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“With Every Job When It’s Complete There Is A Sense of Bittersweet”

‘Tis done.  Except for one more evening tomorrow starring as the cleanup/set-striking crew, Mary Poppins is in the past tense.  I’m feeling conflicted.  On the one hand, I’m grateful to not have to feel so hectic trying to fit everything into a day, and on the other hand, though I kicked and screamed and thought I wouldn’t do it over and over and over, it turned out to be a great experience for me.  I don’t step out of my comfort zone enough… I just don’t.  And the fact that I conquered my weird social anxieties (with plenty of awkwarding up the joint), my non-dancing skillz (let’s face it, Whitney loves to dance, but dancing has an aversion to Whitney and often makes her look like a seizing walrus cub), my extreme fear of ruining a production, and being fitted for and wearing a costume is like a monumental thing in my book of Whacky and Out Of This World Weird Issues and Aversions (Hitting shelves the 9th of Neverember).

I cannot say enough about the kindness and patience shown me by the lot of the cast and crew.  The directors, choreographers, and musical directors who took me under their wings and taught me about owning my actions, the wardrobe mistress who was so kind and non-judgmental, the cast who put up with my corny nervous frittery jokes and still accepted me anyway.  The leads, Sarah Huff and Tyler Whitesides who don’t own a mean bone in their entire bodies, extremely talented, gracious with their time and compliments, and absolutely ZERO egoes… which can also be said about every last one of the folks in charge of this beautiful musical… behind and in front of the scenes.  It is an experience I will never forget… and one that I will look back on with fondness.  My part in this production was so very miniscule, but I was always made to feel like we were all a part of this fabulous thing that had record-breaking audiences during all 8 shows.

I had a friend say to me who has seen nearly every broadway show known to man (we call her the “ticket lady” Hi Karen)… “The difference between this production and a professional broadway one is a feeling of love.”  She said there was so much love and warmth and feeling behind each of the characters on the stage, and she never gets that from the Broadway productions because they are in it for the money.  I’ve thought a lot about that since… and it’s true… everyone who worked on this production did it because they loved the work.  They loved acting and singing and dancing.  They loved creating sets and costumes and marketing advertisements.  They loved the behind the scenes stage crewing and making things run like an oiled machine.  It was a production full of a lot of heart and warmth and LOVE. Four Seasons Theatre Company is a gift, Cache Valley people.  I hope you all support future productions from these wonderful people.  They deserve all the accolades they get!


I had so many wonderful family and friends who showed up.  I love and appreciate you all… every last one of you whacky wonderful wildabeasts.  I’d name you all individually, but I know I’d forget some and then the list wouldn’t be complete.  I also could have kicked myself that I didn’t think to take more pictures.  It’s always the after thought!  Here are a few of the ones people did take and send me…

My darling cuzzin’s kids, Baylee and Owen (Hi Mark and Jenalee)!

My other darling cuzzin’s, Makayla and Corbin (whatup, Angie and Ryan)!

My momma!

My sweet best bud since we were 10 and she whacked a soccer ball at my nose and broke my glasses (no hard feelings, obviously), who just so happened to win the award for furthest traveler to attend… Alena and her oldest daughter Kayla came from Wisconsin!!  They came for other things too, but the sweetness of this girl cannot be matched y’all!

I also met some fabulous new friends in this production, which I also didn’t get many pictures of!

The delightful Stephanie (aka Mrs. Lark) and her bag of peanut M&Ms.

The delightful Leann who was patient enough to teach me the ropes!  (sorry… I had to cut my face out of this one… I looked like the dude from The Goonies squinting into the camera… note to self… wear glasses).

The delightful Cece who put up with my sarcastic jabs and then jabbed right on back (she also never washes her face… obviously).

Some of the beautiful ladies (inside and out) from the “band room dressing room”, Tara, Leann, Amy, Rory, Rachel, some bird woman, and Stephanie.

Thank you all for making my experience that much better.  I am blessed to know some top notch, cream of the crop, non-whackadoodle people!  Keep on keeping on, friends!

