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New Year… New Us…

Oh hello… has it been nearly 2 months? I have a lot of excuses, but I’ll save you pulling out your tiny violin and move on to the important stuff… like the fact that I desparately need a whack upside the noggin in 2 places… one in the common sense portion of my brain and the 2nd in the smart part of my brain! Anyone willing to do the whacking? If not, I’m going to have to phone Johnny Whackadoodle from the mob, and no one puts Mr. Whackadoodle in a corner… y’all hear!?

Story time: Once upon a time there was an aging lost soul with an all-expense-paid bus pass. See, she rode the bus to escape the big bad wolf who was trying to sabotage her life goals and plans, not to mention eat her grandmother whole (sounds familiar, don’t it… pretty sure this girl does not own a red hood, but she might make some pretty questionable fashion choices). Anywho, one day the girl got off the bus and she sat on her rear receptacle in the dump yard next to the sulfur factory for like a year straight, and whilst she was sitting sniffing the nastiness that is a dump next to a sulfur factory, she got used to the nastiness and she decided it was a lot easier than riding the bus all day every day, and the big bad wolf often lunched with her because hello… dirty diaper quiche (yeah, that was uncalled for… I apologize). And she didn’t live happily ever after… THE END!

Or is it? Spoiler alert… That girl is me. I somehow have derailed my health routines into the dump yard next to the sulfur factory, and the big bad wolf (aka the lack of self-esteem express) is my new friend. I feel like I’ve pulled myself down into a crag of despair and depression and am having a heck of a time climbing back out. Y’all… the wolf can’t heft me neither! It’s hard to get motivated when the confidence is gone. So, that is why I was glad when during the Christmas holidays, my sister approached me with the desire to start a fitness/goals challenge with the desire to use this blog to keep us accountable. I have felt like I was swimming alone in a cess pool next to the lochness monster, so this is my way to the shore, right!? Right!?

Our plan is to blog on this here blog at least once a week (most likely Monday) to update the masses (aka 2 readers… Hi mom) on how our weeks went. Obviously Lindsay and I’s goals are going to be very different as we are each at different levels and needs.

This is where our 2 readers come in, if anyone else feels like they are drowning next to the big bad wolf/Lochness monster and just want some company and some accountability friends, we would love for you to join us! Please… hop in… I promise I won’t serve you dirty diaper quiche! If you want to, pick some goals (exercise/eating/mental/spiritual, etc., etc., etc.) and then make sure you reply to this blog (either here at the blog or under the Facebook link I usually post). We’d love for you to join us!


And now, the following is a few words from my sis, Lindser Poodle Head Howell!

Hello Whitney’s Blog readers! I am kinda nervous to write because that is not a strong suit of mine but nonetheless here I am. I am Lindsay Howell, Whitney’s sister. I challenged Whitney to go along with me and do a weight loss accountability blog from now until April. I want to document our SISTERHOOD journey! Weight has always been a topic in the Wade/Howell household and lo and behold, It is still an issue and I guess it will always be! I think at this point Whitney and I both were needing a kick in the pants as well as accountability through a weekly blog post. So, as we are on this journey….I would encourage each of you to share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, recipes, encouragements, disappointments, triggers or whatever it may be to us!

I have taken a MONTH long break from healthy eating and working out! I have brought myself to the point of CRAVING some sort of healthiness in my life. So this is the time to begin. I am going to Cancun in April and NEED to get myself feeling more comfortable in my own skin. Whitney and I’s journey will be very different but I guess that’s the beauty of weight loss. I believe as long as you are consistent with something you will see results. Just pick a program and GET GOING! So I will share below what I am doing and I will give it a shot and re-evaluate as I monitor results and change it up as needed. So below here is my list of goals for working out, food and motivation:

GOAL #1 – I will be counting MACROS. I will be keeping track of the number of grams of Protein, Carbohydrates and fats I consume. I will track it in My Fitness Pal. I got my calorie intake numbers for Macros off of https://www.iifym.com/iifym-calculator/
I went to the calculator and when to IIFYM calculator and entered in the needed information. IIFYM stands for If It Fits Your Macros. I am adjusting my protein intake to be a little bit higher therefore having to lower the other percentages of carbs and fats. My body has always responded well to a high protein diet and I always feel much fuller on a high protein diet so this is what I will focus on.

