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Root Beer Floats and Playtex…

My mom’s going to kill me after I finish this blog post.  Nice knowing you all.  If you could get me a nice plot near the chocolate factory, I don’t think I could even complain about the maggots.  But it’s such a cute story… it has to go down for posterity sake.  This post is to celebrate your cuteness, Madre!!  Take it and like my girl Beyonce used to say… Girls… we run the world.  That made more sense in my head than on the computer screen.

We had a gathering for the city firework show on Friday night late.  Some of my awesome cuzzins got together and partook in desserty items before we hijacked the neighbor’s backyard to watch the firework extravaganza (not gonna lie… pretty sure at least 3 of them were drunk ON LIFE… the neighbors, not the cuzzins).  So, we were eating our desserty items on the back deck and gabbing about really important things like mosquitoes and ducks… and sunsets… and various other things like boomboxes (yes, the folks still have one).  I was sitting next to cuzzin Kale, so I intermixed my Berger klutz gene with her Berger klutz gene and we managed to drop an entire root beer float into her lap.  THANK YOU… I’m here all week.

Being the nonhelpful being I am, I went inside the house and wet down some paper towels… like that would magically erase the stickiness.  Madre was inside and so I asked her if she had any wet wipes and then went back out with my wettened paper towel glob.

Next thing we know, Madre is back out the house and in front of John Deere tractors and country fried steaks everywhere, she plopped the following down right next to the fruit pizza and vanilla ice cream container:

Now, maybe some of you from the other gender will not know the real purpose of these suckers… and I can guarantee you Madre thought nothing of it… totally an innocent romp through trying to be helpful to the root beer stickiness sufferers, but the whole end of that picnic table burst into laughter.  Every time I think about it I burst into laughter.  Like I’m seriously laughing right now (maybe it’s because I borrowed a little sumthin sumthin that was making the neighbors so dagnabbed happy).   Madre was all like… “I ain’t had a baby since 1980… you think I have wet wipes!?!?!?”  Apparently, my mom talks like the grandma from Beverly Hillbillies in my head space.  Needless to say, cuzzin Kale passed on the wet wipes.  Good call, cuzzin… good call.


And just so we even up the parental embarrassment unit, here’s something to give you nightmares:

He’s apparently angry about being a clown fashion model… and I’ve had a nightmare every night since.

Happy Belated Fourth of July, dear friends and family.  Thank you to all of those who have served to make this country free for the rest of us!!

LucyFur awaiting further instruction after I made her memorize the Pledge and the entire Constitution.  And you thought your pet was smart.


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You Can’t Make This Crap Up…

You can’t… I’m just telling you right now… you CANNOT!  I’ve been going to the Infusion Center at the hospital every other day for the last 2 weeks… trying to get rid of this taxing anemia I have going on, so I sit in a recliner with all of these other old folk and have Venofer pumped into my veins via an IV for 2 hours every other day… bring on the bills, hospital!  I think they charge per each millisecond you sit there.  Today’s reclining chair neighbors just happened to be 3 ole homeboys from the olden days.  The first one was already asleep and snoring as I took my seat.  Every once in a while, he’d do this horrible snorting noise, like he was trying to gather all of the mucus from his nostril holes up into the very tip top of his brain folds in one swift snorting movement… and then he’d talk to himself in his sleep.  I bring a book every time, but it’s hard to hear the words over snorting chair dude.

The other 2 homeboys were in their 70s, and I kid you not, their names were Butch and Patch.  I kid you the heck not!  Patch, I’m assuming, was named for the eye patch he wore, and I’m guessing Butch was named on account of the fact that he was built like an ox with a big ole bushy mountain man beard and overalls… pretty sure he had the mountain man beard swimming down the birth canal.  Butch and Patch knew each other… because their names nearly rhyme, I’m assuming, and because they were both farmer/rancher types from back in their golden days.  Butch even traveled the pro rodeo circuit for several years as a bull rider.

