

I had need to go in there this past week.  The idea was that I was going to find me some cheap used ski poles (thanks for the great idea, Heather P.) so that I could practice my snow sportage with more support.  Not that these bird arms surrounded by fat blobules and hanging skin would be able to hold me up should I trip and fall face first into a sinkhole of snow… but it’s the thought that counts… and I think a LOT!  I searched that place high and low and finally found me a pair of poles for the whopping price of FIVE BUCKS!  You really can’t beat that price.  Of course they look like they’d been made in the 70s and had dirt 5 miles thick on them, but a pole is a pole is a pole, right?  My next idea was to whittle me a couple of poles out of a branch in the yard.  Seven severed fingers later, my hands thank all that be holy that the DI delivered!

On my way out, my eye caught a couple of exercise machines in the corner.  I mosied on over and found 2 ellipticals caked with dirt and dust… pretty sure they’d just gotten back from the Mud Dash.  The price tags read 20 bucks, so I wrote down the model numbers and thought I might investigate some things on the Interweb… aka find out how many of my fat blobules each machine could hold before it broke.  There are weight limits on those kinds of machines… and usually the weight limit is 250 pounds and under.  Because apparently the people who would really need to use such a machine are scared away from ever wanting to step foot on it by that dagblasted low weight limit.  Basically babies and skinny people… go for it.  The rest of you… sit on the couch with the chip bowl… I hear there’s a marathon of Cupcake Wars on Tuesdee.

Later that night when researching via the interwebs, my instincts were right… BOTH machines weight limits were 250 pounds.  SHUDDUP!  I slept on it that night and had made up my mind I wasn’t going to buy one.  The next day was Saturday.  I woke up and took my DI ski poles on a snow hike (I left the snow shoes in the car for overall balancing purposes).  On the way home I got to thinking… 20 bucks for an elliptical that may or may not break in a week or two?  What’s that?  The price of half a month at the gym?  What do I have to lose?  I made my dad come with me with his truck for loading purposes.  When we arrived, the one I’d really wanted… the one that was bigger and looked more sturdy was gone.  You snooze you lose in these parts.  The 2nd smaller one was still there and as I was frantically walking toward it, some 9-year-old boy hopped on it and started peddling away and then some older lady was over looking at it, motioning to her husband to come and check it out.  I figured I could take both of these people on with one hand tied behind my back in one sitting on them session.  So, I stood right in front of it trying to look all intimidating.  They eventually both backed off and I pounced on the sucker like a starving lion.  BACK OFF… momma needs a new/really old elliptical!

It’s now in the garage… I just have to make room for it in the basement somehow… and disinfect it… yes… disinfecting it is a must!  My exercise of choice is still outdoor woggercizing.  It’s hard to outdoor woggercize everyday in the winter… it’s just not possible unless you’re born with polar bear blood and a gas mask for breathing in the inversion air.  My sweet cuzzin, JenJen bought me a 6-month subscription to an exercise video website online for my birthday (thank you, Jenner), but I like to have variety when I’m forced to do things that aren’t woggercizing… so my variety will be elliptical one day… exercise video the next!  I’ll just have to make sure that a third of my body weight is still sitting on the couch when I get on it.  That makes a lot of blood to clean up when I’ve chopped up my upper torso, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Any elliptical fans?


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Rumpitis and Bicycle Seats…

I do realize today is Wednesday and I do realize that I generally do a playlist post on Wednesday’s, but I’m totes bucking the system.  I’m such a rebel… before you know it I’ll be leaving one square of toilet tissue at the end of the roll just so I don’t have to change the roll.  Oh quit it… like none of the rest of you have ever done that.  Since I’m generally the only one who uses my bathroom (minus visitors), that only hurts me in the end!  LESSON LEARNED! 

