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It’s All Upstream From Here, Folks…

Yesterday afternoon we went to check out the salmon run.  Did y’all know that salmon can run?  Because they totally can… I think they all have endorsement deals with Nike or some such nonsense.  Forget you, tuna!  Salmon is where it’s at!  I can’t say I’d ever really realized what a salmon run was.  I mean, I vaguely remember learning something about it way back in grade school, but because I had no desire to become an animal biologist or a fish and game director, it didn’t stick in the ole brain folds for longer than 25 seconds.

For those folk in my shoes who are unfamiliar with what exactly a salmon run is, some background… Near the end of a salmon’s life, they swim upstream to their original birthplace to spawn and then die.  Pleasant, right?  Tomorrow I’ll tell y’all about the lifespan of a fruit fly.  Tune in!  While we were watching these fish fight their way upstream, we got to pondering.  Analogies were flying all over the place.  It got out of control when we started likening smoked salmon to serial killers… but I digress.

Those little red things… those would be the salmon.  A salmon’s destiny isn’t really that much different than a person’s.  The salmon realize that they have one life mission (besides sitting next to a pile of tartar sauce on someone’s plate), and that is to make the long, difficult journey upstream, against current, to reproduce.  It may sound like a horrible waste of life to me and you, but it’s their noble calling.

I got to thinking about my own life journey… maybe this time in my life is my “salmon run.”  It is my time to fight my way upstream, knowing that it’s going to be difficult and a heckuva lot of hard work with obstacles littering my path.  If I sit around doing nothing, the current will take me further away from my destination.  It takes persistent work and determination to get the desired result.

When the salmon came to this waterfall, they had to somehow manage to jump over it against the current… this after already having zapped their energy supply working to even get to this point.  Very few had actually made it over… only the strongest, those with the most heart and will had the gumption to make it.  As we were standing on the bank watching this, we had an overwhelming urge to want to catch up the little guys who had yet to make the jump and help them over the fall… but that’s not how this works… they had to do it for themselves.

I never said it would be easy… I only said it would be worth it. 

 Question of the Day:  Have you ever seen a salmon run? 

Like mother, like daughter… Lindsay also was using my video camera as a voice recorder until I told her it was a video camera.  It’s true what they say… the apple don’t fall far from the tree!  JOKES!  A big congratulations to my sister, Lindser who passed her NCLEX exams on Friday… she is now a registered nurse… whoop, whoop! 


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