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How Do You Want To Live Your Life?

I had the honor of attending a funeral this past Friday of a man who passed way too young. He was only 36, a husband, a father of 2 beautiful young girls, a son, a brother, a friend. So many titles, and so many people left behind to deal with the loss of someone who seemed to bring light and hope to whomever he knew. I never had the chance to meet him in life, but he was my Aunt Blythe’s (or Katie as we call her) son, and so through her I felt like I knew him… or at least I knew of the selfless way he chose to live out the rest of his life when learning just over a year ago that he had terminal cancer. The dreaded C word that shatters lives and extinguishes the joy of all it passes by. Yet, Paul… he who was the direct recipient of such suffering, chose differently. Instead he went to work. He spent time with his family. He made efforts to ensure that his young daughters would have things to remember him by when he was gone. He recorded reading books to them, wrote to them, and spent as much time letting them know how much they were loved, even in spite of feeling the effects of the ravaging scourge he was dealing with… and from what I’ve learned from my aunt and the sweet talks given about him, he did it all with a spirit of joy. He didn’t waste his time sitting home feeling sorry for himself, which would definitely be my first inclination.

I’ve been thinking a lot about life this past week and the idea that we may not have a tomorrow to procrastinate the 50 things we have always been meaning to do.  Life is fleeting and I can’t be sure that there will be a tomorrow for me to get up the motivation to do this or that.  There may not be a tomorrow to tell my family or friends how much they mean to me… that I do love and appreciate them (words that have never come easy to me).  The time to do that is now and every day.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t been blessed to be a mother, but I tend to get caught up in myself day in and day out.  It’s a very selfish life I lead.  I don’t spend near enough time tending to the needs of those around me.

Aunt Katie, thank you for raising a son who was such an example to thousands, and thank you for sharing him with us this past year when it would have been justified to gather the family around and keep him to yourselves.  He’s certainly touched this tough old broad.  He’s an example that those of us still blessed to be on this Earth needed to learn from.  God bless you, Paul… and thank you.

You can learn more about Paul and his beautiful family, here, here (this link includes a beautiful video), and here… and to donate to his medical fund, here.


BoBo is pretty sure he’s a big boy now… no offense to the other 6-month-old babies or anything.

He’s also pretty dang cool… kind of like MacGyver, but way cooler.

Here’s Auntie Whitty Woo being really annoying… oh laws, I love the sound of my loud baby voice… NOT!

And no, mom… I wasn’t listening…



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If anyone feels the need to adopt a giant overgrown woman child named Whitney now’s your chance.  I come with self-cleaning and self-cooking apps, so no need to fret over that.  I also make a mean handwashing police if you need someone to stand next to the sink and remind your kids they should wash their hands approximately once every 5 seconds.  You might want to store a baseball bat in the convenient under sink location, because after 30 seconds of the reminders, all bets are off.  Some people don’t even make it that long.

Why the need for grown woman child adoption papers?  I’m pretty much couchless as of Saturday night, and I do not know what to do with myself or myself’s rear receptacle.  Madre got a wild hair on Saturday morning and decided to try to sell the couch, chair, and ottoman on KSL classifieds.  Remembering she tried to sell a couch once before and not a one person bit, I was sure this would be the same outcome… until some dude came out on Saturday night, mere hours after she put the ad up, and paid cash for all 3 items!  So, now I’m couchless.  It’s like I’m wandering the streets of Vegas nekked and frantic, except with clothing.  Meanwhile, some poor people in Africa are smiling whilst sitting on a pile of cow dung… first world problems… expert complainer at your service.


In other news, I’m having major senioritis this semester… there are 4 weeks left of fall semester and I have approximately zero “give a craps” left for homework and reading purposes.  The other day I wrote a 4 page paper using a thesaurus.  I just scrolled through the words, found the most impressive and giant ones and made sure those suckers were included.  I’m banking on the fact that a music professor does not read papers… but I’m guessing that is probably like saying a nerd never plays chess.  Not gonna happen, my geeks!  As for my Italian class… let’s just say if I ever accidentally get lost in Italy and no one around me speaks anything but Spanish and/or Italian, I’m dying in Italy.  If anyone finds my two “give a craps” could you FedEx them to me?  I’m pretty sure they will also carry over into Sprinter semester starting in January too.  One good thing… there is a light at the end of my neverending geezer schooling tunnel.  I can see the light… I hope I can crawl on all fours toward it in the next year.

SNOW!  Take a hike off a steep cliff down a ravine and far away from me!

This is Baby BoBo’s impersonation of the Donald Trump Windbag hairdo… kind of swoopy… but Baby BoBo is a lot cooler and smarter too!  😛

Also, could you just even with those cheekins!

BoBear thinks he’s pretty hilarious at the Sam’s Club with Auntie Whitty Woo!