It’s funny to listen to 2 good ole boys talk to each other… each of them trying to one up the other in their stories of who rode the biggest bull and who had the most John Wayne movies (Patch won that one… he has a whole dagnabbed collection).  Butch says he is a fan of Steven Seagal and would like to meet him one day, and I’d agree with him, except NOPE!

I sat in that room of snorting and exaggerating and patching for 2 hours today and I managed to read 1 page of a book.  Who needs reading material when you have a room full of entertainment.  Happy Trails, Butch and Patch!

Meanwhile, in the 2nd thing I didn’t make up… the town round-about is getting all classy like and stuff.  They’ve erected a statue in the honor of the most prominent store in town and let me tell you what, this thing is CLASS-Y with a capital all of the letters.  It’s like we done be taking on the Museum of Art or some such nonsense.

Wait for it…

And there it is… I like to call it… Ye Yonder Wal-Martian Tributary.  By the by, I did many illegal round-about maneuvers to get these pictures.  There was much honking and cussing and one chic showed me how her little bird learned how to fly.  You are welcome.   Looks like the workmanship of Butch and Patch to me.  Good job, boys!

Question of the Day:  Are you a people watcher/listener?  

PS –  Happiest of happy belated birthdays to my favorite Madre who turned 29 for the 33rd year in a row this past Friday!  I was going to buy her a new muumuu, but then I remembered she would wear it and put the kabosh swiftly on that idea.  I’m sure lucky to have such a great momma!  Love you!



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Back in 1883…

… after the wedding ceremony of my parents.  Bwahahahahahaha… I slay myself!  Okay, maybe add a few years to that guesstimate.  My folks celebrated their 119th minus approximately 81 wedding anniversary this past Wednesday… and since I’m such a pain in the butt and yet very thoughtful daughter, I thought I’d walk y’all through a few of their engagement/wedding photos.  Get out your sunglasses.  I warned you!

This here would be a really bad quality engagement picture.  Back in them days they didn’t have no fangled dangled cameras.  A line of monkeys sat out in front of them and drew this here picture with crayons.  Do not adjust your screens.  That is an orange dress.  I hear it was this exact dress that was the inspiration for the prison orange jumpsuit.  That’s the truth!  Also, I guess my dad may or may not have been hungry for lamb chops on account of he just decided to grow them on his face.  Dark glasses and ringlets were big in them days too.

You can’t see them in this picture… the angle is bad… but there were EMTs standing in the rafters just in case the men got choked to death by them there ruffled shirt and bow tie combination.  That’s my gramps Bill, grams Ella, grams Adeline, and step-gramps Bill.  You wouldn’t know it to look at them but they were wondering where the nearest feeeeesshhh plates were.

In case you were wondering, I was not invited to the reception!  THE NERVE!!

I only recognize the one bridesmaid… wut up, Aunt D!?  The rest were hired from Craig’s List… which since they didn’t have computers back then was actually just a dude named Craig who lived in a house and had a list.  You’d go ring his doorbell.  Flouncy hats were apparently in fashion as well.  I seem to remember seeing a plant pot that looked like one of those flouncy hats when I was a youngster.  Who’s missing their flouncy hat?

Happy Anniversary, Madre and Padre!  I spent a lot of time wishing I was never born throughout my life… the faux-tragic-teenager years and the depressed hippo 500+-pound years, but I can honestly say that I’m glad to be alive today.  What a difference a few attitude adjustments make!

Question of the Day:  If you’re married, how long have you been married?  What were your wedding colors?  


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Crochety Old Chic…

I recently blogged about the fact that despite having just taken a 6-week beginning knitting course, I forgot how to do half of the necessary knitting techniques… like casting on… and if you can’t cast on, you might as well be a chic holding a ball of yarn and 2 sticks… ain’t gonna be making anything without that.  So, instead of getting all verklempt to death, I just taught myself how to crochet.  Same difference, except now I only have one stick, which means I’ve just halfed the chance of poking both of my eyeballs out in a deadly yarning accident.  It was really because I couldn’t think of ANYTHING to get Madre for her birthday, so I decided that part of my present whilst I was thinking of the other part would be to knit her something.  When I couldn’t figure out how to read the knitting chart on the pattern I’d picked out, I just crocheted it instead… because I’m cool like that!

