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One Year After…

As promised, this post is for my pals who have been emailing me lately, struggling with diabetes and/or prediabetes.  A little bit of hope, if you will.  It’s been approximately 1 year (give or take a few months) since I’ve “cured” my type 2 diabetes through getting the heck up off my patookus and doing something about it.  The real test once you’ve been off of diabetic medications, though, is being able to maintain that control so that you don’t end up right back at diabetic hole square one.  This past Friday I had my quarterly doctor appointment… and the vampire doctor took approximately 89 gallons of my blood to do pretty much every test in the book and also to make some blood pudding for a shindig later that night… don’t quote me on that part.  I’ve always wondered why in the world medical folks think it’s a smart idea to take so much dagnabbed blood from an anemic person… for serious!?!?  Aren’t you adding to my problem?  Here’s an idea… go get a male… any male will do… take 89 gallons of his blood and call me with the results in the morning.  Tangent… moving on.

So, he took half of my body’s supply of blood and then called me yesterday with the results.  Here’s a little comparison of before numbers and one year later numbers:

Hemoglobin A1c (a measurement of your blood sugar over a 3-month period of time):  Normal range in a person with no trace of diabetes:  4.5 to 6.
Before:  11 on 4 kinds of insulin and 5 kinds of oral pills    Friday:  5.0  on no medications

Blood pressure:  Normal range is equal to or less than 120/80
Before:  160/110    Friday:  110/69

Resting heart rate:  Normal range 60 to 100 bpm
Before:  110 to 120 bpm    Friday:  61 bpm

Total Cholesterol:  Normal range less than 200
Before:  280    Friday:  165

I’m definitely not throwing these numbers out there to be all LOOK AT ME AND MY BURGEONING EYEBALLS!!!!!  I’m putting these out there to show my pals who are on 8000 medications and in the depths of despair that it is possible to turn it all around… and you don’t have to be at what society deems as a normal weight to do it.  Just some hard work (it IS hard work… put down that magazine telling you there’s an easier way… NOPE… there’s not!) and persistence and you got yourself a dagnabbed page of laboratory values worthy for some refrigerator hanging time.  Tell your kids to move one of their sloppily drawn masterpieces… you got something to hang up… preferrably NOT with the free Pizza Hut magnet.  As if!  Do it, my pals!  You got this!

Question of the Day:  How have your lab values changed since losing/gaining weight?  




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