PS – For remembering purposes, I meant to post about the snafu I had on closing night.  During 7 of the 8 productions and all 4 of the technical and dress rehearsals, I had absolutely no issues with my microphone.  NONE.  It just so happened that on the final night, my mic did not work when I started to sing.  I felt something was off when I started singing but couldn’t put a finger on it until I realized that there was no vocal projection.  Heck if I knew what to do, but the pro that is Sarah Huff (Mary Poppins) sprung into action, walked over to me and knelt a few inches from my face so that I could be picked up on her microphone.  Did I tell you, no ego on that girl?  We weren’t able to do any of our normal acting or blocking of the scene as we had to be so close together to share her mic, so I’m sure it looked a bit weird and awkward, but that she had the presence of mind to come over there and knew what to do was a neat experience.  Afterwards I heard talk that she said no one had to tell her to walk over… she felt she was prompted by the spirit to walk over and help me out, and she heeded that feeling.  Thank you for sacrificing your performance for mine, Sarah!  You are a gem of a person!


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The Magpie Massacre… aka My Life Has Gone To the Birds…

Birds… birds, birds, birds, birds… and more dagnabbed birds.  BIRDS!  My car out in the driveway always looks like several Magpies painted it with turd hoppers… the other half looks like a cross between a deer hunting camo and the last prize winner at the Demolition Derby.  Before I wax even more poetical about things no one cares about, allow me to get to the point.  It just so happens to be the time of the year where the young flocklings nest in Whitney’s window well, cause a ruckus and keep me awake for 12 years, and then eventually end up dead somewhere due to some predatory animal or George of the Feral Jungle Cat.  I refuse to think Lucy-Fur could ever be so cruel… Lucy-Fur!  Stop it!  The other night (aka really early morning), whilst I was trying to do some homework, I heard a thud against my window and then very near-by chirping noises.  I didn’t even have to turn the light on… I knew what it was.  This happens on a yearly basis just as the robin eggs hatch and the newly-winged robinettes (or owlettes or magpie-lettes, etc., etc.) learn to fly.  Kentucky and Fried showed up as if on cue…

Oh, Kentucky and Fried… I barely knew ye.  I learned from friend Audrey that friend Karen was a fan of the bird friends, so we texted Karen to see if she had any ideas on how to keep these precious suckers alive for more than 12 seconds.   You ought to know that Karen would pull off her right arm if you needed one, so of course she shows up on the doorstep at around 6:00 with the North Logan animal control officer.  They were like the magical team of bird refuge savers… except with less bird doo on their persons.  Nice Mr. Animal Control dude gently removed the little fellers from the window with a long net and set them near the tree that their parent birds were dive-bombing.

The National Society of Bird Refugeers From Random Window Wells of People Named Knit-Whit.  They certainly saved my future night’s of sleep and gave me a bit of peace of mind that the little fellers would still go on living.  Magpie DooDoo Central be durned!   Peace of mind, that is, until that very night/early morning when I once again heard that ever-familiar thud followed by incessant chirping noises…

This time only Fried returned… and what do you know, he still couldn’t manage to fly himself out of my window well.  Night 2 of sleeplessness.  This time I made my dad fish him out with a fishing net (who do I look like… someone who would risk getting the bird flu by getting them out myself!?!?!?  As if!)  And wouldn’t you know, he’d returned to the same danged window well the next evening.  I’m thinking Fried is some sort of Urkel of the bird population… except without suspenders and a snorting chirp.  THE HUMANITY!?!?!?  The charade went on until it was discovered on Saturday that there was a non-alive version of Fried sitting out on the lawn.  Let us all take a moment of silence to mourn for dear Kentucky and Fried.  When they say “Feed the Birds, tuppence a bag,” I really think they were talking about lunch for The Society of the Magpie Massacre-ists. Until next year, robinettes… in the meantime… I’m getting out of the bird business.  Anyone have a BB Gun I could borrow?  I have a Magpie Society Meeting to attend manana.


Because friends, Karen and Audrey are basically the sweetest, they also dropped off a gift for me…

I was verklempt… but in the best way possible.  What a thoughtful gift that I will look at with fondness for years to come.  Thank you, sweet ladies!  I sure am lucky to have such great people in my life!