I told you I took you all up on your great summer activities  idears.  I actually went to Al’s Sporting Goods on Thursday and picked me out a bicycle.  Next time any of you are in the Cache Valley area and need a bicycle, drive yourself to Al’s, ask for my pal Marilyn (the biker extraordinaire), and tell her I sent you.  I basically have been telling Marilyn that I’d be in to get a bike for months now and I finally drug my rump in and did the deed.  I told her to pick me out a bike that would hold me up… nothing more embarrassing than both tires popping midflight.  She picked me out a good one and told me to return the next day because the Memorial Day sale would be starting and I’d save nearly 100 buckaroos on the price.  Yay for sales!  I was planning on coming back on Fridee morning to get the bike, but when I got up Friday morning, the bike was setting smack dab in front of my computer.  The bicycle fairy came… and I didn’t even lose any teeth to deserve it (oh, unless you count the plethora of root canals I’ve had this year!)  I did some investigating and found out that my dad had gone and bought it for me… my early birthday present (my birthday is in October… so REALLY early) he said.  Thank you, Dad.  He may not be the affectionate type, but it’s things like this that show he cares. 

Meet Rumpita...

I’ve decided to call her Rumpita because since Friday, I’ve been on 3 hour-long bike rides and my rump has contracted a disease called PAINFUL!!  It’s not like I was expecting them to have a recliner seat on the top of the thing, but something more comfortable than a triangle-shaped barbed wire fence would be nice.  The biking has totes given my poor feet and plantar fasciitis a break, but it’s also transferred the pain to the rear receptacle portion of the body.  I hear that will lessen the more I do it… but for now it’s really cool that I walk like a bow-legged cowboy. 

I haven’t been on a bike since I was at least 14/15 years old.  So, it’s been an adjustment and of course I’m paranoid that the tires are going to pop under my weight and/or I’ll crash into a parked car and get sued for drunk bicycling.  I suppose that will also lessen with time… and I best be buying myself a brain bucket aka bicycle helmet to void off the alien abduction rays.   

I gotta say that riding a stationary bike in no way compares to riding a real bike.  I’ve been riding a stationary bike all winter long… but carrying my 314 pounds up a hill on a real bike is 10 times harder.  I huff and I puff and I drive as slow as a turtle, but I eventually make it to the top.  Tonight, I went biking with my mom who is an exerciser extraordinaire and she smoked me at all the hills and ended up waiting at the top of each of them for me to catch up… I blame it on the fact that she weighs half of what I do and her long legs do not have a bane to carry on the top of them.  But, pretty durn impressive for a near 60-year-old. 

Tonight it was so beautiful (after a weekend of rain and cold) that we decided to take a lunch, bike to a park, and eat it.  Madre stole her share of lilacs along the way (call the police somebody!) and I could be heard yelping every time I rode over a bump.  It was a super fun time and beautiful… even through my huffing and puffing.  I would totally recommend it… the downhill is totes more fun than the uphill, but at least I didn’t walk to school uphill both ways with no shoes or coats in below zero weather like they had to do in the olden days. 

Mom at the picnic… talking on her phone… her security blanket! She will probably kill me for posting this picture… so be it.
I almost moved into that red barn.


Question of the Day:  Do you bike?  If so, what do you recommend for more comfort on a bike seat? 


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DANGER: Cracks in Sidewalk!!

I’ve learned a lot of things on this journey of mine… 1+1=3… Two wrongs don’t make a right (unless you lie a third time)… Wise men know, only fools rush in… and sweater vests are hip even if you aren’t related to Mr. Rogers.  That’s a lot to pack into a brain the size of a pea, ain’t it?  I don’t remember all of them at the same time, but boy, when the stars align and the valley cell phones aren’t frying my brain cells, I can string together one pretty little Jeopardy answer.  The biggest thing I’ve learned is the danger of sidewalk cracks!!!  They seriously need to think about putting together funding to have big ole yellow signs posted next to every sidewalk crack with a WARNING and flashing red lights.  These buggers can jump right out at you… kind of like Jack Kevorkian at a nursing home square dancing luncheon.  Forget the dangers of cliff jumping and shark wrangling… what the heck about sidewalk walking?