GOAL #2 Along with this I will be challenging myself to drink 1 gallon of water per day!

GOAL #3 – I will be taking supplements regularly! I am horrible at this. I have them all I just DO NOT like to swallow pills so I need this to be a goal! I take fish oil capsules, Evening Primrose oil capsules, Mutli-vitamin, Probiotic, etc…

GOAL #1 – I will be starting out with doing P90X3 for my “weight lifting” segment and then doing cardio in addition. I will be working out 5 days a week. My cardio session goals are 30 minutes and weight lifting about 30 minutes. Again, I will monitor progress and adjust workouts depending on progress. I will be working out in the mornings before I can convince myself otherwise! I will be in my basement gym by 6 a.m. 5 days a week!

I look forward to holding myself accountable on this blog. Not wanting to disappoint myself as well as knowing others are reading helps me to stay on track!
I am a firm believer that music can be a large motivation. I have a few channels on Pandora that I use during my workouts to keep me going. Oftentimes I will watch shows on HULU or NETFLIX if I am running on the treadmill as a TREAT!

RESULTS! I HATE HATE HATE HATE and LOATHE doing this but I take before pictures and then I take pictures weekly! It’s crazy how the scale may not change but just in 1 week you can see physical changes in your body! So I have come to see the importance of pictures.

A plan! It can be so motivating. When I am not eating right and not taking care of my body I feel disorganized, frantic, sloppy, tired, awnry, disappointed, self-conscious and slow. When I have a plan and choose to stick to it I feel Accomplished, proud, energized, confident, happy, purposeful, organized, confident and driven and then believe it or not everything else in my day falls into place! This is true! I have tested it this past month. And it’s funny that I chose to let myself be sloppy and disorganized and feel all those awful things for a full month until I finally decided ENOUGH Is ENOUGH and get back in gear!
When it’s all said and done my Motivation has to come from ME! I follow a lot of inspiring fitness people on Instagram and one of them shared this:

“I was looking for someone to inspire me, motivate me, support me and keep me focused. Someone who would love me, cherish me and make me happy….Then I realized, that all along, I was looking for myself.”

Then I also HAVE to include this quote from Prophet, Thomas S. Monson:
“It’s in the doing, not just the thinking, that we accomplish our goals.”

With that quote in mind, Let’s make this week a great week to a great start!

Note from Whitney:  Obviously she has her awesome plan set in place, I will post my goals in next week’s post, just wanted to update y’all in this one!  May the force be with us all (see how I totally got schooled on the Star Wars stuffs!?!?)

BoBo would like to remind everyone that chocolate is addicting… see following video:




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Jedi Training…

Gag… I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what the cream puff a Jedi is, nor for the life of me do I care.  Sorry, Comic-Con fanatics… I’m totally still a member of your nerd tribe, but my nerdery goes in a totally different direction.  In my over-chocolatized mind, Star Wars are simply wars between the Kardashians and the “Insert other famous Hollywood family with no talents here.”  But this post isn’t really about Star Wars or nerds or Comic-Con or heaven forbid the Kardashians!  No!  It’s about the molecular structure of atoms in the form of three of my favorite little dudes!  JenJen and her 2 boys happened to be up visiting her family in Idaho and on the way back to the airport, they stopped in for a little visit!  Cruz and Blaize are growing up… despite my pleadings for them to stop it right now… no one listens to Auntie Whitty Woo Woo.  BoBo is totally going to listen, though… because I plan to stunt his growth by making sure no asparagus ever gets near him… you are welcome!

While they were here there were games and activities of all sorts… my favorite game was the one where we beat up a pinata.  My least favorite game was the one where we jumped on top of Whitty Woo Woo’s head 13 times in a row… because ouch.  I figured all of the activities were basically just training for when they all grow up to be Jedis (if they have to grow up… lay off the asparagus!!)… as is evidenced by the following video.  CAUTION:  If you dislike cuteness, mini light sabers, more cuteness, and basic cuteness, I’d recommend you not watch the following video… and I mean it!

That’s BoBo practicing his Jedi skillz on cuzzin Cruzer… I guess Shayne is his Jedi master.  Also, it becomes a lot more cute if you ignore that incessantly annoying laughing in the background.  I have no idea who that chic is but I’m pretty sure she has no idea what a Jedi is!