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Turkey-Giving… Annual Thankful Post…

Well, it’s that time of year again… the time of year where I quit my negativity woe-is-me rampage and be publicly thankful for all of 12 seconds.  It’s my 12 seconds of fame, except without the fame and frankly this thing is going to take longer than 12 seconds to type so I have no earthly idea what the holy jib jab I’m talking about!  If you read my thankful post last year… you can stop reading now because I’m pretty much thankful for a lot of the same things.  I mean, wouldn’t you be?  I guess I could throw in some off-the-beaten-path thankfulnesses, like the fact that I’m thankful for my new owly owl sheets that I bought one night when my tooth root was burgeoning up through my skull and attacking my eyeballs from the outside.  I giggle like a 13-year-old psychopatient every time I climb into my owly owl sheets… it makes me glee with gleefulness!  No matter that I most likely bought them from the children’s section of the website.  Stop it… I’m practically a baby!

I could also be thankful for the fact that I do not live in Buffalo, New York this past week.  I’ve been to Buffalo, New York… it is a beautiful place with Niagara Falls falling all over the joint, but seven feet of snow and possible flooding whilst waving at Noah on his Ark!?  HECK TO THE N-O-P-E!  I mean Noah is a great guy, but I’ll wait to meet him.  Also, Buffalo… I just want to let you know that you are welcome to any snow Utah may get from now through July 2015.  Welcome to it!  My klutz gene will thank you.

I’m thankful for my family, immediate and extended and even the fact that we possibly drive each other crazy on a regular basis because seriously… how not fun would family dinners be without a little bit of psycho.  I’m thankful that they put up with me on occasions, even if they are happy to make it known to me and the world that they are over my 15,000 “issues”.  Join the club!

I am thankful for sweet friends, both old (old as in long ago and far away, not old as in geezery) and new.  If you are reading this… I’m talking to you!  I am thankful for the sweet and generous people you are and the great examples you are for me, a girl occasionally lost in the world of her own brainlessness.

I am thankful for this beautiful beautiful beautiful world we live in and the fact that I have been blessed with the ability to appreciate the nature surrounding me.  There are many moments where I’ve stood in front of a view that has taken my breath away… and I say a silent prayer of thanks to God, the ultimate painter extraordinare!

I am thankful for a job and the ability to go to school again.  I’d also be thankful if we could fast forward approximately 3 weeks and I could be done with finals and my 7 billion projects I’ve procrastinated all semester!  Stop it…

I am thankful for my health.  There are days where I feel like I’m a slug on the underside of a donkey hoof, but when I think of how so many others suffer with illnesses and issues that I have not had to face, I can only be grateful.

I am thankful for second chances… and third and fourth and oh heck… let’s face it… 5 millionth chances.

I am thankful for a knowledge of life after death and a sweet picture in my mind’s eye of all of my passed-on relations sitting around a dinner table together eating carrot Jell-O and chicken and noodles with French bread.  I’m thankful for the knowledge that we will all see each other again and I can whoop them all in a mean game of Heavenly Checkers.

I am thankful for music.  Music that soothes my soul… music that has lifted me up and soared me on the wings of a DoDo Bird (but before they were extinct).  I have been blessed with the ability to get lost in a melody… in a lyric… It has soothed me in times of trial and disappointment.  It has the power to make happy moments happier and sad moments more meaningful.  Ode to Joy!

Did I mention I was thankful for my owly owl sheets!?  Because seriously…

I could go on and on and on… but I’ve hit my limit of 12 seconds of fame and I really have an appointment to meet with my owly owl sheets.  So, carry on with your days my sweet friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Travel safe and eat pie… and most importantly, do not read the article I just read about turkeys being recalled this year because they are all infected with an avian flu virus epidemic.  Eight years I didn’t eat as much as a spec of turkey flesh… this past 2 weeks I’ve eaten it twice!  The odds are that I’ve jinxed the turkey population.  My apologies, turkey lovers!


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Greatly Full Of Thanks!

Time for my annual grateful blog… the one where I patheticize for 5 paragraphs and then give thanks in 1 paragraph.  That seems fair.  Also, there seems to be a smudge the size of a period on my computer screen, so every time I look at it I think I’ve accidentally put 2 periods in the sentence and then I get mad at the smudge when it won’t erase with the backspace key!  Also fair.  Without further adieu… these thankfullnesses are in random order and no offense is meant if you happen to be below the one where I am thankful for the sludge at the bottom of the apple barrel.

