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The Fridee Five, July 13th Creepy Edition!!

1.  A few weeks back we took our annual jaunt to Bear Lake to attend Juanito Bandito at Pickleville Playhouse… I blogged about it last year too.

The most entertaining part of this jaunt was the dude sitting 2 rows behind us with the biggest, most jollyful laugh on the planet.  Who am I kidding… he was shockingly loud, very distracting, and eventually annoying.  It was funny for the first 45 minutes, but then it got old.  I tried to capture his laughing moments on my camera, but every time I turned my camera on it was like he took a trip to the bathroom or something… and then as soon as I turned the thing off, he’d be right back to jovial guffawing.  It was rather freakish if you ask me… and you didn’t… but I mostly talk to myself on this here blog anyway.  This is the best video I got of the laugh and you can’t hear him as well as I could hear him sitting there… dude was L-A-U-G-H-I-N-G like it be drunk day at the pinata festival!

2.  This is where I found Lucy-Fur the other morning…

Sleeping somewhere she knows she is not supposed to sit… with a dagnabbed drinking problem.  WOE IS ME!!  I have to take my kitty to AA… either that or she is hinting that she would like a Teddy Bear head glued on her favorite alcoholic beverage for Christmas.

3.  This past weekend we had what we call in the Valley, The Cruise In.  Sounds like everybody drives around with their cruise control in the on position, don’t it?  Instead there are a bunch of car geeks enthusiasts who bring out their classic cars (fixed up and pretty… just because you have an 89 Buick don’t mean she’s a classic… I already checked) and drive them up and down Main Street.  They actually close down Main Street for the occasion and like the whole town comes out and sits on the sides of the roads and gawks.

Because Lindsay missed it this year and asked to see a video (there are 8 billion more, Lindser if you want to see more…)  Madre explains why she’s wearing an umbrella approximately 1:30 in.   We did sit on the wrong side of the road facing the sun and toasted to death for the first 40 minutes at near 100 degrees on the asphalt, but the sun then went behind the tree and we got some shade… so all was good on the delicate skin front.

This here is an extremely flattering pitcher of my monstrous forehead and squinty sun eyes and bad hair day, but I mainly posted it to show how well people obey the caution tape… don’t sit here sign.  We sat in front of the IHOP and they are obviously uptight about folk sitting on their dagblasted lawn.  Shows how much we care, IHOP!  For the record, they didn’t bring me out any pancakes… totes thinking about suing. Who’s in?

4.  Another fun tradition… on Sundee nights during the summer, they hold free outdoor band concerts up on the quad at the university.  You just bring your lawn chairs, sit under a tree (THANK ALL THAT BE HOLY, DELICATE SKINS!), and become one with the senior citizens!  😛  JOKES… there are all ages there… but mostly senior citizens… and I LOVE senior citizens… don’t get me wrong… my folks are senior citizens… I just thought I’d open my mouth and insert the foot portion of it.  Mark my words in 30 years when I become senior citizen status, some ignorant 30-something is going to make fun of me too!

Anywho… the theme for this week was patriotic songs… and durn it if I didn’t leave my clogging shoes at home.  I could have provided the dancertainment!  😛   In the above video they’re doing “Stars and Stripes Forever…” and ever and ever and ever more!

5.  Look what I found in the middle of the road whilst on my walk a few weeks back!  I think it’s a sign that I need to rewatch the ENTIRE “I Love Lucy” series or rot trying!   Finders keepers… losers weepers…

Oh… also… if this is yours, could you please bring me the other discs in the season.  Kinda getting tired of these episodes!  😛

Question of the Day:  What’s your favorite patriotic song?  Favorite classic car?  Favorite I Love Lucy episode?  Does anyone know of a cat psychiatrist?  Lucy-Fur is a drunk.

Have a fantabulous weekend, cute friends.


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The Friday Five – June 29th Edition…

1.  I’m trying not to be offended, but the other day a commercial for the 2012 summer Olympics came on the TV and what do you know… the theme song for the Olympics just so happens to be the song I proclaimed to be my 2012 theme song wayyyyyy back on January 11, 2012.  No offense, but I smell a lawsuit… and the lawsuit smells like I have no chance in hades wearing icicles.   Totes joking, but irony reigns on this here theme song thing.   Plus, I love the Olympics!   Hey, Olympic people… next time you need someone to pick your theme song, give me a ring.  I’m available everyday that ends with a Y.



2.  I find myself smiling every time I take a shower lately.  Can’t put my finger on why…

Still thinking… this may be a puzzler.  Y’all… if you ever figure out why the smiling whilst lathering, give me a holler.  Girl over here be stumped.  😛


3.  For the love of all things HOLY!  Here I thought Girl Scout Cookie season was over and what do I run into in the store the other day?

Can you please give the calorizers of the flib flabbed world a break here, scouts!  For serious.  Take your delectabilities and shove them somewhere where I can’t get my chubby paddies on them.  I almost bought one of each, but then I changed my mind and bought 2 of the caramel and coconut instead… because 2 is better than 3.  Just stop it with your limited time offers because now you know I’m going to like have to stock up for the next 7 months before they’re gone… as if I needed an excuse to buy candy!


4.  Pretty proud of myself… last night on my walrg (walking plus jogging like a walrus), I had the opportunity to beat a guy in a foot race.  He didn’t know it was a race because I didn’t tell him, but I caught up to him from like 2 blocks behind and surpassed him.  That like never happens in my book because I feel like I’m possibly the slowest walrgger on the planet… the bane of my existence makes sure that’s the case… but nope… totes passed this dude right up.  Left him in the flim flammed dust, I did.  What’s that you say… how old was he?  None of your business… that’s just a rude question to ask anyone.  COUGHCOUGH I’mguesstimatinghewas85 COUGHCOUGH.  COUGHCOUGH plushehadawalker… andalimp COUGHCOUGH  Phew… must be coming down with something.


5.  Last Thursday after work I had the opportunity to jet on down to the Desert Star Theater in Murray to watch their original play, Adams Family Home Evening.

This was the first time I’d been to a play at this theater.  I’d attended a couple of concerts there, but nothing original.  Twas funny.  I’d go to another play there again.  The Adams Family included Cruella Deville Adams, Groucho Marx Adams, and Uncle Cosmo (a very Kramer-esque from Seinfeld character).  Craziness reigns!

Have a fabulous weekend.  I know I’ll be having a anxiety attacked one… send me positive vibes whilst I get out of my comfort zone tomorrow evening… in front of a gaggle of scary 12 to 18 year olds!  More about that next week… if I survive!  😛


Question of the Day:  What kind of soap/body wash do you use?  Any favorite flavors?


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