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Dragging Through Driggs…

Yello… How’s it going long lost blog space? I’ve been lazy with blogging the last several weeks, and by lazy I really mean I didn’t want to do it, and when I set my mind to something, you best believe it gets done… but only if it requires doing nothing, so scratch the ambitious part of that sentence. Boy, do I ever paint a picture of myself right here… it’s like I’m advertising myself to the sleep disorder center.

Anyhow, this past week I spent with the fam-damly up in their old stomping grounds, Teton Valley, Idaho. Driggs and Victor to be more specific. I guess the family does that every year on the 4th, but this is one of the times I actually went with them, so you can mark that down in the books somewhere. Baby BoBo turned into a bear up there and chased people around in his birthday suit, Ethan and Shayne did death defying stunts off of super high banisters into bean bags, Lindsay threatened lawsuits and divorce when they brought Bourne on one of the jumps, and Whitney mainly checked for germs and doled out Minion Tic Tacs to the masses… and by masses I really mean Baby BoBo the Bear. All in all, it was an eventful trip which included a hike, a rodeo, Grand Targhee wandering, a small-town parade, and lots of Pop-Its!

Dance party with Baby BoBo as the boss and no one allowed to wear shoes… boy, it must be nice to be the boss!

Fullscreen capture 7102017 61007 AM

Fullscreen capture 7102017 61318 AM

Hiking… Baby BoBo made it 1 mile walking on his own… then he had to be carried… where do I sign up for that gig y’all!?!?

Fullscreen capture 7102017 61229 AM
Nekked bears chasing “Ma” and “Pa” before bath time.

Fullscreen capture 7102017 61442 AM
Victor Parade with the coolest dude in town…

20170704 195456
Driggs Rodeo… yee-haw!

Fullscreen capture 7102017 60553 AM

Fullscreen capture 7102017 60540 AM
Grand Tetons for the win!

Fullscreen capture 7102017 60522 AM


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Oldies But Goodies…

I’m on a  historical kick lately.  I’m gonna say it has something to do with the fact that I’m currently taking a history class… but that’s a shot in the dark because really… what’s the correlation, Merle!?  This history class requires… a LOT of reading.  All I do is read… work for 8 hours a day (where I read doctor’s reports all day) and then read my homework (which also includes reading the text in the other scientifical class) for the rest of the night until I develop blood clots and decide to go to bed.  I’m pretty sure if we added up all the pages I’ve read in my entire lifetime, they wouldn’t even get close to equaling the pages I’ve read the last 2+ months.  Professional reader… with ADD… hook me up, Hooked on  Phonics!   Didn’t work for me!  You’ll only get that if you watched TV commercials in the 90s!

Back to my original point… Historical Kick!!  My cuzzin JenJen and her 2 boys, Cruz and Blaize stayed with us for a couple of days last weekend… and I drug them all to the American West Heritage Center we have going on down the road a few miles.  I thought Cruz would like to ride the train and see the animals… and pretend he was interested in watching a guy bend a nail in a fire to make a mug holder.  It turned out he had more fun riding in my childhood radio flyer 90 red wagon than anything… and we could have stayed home to do that!

He wasn’t impressed that this calf thought he was an ice cream cone…

Silly calf… red wagons are for kids.  NINETIES REFERENCE butchered!   But cutie pie Blaize sure had fun riding the buffalo hide!

And Whitney found herself a new house she could afford… comes furnished and everything!

Looks a little lumpy… but I wouldn’t have to worry about burglars!  Take that, rich people!

The next historical kick-like thing I did was just this past Friday.  I took off in Beulah, the broken-air-conditioner Buick to a ghost town in Idaho I’d read about.  The no air conditioning was fitting since they didn’t have air conditioning back in the 1800s… I asked.  They didn’t.  Unless you count the guy who stood behind you and blew spittle all over you whilst trying to cool you off.  PASS!  Chesterfield, Idaho was founded in 1880 by some dude named Chester Call.   Well, lookee there… Chester found some Fields… Chesterfield!  It was inhabited for quite a few years, houses and stores and buildings were built, but then it got too hard to live there.  Winters were long and hard and so eventually the town was abandoned, but the buildings remained.  In 1980 (100 years after it was founded), a group came to try to restore the town to its original 1800s look.