Here she is in all her glory… my first crotcheting (purposely spelled that wrong, yo) project… what the flim flam polly wolly doodle all the day is it?  Your guess is as good as mine!  😛  JOKES.  It’s a lop-sided owl iPAD cover/protector majigger.

Stick your iPAD in there and then I’m pretty sure you can drop it off a 25-story building and it will still be smooshed to smithereens… but folks will think it’s an owl… and that’s all that counts in this world!

I’m not sure Madre was exactly thrilled with her newly acquired lopsided crotcheting project… but heck if I almost pinned it to the frigeration system.  You bet your sweet bippy!

Question of the Day:  Do you crotchet?  Any fun patterns? 

Happy weekend friends and relations!  


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The Opposite of Patience?

What happens when you lock me in the kitchen and then throw in Lindsay afterwards?  Bad Luckitis!  It wouldn’t have been so bad if we didn’t actually try to prepare anything for Mother’s Day dinner… and instead just sat, drooling on the floor.  That would have gone over rather smoothly until the microwave rotted and infiltrated the house with radon gasses and the fire department came in to scrape us off the hardwood floors.  That may or may not have put a crimp in the day of the volunteer fire department people.

Instead, we had to make an emergency trip to the store to pick up brown sugar (even if I had written out detailed lists the day before when I did my shopping).  On the way to the store, I was following behind an older woman driving 5 mph in a red boatmobile.  When she came to the unnecessary round-about, she acted like she’d never visited the planet Earth before and made a left, into the opposite lane of traffic instead of just following the round about to make her left.  Needless to say the poor woman ran right into an oncoming car.  Not at a high rate of impact since the car she ran into was basically stopped and she had slowed down to 0.13233243 mph, but impact nonetheless.  Not even me laying on my horn when she was attempting to make the left turn into the oncoming lane of traffic helped.  Poor woman…

On the way in to buy the brown sugar, I helped a guy push his car out of the parking space because for some reason he couldn’t get it to turn on when he had it in reverse.  I immediately offered him a bag of brown sugar to take this sweet car off of his hands.  I’m a wheeler dealer.  If you act now, I’ll throw in a half eaten road cake and a ride in my new red boatmobile around the round-about!

Got the brown sugar home in just enough time to get the chicken ALMOST done by the time the guests would arrive, so we had to stick to the schedule.  Which would have been great, except for the fact that Lindsay got the timer turn off button and the oven turn off button mixed up and so instead of turning off the timer, turned off the entire oven and we didn’t realize our oven was not on, nor was our chicken cooking until 45 minutes later.  BUST!!!  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, MOM!!!  You’re totally welcome for the raw hide chicken!

The rest went fairly smoothly, except for the glued-together pasta and the fact that despite me saying she should sit down every 10 minutes, Madre insisted on “helping”… PER USUAL!


This is the dessert I made and no way in helium balloons was it calorizing worthy, so sit down and stop it.  There’s nothing that Madre likes more than cheesecake, lemon, and blueberry… and this sucker had all 3 combined for your eating pleasure.  Don’t you forget about it.

This momma was having a fabulous Mom’s day with her new little ducklings… adorbs would be the word I would use but some of the relations were wondering how long before they could be a tastee, Duck A’La Orange.

Dad had his chef over at the assisted living center make these suckers for Madre.  Who doesn’t like chocolate and strawberries?  Don’t answer that chocolate haters!