Why have I been rambling on and on for the past 45 years about cracks?  Because they are dangerous and no one else seems to care.  Everyone else is worried about texting while driving and sharing drug needles, so it now rests on my shoulders to inform the general public of the dangers of sidewalk cracking!  For example… THIS can happen to your face:

No, I didn’t just get back from a Mary Kay makeup shindig… although purple is my color… wouldn’t you say?  This was the doing of a leaping crack in the sidewalk.  It wrapped it’s tentacles around my leg and wrestled me to the ground and…

Oh shut up, Whitney…

This was the doing of a CLUTZ (with a capital all the letters!)  I was walkercising one night this past September when I tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and had an intimate meeting with the pavement.  I may look bad here, but you shoulda’ seen the pavement!  Pretty sure I taught it a thing or two.  A concussion, a goose egg that is still very tender and hard to the touch, 2 black eyes (this picture was taken a few hours after it happened, the blackness spread down my cheek and into my other eye within a couple of days), road rash on my chin that is still noticeable, and a big ole cut underneath my chin that should have had stitches… not to mention bruises all over my body, and whiplash that lasted for days on end.  I was not a happy camper.  You know it’s bad when you go shopping at Wal-Mart with 2 black eyes and people do double takes… WAL-MART!  Have you seen some of the people that shop there? 

Even though I was bruised and broken, I knew I had to get right back out there and go again, but it was tough at first.  I would walk slowly and cautiously, always looking down at the ground.  I was seriously thinking about borrowing a walker from the local assisted living center just to get in my steps.  Time is a healer of all wounds, though, and just as my bruises faded, the fear that I would trip again eventually faded and I became one with the cracks.

I mean, we all grew up with the saying, “step on a crack, break your mother’s back,” but seriously who thought it would actually happen!

Question of the Day:  Do you have any good exercising injury stories (aka CLUTZES in disguise)? 

Have a good weekend, friends!  Thanks for reading and see you all again on Monday… bring friends if you like!  The more, the merrier!  😀


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Exercising: Has it Only Been 5 Minutes!?!?

For the longest time, my view of exercise consisted of some form of ugly grey, rigid gym equipment with a view of a wall in bad need of a paint job.  That should be how gyms advertise… “come pay us too much money and we’ll lock you away in a dungeon with bad lighting, broken air conditioning, and a view of self-loving Mr. Muscle Dude ** drooling at himself in the mirror.”  Every gym in the country would be empty (well… except for the aforementioned muscle dudes… where there’s a mirror… they will pose.)  Let’s get this out of the way.  I exaggerate… BIG TIME!  Of course no gym resembles the inside of a penitentiary, but that’s how my mind viewed every last one of them.  And I’ve been to my share of gyms… even sprung for my own personal trainer muscle dude (fired him when he was focussing more on his deltoid spread than spotting me on the weight bench.)   I just don’t enjoy gyms (there are other reasons too, which I’ll get into in future blog posts). 

(** This comment was definitely not meant to stereotype “muscle dudes!”  I happen to be related to a handful of “muscle dudes” who are the hardest working, sweetest, humblest men/women I know! )

This time around, I found out that exercise does not have to be this boring chore of a thing.  You can mix it up… find things you enjoy doing.  I found I really loved walking… especially outdoors with a playlist on my iPOD.  I also love messing around with photography… mind you, I’m a not a great photographer… I just love nature and trying to catch that on camera.  This past Wednesday… aka the only day of the week that did not have a huge-mongous snowstorm predicted for it… I grabbed my tenny runners and camera, drove to a nice country road, and did my exercising there while taking pictures of my favorite mountains!

So, take the road less traveled when it comes to exercise (see how I tied that in with the last picture… tee hee hee… yah, that was bad).  Find something you enjoy doing and make it into exercise!  It should be fun… not a chore!

Question of the day:  What is your favorite way to burn the calories?  Let me know in the comment section!


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