Say CHEEZ!!!!

I call this picture the joys of being a baby brother.  Cruz was wrastling that pinata something fierce and Blaize’s tag team resulted only in a bull leg to the jaw.  Isn’t Jenner Pie a cute pregnant woman?  Jen, you don’t have to give me any money for saying that this time because it’s true!

Baby BoBo took this opportunity to ponder these things in his heart… it’s the thinking baby pose!

Cruzer is going to be a baseball player!  He hit that thing like a boss… and now he enjoys the loot!

Just hanging out!

‘Twas a quick, but fun trip!  Great job Jedis in training.  Maybe one of these days Auntie Whitty Woo Woo will learn what one of those things is and then… nahhhh… nevermind.  Ignorance is totally bliss!


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Connicky Babies…

That’s called a mish-mash title.  I mish-mashed my topics into one convenient made up phrase that’s actually a take on another real life phrase… and oh boy can you see my sides splitting!?!?!?  What’s that?  You’re absolutely right… I’ll never do that again.

This past Wednesday we ran up to Salt Lake City to Red Butte Gardens in order to glimpse us some Harry Connick, Jr. action!  Seeing as I’ve pretty much had a crush on him since I was 12 years old, it was well worth my tripping.   Oh, Harry Connick!!  I should probably note that more than the Harry Connick show was a real life family soap opera happening right in front of us.  I decided to call it As the Schmuck-Wads Turn and I’ll be selling it to whatever station wants to air it… probably whatever station airs the Kardashian shows… so that I won’t have to watch it… PASS!  So, Harry Connick was crooning away and I was watching some chic who looked like an older version of Miley Cyrus wash down 15 bottles of wine in a metal goblet and then get sloppy drunk and start bawling and arguing with her family members.  She was in her 30s with young kids and her older dad had to take her by the arm and escort her off the lawn.  She disappeared somewhere but other family members (it looked like a whole family reunion with siblings and their families) kept having counsels with each other about what to do about her wherever she was off crying.  I don’t know what happened at the end of the episode, but I’m pretty sure it probably included a bathroom stall and someone holding her hair back whilst she vomited.  OH THE SUSPENSE, KIMYE!!!

Back to the concert… couldn’t see the Harry-friend very well seeing as I was sitting so dagnabbed far away, but he was as funny as ever… kept commenting over and over on the sun radiation blinding him in a mountain setting and the fact that there was a rainbow mid-show… apparently they don’t get rainbows or mountains or sun radiation in New Orleans where he’s from.

The rainbow he was forever commenting on.  Fun fact… it rained pretty much all the way on the drive down to SLC and then it rained pretty much all the way home from SLC that night, but for the few hours of the concert, even with black storm clouds over head, it didn’t rain.  Lindsay’s hairdo thanks you!  😛

A clip of Harry singing It Had To Be You.

A clip of Harry singing The Way You Look Tonight.  


This past Saturday I held a baby shower for Lindsay’s relations and close friends/co-workers.  Well, me and Madre did.  Apparently planning a baby shower for a fashionista when you be from the back country ain’t easy.  I was all about the owly owl and polly pocket theme, but obvs that wasn’t going to cut it at a baby boy shower… the nerve!  Instead we settled on mustaches and arm pit hair… except without the arm pit hair because that’s just nasty.  Madre made her famous cinnamon rolls and lemon blueberry rolls and there was fruit and candy, so basically everyone should effectively have cavities and diabetes by Tuesday.  You are welcome.  I’ve always been a giver.

Thank you to all of the friends and relations who showed up on a busy holiday/summer weekend!  I know Lindsay appreciated y’alls kindness and thoughtful gifts and advice on account of the fact that when she babysat as a teenager, her method was to tell the kid to SHUT UP I’M WATCHING MY STORIES!!!!!  Good thing for maturation, right!?  She’ll be an excellent mother… already is an excellent step-mom so she’s had practice!

The cavity-inducing spread!

I individually cut out and hand wrapped all of these because I’m a factory worker now.  It was fun for an hour.

The big brothers of the new baby… they’re wearing wrapping paper bows… they have so much to teach their new lil’ bro about fashion.  Move over Lindsay!