I thought the town was tres cool… very abondoned and quiet and it felt like I’d stepped back into the 1800s with the buildings and houses and dirt roads.  I’m glad I went alone because there were no shopping malls within a 100-mile radius of the place.  When I arrived, I regretted that I hadn’t stopped to use the restroom since this place is in the middle of nowhere!  At least 40 miles from the nearest gas station… no cell reception… no people or inhabited houses for miles on end.  There were a few people running the store, who pointed me to a portable outhouse and I almost croaked to death at the thought.  I ain’t never used a Honey Bucket and I don’t plan to start now.  The lady noticed I was reluctant so had her husband take me a mile or so down the road to unlock the public restrooms… glory be hallelujah… they had soap and I was sorely thankful!

The older lady told me she could have her husband take me on a tour around the town, but I could tell he wasn’t so much excited at the idea of hanging around in 96-degree weather just so I could see inside the houses.  I told her I’d just walk around myself since I just survived driving in 800-degree weather for 2-1/2 hours with no air conditioning!  Pioneer… what!?

The assembly hall… complete with handcarts… uh… and a white minivan… probably Chester, Jr.’s vehicle.

This is what remains of the old brick school house.  There were crumbled bricks all around… this is just a portion of them.

I don’t think that outhouse is “portable,” but there was another option for a restroom, Merle!

This was the nicest house in all the town, owned by the guy who ran the general store, complete with 7 gables.

This one hadn’t been restored yet.  I’m stopping with the pictures, but if you are a geeky historical person and want to see more, I’ve put them in a folder for your perusal.  Chesterfield Pictures… 

‘Twas an interesting trip.  I wouldn’t want to live there… portable outhouses my rear receptacle… but I’ll visit!





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Par-Tay In Victor…

Last week, my family… meaning my ma, pa, sister Lindsay, BIL Shayne, and nephew Ethan (nephew Christian had Scout camp) went up to the home turf and bustling metropolis of Victor, Idaho and stayed the week in a cabin in the jungle… errr… wilderness… woods?  Notice I didn’t include my name in the group.  I unfortunately did not stay the week, but I did have the day off on the 4th of July, so in pops a grandiose idea in my noggin space.  Why don’t I drive for 8 hours that day just to attend a family barbecue for approximately 4 hours!?  What a great idea!!!  Tee hee hee hee heee… sorry… that may have been one too many hees.

That meant I had to get up at approximately butt o’clock in the morning to start my 4-hour drive.  Butt o’clock came and went and instead I got up at crack o’clock, which unfortunately is approximately 1-1/2 hours after butt o’clock.  Sue me… you try driving on 2 hours of sleep!  So, I left the house at around 8:15ish, dodged approximately 8 billion farming vehicles going 2 mph on the highway plus a gaggle of older folk strolling along like the speed limit was 15 mph in a 65 mph zone.  My favorite is the ones who think it’s fun to caravan side-by-side whilst going 15 mph in a 65 mph zone… because then they’re like taunting me.  SUCKER… can’t get around us now… join the caravan!  I don’t have road rage at all… why do you ask?

When I finally arrived at just after noonish o’clock, I immediately ran into possibly the biggest event Victor has ever experienced… and in a place with the population of under 1900, pretty much every single resident was roaming the Main street for the 4th of July shindig.  I had to go to the dagnabbed restroom.  I didn’t stop the whole way and now I was in trouble.  I hightailed it into their one and only gas station which was crawling with people attending the 4th shindig, only to find that the woman’s one-holer already had a line 5 people deep.  Much to my relief, the men’s side had no line, so I went in there… judge not lest ye be judged.  When I opened the door to leave, apparently every male in Victor got the memo that it was time to line up for the bathroom.  You should have seen the look on their face when I walked out the door.  LOL!!!  Weren’t expecting that fellers!

Coincidentally, a couple of my uncles and some of their families were also in Victor for the 4th, so we all gathered at the pointy cabin in the jungle for a barbecue.

It don’t look like much on the outside, but it was nice on the inside… on account of the fact that some rich folk from North Carolina own it.

Uncle Phil was the indoor steak cooker.  He kept assuring me that this steak was from a vegetarian cow, so it must be vegetarian meat.  I almost believe him until I turned my brain on.

Stay away from the man with the sharp fork and spatula…

Ethan became good buddies with cutie patootie baby Cruz (don’t worry JenJen… this picture is not a picture… it’s a witness protection program picture since I’ve obscured his face!) and also cutie pie 3-year-old Beau.

Cuzzin Jessica, cuzzin JenJen, Madre, and Lindsay.  Cuzzin Jessica on account of just turning 21 last week was the keeper of the moonshine.  I’m just saying!  😛

Some of the group chill-axing on the deck.  I left at around 8ish to make the 4-hour drive on home… which would have been cool and all, but I got stuck in Idaho Falls trying to get out without running over people attending the firework show… and then again in Pocatello.  Laws almighty… grown folk walking the middle of the streets like it’s cow crossing day at the dairy farm.  All in all I was glad I made the quick trip even if I did suffer a case of butt-sitting-itis.

