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Oh, Music…

Y’all… I’m running on my raunchy-and-too-dang-cold-for-my-bones tank, so if I come off kind of like a neandrathal at an all-you-can-kill wildabeast conference, you’ll know what’s up.  I’m having a hard time adjusting to the cold… per usual.  I really wasn’t made for cold weather (well, to look at me of course I have enough insulation to keep a small army of whales afloat, but that’s beside the point).  When’s the nearest Mayflower leaving for the warm part of the shores?  I’m on that boat faster than Ma in her Kerchief and Pa in his cap.

In other news, this weekend was one full of music… the good kind of music, not that crappy stuff that sounds like my cat got her paw caught in a bear trap.  The first instance was our annual attendance at the American Festival Chorus and Orchestra Christmas concert with special guests Kurt Bestor (on piano), Jenny Oakes Baker (on violin), and Jenny Jordan Frogley (on vocals).  Y’all Cache Valleyites… if you live in this valley, enjoy music, and like Christmas and unicorns, you need to find your way to attending this concert every year.  They do a fabulous job and always make me want to frolic through the snow wearing jingle bells and a candy cane… plus other clothes, get your mind outta the gutter for crying outloud!  If you read my first paragraph, you’ll understand what a frigging big deal me frolicking through any kind of snow is!  We took a selfie when we arrived because we’re all approximately 14, and I didn’t want to post it because it’s kind of a craptastic picture, but I can’t not because of the priceless goobery photobomber in the background.

Security!!!!!   Looking at him, pretty sure I could take him with 3 hands tied behind my back.

Just trust me… next year… DO IT!

The next musical weekend note was the annual First Presidency Christmas Devotional on TV tonight.  Starting the Christmas season right with some music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, yo!

Lastly, there was the Grammy’s Frank Sinatra 100th Birthday tribute.  Points to self… TOTAL FRANK SINATRA FAN GIRL right here.  I’m well versed on all of his music and can’t recall a standard that Frank didn’t do to perfection.  We’ll skip over his scandulous personal life and keep it with the music.  They had a fabulous line up of talent to sing his songs (on account of the fact that he ain’t alive anymore), like Harry Connick, Jr.; Carrie Underwood; Alicia Keys; Garth Brooks; Trisha Yearwood; John Legend; Adam Levine; Usher; Celine Freaking Dion, just to name a few.   If they repeat it during the holidays sometime (highly likely) and you enjoy you some Frank music, watch it!   Here’s one of my favorites… “I’ll Be Seeing You” by Trisha Yearwood.

And here’s a link to more performances before I get carried away and post them all:  Sinatra 100 Grammy’s


You will all be happy to know that LucyFur the Pink-Nosed Cat Deer has been reunited with her long lost deer friends.  She sure did miss them all year.  I am not exaggerating when I say she sits and naps practically right on top of these deer on a daily basis… she thinks they are her family… which is weird because I ain’t never seen a couple of polk-a-dotted-antler reindeer with holly berry embellishments.

PS:  For those of you who asked for the cranberry salsa over cream cheese cracker dip recipe that I talked about last blog post and that just so happens to be to die for… Linkety link:  Cranberry Salsa.  Try it!

For your viewing pleasure, the following is Baby BoBo Bear cussing out the horrible people in the world… you go Baby BoBo Bear… I agree… those horrible people just got owned by a baby BoBo!


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