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You’re Gonna Win Or You’re Gonna Lose…

… Either way the sun will still come up tomorrow morning.  And so it goes.  Day one of Mindful Eating SuCkEd!  (No, I’m not 12… why do you ask?)   Firstly, how does one forget to be mindful when you just remembered 30 seconds before that you needed to be mindful?  Secondly, how do I get all the things done I need to get done if I don’t multitask whilst I eat?  Thirdly, ADD alert!  I was supposed to be concentrating on my food, but instead my mind wandered to Britney Spears landing a 15 million-dollar deal to judge a SINGING competition… SINGING!!!!!  Do we see the irony in that there word?  And then because I was thinking about singing, I obviously had to have an annoying tune run through my cranium holder.  This one was that stupid song by LMFAO, Party Rockin’ in the house tonight…  Then, I got to thinking about how one party rocks?  Like, is it a party with rocks as guests?  And then I got to thinking about the formation of rocks and how I was watching 20/20 Friday night and some chic actually enjoyed eating rocks.  She’d go shopping for rocks in the road, bring them home, smash them with a hammer, and store them in an empty medication bottle for easy snacking ability.  And then I got to thinking about her teeth and how they must be totally whittled down to the roots… and then I got to thinking about how I still haven’t had a crown put on my root canaled tooth from nearly 2 years ago and how I should probably go get it done before I end up looking like the cast of The Beverly Hillbillies.  By that time my food was gone and I was wondering what I just ate.

Y’all… in case you hadn’t discovered this by now, I’m a mental case!

Moving on to day 2… mindful, Whitney… mindful!

Meanwhile… new favorite sandwich alert… and I ain’t just saying it to say it.  This one is a post-prison Martha Stewart specialty I found through Pinterest.  By the by… I apologize to anyone who has to follow me on Pinterest… I had a Pinterest account for quite a while but never used it, but I just discovered the joy of hoarding recipes on Pinterest last week and now I look like a pig in a parka pinning recipes to try!  Back to the sandwich… Cheddar Sandwiches with Quick Pickles and Honey-Mustard Spread… it sounds like a boringly normal sandwich, but something about all the ingredients coming together make this thing one of the tastiest sandwiches I’ve had in a while.  Honey mixed with grainy mustard spread on a whole wheat roll, a piece of sharp cheddar on top of that, and then lavish it with the homemade mustardy pickles and onions.  And the pickles… low sodium since I used my salt substitute instead of real salt.  I want some right now… but I’ll mindfully shut up and just go to bed instead!  Good plans, Whitney!

Martha’s roll is obviously a lot bigger than mine, I picked a small 100-calorie mini wheat hoagie roll and ate it open-faced because then it was like eating 2 sandwiches instead of one, but for 1 sandwich calories!  The recipe for anyone interested:  Cheddar Sandwiches with Quick Pickles and Honey-Mustard Spread.  Note to future Whitney… you don’t need as much dried ginger as fresh ginger… just… trust me!  LOL… I just looked at the one review of the recipe at that link… ironically the dude hated the sandwich.  You can’t please everyone said Martha from prison!

Question of the Day:   What’s your favorite sandwich?  





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