Question of the Day:  Did you have a barbecue on the 4th?  What was on the menu?  

On the way home I did stop by Gramster and Grampster’s ranch when they all lived in Victor.  Madre likes to regale of stories of her youth at the ranch.

I’m pretty sure they didn’t have a big ole road going through it back in them days!


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I Da Ho… No… U ta ho….

What up friendly friendlies?  The weekend is over I am only slightly dumber than I was last week around this time.  That’s an upgrade from the usual Monday when I end up a LOT dumber than the previous Mondee.  I must have retained a few more brain cells due to the fact that I spent my weekend in my birthplace, Rexburg, Idaho… which, ironically is also the birthplace of wind (sorry, Oprah… Chicago ain’t got nothing!).   The wind mostly behaved this weekend… so unfortunately I could not blame my messy hair on anything but myself.  LAME!!!  We drove up Friday morning and met my cuzzin, Jen-Jen in Idaho Falls where we had promised to help her shop for some maternity clothes to cover her growing pregnant belly.  I can understand why she needed my help with clothing shopping.  I am one of the top 10 fashionistas of the parachute and tent-like clothing fashion council… pregnant women will more than likely own at least one parachute-shaped item of clothing, so y’all… give me a ring next time you need some advice.  I have it growing out my belly button… literally.  Instead of getting right to the clothes buying, we spent the first 30 minutes searching for my missing camera, which I’d left sitting on a sweater at The Gap because I’m just that senile.

Lindsay cannot get away from a shopping trip without trying on at least 800 items of clothing, so she (NOT PREGNANT AT ALL) was not swayed when she found herself banned to the maternity section… and ended up walking out with at least one maternity dress.  Oh my addicted-to-all-things-wearable sister… what will we ever do with your 5 closets of clothing when you leave this earth?

Lindsay and Jen-Jen trying on their clothing.  We set up shop in the dressing rooms pretty much while dad drooled his way to boredom out by the housecoats.

Why yes… that’s possibly one of the UGLIEST MuuMuus yet… and she talked us into buying it for her Christmas present.  Oh laws… does anyone have any blinding glasses I could borrow?  I cannot look at that thing all winter.   We also learned that dad is still winning the pregnant belly contest:

After lunch at Johnny Carino’s where the family ate their weight in fried octupus tenticles (THANK ALL THAT BE HOLY I’M A VEGETARIAN!!!!!), we headed to Jen and Seth’s house in Rexburg where I was going to stay the night.  I tell you, they are the host and hostesses with the mostesses.  They fed me yummified VEGETARIAN tortilla soup for dinner; worried about my warmth ratio; and the fact that her dog, Joey, enjoyed licking me.  I got a turn-down-the-bed gift of 2 adorbs cat food bowls and a book on how to train your new kitten to make money in the circus.  Jen also put on a cleaning show using her Melaleuca Tough and Tender counter spray whilst wearing an eskimo jacket and elbow-length pink rubber gloves… that’s how these Rexburgians roll, I tell you what!

The next morning after breaking into the family’s hotel to eat free breakfast (SHHHHHHHHH… they owed us one after a big ole football dude threw up in the elevator), we headed to the real reason we showed up in Rexburg, my cuzzin Michael’s wedding.  What a beautiful couple they made!

Mike and Jessica were troopers because it was chilly out there for picture time and the rest of us had coats and gloves.  The highlights of the day were hanging out with the extended fam, meeting my aunt Katie for the first time (what up, Katie), and passing around the cute lil daughter of my cuzzin Spencer and his wife, Anne.  Bethany cried approximately ZERO times whilst being passed around the group like a football in China… what an angel baby… and adorable to boot!

Auntie Jess with baby Bethany.

There’s me and Jen-Jen creeping cheesily into the pitcher.  Oh my laws, Whitney… never look like you’ve overdosed on Valium again!  Lindsay was enamoured, especially when the cute little thing enjoyed sleeping on her fur vest.  Shhhh… don’t tell Lindsay that… she thinks the baby liked her for her… not her vest.  I stumbled my way through the singing of 2 songs for the wedding luncheon, L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole and Blessed the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts.  All in all… twas a successful shindig.  Thank you hosts and Rexburg nation.  Let’s do it again sometime… preferrably in the summer!

Question of the Day:  What do y’all think of Madre’s new muumuu!?!?!?!?  Please help me… PLEASE!!!  😛


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