Tonight, I had the following conversation with 6-year-old cuzzin, Makayla:

Knit Whit:  What did you get your mom for Mother’s Day?  Did you draw her a picture or something?
Makayla:  No… I got her patience.
KW:  Oh… that’s a great gift!   How long is this gift of patience going to last?
M:  Just today.
KW:  Just today, huh… so, when tomorrow comes what are you going to be?
M:  Mad and angry.

Little peeved that she totally stole my next birthday gift idea!  The gift of mad and angry… now, that I can do and it’s totes free of charge for the first hour… then I charge $19.99 plus shipping and handling for every minute thereafter.

Thanks, Momma… for practicing patience today and every day.  It ain’t easy to be my mother… I’ll tell you what!


Question of the Day:  What did y’all do for Mom’s Day?  Any great gifts from the kidlets?  


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Whitney’s Weird-Y-Isms…

DISCLAIMER:  I am in no way, shape, or form associated with any of the content displayed in the following guest blog… For what it’s worth, I probably only agree with 0.0984231% of the total post… making it nearly impossible to be accurate… or true!  😛  Thank you, Lindz and Madre… with suggestions from Dad, BIL Shayne, and Cuzzin Angie. 


Whitney’s Wierd-y-isms:
Can we say that?  Well we did!  You are currently reading the writings of Whitney’s Famous sister Lindsay and famous mother Dessa.  We decided to gang up together and pollute you all with this lil game we call “guess what whitney’s wierd-y-isms” are:


Did you have time?  Here are Whit’s Top Ten Wierd-Y-Isms in honor of Whitney’s birthday yesterday:
#10  if you lightly tap the back of her head her head bobbles back and forth like a bobble head!  It’s hysterical she is so dramatic!

#9 She has to have her food covered even if you are planning on eating it in a few minutes . . . hence the picture of the cupcake pan with frosting all over it (she decided to cover her birthday cake that had super wet frosting with a cupcake pan WHAT THE WHAT?)

#8  She has to travel with her own sheets so that she doesn’t sleep on anybody else’s sheets

#7  She constantly asks everyone that walks into the kitchen . . . “have you washed your hands yet?” It gets super duper annoying!

#6  She has to sit in a certain spot on the couch and if you are in her spot she won’t sit on the couch (that’s weird!)

#5  She has to know the plans way ahead of time or else she throws herself into a super panic attack.  She needs to plan ahead if her famous sister (Lindsay) is coming up on the weekends so she can “mentally” plan on it . . . I didn’t realize I was that hard to deal with!  You might recognize panic attacks in her upcoming blog posts as this coming Saturday I am planning a surprise birthday party in Salt Lake City for her and she is FREAKIN!

#4 She has an obsession with sticking anything really sharp IN HER EARS!  Including but certainly not limited to twigs, paper clips, dried spaghetti, toothpicks, cross stich needles, Q-tips but goes in just far enough to hit her eardrums numerous times!

#3  Have you ever heard a cow MOO? Then come on over and hear Whitney clear/scratch her ears.  We assume from her sharp objects in her ears she has to clear out her ears by mooing obnoxiously loud and it sounds just like a cow!

#2  DO NOT . . . I REPEAT DO NOT . . . use her computer!  My step boys will often times sneak onto her computer to “game” as we call it and she cannot use it without first taking time out in her room to regroup then she comes out armed with Clorox wipes and a face mask.  Thanks to her cuz Jen, she has been equipped her with sterilizing supplies to cope with moments like these.

#1  Wierdest of all is brought  you by her favorite and only brother-in-law Shayne. . . .She goes ballistic when Shayne uses her toothbrush!  (Now that’s selfish!)
We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know the weirder side of Whit!
We hope you all know Whitney has a great sense of humor and she enjoys our bantering so this was not meant to be rude.  Whit can be quite the entertainment and we love her!  We also love that she has just had her 33rd birthday!  SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHITNEY!  We have loved enjoying her “new self” and we look forward to many more enjoyable years to come!  What an added bonus!  LOVE YOU WHIT!
Lindsay & Dessa

Whitney’s Note:  BLASPHEMY, family… BLASPHEMY!!!  😛 

I prefer not to celebrate birthdays, but thanks for coming to dinner, Lindz, Shayne, Angie, Ryan, Corbin, Makayla, mom, and dad! 