I am thankful for the beautiful Earth we have to live on.  The nature surrounding us.  The times where a view can take my breath away.  Our Father in Heaven is quite the artist… he really done good on this one.  I refuse to be thankful for inversion season which is upcoming here in Cache Valley land, but I am thankful that once inversion season is over, I will once again be able to see my beloved mountains… right after I suffer from 52 polluted-air sinus infections.   Sorry… THANKFUL… sometimes I get sidetracked.

I am thankful for my family, my immediate one and my extended one.  I am thankful when they are patient with my germ-a-phobe ways (that doesn’t happen very often… but in their defense, I am annoying)!  I am thankful that my mom is my friend and is willing to hang out with me on occasion… even when I ask her if she’s washed her hands 52 times (52 is the number of the day)!  I am thankful for my dad and my sister, my brother-in-law, and my 2 step-nephews, my cuzzin JenJen and her family, and my countless other cousins who have been so supportive and sweet to me.  I am thankful that I have an extended family who invited me over for Thanksgiving dinner (what up Uncle Phil and Aunt Mel) even though they were in the midst of grieving a loss.  I am thankful for my aunts and uncles, of which I have several, who have ALWAYS been so present and interested in the happenings in my boring ole life.  I am just thankful for being blessed with such a wonderful extended family.  Y’all… give yourselves gold stars and pats on the back… stat!

I am thankful for my friends, far and near, and for the role they all play in my life.  I can be very isolating to people, but there are those who hang in there through it all… even when I’ve turned down 52 (there’s that number again) invitations and not reciprocated invitations.  Medals all around… the kind made of chocolate and caramel!   I am also thankful for the Internet friends I’ve met through this weight loss thing and the ones I’ve met through other Internet venues.  Y’all have become some great pals as well and I look forward to hearing about your lives.  Keep in touch… or ELSE!!

I am thankful for music… music has always played a big role in my life.  Additionally, I’m thankful I’ve been exposed to such a large variety of genre of music and that I appreciate all different kinds of music, excepting nekked wrecking ball girls and lip-syncing kitties… you will only know who I’m talking about if you follow popular music.  😛  I am thankful for the ability to sing as it has brought me much peace and comfort in my life.  During my raging teeny bopper years, I’d come home from school, lock myself in my room, turn the karaoke machine up full blast and spend hours on end belting out songs.  It was a therapeutic thing, those song belting sessions.

I am thankful for the opportunity to learn and that I’m able to work toward my bachelor’s at USU, and for the patience I’ve been able to have with myself whilst taking classes these past nearly 2 years.

I’m thankful I have a job… a roof over my head… a sweet, yet devilish kitty who has made me laugh often.  I am thankful that I have food to eat, that I’ve been able to maintain my weight loss.  Even if I still have a long way to go, keeping 200+ pounds off these last approximately 4 years I consider a success.  I am thankful I no longer weigh 530 pounds and that I have the tools and the knowledge to keep myself from ever getting back to that dire situation.  I’m not done yet… I will keep pushing along until I see a 1 before my weight.  Mark my words.

I am thankful for the ability to woggercize.  I can be having a horrible day, but when I get outside with my iPOD blaring, dodging dog feces, and breathing in fresh air, it’s a miracle how much of a perspective pusher exercise can be.  Take it in and exhale.  Life isn’t so bad after an hour in the great outdoors.

There are many more things I am thankful for, but this is wayyyy past its interesting phase (in other words, coughcoughshutupcoughcough).

Sending Love and Peace,


Meanwhile… this thing… the creepiest thing in the dagnabbed universe!!  I have nightmares!  Do not invite me to your house if you own one of these things.  His legs aren’t supposed to move that way!



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The Fridee Five…

1.  Yesterday was the LONGEST day of the year, which means it’s all downhill from here said the pessimistic party pooping puke-face.  Enjoy it while you can, my peeps!  I went on a walk last night at 9:30 and it was still light as day… see?

