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Life Lessons and Knitting…

Remember that time many moons and leap years ago (aka earlier this year in February) when I took an introductory course to knitting at the local high school?  Remember that time I made owls and slippers and dish cloths and hats and pin cushions and all manner of knitting gloriousness?  Remember how I was going to become a professional knitter in my dreams and sit around all day making tea cozies?  Remember!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Good… because neither did I!  It’s been a couple of months since I picked up the needles.  I did pretty well in the winter months… I guess it’s easier to have a pound of lamb wool sitting on your lap when it’s cold outside.  I decided to try to pick it up again this past week.  I had a project in mind and a deadline to meet.  It’s been 5 days and it took me those 5 days to relearn how to start a slip knot.  The HUMANITY!!  It’s sad how fast something leaves my noggin when I’m not doing it on a regular basis.  Once I got the slip knot relearned and then relearned how to cast on yet again, the basic knitting stitches came back to me pretty easily… I said the BASIC stitches.  I’m still staring at the pattern trying to figure out how the dagnabbed alien I’m supposed to read this chart thing she provides.  My teacher just told me what to do in her patterns… this chick has diagrams and things written in Gaelic.

I learn a lot about myself through knitting… the biggest thing?  I’m a perfectionist and I can’t deal with having a mistake sitting willy nilly in my project.  I unravel it and start all over… which is totally stupid and frustrating.  I’d get hours into a project, only to start from scratch when I accidentally purled instead of knitted.  The smart way would be just to learn how to fix that one mistake, but that never feels right to me… I just start over and throw away all that hard work.

And so it is with every other aspect of my life.  Weight loss… nothing is ever ever EVER going to go perfectly there.  It’s a dagnabbed given.  So, why am I so hard on myself when it doesn’t go perfectly and why can’t I just brush that one mistake off and move ahead instead of saying things like, Well… this day is a wash… might as well eat what I want and start again tomorrow…  The weekend is coming up and I have this and this and this… no way to get in sensible eating… I’ll start again Monday.  Madness!!  The smarter idea would be to just move on with the day as if it was going to be a perfect day.  There is never going to be a perfect time to start something… nothing will ever fall into that perfect place.  Figure out how to make it fit into the imperfectness and revel in your imperfection.  That’s life… and I’d go into that song by Frank Sinatra here, but I vowed to be 10% less cheesy and this is where that 10% is going to pay off… big time.  You are welcome.

Question of the Day:  Do you consider yourself a perfectionist?  Any tips on how to reign that in? 



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