Corbin and Lindsay creeping into the ice cream picture...

Candles are the best!

Cake? What cake? I didn't eat your cake!


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Who Chot Juanito Bandito!?

No, I didn’t spell chot wrong… if you’ve been to Pickleville Playhouse in Bear Lake and seen the melodrama/musical, Who Chot Juanito Bandito!? you totes know what I’m talking about.  Seriously, chotting all over the place up in that there melodrama.  Saturdee, we headed back to Bear Lake to partake in the play I hadn’t seen.  Loyal readers will remember I saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Pickleville earlier in the summer, so of course I had to go back to see the 2nd prodcution since I could finally fit my receptacle into the seats and all.  It did not disappoint!  HILARITY reigns… that’s my review in the professional reviewer journal called Whitney’s Brain!  It had rapping, hip hop dancing, gun slinging, idiot cowboy marshall dudes, English reporters, Scottish blokes, and Juanito, the bank robber extraordinaire!  Plus it had Justin Bieber Fever jokes (Juanito is a Belieber) and mentions of Britney Spears.  Even though I was a big ole crank with a capital CA-RANK (more about my ca-rank status tomorrow), I still did my fair share of laughing.  So, to sum it up… would TOTES recommend seeing the production.  Pretty sure they have it going on every summer down Bear Lake way, so grab you a ticket and dramamine (for the curvy drive through the canyon) and get you some laughter burning in!

Lindsay and Shayne hanging at the Pickle factory… with Madre and Padre glaring in the background… what part of the word smile, did they not understand!?

That would be Juanito’s backside at the end of the show.  Them ladies were hogging him up, so I could only manage to get a “chot” of his rear receptacle.  I went to school with the actor (TJ Davis) back in the olden days.  He was Mr. Popular, class president, basketball star, drama star, etc., etc., etc., you know… the usual mega talented folk from my possey!  😛

After the show, we headed to the Grease Factory… erm… I mean La Beau’s where we partook in some lard and sugar… just another notch on my all-you-can-eat weekend smorgasbord!  That there by Shayne’s arm would be bird doo… it was free of charge.

While waiting for dinner, I did some shopping on the clearance tables next door.  Since I’m a huge geek… erm… I mean Anne of Green Gables fan since the age of 5, I saw this little doll for only $2.99, and knew I had to add it to my hoarding collection.  Watch for me on a future episode of that there show, Hoarders… I’ll be the blimp with the surplus of things a 32-year-old girl should not own!  What up, Avonlea-ites!

Question of the Day:  What was the last play/production you saw?  Are you a musical geek?



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Guess Who’s Turning 29 For the 31st Time In A Row!?!?!?

See how courteous I am?  I didn’t actually blabber out your age, Madre.  I’d say that there deserves daughter of the year award!  Or, just round it up and give me Daughter of the Century!  Today is Madre’s birthday and as we speak, Madre is celebrating in a bonnet and Laura Ingalls Wilder getup, pushing a handcart through the Wyoming wilderness with 250 youth ages 14 to 18.  Now, I ain’t no expert or nothing, but if that weren’t a party, you don’t know a party!  Digging a hole for your bathrooming duties, sleeping on the dirt, eating over a fire of buffalo chips!?  Where the crimeny was my invite?  Trek… gotta love it.  So, since she isn’t around to read this until Friday… I figure I can spill ALL the dirt… no one will be the wiser.  Pioneers don’t have no Internet (but according to Madre, they do have sunglasses, Chapstick and most importantly, Diet Dr. Pepper all of which she did bring along).  Consider this post, “Get to know Madre Time” and I ain’t holding back!