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You Can’t Make This Crap Up…

You can’t… I’m just telling you right now… you CANNOT!  I’ve been going to the Infusion Center at the hospital every other day for the last 2 weeks… trying to get rid of this taxing anemia I have going on, so I sit in a recliner with all of these other old folk and have Venofer pumped into my veins via an IV for 2 hours every other day… bring on the bills, hospital!  I think they charge per each millisecond you sit there.  Today’s reclining chair neighbors just happened to be 3 ole homeboys from the olden days.  The first one was already asleep and snoring as I took my seat.  Every once in a while, he’d do this horrible snorting noise, like he was trying to gather all of the mucus from his nostril holes up into the very tip top of his brain folds in one swift snorting movement… and then he’d talk to himself in his sleep.  I bring a book every time, but it’s hard to hear the words over snorting chair dude.

The other 2 homeboys were in their 70s, and I kid you not, their names were Butch and Patch.  I kid you the heck not!  Patch, I’m assuming, was named for the eye patch he wore, and I’m guessing Butch was named on account of the fact that he was built like an ox with a big ole bushy mountain man beard and overalls… pretty sure he had the mountain man beard swimming down the birth canal.  Butch and Patch knew each other… because their names nearly rhyme, I’m assuming, and because they were both farmer/rancher types from back in their golden days.  Butch even traveled the pro rodeo circuit for several years as a bull rider.

It’s funny to listen to 2 good ole boys talk to each other… each of them trying to one up the other in their stories of who rode the biggest bull and who had the most John Wayne movies (Patch won that one… he has a whole dagnabbed collection).  Butch says he is a fan of Steven Seagal and would like to meet him one day, and I’d agree with him, except NOPE!

I sat in that room of snorting and exaggerating and patching for 2 hours today and I managed to read 1 page of a book.  Who needs reading material when you have a room full of entertainment.  Happy Trails, Butch and Patch!

Meanwhile, in the 2nd thing I didn’t make up… the town round-about is getting all classy like and stuff.  They’ve erected a statue in the honor of the most prominent store in town and let me tell you what, this thing is CLASS-Y with a capital all of the letters.  It’s like we done be taking on the Museum of Art or some such nonsense.

Wait for it…

And there it is… I like to call it… Ye Yonder Wal-Martian Tributary.  By the by, I did many illegal round-about maneuvers to get these pictures.  There was much honking and cussing and one chic showed me how her little bird learned how to fly.  You are welcome.   Looks like the workmanship of Butch and Patch to me.  Good job, boys!

Question of the Day:  Are you a people watcher/listener?  

PS –  Happiest of happy belated birthdays to my favorite Madre who turned 29 for the 33rd year in a row this past Friday!  I was going to buy her a new muumuu, but then I remembered she would wear it and put the kabosh swiftly on that idea.  I’m sure lucky to have such a great momma!  Love you!



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Weak Week…

Oh hai… lovely day to be a fisherman, isn’t it?  I don’t know what that means, except that I probably should be seen by a psychiatrist.  I felt like a frigging hypochondriac this week… except I wasn’t but that didn’t stop the many different specialists I saw who I’m sure thought I was.  I mentioned in last week’s post about the horrid shooting pain I had going on all over my ear and head and face and teeth.  Now, if I can avoid going to a doctor, I sure as heck will because with the exception of broken bones I tend to self-treat… but after 2 weeks of the pain getting more and more intense to the point where I couldn’t sleep or think of anything else but the fact that my head needed to be chopped off (shut it… I hear you with the head should have been cut off years ago joke), I finally surrendered.  A week ago this past Friday, I finally bucked up and went to see a physician’s assistant in my doctor’s office.  I was sure he was just going to give me an antibiotic for my earache (was also sure the horrid shooting pain was stemming from my ear because apparently I got my doctorate in my dreams last week… best way to get it… I grade the papers… and the dagnabbed classes are FREE!)  He looked at my ears and told me he was sure my earache was due to wax buildup and that if I got that stuff removed I’d be sunning on the beaches of Hades in no time.

I’m all like… cool… is that all?  So, like I mentioned last week, he sent me home with a home remedy and I faithfully followed it all weekend.  Come this past Monday, the pain was 6 times worse and all the home remedy did was made my ear feel all cloggy and made me want to take up binge drinking.  I got on the horn and made an emergency appointment with an ENT specialist… thinking surely they could just use their dustbuster majigger and suck my wax out… no issue.   Isn’t that an appetizing picture to paint during breakfast time… hope you enjoy your Malt-O-Meal… also, you are welcome.   I told my story to the nurse practitioner at the ENT’s office… I’m sure she was on guard thinking I was a pain pill seeker or some such nonsense.  She looked into my ears and was all like, Who told you you had wax buildup?  There’s nothing in here.  Which I took to heart because I knew my brain had leaked out my ears years ago.  Well, that’s embarrassing.  I had her suck out what was in there, which… she was right… was nothing… and I still had that same ole horrid shooting pain.  She started to worry me talking about bringing in the audiologist to do some hearing tests, etc.  All I could envision was a future of hearing aids.  The audiologist came in and did a few tests, didn’t find anything wrong, but then scheduled me an appointment with him for a litany of other tests the next day (apparently, his schedule was too full that afternoon).