I really don’t have permission to post all of the individual people pictures I took, and if I did I’d be sure to get carried away and post them all… so I’ll stop here!  Showering babies is a good thing… before and after they’re born.


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Haiti Thoughts via Lindsay…

Look how awesome my sister is?  I only had to badger her for a few week and she got me her Haiti thoughts and pictures!  Now that’s a rockstar.  I sure do have some good-hearted family members and I am proud of them all for serving in such a way.  The following is in Lindsay’s words.


This trip was much needed and I am so grateful for the opportunity which we had.  I was very nervous to go and often times felt hesitant to do it.  But truth be told, I was too busy prior to really do anything about it so when the day came we jumped on a plane and headed.  That’s the only way to do it.  Don’t think about it just do it!

People ask how come we decided to go to Haiti, here is how it came to be.  We decided to book a trip for Christmas instead of giving Christmas presents.  We decided to go to an all inclusive resort in Mexico and as we were booking and getting flights I couldn’t believe how much it cost!  I was mortified!  I couldn’t get over the fact that we would pay that much money to just eat ourselves into sickness and sit around the ocean all day feeling glutenous and selfish!  I felt we could do so much more with that amount of money.  So I talked to my mom & dad (Dessa and Rex Wade) and they had gone to Haiti a few years back so we decided to just go for it!  So we decided to do a humanitarian mission trip and serve ourselves silly!
It was a life changing experience.  One I will never forget.  The experiences we had, the things we saw, and the feelings we felt will always be with me.  They have made a permanent mark on my heart and now it is contagious.  We are booking a trip next year to another country to do the same thing.
We took my step-boys, Christian who is 17 years old and Ethan who is 13 years old.  We were slightly nervous about taking a 13 year old due to the unsettlement in that country, but like I mentioned earlier, we didn’t think much about it and just went.  It is very hard work in horrifying HEAT, and I wouldn’t bring anyone any younger.  Ethan worked hard and was a HUGE hit with the kids.  They clung to Ethan and Ethan loved on everyone of them.  Christian was the same.  I was very proud of Christian and Ethan and their strong work ethic they had.  Christian said, “You never had time to realize how hard you were working because we were always having fun while serving.”  THey would work in the heat all day long, then at the end of the night we would play, love, hug, and kiss these beautiful children!  They were starving for affection, attention, and love.
Ethan chose to do his Eagle Scout project and collect donations with his scout troop to take with us to Haiti.  We successfully ended up packing over 25 plus bags on the plane with diapers, formula, baby wipes, baby clothes, baby food, baby wipes, baby wipes, oh and yes, more baby wipes.  You never can have enough of those in Haiti!  In addition to his Eagle, my company, Encompass Home Health & Hospice has a foundation called Encompass Cares, and they donated about $2,500.00.  So, the orphanage was very grateful when we arrived!  My best advice……. if you ever travel to an orphanage, DO NOT COME WITHOUT DONATIONS!  They need donations and some things you can only get in the United States!  It is so needed.  Find a way to get them there.
During our stay, in the day time we worked from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. doing the following:  We organized & unpacked donations, made commerce bags for women to sell on streets, put together food boxes for anyone that came begging for food or for ladies that had given up their children, cooked meals, organized a medical clinic and medications, built shacks to cook under, wired electricity into a new sewing building, built shelves, painted, and watched over the children and looked after their health.  After 6 p.m. we had dinner and we grabbed any of the babies or kids lying in the streets and loved on them and tried to bring some happiness in their lives.
It was very sad and horrifying to see the living conditions they are able to survive in.  We had NO running water and electricity sparingly with a generator (which was a luxury).  Luckily, the orphanage we stayed in had a water filter (also a luxury) donated by NASA and we were able to drink the smelly water with floaties in it.  You just can’t think about it.  You had to have water, so you just plug your nose and drink (with a prayer that you don’t get sick).
It was the most rewarding feeling I have ever had.  Coming home was hard.  Nothing else you do feels as purposeful and meaningful as what you can do for others.  I work in a service industry, so that I was grateful to know that in some small way I get to serve others in my job.  I look forward to the next time I can be with these children and provide safety, joy, and love to them.  The question we all asked ourselves when we arrived back in the United States, “Why were we so lucky to be able to be born where we were?”
How were we so lucky to be so blessed?
I am grateful for a belief in a loving compassionate and forgiving God who will grant these children the lives they deserve hereafter.  Their suffering will be no more.
I leave you with a scripture:
“Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.  For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.”  – Matthew 18:10-11
Ethan and his new buddy.
Christian and Ethan…
My brother-in-law Shayne.
If I’m remembering right, I think they call the adorable one on the left, Cabbage Patch.  Feel free to correct me family!
What sweet and heartbreaking pictures.  Thanks again, Lindser.


