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Just Stuff…

I’ve had the same song running through my noggin for the last 3 days… it’s my usual go to, “My Funny Valentine”… the one I have no clue why I constantly get stuck in my head because I actually really dislike the song… but whatever brain space. Whatever…

In other even less interesting news, I’ve determined that wishy washiness and job hunting do not go hand in hand. It’s too bad that wishy washy is my middle name. Also, is there like a vacation from job hunting or is it like a neverending process of self-confidence depressors? I’m a bit frustrated at this point… but carry on I will because my other middle name is also “trudges through the muck and mire”. I best head off and get myself a trade, I guess… like Burger King bathroom cleaner or unsanitary meat packer… maybe grape stomping and cheese packaging since there are cheese factories around town. Oh boy… dream big, Whitmeister!

Until then… enjoy these pictures and video of Baby BoBo who has recently learned how to say Whitney… or it’s more like Whi… but I count it as such!

BoBo is really smart… he could use sign language to tell you all of his colors and animals, etc., at a very early age, but he hasn’t been that interested in talking until recently… so go Baby BoBo! Also, hims poor teefies… one of them is chipped now after he fell face first into the pavement… hey, I didn’t give him those genes!

BoBo and I decorated Harley with these little puffy balls, I told him to sit by Harley and CHEESE so I could get a picture of them… sadly he sat in front of the puffy balls so we just get crazy cheeses…

Fullscreen capture 652017 73935 AM

Fullscreen capture 652017 74015 AM

Fullscreen capture 652017 74339 AM

Fullscreen capture 652017 74234 AM


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Where the #*$#@$ Did It Go!?

This is a family blog (though I know approximately negative 8 trillion kids who would just jump for joy at reading such boringness)… I have kindly censored the above-mentioned blog title… I was really going to say, Where the CRAPOLA Did It Go?  But crapola is obviously a word I’ve had my mouth washed out with soap for… totes the truth.  And according to Ralphie from that movie, The Christmas Story… soap mouth washing totally causes blindness.  No wonder my eyesight is so sucktastic!

Sighhhhhhhhh… that was audible…  I actually did sigh really loudly whilst typing that word.  I sigh when I’m at a loss for words… and I’ve been doing it a lot lately.  I’m a bit frustrated with my motivation right now.  It’s pretty null and void… I’m finding more and more excuses to say to heck with the meal plan… and I feel like I have little desire to want to stay on said meal plan.  The exercising thing is still fine… I’ve made that a habit and it’s because I do things I actually enjoy.  Thus, the reason my strength training falls by the wayside more than not… and by wayside… I really mean wayyyyyyyyyy over there, around the corner, 50 miles to the West, and down that big dark pit near Mesquite, Nevada.  What happened to that girl of 2-1/2 years ago who didn’t obsess so much about every little thing she ate… the one who just moved more, ate less, and lost weight by the bucket load?  Where did she go?  Is it because now I actually know way too much crap and my constant obsessing is becoming stifling… bringing out my rebellious teenage streak?  I’d rather just run up and down the streets nekked and get that phase over with.  Sue me.  Also, wear blindfolds and close your curtains.

I’ve learned that when things become stale, it’s mighty beneficial to change things up.  I don’t know what this changing things up thing is going to entail… maybe I can spend 45 minutes per day giving myself a bear hug and patting myself on the back whilst reciting inspirational posters.  I’ll be sure to do that on the roof nekked… again… blindfolds are strongly suggested.  Maybe I need to back off the obsessing wagon or… or… I really don’t know what the answer is, but I’m going to think about it… and pray about it… and probably eat 2 cookies… and I’ll call y’all in the morning!  😛  Not literally, but you catch my drift.

In the meantime, I saw this crafty idea on Pinterest (I had branched out from my usual recipe finding one day) and I thought it might be a fun way to motivate… so I made them… with every noncrafty bone I have in my body, I made them.

Of course, the only way it would be motivational is if I could move some of them purpley rocky things from the pounds to go jar to the pounds lost jar.  For serious!  It’s looking way too lonely over there.  Siiiiigggghhhhh… onward and upward my friends.  Persistence is my motto and by crapola and high water I’ve persisted my butt off for years now… and I aim to persist until there’s no more persisting to be had!  Mark my words!

Question of the Day:  Do you have any motivation tricks?  Fun ideas, crafts, methods of butt kicking… but nice butt kicking?  


PS – 😦  Evil struck again.  Prayers and thoughts sent to the victims of the shooting in Wisconsin… what a sad, tragic day.  😦


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Phyllo Dough is the Devil’s Spawn…

Don’t believe me?  You ask it… it will tell you straight up… my name is phyllo dough and I’m the devil’s spawn!!  Dead serious!!  For those not familiar with phyllo dough… it’s this very thin, tissuey dough stuff you can use to make devil’s food…. errr… an assortment of things.   See:

Picture courtesy of Google Images...

That’s not my picture nor my hand.  Me and the phyllo dough are not talking, so I did not want to grow it’s ego by photographing it.  Tonight’s recipe was called Crispy Bean and Chipotle Burritos… and only 300 calories per serving!  BRING IT ON!  It sounded good.  The picture they showed me in the magazine looked dagnabbed deliciousfull with a bow on top!  And then came the phyllo dough.  SPAWN OF THE DEVIL-DOUGH!!  I’m sure 99.9999% of my problem is my absolute and utter lack of anything resembling patience.  The other however many percent has to do with my stubby puffy fingers that stumble all over themselves like it’s clearance day at the Dollar General!  And then I got all short-tempered and hollery… something that needs to be worked on, I know… but I have such a long dagnabbed list of things I need to work on that it’s hard to get them all in in one lifetime!  One of these days I’ll be on my pedestal of perfection… just you wait and see.  So, Madre… I apologize that you were on the end of my frustration and hunger radar screen.

So, what happened?  Firstly, I burnt the onions and garlic since I forgot to stir them whilst I was caught up turbo-cleaning my dishes.  Burnt garlic smell is a joy to behold… thankfully that’s what alerted me before the whole pot caught on fire.  After dumping the meticulously cut onions and garlic down the drain, I had to start all over.  By that time I would have eaten the pot I was so gosh durned hungry, so my patience was hanging by a thread of used dental floss.  And then came the devil-dough.  As soon as I unrolled it, it all crumbled into a pile of dust… no joking around it did.  Who invented this stuff anyway?  Obviously someone with the patience of Mother Teresa and the slender hands of that Allstate hand model.   Secondly, it was definitely a man and he was probably the same guy who invented panty hose.  An hour later after crumbling every “sheet” of dough in the package, I went to plan B… whole-stinking-wheat tortillas.  Now there’s an invention I can get behind!  Phyllo dough my rear quarters.  Next time I run into you phyllo dough inventor, don’t mind me if I string you up by your panty hose invention.  Ain’t nothing against you… I just don’t like devil spawn!

Question of the Day:  Phyllo dough tips anyone? 


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