Back to square one… and it’s hard to think things through rationally when your head is a massive ball of fire red nerve bundles with basically zero sleep.  I was desperate… desperate to sleep… desperate to quell the pain in my head… but mostly anxious to read the decapitation clause in my insurance pamphlet.  I made an appointment with my dentist on a whim.  I’d just been to the dentist 2 weeks before and had some cavities filled… and they took x-rays… and they told me there was nothing else wrong besides the cavities that they filled, so that didn’t seem like the prime problem.  Another round of x-rays later, it turns out that one of the cavities they filled in my very back upper right molar they had so happened to fill directly on TOP of the nerve in the tooth.  So, basically the nerve was mad as a hornet’s nest that someone came up on her territory and she was going to punish the intruder (aka me… but really the dentist).  I’m all like… fix it.  And he’s all like, we don’t work on molars… and I’m all like… well, you just did 2 weeks ago… and he’s all like (hi, I’m a valley girl) but this will need a root canal to fix it and we don’t do root canals on molars here.

BLAST IT ALL TO GRAVY!  He referred me to an endodontist (I didn’t even know what the heck that was, but I guess they specialize in diseases of the dental pulp and nerves).  This would be my 5th doctor in the space of 5 days… and also my 5th bill in the space of 5 days…   I went to him this past Thursday… had to wield my way into an appointment because their next available appointment wasn’t until Friday of this week until I told them that I might need to chop my head off with an ax in the backyard.  That got their attention.  There was a lot of drilling and hammering and all sorts of unpleasant things done to that tooth.  What’s the verdict 3 days later?  My mouth still hurts and my ear still hurts (most likely from the hammering and drilling), but I think (KNOCK ON WOOD) the shooting pain was resolved.  I don’t want to think about the bills I’m adding on top of my 5 billion other medical-related bills from this year (broken wrist surgery, iron infusions, dental work, all the specialists I saw for no reason, etc.), but I guess that’s the price you pay to make the voices in your head happy campers.

I guess it’s safe to say I’m not a hypochondriac… I just have bad luck.  I’m also proud to say I didn’t miss one day of work in all of this mess… and even put in overtime every day… stupid is as stupid does…. and then we die.  Oh, also… to round out the excitement of the week… my car is stuck in a parking lot  because it refused to start… AGAIN!  Happy happy joy joy!!  Bring on the being runover by a bus happening!

Question of the Day:  So, how was your week?  

PS – I’m POSITIVE a lot of you have much worse things to deal with than my piddly little problems.  I am just writing this down for my own amusement and so I can gain perspective in the years to come… nothing is so bad that you can’t deal with it.



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A Moment of Silence…

I needed to write a post about the horrible act of evil that went down in Aurora, Colorado over the weekend.  I wanted to write a post that was both thought provoking and heartwarming, but then I remembered I wasn’t eloquent enough of a writer to pull such a post off, so I went to plan B… and that was to shut up… to shut up and be grateful for the life I have.  To shut up and silence all my fears and worries and live in the moment… in the now… for today.  To shut up and let my family and friends know that I love them and that I appreciate their patience and kindness, but mostly patience… because I can be a pill at times.  To shut up and live my life to the fullest because there may not be a tomorrow or the next day or the next week or the next month or the next decade.  Life is fleeting… moments are precious…  Learn them, Live them, and Love them.

Thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have lost a loved one in this senseless tragedy.  The only good thing to come out of such sorrow, is the spirit of the whole nation pulling together to say, people are mostly good and kind and decent… never forget that.  




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Stop It, Chris…

It’s nearly 4:00 in the morning and I just spent my blog-writing time watching 80000 DVRed episodes of Extreme Makeover:  Weight Loss Edition and bawling like a two-bit hooker at a church service.  It probably didn’t help that the 2-bit hooker was experiencing friendly hormone hoarding with a major case of craunchitis on the side.  I’m also determined to hunt down the trainer on the above-mentioned show, Chris Powell and award him most inspirational phrase spitter outer.  Dude was spitting them out faster than a salad shooter on turbo speed.  Y’all MUST remember the salad shooter?  Laws almighty, hallelujah… put a carrot and a cucumber into that sucker and afore you know it it’s a right proper salad dish.