I LOVE summertime in the mountains… lightish until nearly 10:00!  It was such a nice night for a walk too.  I passed 2 little girls who were walking a baby kitten on a leash.  Well… more dragging it.  And when I passed by them, one of the little girls looked at me and was like, LOOK!  We’re walking our new kitten!  And I’m all like, maybe they actually wanted a puppy.

2.  The annual Summerfest was this past weekend, and it included this little gem for purchase:

Why yes, that’s a bobble-head horse ridden by a cowgirl with metal boobs!  Why do you ask?  It clashed with my room decor (dust and piles of clothing), so of course I couldn’t buy it.  Maybe next year, cowgirl… maybe next year.

3.  We had a full table for Father’s Day this past Sunday… Cuzzins Ryan and Angie and their kids, Kayla and Corbin; sister Lindsay and BIL, Shayne and nephews, Ethan and Christian.  I regaled them with stories about singing at the church in the nursing home earlier that day; Dad got to open some pretty sweet gifts; and the boys got to wrestle and play X block (don’t ask… I have NO CLUE!)

I also don’t know who won… but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me!  And Kayla, whilst looking at a picture book Lindsay had made for dad commented that Lindsay looked much different in the pictures… because her hair was brushed!  😛

Happy Be-lated Father’s Day, Dad, Shayne, and Ryan… and any other fathers who read this here blog… count them… ONE!

4.  My pal, Avster could still use some likes on her beaut-ee-mous Victorian Tea Par-tay picture featuring rained-on carrot cake… she calls it holy water… I call it water left over from the sewer treatment plant.  You say to-mah-to… I say chocolate!  Anyway, if you’ve already liked it… THANK YOU!  But if you haven’t and have 1 second just to click on this link and press like, I’m sure she’d be willing to bake a cake for you… right, Avster… do you take requests!?  The contest ends Monday!  Clickety Click and Like.  That’s easy!

5.  I need to give a shout out to my friend and former roommate and co-worker, Rachel!  She’s leaving to work a new job in the big city, so we had one final Girl’s Night Out shindig.  I wanted to get a picture of just them, but they insisted I needed to have my ugly mug in the picture too… and so brilliantly, this happened:

And since my creepy stalkerish face peering in from the next booth was not acceptable to them, we went outside and asked a stranger on a bench to take one instead… should have went with the hand-taken photo, friends… girl didn’t know how to use the zoom option on a camera!

And so instead we got a picture from 2 towns over.. quality is what it is… QUALITY!  And I might add… possible future in professional portrait photography, stranger on the bench?  Anywho… bad picture taking time aside, GOOD LUCK, RACHEL!  You’ll have some fun times and new learning experiences… and we’ll miss you on this side of the state, but you know where to find us… correct?

Question of the Day:  Have a happy weekend, you hear? 


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I’m craunchy today.  I’ve had one of those days where nothing seems to go right… my work computer hates me… my hormones hate me… my lungs hate me… my brain hates me… and my uterus wants me to give it permission to join the nunnery.  I had one of those over-reaction PMS crying jags in the corner earlier, which just made me want to punch something, eat a pound of crap, and then take a nap.  I skipped the nap, the pound of crap, and the punching (back off, officer), and instead went to monthly GNO (girls night out) with a few of my pals.

This picture isn’t from tonight, but a previous GNO a couple of months ago.  Thanks, Tia, Karrie, and Rachel for whapping me upside my craunchy head!  Bottling up my craunch sauce and selling it to the Negative Norton’s of the world sounds like a swell idea.  If anyone is interested in buying a case, I’m the gal who could hook you up!

Question of the Day:  What methods do you use to counter a bad day?


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Thanks A Lot… For Nothing!

Can you all believe that To-Fur-Key Day is in 2 days… count them… TWO DAYS!  I am not ready for the fact that 2012 is just over a month away, mainly because I haven’t conquered my goal of winning the lottery in the year 2011 yet… and secondly, 12/12/12… you put 2 and 2 together and get some whacko dude who thinks he’s prophesying the world will end.

