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What The!?!?

I started this post at 3:30 in the morning… I’m tired… I’m cranky… and I swear I just broke my toe when I dropped a bottle of shower cleaner onto it.  It’s already turned a nice purpley bluey color.  I’m hoping to coordinate my socks to match… that way if I have a hole in one of my socks, no one will be the wiser.  I tell you… them’s are the reasons my folks should have named me Brilli, middle name:  Ance… Brilli Ance.   Meanwhile… this little piggy done cried wah, wah, wah all the way home!

The other day I was grocery shopping.  That’s totes normal.  I bought me some food and some more food… and rounded that out with some food.  That’s totally normal.  Then, I took my bags out to put them in my Beulah the Buick vehicular contraption.  All the way normal.  As I was putting my groceries into the trunk, I felt an eery feeling… you know like you get when someone is staring at you.  I turned to see this:

Uhhh… that would not be normal.  What in the Sam Hill beans is my friend, Claude’s head doing duct taped to the hood of a car.  I think that pretty much explains the chronic headache right there!  My first thought:  Wow… duct tape is really multipurposeful.   Does that mean I’ve officially joined the psychiatric unit support group?  It’s about dang time!

Note:  If you haven’t entered yesterday’s drawing for the Shut Up and Sweat T-shirt, there’s still time.  I will pick a winner on Thursday night!  Do eet!


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