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Kid Versus Broccoli…

TV ain’t just your regular idiot box anymore.  If you find the right shows, you’re guaranteed hours of motivation and inspiration (Sane Person Note:  Jersey Shore does not count for either one of those criteria)!  One of the reasons I started being more conscious about my food choices is coming back to TV tonight… and I for one am definitely tuning in… even if it does come on opposite Biggest Loser (DVR, TIVO or watch online at ABC.com the next day!)  Wow… who knew you could do a whole paragraph about a show and never even mention the name of it!!  Let’s see if I can do a whole post about it without mentioning the name… just to be real annoying like (just like every single cast member of Jersey Shore)!  Oh… get over yourself, Snookie… errrr… I mean Whitney.  The show is called Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and it comes on channel ABC right before the Dancing With the Washed Up Wanna-Be-Stars Results Show

Last season, which aired starting in about March of 2010, was about Jamie Oliver going into the school systems of the “fattest city in America,” in Huntington, West Virginia, trying to change their school lunch menu.  Less processed, high fat foods… more fresh, all natural, homemade foods.  It did not go over well at all at first.  More homemade food was more work for the kitchen staff and more expensive than buying a lifetime supply of frozen leftover chicken scrap nuggets and warming them in the oven… plus the kids didn’t seem to take too kindly to having their fried foods replaced with fresh, baked foods.  It was on this show that I first learned that the school system considers french fries and ketchup a vegetable.  On what earthly planet would that be true?  If that was the case, I’d have had NO problems forcing down my veggies as a kid… none at ALL!  Bring on the McDonald’s buffet, Ma… I be getting in my veggies… ketchup and fries galore on that menu!   And when I’m done with my veggies, I’ll have 3 bowls of Fruit Loops so I can get in my fruit allotment.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with eating french fries every now and then (I just ate some the other day)… but to consider them a vegetable!?  Might as well add a chocolate cake food group to the food pyramid in that case. 

Jamie Oliver is pretty much a rockstar… when I first started watching the show last year (LONG before I found MFP), I made it a point to read food labels when I went shopping.  I’d never really cared before.  My criteria back in the olden days was if it tastes good, I’ll eat it.  That’s probably why not many vegetables ended up on my menu… unless they were drowned in cheese sauce or breaded and deep-fried.  But Jamie was contagious and passionate about good food… I even made a couple of the recipes he featured on the show. 

Do yourself a favor and tune in… educated kids turn into educated adults and we could ALL use the information Jamie shares on this show.  I believe the next city he is planning to tackle is Los Angeles, CA.  Bring it, Jamesters!  French fries should be an indulgence, not an everyday occurrence. 

Question of the Day:   What do you remember most about your school lunches?



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Ruby’s Inspiration…

As Ruby Gettinger would say… y’all… I’m excited that Ruby is coming back to TV for a new season!  For those not familiar with Ruby, here is a brief rundown.  At one point in her life she weighed over 700 pounds and now she is on a mission to lose the weight the right way!  When we last saw Ruby (last year sometime), she weighed 300 and some odd pounds and was on a quest to find out the missing pieces of her forgotten childhood. 

I love me some Ruby… first of all, she is the definition of hilarity.  Confident, outspoken, and full of fire, she and her very supportive friends are taking this long journey together.  The show deals with eating, exercising, and the psychological aspects of weight loss.  Because it is an all inclusive thing.  She reminds me of me in a lot of ways and in other ways not so much.  Somehow, she manages to be confident no matter what size she is.  I haven’t mastered that skill.  The larger I got, the more I hid in the basement… you’ve all heard about monsters in the basement… right?  Nice to meet you… now you can say you’ve met one!   

Y’all should really tune in if you need that extra bit of motivation/inspiration.  She airs on the Style Network on Sunday nights… but I’m pretty sure they reair the same episode 8 bajillion times during the week.  The new season started Sunday, March 6th (yesterday)!  Check her out!


Question of the Day:  Do you Watch Ruby? 


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