I seem to focus a lot on the bad end of the stick things that happen to me and forget all about all the many things that I am totally grateful for.  When it all comes down to it, I’m a blessed girl… an ungrateful, whining brat of a blessed girl, but a blessed girl nonetheless.   In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday and the fact that I snarked at a car with Idaho license plates who insisted on driving in front of me in the fast lane going 15 mph for the whole of Main Street, it’s about time that I list some of the things that I’m thankful for… I said SOME… I don’t have all night here, so if I miss something that you think I should be grateful for, shove it back in your pie hole and leave me in peace!  There, I said it… but it was really not pointed at you, did you hear me half comatose Idaho license plate chic!?

— I’m thankful for my family… Ma, Pa, Lindz, Shayne, Christian, Ethan, Jen-Jen, Seth, Jess, all of my many awesome aunts and uncles and cuzzins up the wahooza… those still on this Earth, those waiting on the other side for my ungrateful rear to get in gear, and the Ghost of Christmas past.  I love you guys and am grateful that you have been blessed with my presence for 33 years.  Oops… I meant thank you for putting up with all of my short-comings and issues and the fact that I am a bobblehead and a mean SOG (son of a gun) during hormone hoarding time.  In short… thank you (all proceeds from this groveling will go to the Whitney Wins the Lottery in 2011 Fund).

— I’m thankful for my friends (near and far) and neighbors and acquaintances and every last one of you who take the time to read these ramblings and are silently cheering me on from the grandstand and have been brainwashed by my illy-gotten English language knowledge.  I would name names, but it’s certain that I’d leave at least one of you out and then I’d totally be taken out of the friend Will… what’s that you say?  People don’t typically put their friends in their Wills?  Okay, fine… my friends Brad Pitt, Angie Jolie, Tom “couch jumper” Cruise, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jordan, and anyone with at least a 10-figure salary!  Again, make the  checks payable to WWtLin2011F!

— I am thankful for my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and for the knowledge I have that this life is just a test and one day I’ll go home to live out the eternities in my Kingdom in the sky… preferrably wearing less glasses and with less blender hair.

— I’m thankful to live in such a beautiful valley, even if I cuss it out every time it snows and/or gets below 40 degrees.  I’m thankful for the changing seasons and the clouds and the streams and trees and my beloved mountains and the canal filled with leeches in my backyard.

— I’m thankful for my body… this rickety ole body of mine that has been put through the ringer on several occasions and yet keeps on kicking despite it all.  Kicking is popular… just ask The Karate Kid.

— I am thankful for music… music that has gotten me through so many rough times in my life.  Music that lifts my spirits, music that makes me cry for no good reason at all, music that makes me ponder, and music that fills my soul with happiness.  I love singing it and listening to it and playing it on the piano and one day I hope to learn to play the nose flute with it.

— I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, a job for the time being, a sweet kitten who makes me laugh on a daily basis, the ability to speak and walk and think and daydream.  I am thankful for the clothes on my back (yes, even you ugly pants and rocking horse shoes).  I am thankful to have enough food to eat and clean water to drink and for CHOCOLATE… praise all that be holy.

— I am thankful for the gumption I’ve been able to pull from somewhere deep in my receptacle to conquer these beasts of mine and for the life I’m able to live more and more every day.  I am thankful for second chances and third chances, and 55th chances… and the fact that I was never a failure because I never stopped trying.

Just a sampling of what I’m grateful for.  Did I tell you I was a blessed girl?  Because I am… and don’t you forget it!

Question of the Day:  What are some things that you are thankful for? 


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We Couldn’t Even Reach the Ruler!

I went to lunch today with 2 of my best pals from many moons ago… back when we all were popping zits (EWWWWW) and hormoning around… oh, was that just yesterday?  I’ve known Alena and Joanne since I was about 10 or 11.  I was pretty much a horrid friend… but they put up with me being moody and full of the teenage stubborn bone… even though I’m sure most of the time they’d have rather slugged me in the head with a ball bat.  Despite all that, we did manage to have some fun times back in them days.  Some of my most memorable:

–  Having a sleepover at another friend’s house that Alena could not attend, so we all ganged up and toilet papered her house that night.  A gaggle of giggling teenage girls, throwing toilet paper into the trees.  We got our payback when we got back to the house, fell asleep on the trampoline, and woke to everyone vomiting all over everyone else.  Served us right, right Joanne?  I felt so guilty, the next morning I went to Alena’s house to help her clean up the toilet paper mess!

