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And There Was Light!!!!

Heck yes, that blog title deserved an excessive amount of exclamation pointage!  Glory glory hallelujah… Amen!  Even if I think the act of Daylight Savings Time should be soooooooooooo null and void in this day and age… good grief, 75% of our population ain’t ever been on a farm, let alone had to get up at the crack of dawn to uh… erm… farmage… I still love me some evening light.  It’s like a whiff of a Krispy Kreme donut factory on a trip to the lard plant.  And even though I’m not so fond of the fact that we had to lose an extra hour and now my body clock is all skeewampus (yes, it’s a wuss… why do you ask?), I will endure it for the extra lightage it provided me.

Meanwhile, broken record alert… I sat myself down to talk to the voices in my head about my spiraling out of control non-caring-ness when it comes to everything healthy lifestyle.  I said, Self… listen up… Then Clyde, the voice in my head who hates when people refer to themselves as “self”, interjected and slapped me upside my noggin.  Stop it, Clyde.  I really have only 2 choices at this juncture… continue the non-caring-ness and gain even more weight and feel miserable and bloated and old personagey and watch myself balloon up to an uncomfortable clothing size until the earth exlpodes into a bajillioin tiny pieces of Lane Bryant catalogues!  OR… and this seems to be the simpler choice… SHUT UP AND DO IT.  Thank you, Nike.  Meanwhile, I will await my free pair of walking shoes for the mention… at least 3 people read this blog, and that’s including my mom!

Seems an easy choice to me… dagblast it all!  The last few days every time I’ve felt the urge to eat something not on the menu, I’ve given myself those above-mentioned choices outloud… which seems to help for now… even if I got heck-if-she-shouldn’t-be-wearing-a-strait-jacket stares in the grocery store aisles on Saturday.  I’m certifiable… deal with it!  America… the land of the free and the home of the whack-a-doos!

This guy stomped through the yard the other day with a friend I didn’t get a good picture of with antlers… except for the fact that said friend was missing the antler on his right side.  Poor antlerish dear deer.  He must be so off balance when he tries to get up in the morning!   I did get a boring video of one-antler dude… I was having a nonstimulating wrist issue day and he was a phenomenon apparently.

PS – For those who have expressed interest in attending a performance of The Garden where I attempt to portray an old and barren Olive Tree majig, this is the link for the tickets.  I know for a fact that they haven’t advertised said link, so the pickings are plentiful.  I’m sure they’ll still be plentiful after any advertisement, but a girl wouldn’t be a car salesman if she said that outloud!   Now, who wants to buy a Mercedes?


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