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Embarrassing and Unflattering Picture Time… Lindsay…

Sister Lindsay’s birthday is tomorrow… I thought I’d be an exceptionally giving and selfless sister and take this opportunity to share with the world some of her most unflattering and embarrassing pictures (pssstt… Lindzer… where the crimeny puffs is that picture of you talking to yourself in the mirror when you were 25 4?  I done looked everywhere!?!?!?)  😛

Let’s start with this one.  Lindsay is convinced she was adopted because there are no baby pictures of her at the hospital like there are of me… News Flash… it ain’t as cool when it’s #2.  In this picture she seems to be possessed by some demonic spirit… any minute she will rise up and chomp off the head of an unsuspecting photographer… either that or she’s singing her best version of Kumbaya.  As for me… I’m frankly terrified out of my skull.  HELP. ME.

This here picture most exemplifies the real Lindsay (the horns are real).  As you can see, here she is determining the best method to steal the floppy bunny ear’s candy stash. Get in my tummy, candy bar!As for me… frankly, I’m just dagnabbed shocked that I’m allowed to be holding a candy bar!  Also, the wallpaper and the chair fabric… totally back in fashion!

This here was the time they locked me in the mini van and force fed me asparagus through a hole in the door.  Pictured here is them coming in to scrape me off of the ceiling.

The reason I suck at the piano, even after 12 years of lessons… Madre told us this keyboard was standard size!

I’m not pissed she got the gumball machine and I didn’t… I’m pissed they let me walk out of the store with those glasses!  Also, there’s a crink in my neck from the glass weight.

Teenagery hormoney fun family trip time!

Lindsay:  As if I’m going to be seen with these nerds.
Whitney:  Durrrrr… I smell bacon.
Grams:  I hope they have feeeesh! 

Oh dear… this is more unflattering and embarrassing of me than anyone else.  Right here I’m probably wondering how I’m going to walk to my car without fainting.

Happy Birthday, Lindsay!!  I hope your day is filled with all good things… and also you owe me a candy bar… from back in your devil days!  Love you!


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Whitney’s Weird-Y-Isms…

DISCLAIMER:  I am in no way, shape, or form associated with any of the content displayed in the following guest blog… For what it’s worth, I probably only agree with 0.0984231% of the total post… making it nearly impossible to be accurate… or true!  😛  Thank you, Lindz and Madre… with suggestions from Dad, BIL Shayne, and Cuzzin Angie. 


Whitney’s Wierd-y-isms:
Can we say that?  Well we did!  You are currently reading the writings of Whitney’s Famous sister Lindsay and famous mother Dessa.  We decided to gang up together and pollute you all with this lil game we call “guess what whitney’s wierd-y-isms” are:


Did you have time?  Here are Whit’s Top Ten Wierd-Y-Isms in honor of Whitney’s birthday yesterday:
#10  if you lightly tap the back of her head her head bobbles back and forth like a bobble head!  It’s hysterical she is so dramatic!

#9 She has to have her food covered even if you are planning on eating it in a few minutes . . . hence the picture of the cupcake pan with frosting all over it (she decided to cover her birthday cake that had super wet frosting with a cupcake pan WHAT THE WHAT?)

#8  She has to travel with her own sheets so that she doesn’t sleep on anybody else’s sheets

#7  She constantly asks everyone that walks into the kitchen . . . “have you washed your hands yet?” It gets super duper annoying!

#6  She has to sit in a certain spot on the couch and if you are in her spot she won’t sit on the couch (that’s weird!)

#5  She has to know the plans way ahead of time or else she throws herself into a super panic attack.  She needs to plan ahead if her famous sister (Lindsay) is coming up on the weekends so she can “mentally” plan on it . . . I didn’t realize I was that hard to deal with!  You might recognize panic attacks in her upcoming blog posts as this coming Saturday I am planning a surprise birthday party in Salt Lake City for her and she is FREAKIN!