– Wearing her muumuu/housecoat/ugly colorful dress-like things from 6:00 p.m. on EVERY NIGHT!  I didn’t stutter… every night.  She comes home from work and puts one of her ugly concoctions on and lives in it for the rest of the day.  It don’t matter who shows up at the door… she’ll be answering in a muumuu.  Serious… come visit at around 8ish and ask for Dessa… she’ll be wearing it… GUARANTEED!  And she has 8 billion of them.  Used to embarrass the cream puffs out of me when I was a teenager and I even tried to sneak a couple of them into DI bags, but she had muumuu radar.  In fact, to give you the extent of her muumuu love… she wore one to the 24th of July fireworks the other night… albeit she sat in the car the whole time… but you gotta ask yourself… what if Brad Pitt and his 87,000 children walk by?  What then?

–  Shopping.  Shoe shopping… clothing shopping… toilet tissue shopping… bolt and screw shopping… if the place has a cash register, she’ll likely enjoy being there.

– Manicures, pedicures, hairdo appointments, massages, foot zoning… etc., etc., etc.  If it requires pampering, sign her up… especially if she can attend it in her muumuu…

– Chocolate, lemony foods, oh and chocolate!  I tell you… my choc-o-holic illness was in the genes!  It’s no wonder I’m an addict!  I think she was bottle-feeding me chocolate milk by the time I was 2 weeks old.

– Exersaucing… whether it be hiking, biking, walking, zumba, or her favorite to brag about… the mini-triathlon that she completed at the gym (and by mini… I mean mini), you don’t get very far wearing arm floaties in the swimming portion.  But, she did it… did a half marathon once too.

– The Food Network, cookbooks, and recipes.  My ma is an excellent cook (thanks for not passing that gene along!)  She especially loves watching the cooking shows on the Food Network and trying adventurous new recipes… most of which I won’t touch with a 45-foot pole…  Some of my favorite traditions, though, are her famous rolls she makes twice a year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, the cinnamon rolls she makes on General Conference weekend, and twice baked potatoes for Easter!  I make room for those items once a year in my calorie plan even now!

– Music.  She always tells the story of how she would sing when she was pregnant with me, and that’s why I came out singing.  Madre instilled in me a love for music… all kinds of music.  I started piano lessons at the age of 5, violin lessons at the age of 8, and voice lessons at the age of 13.  I was exposed to all kinds of musicals, choirs, orchestras, bands, concerts, etc., and was taught to appreciate each and every genre (opera… I’m trying… I really am).  I am forever grateful for that… even if I cussed up a storm when it came time to practice the piano or violin.  Music has gotten me through many a tough time… and I will always be able to rely on it in the future.

MERRY BIRTHDAY, Madre!!  I hope your 29th plus 31 is a great year for you and that you get all the happiness you can handle.  There was a time when I wouldn’t have considered my mom a friend at all… we butt heads back in those days over my eating and food… but it takes a big person to change, and my momma did just that.  Today, I’d consider her my best friend.  Love you, mommy!

Question of the Day:  What’s your take on muumuus and wearing them in public?  She needs an intervention here! 


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All Aboard the Short Bus, Y’all!

Last week, my dad flew to Los Angeles to drive home a bus that he bought on eBay!  Why was he buying a bus on eBay?  Because it was a good deal… DUH… and who doesn’t want a broken down bus sitting on their lawn… y’all could be on the next episode of “Hoarders” (I have a strange addiction to that show… sue me!)  I was only lying in the previous sentences when my fingers were moving… he was really buying the bus because he is going to be administrator of a new assisted living facility in Brigham City, opening next week, and they needed some wheelchair accessible wheels.

That’s beside the point, though.  Apparently having a short bus in your driveway is like an amusement park!!  Everyone and their dog were chomping at the bit to get the opportunity to ride in the bus.  It was like the biggest thing on the block… that bus!  Strap a megaphone to the top of it and put on a neverending loop of that real annoying ice cream truck music, and you’d have yourself a deal!