–  The drink game.  The object of the drink game was to make the most disgusting drink possible using anything in the cupboards and refrigerator and then the other person would have to drink it.  Thankfully, my gag reflex made that game over in 25 seconds.

–  Dressing up our little sister’s Barbie dolls to make them more “modest.”  We’d basically just put every piece of Barbie clothing they owned on the doll, which would in turn piss Lindsay and Emma off.  Stupid evil mean sisters anyway!

–  The lame physical education tests we had to do… that one where you sit on the floor with your legs straight out, feet against a box, and you had to see how far you could move the ruler!?  Um… what!?  What happens when you can’t even reach the ruler!?  Joanne never had that problem, being a sports playing savant!  Alena and I would have rather played the drinking game.

It was fun to catch up with my pals.  Alena is moving to some state in the midwest I’ve never heard of (:P) and Joanne is expecting her 4th child any day now (I’m sending you birthing vibes, Joanne… start the incising process now!), so our get togethers will now be far and few between.  Y’all gals best sign up for Facebook and for goodness sakes… send me pictures of the chillin’s every once in a blue moon.  Alena, when you up and move to Behrut, make sure you send me a text message!!  I promised I wouldn’t post the farewell pictures we took on my blog and I’m a woman of my word… so just picture 2 beautiful, kind, hard-working women, and you’ll pretty much have them nailed!  Thanks for the memories, ladies!

Question of the Day:  Do you keep in contact with any of your friends from the olden days? 


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My Fitness Pal is Your Fitness Pal…

Take notes today y’all… I’m about to unleash the hidden SECRET to weight loss… watch your backs, skinny gurus… I’m spilling it here!  The secret to weight loss success is………. DRUMROLL……….. the Fat-O-Matic… and after you’ve spent millions on the Fat-O-Matic and still have the same spare tire around your middle (y’all, if you ever get stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire, give me a ring… I’ll jog on out with the one I keep in my gut… you know… just in case!), it’s time to dig out the ole common sense bone and go the FREE and SENSIBLE route. 

It’s pretty much crucial to keep track of my calories whilst calorizing.  I know we all have magical brains that automatically keep a tally of every food we eat and then… NO… no, we don’t… because there’s the numbdumb eating.  You know the eating where you don’t realize you’re eating until you step on the scale a week later and gain 5 pounds?  I call it numbdumb eating because it’s like I black out… a handful of crackers here, a few chips there (or a whole bag… KYLE CHANDLER!), a few spoonfulls of ice cream there and suddenly you’ve eaten 1000 extra calories and can’t remember a dang thing!  A calorie does not count if you don’t have a plate in front of you… if it’s just a fork or a spoon and you are standing up, it’s totally not a calorie!!  Or so I always tried to convince myself when I was numbdumbing around the house. 

When I first started this whole weight losing buisness, I used a pen and a piece of paper to keep track of my calories… hello 1887, how are the pioneers doing?  And then me and ma in her kerchief sat down to spin us some yarn from our freshly sheared sheep.  **sighs** The good ole’ days!  I just happened to be watching the Today Show one morning this past August when they had a lady on who had lost weight using this free site… of course I had to sign myself up for 2 reasons… 1.)  It was FREE… and B.) It was FREE!  Did I mention it was FREE?  No, I’m not a cheap skate… what gave you that idea? 

I signed up… it was super easy, user friendly, wayyyyy faster than my 1887 method… and FREE!!  I didn’t start using the community of people on the site until a couple of months later in November, but I’ve met some great people since then who are in my same shoes and some who wear much smaller shoes, but are just great cheerleaders.  I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend it, family and friends.  There are all kinds of people on the site… those trying to lose 100+ pounds to those just trying to drop the pesky 10 pounds to those trying to gain weight and/or are body builders.  MyFitnessPal (MFP)… It’s kind of like FaceBook for Weight Loss!

So, y’all… drop the Fat-O-Matic, head on over to my FREE lifesaver and sign up today:  http://www.myfitnesspal.com  It is totally worth it… and if I haven’t mentioned it yet… it’s FREE!

Question of the Day:  Any of my MFP friends want to give a testimonial of the MFP awesomeness?  Do it in the comments! 



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