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Photography Distractions…

I’ve been slacking on my List answering… I’m still doing it.  It’s just obviously going to take longer than originally planned!  What?  I’m an ADD tangenter!  I’ll pepper them into my bloggages… pepper is the new salt, said my swollen ankles!

Do one thing for yourself that you don’t normally do (manicure, a glass of wine, etc.)

Jack Daniels!?  JOKES!!!!!  I’m not much of a manicurey/pedicurey/massagey person.  Firstly, they require complete strangers to touch you.  Ew.  PASS!  Secondly, feet are like my worst enemy.  I hate feet.  Your feet, my feet, Lady GooGoo’s feet.  If they have toes, they are nasty!  I take fine care of my feet… the toenails get clipped… the feets get washed and lotioned… but I just find feet gross!!  This is a heads up for Madre and Padre… when you need someone to clip your nasty toenails… let’s best hope Lindsay is available, because Whitney ain’t gonna have it!  Instead, I bought myself a Christmas book and a portable hard drive.  I don’t usually do either of those things, so I’d say that’s right up my alley.  It will take me approximately 2 years to get the hard drive out of the package… who invented those kinds of packages anyway!?!?!  And what are people supposed to do who don’t own a hacksaw!?

Make a list of things that have changed in your life since losing weight.

Oh so many things… I was just thinking about little things the other day.  For example, when I bought my Beulah the Buick car, I couldn’t fit the seatbelt around me.  It wouldn’t fit.  I had read that you could order seatbelt extenders for free, but you’d have to pick them up at the Buick dealership.  I was too mortified to do that.  MORTIFIED!  To have to walk into the dealership and ask someone for an extender because you were so gol durn big, you couldn’t wear a normal seatbelt!?!  NO!  So I talked Madre into doing it for me.  I’ve had that seatbelt extender on for years.  I no longer need it.  I can fit the seatbelt and click it into place with no problems.  I won’t bore you with a whole long list, but here are a few more:

– Bending over to tie my shoes and cut my toenails is no longer some monumental task.  I’d sweat storms before and huff and puff and have trouble breathing because my oxygen was cut off.  I also could not reach my feet whilst sitting down.  I had to stand up, heft my foot up to a chair and then reach it that way.  I now have no problem bending over and doing either of those things… and tying my shoes whilst sitting down… GLORIOUS!!!  Add that to the 7th Wonder of the World list!

– Just going grocery shopping was a task in and of itself before.  The walking was not my thing.  I’d have to stand around and lean against a cart to wait for someone to walk across the store to get some of the things I needed.  Sitting down was a must on several occasions.  I’m not even out of breath anymore and I could walk for days on end in that dagnabbed grocery store.  Plus, my face doesn’t get all flushed and red and no more huffing and puffing down the aisles.

– I haven’t purchased clothing out of a catalog for forever!  I don’t need to anymore.  I had to do that before because no store stocks sizes 5X and 6X… they just don’t.  I guess I could have shopped at the fabric store and just pinned a bolt of fabric to my body.  New Project Runway idea… tent fashion!!  I’m shopping at Old Navy and The Gap and Kohls and places I’d only be able to buy socks at before!

–  No more sleep apnea machine running like a train through my bedroom.  No more several times daily insulin shots or diabetes pills.  No more high blood pressure issues.  I still take a gaggle of medications… thank you failed gastric bypass surgery for the added anemia and mineral and vitamin deficiencies… but nothing for a serious illness.


Moving on… A friend and I (what up, Karrie) signed up for a basic digital photography class, which started about a month ago.  We’ve decided to get us through the winter, we’re taking classes… when this one is over, we’re moving on to the next subject!   We’ve been to 4 classes so far (only about 2 more to go), and so far I’ve learned that I need taller bangs to catch all the stuff that keeps on zooming over my head.  WHAT THE WHAT!?!?!?  The teacher is the nicest dude on the planet and he knows his stuff like it ain’t no thang, but he talks to us like we’re supposed to know things… um hello… can we start with turning on the camera!?!?  Because that’s basically why I signed up right there!  The funny part about it… we ask questions… all of us in the class ask questions… like, what settings would you put your camera on in this instance.  I don’t think he’s EVER answered any of the questions with a straight up actual answer… it usually starts with a well, it depends on and ends with a so, it depends on. 

I guess I do know things that I didn’t before… like the terms ISO and shutter speed and aperture… now, getting all of those things to jive in the right direction to “make” a good pitcher… that’s the thing that needs to be mastered… and I don’t think 2 more classes is gonna do that trick!  I think that’s where Google comes in… I’ll just Google me some charts for camera settings in different situations and voila.  Practice makes perfect!  This past Thanksgiving, Lindsay made me do some practicing on her family for their Christmas card photos.  Lindsay is the pickiest photo taker on the planet and she can only stand to look at “modern” and nonposed-looking pictures, so I was happy that she liked a handful of the 8 bajillion I took of them.  Nephews, Christian and Ethan, on the other hand, would have rather been sticking pins in their eye sockets… ANYTHING but picture time!!

Question of the Day:  What’s the last thing you did for yourself that you don’t normally do?


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