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Clear Eyes, Full Hearts… Can’t Lose!

That quote is from my favorite TV show, Friday Night Lights.  I like it because it’s not deep and yet it’s deeeeeeeeeppppp… like drowning in a pile of quicksanding cow manure.  Let’s face it, I ain’t going to win everything in this life I’m living.  It ain’t possible.  Sometimes I am going to lose, but I believe that even if I come out on the losing end of the stick, I can still be a winner just by having had the experience… just by having gone through the journey.  That’s some deep heifer crap right there, right?

I can definitely say right up front that I’ve not always had that attitude.  I’d say from about the age of 13 through the age of 29, I just thought I was on a downward spiral of losing.  Nothing I did turned out right and things were just getting worse and worse.  At one point, I couldn’t even walk half a block for crying out loud!  I had no control of the situations I was put into, nor the results.  I was a victim of my bad luck… my surroundings… I was just a girl who would always get the bad end of the stick.  It was a gradual decline over those years into the pit of despair and hopelessness.  I cried a lot… I thought a lot… I woe is me-ed a lot.  It was like living in a sewer hole in the town of Patheticville.  I’m not only a resident… I’m the town Mayor.

Having come out on the other side, I can truly see why I needed to go through that heifer crap.  It’s like lifting a veil; I can now see so clearly what my problems were and I now know what needs to be done to get them fixed… and I’m willing to work for it.  I’m not winning all the time even today, but it’s that constant desire to keep trying that I didn’t have during those years that keeps me trucking along.  Those battling years weren’t a loss… I came out having won the war.

Clear  Eyes… Full Hearts… Can’t Lose!  Ever!

I bought this necklace to wear as a reminder.  I stil have things to win up in this here joint.  DO IT!!

Question of the Day:  Do you have a favorite quote? 


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