We were lucky enough to get to ride in it on Sundee night… and let me tell you what… it did not disappoint.  Since the lap seatbelt has yet to fit around the bane of my existence, I found myself on a roller coaster every time we went over a bump, smacking my head against the window and the roof, hanging on for dear life on the turns.  The shock system on busses are not ideal I’ve decided… either that or dad swerved to hit every single pot hole in the road on purpose.  Either way, I’ve decided that city bus driver will not be in my future professions… too much vehicle for this chic!

Dad says all aboard the psycho ward!

Makayla and Corbin were super excited... their cute mom, Angie in the back... not so much!

Madre could hardly contain herself!

Question of the Day:  Do you ever ride the bus around your city?  Did you ride the school bus as a kid? 

P.S. Have a great weekend y’all!  I’m sharing the following video because it is my “y’alling” inspiration!  Tami Taylor… the queen of the word y’all!  One can never say y’all too many times.


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Guest Blogger: Madre of Whitinitis and Her Thoughts On Global Warming

Whitney’s Note:  Bwahahahahahaha… oh my SNORING!  No worries, friends… I read over Madre’s entry about global warming and made her change the subject IMMEDIATELY to a more respectable topic… CHOCOLATE and it’s effect on the cellulite.  Kidding again… I asked my mom to guest blog about her decision to put me on a “die”t at the age of 7.  She will share her thoughts today and then tomorrow, I will guest blog on my own blog to share my point of view on the same topic.  For those of you who are mothers/fathers who have kids with weight problems, maybe some of these thoughts will help you!  Thank you, Madre for being willing to do this. 


After much persuasion I have agreed to guest post on Whitney’s blog today.  By way of introduction I am the proud mother of Whitney and couldn’t be happier that she is finally seeing her potential.  I am blown away by her writings, but shouldn’t be surprised because she has always been a gifted writer. 

Don’t expect the same humor Whitney has a knack of incorporating – I might be a bit boring so I apologize in advance.

Whitney asked me to address my decision to put her on a diet at the young age of 7.  There is no training beforehand on how to be a mother so it just comes with trial and error and I’ll admit I that I was trying to do what I thought was best for Whitney.  But hindsight is the best teacher so now that I look back I think I should have handled it differently.
I usually hid the cookies or candy thinking this would be a deterrent.  If I had it to do over again I wouldn’t do that.  I think it had the opposite effect because if you know you can’t have something and feel deprived it forces you to go to extreme measures to get what you can’t have.   I got after Whitney a lot for sneaking into things and that had to have been frustrating for her. 

It took me awhile to figure out that no amount of nagging from me was going to do a bit of good.  But I finally GOT it and just started making sure Whitney knew of my unconditional love for her.  I drove her crazy with hugs and kisses and looked for ways to encourage and praise her.  And I prayed! 

Madre and Whitney… The Early Years… (side note: Madre says to tell you to ignore the “psycho” person eyes in the top left photo… oh, and the HAIR!)

Her sister Lindsay, who I’m also extremely proud of, didn’t have any problems with weight and could eat anything and everything she wanted without ever gaining a pound.  She became an aerobics instructor at the age of 15 at a local gym and was an exercise fanatic.  I tell you this so you can get a feel for the chemistry in the home.  Whitney gained weight just by looking at food and hated exercise back then. 

But not now, you should see her go!  When I have crashed for the night and out cold in my recliner, Whitney is getting her second wind and heads out on her almost daily excursion. 
So, all you mothers out there, go ahead and learn from my mistakes. Don’t go overboard.  Moderation in all things is the key.  The most important thing you can do is love your children.   In spite of my mistakes, it’s a sweet thing to see where Whitney is at today.  She is a totally different person with a whole new outlook on life.  The world is at her feet!

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 
– Maya Angelou


Question of the Day:  Do you regret anything about your childhood?  If so, what would it be?



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