Anyway… he was shooting out inspirational phrases in all 3 episodes I watched… and I was bawling and the music was soaring and I swear I almost levitated off my couch indentation and soared with the eagle’s nest.   Boy must have a book of them suckers he memorizes or something because ain’t no way he just pops them out like it’s a regular sentence in his world.  Of course I don’t remember any of the phrases now… memory fades after 3 seconds up in this here joint… but there was one that stuck with me… hit me right in the bane of the existence and made me say ah ha aloud and it also kind of freaked me out a little because it’s a true statement and if it’s a true statement that would require a lot more bravery on my part than I’ve been giving the last little while… because I’m in this stallitis mode right now and I feel like I’m not moving forward and I don’t think I’m moving backward (though, there are instances where I feel like I am), I’m just standing in the same place… still as a stick in the desert… and I’m once again going through the motions of living day to day, but not really accomplishing anything… and that makes me sad… and frustrated… and hopeless.

What was the salad-shooting inspirational phrase?  Get ready… soak it in… and get over the sense of fear that’s gonna envelope after you’ve read it.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.  

Scary, right?  I like my comfort zone… it has a couch and a blankie with tickles on it and I’ve fixed it up nice to suit my comfort needs… and last year I got out of it a lot… I had a LOT of firsts last year.  But now I feel like those “firsts” have tapered into old hat now and I’m making a new comfort zone with a huge brick wall around it and a moat and a dude guarding it named Marvin… I’m stalled… and that’s making me feel all kinds of familiar yucky feelings of yore.  Like the one where I made myself accept that my life would be lived weighing 530 pounds… forever and ever more… and I’d just have to get used to being that nasty chic who lived in the basement for the rest of her lifetime.   Nope… time to step it up.  That girl is not an option… ever.

Thanks, Chris… thanks a lot, you salad-shooting, 2-bit hooker, you!  😛

Question of the Day:  Have you ever seen Extreme Makeover:  Weight Loss Edition?  Thoughts?  


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The Parable of the Dagblasted Wheelbarrow…

The Friday night and Saturday before last, Padre went and cut down a couple of dead water-logged trees in the yard.  They had died since they were hanging out on the canal bank and had spent their days sucking up all of the canal water and over-watering themselves.  Kind of like pedal edema in a person, except with trees and leech-infested canal water.  At one point, he called me out to pick up the entire trunk of the tree from off the ground, so he could get at it better with his chainsaw… as a joke obviously because the thing had to have weighed a couple thousand pounds… I’m barely up to the 8-pound dumbbells… forget 2000.  I tried to pick it up anyway… determined that I was going to get the thing to budge.  It didn’t… the only thing that budged were 5 disks in my back… lift with your knees for crying outloud, Arnold!

The next Saturday morning after he’d chopped the trunk up into more manageable pieces, it was time to clean up the lawn.  I, of course, got left with the task of He-Man proportions.  Heft the water-logged logs into a wheelbarrow and wheel the dagblasted thing clear across the lawn to the wood pile at the back of the shed.  Such a breeze… for She-Ra… unfortunately, Whit-Ney is better at picking up things like lace and doilies… and yarn.

We estimated each of the log’s weight to be at LEAST 60 pounds, so I was hefting those suckers up into the one-wheeled wheelbarrow, 4 or 5 deep… making my full load at least 300 pounds.  But, I was determined to do it by myself… so help me Schwarzenegger!

The thing about a wheelbarrow is that if you don’t have the weight in your wheelbarrow evenly balanced, all hades breaks loose and you will lose your entire load… as I experienced SEVERAL times on my many jaunts across the yard.  One log leaning too close to the right and the whole wheelbarrow tips over.  And then I had to start all over again.  As the time went on through experience and trial and error, I was getting better at proportioning my weight inside the wheelbarrow… finding that balance I never could get the first several times… making life a WHOLE lot more pleasant as I’d only have to load the logs once or twice per trip instead of 3 and 4 times per trip.  By the time I was done, I was proud of myself… scraped up from here to timbucktwo, hot and sweaty and tired, but proud.  That’s something I wouldn’t have even attempted to do 2 years ago.

The wheelbarrow experience got me thinking… life, much like the wheelbarrow, needs balance to be successful.  One thing off kilter can take the whole person down with it.  I’ve learned to find that balance a bit better than I used to.  My life in the past included 90% sitting on my butt in front of the TV stuffing my face in the midst of a neverending pity party… the other 10% was just getting by.  There was no balance.  Someone who works too much will usually end up depressed and bittered and hopeless.  Someone who plays too much doesn’t learn the valuable lesson of a good day’s hard work.  Someone who is so obsessed with their weight that they can’t enjoy any aspect of their life, does nothing worthwhile.  Balance is a necessity.  While  I’m not perfect at it yet, I’m proud at the balance I’ve been able to attain over the last few years.  I will always be a work in progress, but it’s nice to feel a sense of being in a zen-like state.  Wheelbarrows be durned!!

Question of the Day:  Do you feel you have attained a good balance in life?  What aspect do you need to work on?


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