#4 She has an obsession with sticking anything really sharp IN HER EARS!  Including but certainly not limited to twigs, paper clips, dried spaghetti, toothpicks, cross stich needles, Q-tips but goes in just far enough to hit her eardrums numerous times!

#3  Have you ever heard a cow MOO? Then come on over and hear Whitney clear/scratch her ears.  We assume from her sharp objects in her ears she has to clear out her ears by mooing obnoxiously loud and it sounds just like a cow!

#2  DO NOT . . . I REPEAT DO NOT . . . use her computer!  My step boys will often times sneak onto her computer to “game” as we call it and she cannot use it without first taking time out in her room to regroup then she comes out armed with Clorox wipes and a face mask.  Thanks to her cuz Jen, she has been equipped her with sterilizing supplies to cope with moments like these.

#1  Wierdest of all is brought  you by her favorite and only brother-in-law Shayne. . . .She goes ballistic when Shayne uses her toothbrush!  (Now that’s selfish!)
We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know the weirder side of Whit!
We hope you all know Whitney has a great sense of humor and she enjoys our bantering so this was not meant to be rude.  Whit can be quite the entertainment and we love her!  We also love that she has just had her 33rd birthday!  SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHITNEY!  We have loved enjoying her “new self” and we look forward to many more enjoyable years to come!  What an added bonus!  LOVE YOU WHIT!
Lindsay & Dessa

Whitney’s Note:  BLASPHEMY, family… BLASPHEMY!!!  😛 

I prefer not to celebrate birthdays, but thanks for coming to dinner, Lindz, Shayne, Angie, Ryan, Corbin, Makayla, mom, and dad! 

Corbin and Lindsay creeping into the ice cream picture...

Candles are the best!

Cake? What cake? I didn't eat your cake!


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Who Chot Juanito Bandito!?

No, I didn’t spell chot wrong… if you’ve been to Pickleville Playhouse in Bear Lake and seen the melodrama/musical, Who Chot Juanito Bandito!? you totes know what I’m talking about.  Seriously, chotting all over the place up in that there melodrama.  Saturdee, we headed back to Bear Lake to partake in the play I hadn’t seen.  Loyal readers will remember I saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Pickleville earlier in the summer, so of course I had to go back to see the 2nd prodcution since I could finally fit my receptacle into the seats and all.  It did not disappoint!  HILARITY reigns… that’s my review in the professional reviewer journal called Whitney’s Brain!  It had rapping, hip hop dancing, gun slinging, idiot cowboy marshall dudes, English reporters, Scottish blokes, and Juanito, the bank robber extraordinaire!  Plus it had Justin Bieber Fever jokes (Juanito is a Belieber) and mentions of Britney Spears.  Even though I was a big ole crank with a capital CA-RANK (more about my ca-rank status tomorrow), I still did my fair share of laughing.  So, to sum it up… would TOTES recommend seeing the production.  Pretty sure they have it going on every summer down Bear Lake way, so grab you a ticket and dramamine (for the curvy drive through the canyon) and get you some laughter burning in!

Lindsay and Shayne hanging at the Pickle factory… with Madre and Padre glaring in the background… what part of the word smile, did they not understand!?

That would be Juanito’s backside at the end of the show.  Them ladies were hogging him up, so I could only manage to get a “chot” of his rear receptacle.  I went to school with the actor (TJ Davis) back in the olden days.  He was Mr. Popular, class president, basketball star, drama star, etc., etc., etc., you know… the usual mega talented folk from my possey!  😛

After the show, we headed to the Grease Factory… erm… I mean La Beau’s where we partook in some lard and sugar… just another notch on my all-you-can-eat weekend smorgasbord!  That there by Shayne’s arm would be bird doo… it was free of charge.

While waiting for dinner, I did some shopping on the clearance tables next door.  Since I’m a huge geek… erm… I mean Anne of Green Gables fan since the age of 5, I saw this little doll for only $2.99, and knew I had to add it to my hoarding collection.  Watch for me on a future episode of that there show, Hoarders… I’ll be the blimp with the surplus of things a 32-year-old girl should not own!  What up, Avonlea-ites!

Question of the Day:  What was the last play/production you saw?  Are you a musical geek?



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